mOE ruled out of major qualifier

Mohamad "mOE" Assad has announced that he will not be able to play for Team Liquid at the offline qualifier for MLG Columbus after all.

Mohamad "⁠mOE⁠" Assad did not reveal the reason behind this decision but noted that he will issue a statement during the day to shed more light on the matter.

But Liquid member Jonathan "⁠EliGE⁠" Jablonowski explained on Twitter that it is mOE's commitments to Echo Fox that will force him to miss out on the qualifier and on what could be the first major of his career.

If Liquid managed to qualify for MLG Columbus with mOE, the 29-year-old would not be able to play for Echo Fox in the qualifiers for the following major. This issue is bound to severely limit Liquid's options, with the qualifier due to start in just four days.

mOE decides against playing for Liquid in Columbus 

One possibility is that Liquid field Eric "⁠adreN⁠" Hoag, who is still tied to the organisation despite not being on the starting roster anymore, as a replacement for Kenneth "⁠koosta⁠" Suen. The 19-year-old, who officially joined Liquid on Sunday, is ineligible to compete at the event after qualifying for it with Enemy.

Liquid have been drawn alongside mousesports, HellRaisers and Team YP for the group stage of the MLG Columbus qualifier, with their first match pitting them against Kirill "⁠ANGE1⁠" Karasiow's side.

United States Kenneth 'koosta' Suen
Kenneth 'koosta' Suen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Mohamad 'mOE' Assad
Mohamad 'mOE' Assad
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Jonathan 'EliGE' Jablonowski
Jonathan 'EliGE' Jablonowski
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Ukraine Kirill 'ANGE1' Karasiow
Kirill 'ANGE1' Karasiow
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Eric 'adreN' Hoag
Eric 'adreN' Hoag
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2016-02-22 12:22
7 replies
2016-02-22 12:23
fuck everything you stand for
2016-02-22 12:24
2016-02-22 12:24
2016-02-22 12:31
he will be replaced by minim0e :D
2016-02-22 15:51
Netherlands SVE420
not that liquid would qualify with moe Kappa
2016-02-22 16:16
m0e sticker dream dead bois!
2016-02-22 17:47
2016-02-22 12:22
2016-02-22 12:22
2016-02-22 12:22
rip na
2016-02-22 12:22
2016-02-22 12:22
hahaha lol Moe screw you
2016-02-22 12:22
1 reply
pussy lmaooo
2016-02-22 14:52
2016-02-22 12:22
Well that sucks. I was hoping to see Moe in action.
2016-02-22 12:23
Netherlands MikeyyM
2016-02-22 12:23
2016-02-22 12:23
Some bad news
2016-02-22 12:23
2016-02-22 12:23
2 replies
theres absolutly no better solution! +GODHUNDEN
2016-02-22 12:40
1 reply
+1 Can confirm
2016-02-22 12:45
mOe is that one of those dota2 streamers ?
2016-02-22 12:24
1 reply
Germany P3tR
Nah its one of these nooby girly streamers
2016-02-22 13:10
I'm disappointed :(
2016-02-22 12:24
2016-02-22 12:24
M0e sux
2016-02-22 12:24
FUCK, I was soo fucking ready for moe stickers. Rick fox pls Shitty rules tbh
2016-02-22 12:27
1 reply
It's not even Rick Fox's fault, it's the shit rules that Valve put in place when creating these Valve Minor tournaments.
2016-02-22 21:25
sad day for americas cs, only favela apes will be dominating now that NA's real final hope is ruled out
2016-02-22 12:26
4 replies
Hungary Shaperz
m0e was NA's real final hope? xD
2016-02-22 12:35
2 replies
It wasn't like a hope for a win ... More like a hope to survive
2016-02-22 13:09
2016-02-22 13:26
dont cry bro
2016-02-22 17:09
2016-02-22 12:27
bring in WarOwl Kappa (No Kappa, Never Kappa)
2016-02-22 12:28
6 replies
More Warowl Stickers. Letz Go , wanna see Thooorin making joke about him
2016-02-22 13:11
5 replies
Actually Thorin is totally ok with WarOwl, he recently even defended him. He would get roasted in pro level though
2016-02-22 14:09
4 replies
Or strangled maybe
2016-02-22 16:53
3 replies
nt Richard Lewis Kappa
2016-02-22 21:26
2 replies
Yes, nice of you to explain the joke
2016-02-23 12:28
1 reply
Why would I explain a joke that I thought you were referencing?
2016-02-23 18:52
Rip 4x moe stickers to my awp safari mesh
2016-02-22 12:29
Iceland Iceland
I really doubt can win the qualifier.
2016-02-22 12:29
2 replies
i really doubt can any anything
2016-02-22 12:33
1 reply
Inb4 will disband even before next qualifier Rip m0e's chance to get on major
2016-02-22 20:26
thats what happens wen u join a shit team m0ediot
2016-02-22 12:31
Those rules are trash.
2016-02-22 12:31
Fuck gg
2016-02-22 12:31
Could they get witmer to stand in?
2016-02-22 12:32
2016-02-22 12:34
he thought it was online. we all make mistakes :PP
2016-02-22 12:34
inb4 shazam hahahahahaa
2016-02-22 12:34
2 replies
United States Doctor1597
Exiting B exiting B.
2016-02-22 12:36
1 reply
Sorry, Cory.
2016-02-22 13:03
witmer standin inc
2016-02-22 12:35
Brazil 1kuNg
he will regret that in the future, missing a chance to play the major, with that echofox he will not even qualify for a local lan.
2016-02-22 12:37
Joelz inc
2016-02-22 12:39
2016-02-22 12:39
rage quit
2016-02-22 12:40
RIP s1mple M0eOvic
2016-02-22 12:41
thank god no one wants to see this idiot play anyway
2016-02-22 12:41
5 replies
How are you commenting here gipsyboy ?
2016-02-22 16:48
4 replies
How? I am currently commenting as i am inserting my penis into your mother, that's how. You fucking imbecile.
2016-03-08 18:08
3 replies
2016-02-22 16:48:10 2016-03-08 18:08:27 Didn't pay the internet bill eh ?
2016-03-08 18:09
2 replies
I am just not living my life logged in a site, that's all. You see, we can't all be fat nerds sitting around in the house while mom makes us sandwitches all day long. Please stop replying now, cunt.
2016-03-08 18:12
1 reply
But...I make my own sandwiches :(
2016-03-08 18:13
United States ViKaLiBuR
Inb4 ViCTOR_DMN replaces mOE!
2016-02-22 12:41
2016-02-22 12:41
noooo mooooe :((
2016-02-22 12:43
wtf is a echo fox?
2016-02-22 12:43
Looks like AdreN is back at least for a short period of time :D
2016-02-22 12:43
17 replies
He doesn't want to play with them :>
2016-02-22 12:47
13 replies
Understandable, he basically built this team in the start
2016-02-22 14:24
12 replies
I blame him... 1st he sucks so bad 2nd he brought the guy that always want to change and has no respect to his teammates at all (hiko)
2016-02-22 17:52
11 replies
There's a difference between not respecting teammates and wanting to remove teammates that are stubborn as fuck and are complete dog shit, a.k.a. n0thing back on C9.
2016-02-22 21:27
10 replies
If n0thing is what you claim to be why didn't they other 3 enforce his removal? because hiko was stubborn not nothing :D
2016-02-23 04:38
9 replies
Because back when tensions were high when Hiko was in the lineup, the rest of the players didn't want to remove n0thing, more specifically sg@res probably, because he figured the roles in the team fit his own calling style. Also, Hiko realized that the only person that was willing to put the effort in to becoming better was sean, so that's why he left in order to make a "super team" with Skadoodle, nitr0, adreN, and one of the other former ex-Denial/Liquid players.
2016-02-23 04:46
8 replies
The other 3 knew that hiko would do the same to everyone of them if he had the power to, he is an asshole to everyone on any of his team nilihum was a decent team that rekt c9 he went in there made huge changes then left one month later. Semphis/sean at that time blamed hiko for swags departure, hiko only got mad at nothing because he was the one that announced it. At the time that hiko was asking for nothing to be removed there wasn't anyone available to replace him. They asked hiko specifically to give them one player that can do nothings role better than him, not that n0thing was that good but there were no available players at that time + n0thing was not going to get cut because one guy without any reason wants to cut him especially that he is the face of the csgo team.. he has been on many talk shows on tv/youtube..
2016-02-23 04:52
7 replies
All that talk of Hiko bullying swag is bullshit, swag was only like 16 at the time so he was just being a little teenaged bitch. Regardless of Hiko's actions, all he's ever wanted to do was compete at the highest possible level because he knows that there is enough talent in NA for there to be a top 5 team. Also to piggy-back on my previous comment, the "super team" that Hiko and Skadoodle could have formed would have been those two, adreN, nitr0, and FugLy. Source: Edit: It wasn't even about trying to replace n0thing with someone better, it was about just completely getting rid of n0thing because he wouldn't ever put in enough effort
2016-02-23 04:58
6 replies
oh wait, you're a hiko fagboy i rest my case..
2016-02-23 09:09
5 replies
Oh wait, you're ignorant to the fact that n0thing is a horrible teammate. I rest my case..
2016-02-23 18:53
4 replies
sure m8 everyone is a terrible teammate.. thats why wherever hiko is there is an unstable lineup. n0thing cloud9/swag coL. Nilihum he changed 2/3 members. Liquid he changed 2 members waiting for elige to get kicked next They are all horrible teammates, hiko is your guy. xD
2016-02-23 19:15
3 replies
He wanted to remove n0thing for all of the aforementioned reasons. While Hiko was on Nihilum, the team never made a roster move at all so you should probably get your facts straight. The previous Nihilum lineup before Hiko and Semphis joined was flowsick, professor_chaos, valens, autimatic, and sancz. Flowsick and PC were removed and replaced by Hiko and Semphis in May of 2015 and that core 5 stayed together for a little over a month and then Hiko left. In Liquid, it was necessary to kick out FugLy because Hiko joined the team to play his main role as lurk, which was what FugLy was also doing, so kicking him made sense in a team standpoint. And do I even need to explain why adreN was kicked from Liquid? Also, why would EliGE be getting kicked from Liquid? I'd love to hear your shit reasoning for this one.
2016-02-23 19:56
2 replies
didn't read tbh, because i know hiko fangays will keep making excuses for his rude behavior. elige is next mark my words.
2016-02-23 20:12
1 reply
Okay, just shows how ignorant you are. Have a nice day.
2016-02-24 00:12
adreN* AdreN is the good player from Kazakstan. adreN is bad player from NA.
2016-02-22 14:43
2 replies
nice copy pastarino from thooorin
2016-02-22 15:04
1 reply
still true.
2016-02-22 15:39
He cant attend if Trump wins. Ripperino
2016-02-22 12:46
Echo Fox probably won't quality for shit, but he would be fucking up their "chances" if he plays for Liquid. rip NA :DD
2016-02-22 12:47
If m0e plays for TL in the MLG qualifier then he can't play for any other team for the next major qualifiers 3-4 months later? who invented this retarded rule... I can understand not being able to play qualifier/finals with different teams for the same major but different majors is bs
2016-02-22 12:49
4 replies
Brazil Kohzito
Maybe because echo fox need play minors? I don't understand too
2016-02-22 14:07
It's all about the Valve minor for Echo.Fox. If Liquid fielded m0e for the Major Qualifier, then he wouldn't be able to attend the next NA Minor.
2016-02-22 21:29
2 replies
but why? it's a stupid rule
2016-02-22 21:48
1 reply
You're asking me why Valve implemented the rule? You'd have a better chance of unboxing two knives in a row than getting Valve to inform us on their reasoning of this rule.
2016-02-22 22:01
He realised that his hacks would get detected and decided to back out. Typical arab rat
2016-02-22 12:51
4 replies
He realised that his hacks would get detected and decided to back out. ayyyy
2016-02-22 14:02
You should learn to respect your fellow arab countrymen.
2016-02-22 21:30
2 replies
2016-02-23 05:47
He lives in your country so you would know all about it.
2016-02-23 13:17
BOT Allu to replace him
2016-02-22 12:53
2 replies
nope same for allu, if allu played with them and qualified he would be unable to play and try to qual with ence next major.
2016-02-22 12:56
1 reply
Implying Ence would even make it through the EU Minor or even into the Major qualifier..
2016-02-22 21:30
go WarOwl
2016-02-22 12:54
Shame :/ Would've been fun to watch the matches :D
2016-02-22 12:55
Expected. This guy is not a good player anymore
2016-02-22 12:57
with Echo Fox, mOE won't even get through online qualification stage at the next major. And now he's passing an opportunity to get a real chance of actually playing in a major. Lol
2016-02-22 13:03
3 replies
thats exactly what i thought aswell.
2016-02-22 13:06
yeah but then he is basically saying "fuck you" to his team. regardless if his team has a chance, it's still a dick move because of the stupid rule.
2016-02-22 13:24
But he couldn't play in the upcoming minor then, and that would hurt his team (and they couldn't compete for that Skrilla).
2016-02-22 17:19
witmer or ptr pls
2016-02-22 13:00
moe sticker would be the best
2016-02-22 13:00
Denmark khalannz
Doesn't matter anyways. He's bad and toxic af.
2016-02-22 13:01
Europe jesh
2016-02-22 13:07
Bring in freakazoid he has tan + he's in top 1 team in NA noKappas
2016-02-22 13:08
2016-02-22 13:09
Luxembourg alex24
toxic overrrated twitch streamer tons like him...
2016-02-22 13:09
3 replies
2 replies
2016-02-22 14:16
North America Foxaika
hahaha so good
2016-02-23 06:22
This retarded ruling is ruining teams' opportunities to qualify. Valve, fix your shit (even tho that won't happen).
2016-02-22 13:11
1 reply
Yeah, they'll probably get no player now, because every semi pro player wants to compete in the next minor...
2016-02-22 17:20
good news fk this guy ...
2016-02-22 13:14
This ruling is fucking retarded
2016-02-22 13:15
mOE stupid
2016-02-22 13:16
nt Mohamed Assad :DDD
2016-02-22 13:20
2016-02-22 13:22
Great job valve, great job.
2016-02-22 13:28
"mOE chiken out of major qualifier"
2016-02-22 13:29
Honestly. If I were him, I'd stand in for Liquid and leave EchoFox. Liquid has a chance to qualify, while EchoFox has no chance at all.
2016-02-22 13:38
summit hype
2016-02-22 13:38
Latvia Ke]R[4u
s1mple bullied moe from liquid
2016-02-22 13:41
Summit inc ? :D
2016-02-22 13:43
2016-02-22 13:45
This only leaves one possible player to fill the void: minim0E
2016-02-22 13:46
Mohamad "mOE" Assad Mohamad Assad yep not a terrorist xd
2016-02-22 13:46
3 replies
yeah hes not a terrorist hes a streamer
2016-02-22 14:53
1 reply
He streams great T side plays
2016-02-22 15:47
I sometimes go to the slaughter house to get the satisfaction of seeing hundreds of cows on a conveyor belt getting hammered to death 1 by 1.
2016-02-22 17:05
Europe t.o.p
2016-02-22 13:47
2016-02-22 13:49
Why why why
2016-02-22 13:50
No ho-mOE
2016-02-22 13:51
2016-02-22 13:53
France Kanti
"sorry i can't play tonight i have to bet skins, gl hf anyway"
2016-02-22 13:57
2016-02-22 14:03
let's go ROCA !
2016-02-22 14:03
I doubt they will play with adreN. I expect witmer, ptr, frod, roca, semphis, desi, or sancz. I've never bough player stickers before, but I would buy roca or witmer stickers.
2016-02-22 14:10
wow i wanned a mOE sticker, cmmonn............ :)
2016-02-22 14:26
2016-02-22 14:28
rze- | 
Finland rze_
2016-02-22 14:31
Hey mOE, if you reading this, I just wanna say good job. If you went for liquid you would be in a lose-lose situation. in case of bad performance: People can speculate you underperformed on purpose so you can still qualify with your own team. It's idiotic and dumb to think that, but hey...those kind of people exist In case you perform superb and qualify: You will betray your own team. Your credibility will be on the line and it's a dick move So +1 to you for making this decision. PS: m0E stickers would have been awesome tho
2016-02-22 14:33
3 replies
he didn't make that decision idiot ..
2016-02-22 15:32
2 replies
he did u retardolele. if he wanted to qualify to the next major (cologne) with EchoFox then he couldnt have played in this one with Liquid.
2016-02-22 15:34
what are you on about 'idiot'? He's a human isn't he? Afaik he's not a vegetable therefore he makes all his life choices himself. He could have chosen to play for liquid but didn't. Smart move.
2016-02-22 17:02
Liquid pick me plz
2016-02-22 14:37
Like echo fox is gonna qualify for next major hahahahahaha He had more chance with liquid
2016-02-22 14:37
rip m0e stickers boys
2016-02-22 14:46
Sweden godname
RIP moe stickers
2016-02-22 14:52
nice, fuck him
2016-02-22 14:55
These fucking rules are dumb as hell lmao. They are anti-competition. Valve didn't like seeing new acquisitions like Allu and Jkaem doing well in their first major with a new team. They will almost certainly use adreN now.
2016-02-22 15:03
dream is over
2016-02-22 15:08
best news of the week, without that terrorist I can cheer for Liquid again :)
2016-02-22 15:17
echofox will probably replace mongolz since mongolz got their visa rejected.
2016-02-22 15:20
2016-02-22 15:27
cuz he is a fucking scum cheater
2016-02-22 15:31
Is Koosta still able to play in the Major if TL qualifies? If so...RIP NME and Koosta to throw.
2016-02-22 15:34
nah mouz and hr will eliminate liquid and yp ez
2016-02-22 15:48
What a chicken.
2016-02-22 15:58
get ocean as a standin asap we need kkona stickers
2016-02-22 15:59
Finland bliplbob
2016-02-22 16:01
uff was close
2016-02-22 16:02
Inb4 minimoe is stand in
2016-02-22 16:03
2016-02-22 16:36
wtf is an echo fox
2016-02-22 16:44
2016-02-22 16:45
Why doesn't Adren become a coach. I think he would be an excellent coach.
2016-02-22 16:55
who the fuck decided the retarded fucking qualification rules allu and pronax got fucked out of the minors now m0e can't be a standin because abloobloo you can't play in the next with a different team
2016-02-22 16:56
Dephhh please!!!!!!!
2016-02-22 16:58
Cmon moe it was my dream to have your sticker on awp!
2016-02-22 17:01
haha :D
2016-02-22 17:03
why we get news about this cheater
2016-02-22 17:07
pick me up liquid im gold nova 2 genius of cs go
2016-02-22 17:16
no, fuck these rules
2016-02-22 17:17
Lithuania TaigoN
summit inc
2016-02-22 17:24
1 reply
2016-02-22 17:34
just bring in summit goddamn
2016-02-22 17:33
im gonna cry!
2016-02-22 17:43
some drama maybe ?:D
2016-02-22 17:56
HAHAHAHAH typical as fuck moe is too mediocre to play in the big leagues, and will always be less than average.
2016-02-22 18:16
disappointing news
2016-02-22 18:19
They shouldn't have much problem at the qualifier, even with a weak stand-in. They'll probably storm through this group alongside Mouz.
2016-02-22 19:34
echo fox is such garbage compared to the mongolz, oh well.
2016-02-22 20:32
lol what? its not like he's trying to join the cia, its just a fuckin counter strike game. What's up with all these tryhard rules? valve takes themselves too seriously
2016-02-22 21:18
Wasn't expecting Liquid to qualify either way.
2016-02-22 21:22
Who was moe filling in for?
2016-02-22 21:24
1 reply
koosta. he had played in the minors or another qualifier for the event with Enemy so he couldn't participate with Liquid anymore.
2016-02-23 00:03
Lets koosta play for TL pls come on wtf why not :>
2016-02-23 00:07
3 replies
It's a good rule tbh or else shitty teams who qualified for the event online would just pay better players to go to the LAN for them kind of like what TEAM YP is doing right now.
2016-02-23 01:06
2 replies
Alright I see your point, but there should be a way to appeal stuff in general so for instance in this case there should be an exception
2016-02-23 14:47
1 reply
This situation is really stupid cause Koosta already qualified for the offline qualifier with NME, I hate the rule itself but its completely necessary.
2016-02-23 18:55
Wtf m0e, this is probably the best chance you will ever have to play a major, just leave that shitty EchoFox Team and go play for Liquid.... Echofox is a SHIT anyways
2016-02-23 01:12
Canada TwistZzZz
mOe.... this isn't a lan, this is a major
2016-02-23 01:17
fastest kick ever?
2016-02-23 01:34
Carey noooooo!!!!
2016-02-23 04:03
2016-02-23 04:09
This terrorist cant play without cheats lol
2016-02-23 04:13
Echo Fox > Liquid?? retard arab
2016-02-23 04:53
ye ofcourse getting 5kills against tempostorm in 2maps is just shameful
2016-02-23 04:59
This is a huge problem
2016-02-23 09:12
RIP M0e stickers ;_;
2016-02-23 09:15
rip stickers
2016-02-23 12:23
Would love to see m0E Stickers :D
2016-02-23 16:44
I really wanted a m0E sticker 8(
2016-02-23 17:59
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