DH Malmö NA closed qualifier bracket

The North American closed qualifier for DreamHack Masters Malmö will be played out today, as we'll get to see 16 teams battling it out for three spots at the Swedish event.

Initially eight teams have been invited for the closed qualifier, arguably eight of the best playing in the North American region, including Cloud9, Liquid, CLG, Renegades and more.

Those will be joined by eight coming from the open qualifier, which saw teams such as TSM, Echo Fox and NRG advance. Interestingly, neither of compLexity and Winterfox registered for the qualifier, the latter seemingly due a conflict in their schedule.

gob b's NRG have a tall mountain to climb

The fully-best-of-three closed qualifier is scheduled to be played out today, with the schedule and initial matchups following:

19:00 United States Cloud9 vs. United States Random Five
19:00 United States Splyce vs. United States NRG
19:00 Brazil Tempo Storm vs. United States Echo Fox
19:00 Canada OpTic vs. Canada Torment
19:00 United States Liquid vs. United States ex-Astral Authority
19:00 Australia Renegades vs. United States TSM
19:00 United States Enemy vs. Canada AGG
19:00 United States CLG vs. United States Just Make It Fast
22:00 Quarter-finals
01:00 Semi-finals
04:00 Third place decider

You can see the whole bracket here.

Keep in mind that three spots for the $250,000 DreamHack Masters Malmö tournament, whose date has been set to April 12-17, are up for grabs in this qualifier.

The top three teams will be joining eight invited teams, four from the European qualifier and one from the Asian qualifier.

Woo! NA scene tho... will be interesting for them I think Liquid and TS
2016-02-21 14:38
Turkey Shanon 
xd na cs xd
2016-02-21 14:38
Only interesting because of favela and s1mple
2016-02-21 14:39
You're getting fast huh.. 2 in a row
2016-02-21 14:40
Dont call us favelas :( We are doing only our job, killing NA dreams :P
2016-02-21 17:49
And we Swedes, Fnatic especially, kill BR dreams :P
2016-02-21 18:34
Yes, Yes... against facts there are no arguments. One day maybe? Dreaming is free hahahaha
2016-02-22 12:46
Keep dreaming, I want CoD era to come ^^ (LG, nV, FaZe n OpTic)
2016-02-22 17:16
hoping for c9 vs liquid
2016-02-21 14:39
so s1mple could wreck freak? :D
2016-02-21 14:50
Yes PLEASE, I think most people want Freak and Sewage2kills to go out
2016-02-21 15:18
s1mple | 
Lithuania ZipZap 
so s1mple could wreck freak? :D Ahahaha honestly dude if u don't follow s1mple is much much much much better player than freak is i mean get on the fucking lvl
2016-02-21 18:25
Lets see. s1mple=outstanding results against top EU teams. Freak= shit against EU teams.
2016-02-21 18:39
that's what i meant tho... So he could laugh to freak's face after that trash talking he did on mumble
2016-02-21 19:47
Canada Turborat 
Renegades have a good shot
2016-02-21 16:24
as long as they are able to win vs liquid they should have no trouble qualifying
2016-02-21 18:23
Russia mizmo 
2016-02-21 14:37
2016-02-21 14:37
2016-02-21 14:37
Poland deif 
not bad
2016-02-21 14:37
2016-02-21 14:37
Poland niqt 
ez 4 s1mple
2016-02-21 14:37
2016-02-21 14:37
c9 ez
2016-02-21 14:37
ez for s1mple
2016-02-21 14:37
Norway kashmir123 
where is LG?
2016-02-21 14:38
They are already invited to the main tournament.
2016-02-21 14:38
I really wanted to see what Echo Fox can do, and they get the worst possible lineup. RiP [*]
2016-02-21 14:38
Poland matblo 
2016-02-21 14:38
Australia BCP 
rip half the comments somewhat annoyed that there is no way for both liquid and renegades to be at malmo while almost certainly one of them will be there, because they are playing each other in quater finals (assuming they beat the tier3 teams to get to the quarters)
2016-02-21 14:46
Renegade is playing from USA, right? o.o
2016-02-21 15:14
Australia BCP 
just like tempo storm yes
2016-02-21 15:28
felps | 
Brazil Fr4m3 
u can't choose bracket.. when TS won Katawice qualifier, they just had the fucking most hard bracket.. they needed to play against top4 NA teams there to be champion (coL, Liq, CLG, c9).. otherwise, c9 had a fucking easy bracket to get on the finals
2016-02-21 18:44
Australia BCP 
liquid should win this qualifier, but what im saying is that i wanted both teams to do it and its impossible right now.
2016-02-21 18:48
felps | 
Brazil Fr4m3 
let's see
2016-02-21 18:54
Is this LAN or online?
2016-02-21 14:39
2016-02-21 14:40
Considering 8 games being played at the same time... its probably online
2016-02-21 14:42
I think online. I can't understand why HLTV.org can't put this SIMPLE information clear to everybody. -_-
2016-02-21 15:15
When is on LAN they put the information :)
2016-02-21 17:48
ez for KKona
2016-02-21 14:41
Canada Ayton 
ez for echo fox
2016-02-21 14:42
2016-02-21 14:43
ez s1mplovich and hikovich
2016-02-21 14:46
2016-02-21 14:47
2016-02-21 14:49
liquid/clown9/tempostorm should make it
2016-02-21 14:51
Chile Cristoff 
The final will be Liquid vs TS
2016-02-21 14:53
s1mple | 
Lithuania ZipZap 
2016-02-21 15:51
there is no final, there are 2 finals, and the looser of each fight for the third spot
2016-02-21 16:52
Chile Cristoff 
oh well, then they will be the winners of each final
2016-02-21 18:42
Israel MuslimLover 
2016-02-21 14:54
Europe DeusCUTE 
EchoFox Liquid and CLG tbh
2016-02-21 15:04
ez s1mple
2016-02-21 15:07
2016-02-21 15:29
Cloud9 got the easiest bracket.
2016-02-21 15:31
Brazil Mirekz 
CLG got the easiest bracket, they will play against Just Make it Fast then AGG or Enemy (without Koosta) meanwhile C9 is goin to play against NRG or Splyce which aren't that bad.
2016-02-21 16:56
not to mention TS, who already won C9 on the qualifiers recently.
2016-02-21 18:41
The top three teams: TempoStorm Liquid c9
2016-02-21 16:00
Korea yuh 
2016-02-21 16:16
C9, Liquid, Tempo Storm or Renegades hope c9 or renegades wins
2016-02-21 16:47
liquid and renegades can't pass together... here is the bracket wiki.teamliquid.net/counterstrike/DreamH..
2016-02-21 16:54
thanks brazilian m8
2016-02-21 18:53
Brazil Mirekz 
CLG got the easiest teams lol
2016-02-21 16:50
thats the only way they can qualify
2016-02-21 18:42
gogo NRG
2016-02-21 20:22
NRG hype
2016-02-22 00:28
NRG so good today
2016-02-22 02:26
India RrOuTe_FoRcE 
Just make it fast is launder's team ??
2016-02-22 05:52
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