SPLYCE set to replace TheMongolz

SPLYCE are poised to take TheMongolz's spot at the offline qualifier for the MLG Columbus major.

With the qualifier scheduled to start on Friday, MLG is in a race against time to find a replacement for TheMongolz, who will miss the event due to visa issues.

CyberZen and Chiefs, both of whom finished 3rd-4th at the Asia Minor Championship, were the next names in line, but the Chinese team are unable to attend the event, while the Australian side cannot field the core of the lineup that competed in Taipei due to personal and passport issues.

arya & co to replace TheMongolz

This leaves SPLYCE, who finished runners-up to Enemy at the Americas Minor, next in line, with the invite due to be confirmed by MLG in the coming hours.

The North American team recently crashed out of the DreamHack Masters Malmö qualifier in the Round of 16 following a 0-2 defeat against NRG. They currently sit 11th in the ESL Pro League, with one victory from four games. 

Arya "arya" Hekmat's men will be placed in Group C, together with CLG, Vexed Gaming and SK Gaming, with their first match pitting them against their North American rivals.

SPLYCE's roster is the following:

Canada Jason "jasonR" Ruchelski
United States Arya "arya" Hekmat
United States Abraham "abE" Fazli
United States Andrew "Professor_Chaos" Heintz
Canada David "DAVEY" Stafford 

United States Andrew 'Professor_Chaos' Heintz
Andrew 'Professor_Chaos' Heintz
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Arya 'arya' Hekmat
Arya 'arya' Hekmat
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Abraham 'abE' Fazli
Abraham 'abE' Fazli
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Canada Jason 'jasonR' Ruchelski
Jason 'jasonR' Ruchelski
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Canada David 'DAVEY' Stafford
David 'DAVEY' Stafford
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2016-02-24 11:42
India RrOuTe_FoRcE 
Its all a scam. Not giving visa, and then another US team gets the spot. close enough
2016-02-24 11:46
African Union ArisA 
Like splyce spot matter, they won't make it anyways like Themongolz.
2016-02-24 11:54
mongolz had a chance tbh id be surprised if spylce got 10 rounds on an eu team
2016-02-24 12:46
splyce arent going to do shit in this tournament, they will be an easy win for other teams. so many other teams this spot could have been given too, i have no idea why im so mad about this.
2016-02-24 13:47
-splyce +optic
2016-02-24 15:55
Now this, THIS would work.
2016-02-24 22:47
Funny considering Splyce knocked optic out of the last lan they were at. Splyce deserve a chance just as much as any other team.
2016-02-25 05:28
but mongolz will get experience
2016-02-24 15:41
They won the tournament which gave them oportunity to qualify to major. Another shit NA team in qualifier is such a bullshit
2016-02-25 09:30
lmao where's your tinfoil hat?
2016-02-24 11:54
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
2016-02-24 12:30
s1mple | 
Lithuania vodin 
even machingun scammed me but i feel bad for mongalz :/
2016-02-24 12:45
India RrOuTe_FoRcE 
Atleast he got his revenge over Renegades. He was 16-0ed once by RNG when he was playing with an Indian Team. hltv.org/match/2297027-renegades-neckbre..
2016-02-24 12:55
It will be the same Major as always. NA struggling to get out of the groups xDDDD
2016-02-24 14:11
nt spiidi mousesports 0-2 at home major cologne xd
2016-02-24 14:57
Nice lets see if we even have a Na Team in this Major
2016-02-24 15:15
There will be more NA teams than german teams
2016-02-24 15:41
2016-02-24 16:23
Team Liquid Only Na Team with a Chance Mousesports already in the Major So 1 - 1 Or 1 - 0 Solution: There won't be more Na Teams then German Teams
2016-02-24 16:27
Mousesports has to qualify, u dumb? mouz will qualify, liquid will qualify, clg will qualify, cloud9 will probably qualify Kids underrate NA every single time, they're not better than world class talent but they will qualify like always. Cloud9 has never not qualified for the major, clg has qualified for like the last three.
2016-02-24 16:50
CLG will probably qualify and liquid to. But with cloud9 its between them and renegades. But at the same time if mongolz was still i think CLG would not qualify but now they have SK and Splyce in group. Sk is hard to judge they are good aimers but dosn't feel like a really good team they are only good if they hit their shots.
2016-02-24 20:57
Sorry was sure Mousesport did it in the Quarters last Major. Still NA isn't Underrated and if Germany would have a German Minor Championship like Na does... I wouldn't Compare how many Na / German Teams are in the Major
2016-02-25 03:34
Atleast we saw German teams coming out of groups in Majors. I dont remember na teams did that
2016-03-03 20:52
Sweden chainylol 
abe wtf are u doin
2016-02-24 11:53
2016-02-24 11:42
2016-02-24 11:43
2016-02-24 11:42
France Kairos1g 
2016-02-24 11:42
Philippines gicama_ 
2016-02-24 11:42
2016-02-24 11:42
...lol Sad. :D
2016-02-24 11:42
Why murican team?
2016-02-24 11:43
Whyyyyyyy :(
2016-02-24 11:43
lol couldnt even qualify for the qualifier
2016-02-24 11:43
Hong Kong bufu 
2016-02-24 12:27
2016-02-27 20:32
Brazil hoovR 
2016-02-24 11:44
LOL Dude, in what way did America do this? They didnt handle their shit in time, so a tier 3 NA Team is attending. How many teams did not get their visa issues handled? YP, flipside, Hellraisers, etc. are all in attendance so its not like there was some conspiracy to keep out teams from certain countries.
2016-02-24 16:50
AnJ | 
Denmark devonBFD 
Economic situation in Eastern Europe is very different from Mongolia..It's a lord harder for them to get visas.
2016-02-25 11:03
They should probably have applied long before this. I feel for them but at the same time, handle your shiat!
2016-02-25 16:39
rofl. fucking splyce suck. gg
2016-02-24 11:44
Canada jj77 
why splyce? wtf
2016-02-24 11:44
why? they suck... they kill each other, they need a tan
2016-02-24 11:44
sloth to drop 30 bombs
2016-02-24 11:45
fuck NA seriously almost fucked up team YP fucked up mongolz valve dont make events in USA next time ty
2016-02-24 11:45
2016-02-24 12:30
Cuz Russia would be better? When Teams fuck up to get a Visa it is mainly there fault Same with EU there are a lot of Visa Trouble but nobody notices cuz 88% of Teams Eu anyway Solution: All Tournaments in South Africa
2016-02-24 16:31
Did he say Russia would be better?
2016-02-24 21:05
One more spot going to the trash while tons of eu teams would have killed people to have them.
2016-02-24 11:45
They had a month to get visas?
2016-02-24 16:03
Why splyce, I believe renegades were runner up for Oceania.....
2016-02-24 11:45
Netherlands KalterSins 
Renegades are Challengers and thus automatically qualified :D
2016-02-24 11:48
no renegades qualified through the asia minor
2016-02-24 12:51
Legends (TOP8 last major) get automatically qualifications / spot. Challengers must play qualifications. Legends, Challengers, easy to remember.
2016-02-24 14:23
oskar | 
Ireland sk0ffin 
I aren't think that my friend
2016-02-24 16:15
Netherlands KalterSins 
I meant automatically qualified for the major qualifier
2016-02-25 00:20
THANKS OBAMA FOR THE NA FIXING getting NA team instead of Renegades... could they not get a visa either, or was I baited yesterday when guy said Renegades would be going instead?
2016-02-24 11:45
Renegades are already in the Qualifier, wtf are you talking about ?
2016-02-24 11:46
Austria gex0r 
too much snus? RNG are in the qualifier -> Group D
2016-02-24 11:48
xd i guess i got baited yesterday then, i haven't been paying attention to the groups.
2016-02-24 11:50
dumb dumb dumb
2016-02-24 11:59
is still rigged by obama to get more NA teams, just ignore part about renegades -_-
2016-02-24 12:11
Yeah, take an EU team for a qualifiers that would start 2 days from now in the USA. That would go perfectly. They could get visa and go to the US in that short amount of time... PS: Put your tinfoil hat tighter. You're incredibly braindead.
2016-02-24 15:15
Hong Kong b3rn 
Legit. jk not.
2016-02-24 11:46
Portugal dracø 
This keeps getting worse and worse.. I hope NA never hosts a major again.
2016-02-24 11:46
Slovakia gr!nd 
And still no chance my friend
2016-02-24 11:47
f0rest | 
Vietnam ZeDD_V 
2016-02-24 11:47
Where is optic?
2016-02-24 11:49
Austria gex0r 
2016-02-24 11:49
Finland Al_Aziz 
They lost to Splyce in Minors and to Winterfox at Last Chance Qualifier
2016-02-24 11:54
Austria gex0r 
i know.. still i think they would do better on lan... but yeah it's their own fault
2016-02-24 12:02
Finland Al_Aziz 
Agreed, would have been better if they did some quick online qual, but I guess there isn't enough time. This was easiest solution for all partys.
2016-02-24 12:09
Portugal dascouves 
Valve will ner host a major on USA again just so you know :)
2016-02-24 11:48
WutFace They are so shit.
2016-02-24 11:49
Sweden Donger89 
2016-02-24 11:49
Edward | 
Macau ianzy 
biggest scam in the history -mongolz to add this wtf splyce team
2016-02-24 11:49
2016-02-24 11:52
GruBy | 
Japan ziaroo 
no more NA majors please
2016-02-24 11:52
Poland adriannB 
waste of a spot
2016-02-24 11:54
Finland no_man 
Rip our last hope
2016-02-24 11:57
lol noobs mlg should take some eu team...
2016-02-24 12:01
Philippines gicama_ 
yeah, take an EU team for a qualifiers that would start 2 days from now in the USA that would go perfectly.. they could get visa and go to the US in that short amount of time.. what a genius suggestions..
2016-02-24 14:55
Jump on a plane most EU counties have visa programs with USA just jump on the plane fill out the paper and enter the country doesn't take any time. I could be in US under 24 hours from now.
2016-02-24 19:40
Russia rassvet 
2016-02-24 12:01
well it was a bit too late when mongolz announced that they couldn't get visas
2016-02-24 14:10
Russia rassvet 
There was an incident on Dota scene like 2 years ago. Valve needed only 1 day to clear things out and help players get visas.
2016-02-24 14:14
ok then
2016-02-24 14:17
Brazil edgy_man 
2016-02-24 12:01
RIP easy get rekt Splyce games
2016-02-24 12:01
Chile MOUZ_16_EG_0 
not deserved, fuck NA
2016-02-24 12:02
Bulgaria AboveYall 
LOL... yeah why not E-frag instead of SPLYCE ? Yeah it's in america so they pref american team i get it.. but splyce is not even the best NA team that's not playing qualifiers ... wtf is going on... so sad for Mongolz.
2016-02-24 12:03
2016-02-24 12:05
2016-02-24 15:16
Do u really think Bulgarians would get visas in time to fly to America?
2016-02-24 12:31
Bulgaria AboveYall 
well the tournament is in late march.. in Bulgaria you can get visa for USA in 1 month. It depends it might be more or less..
2016-02-24 13:45
No, it's coming Friday not March. It's about the qualifier not the main major
2016-02-24 14:14
Bulgaria AboveYall 
oww yeah my bad you are right
2016-02-24 14:18
This is your chance DAVEY.. hltv.org/news/13323-mobility-to-skip-esw..
2016-02-24 12:05
So some shit USA gets to play ahead of like 10 good Euro teams.. What a joke.
2016-02-24 12:05
Yeah, take an EU team for a qualifiers that would start 2 days from now in the USA. That would go perfectly. They could get visa and go to the US in that short amount of time...
2016-02-24 15:13
Stop say you could not do it. Its fucking easy to do. Valve took the easy option instead of the best or most entertaining. I would cost a shitload though. To get a EU team this late the plane tickets and all would be around 15000$ since they need direct flights to US and fast connection slots. What does the american team cost a couple of domestic plane tickets or bus tickets its nothing.
2016-02-24 19:56
Dude U ever tried to get a US - Visa The easiest Way is btw: Tourist Visa but that is illegal. It is not about the Money
2016-02-25 03:37
Dude in swedish I get a permit to enter the country usually takes a couple of minutes then then visa wager program will let me in and as long I have been a good citizen it's no problems if I got problems with police before and got arrested for something in Sweden and do like this and enter the US I would.never be able to comeback. So I guess teams have some players who not been so law abiding.
2016-02-26 17:17
Yes its a tourist visa but most teams are going there on tourist visa already so. And done so far years to esea and cevo
2016-02-26 17:20
Many of those Teams may not get in because tehy went with Tourist Visas to a Tournament ( I dunno know)
2016-02-26 19:11
aurora | 
Australia omag 
so many NA teams in the qual needs more tbh
2016-02-24 12:05
Brazil Tunico 
worst replacement ever
2016-02-24 12:06
ofc, mlg and valve are a fucking joke, just another donation to na
2016-02-24 12:09
optic > splyce
2016-02-24 12:09
Not on LAN apparently.
2016-02-24 12:33
Finland kappaboi 
yeah lets invite tier5 team, why not?? fuck this shit
2016-02-24 12:12
Australia DabBoy 
Ancient should have gone
2016-02-24 12:14
Spain Silber_ 
Why not efrag (finished runner up in minor eu) Is this happens because we are from BULGARIA?
2016-02-24 12:17
Kaze | 
Malaysia Swattax 
Mongolz should be invited to next major quals after what bullshit happened to them
2016-02-24 12:17
I agree, its the least they can do
2016-02-24 15:09
2016-02-24 16:10
Finland JKRr 
This qualifier is quickly turning to trash
2016-02-24 12:25
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
rigged by usa government
2016-02-24 12:25
Put your tinfoil hat tighter, mate.
2016-02-24 15:12
Twistzz | 
Latvia `DinGo 
not bad
2016-02-24 12:25
na tier10 to major loooool
2016-02-24 12:25
Finland Wozzw 
Lmao just shows the level of professionality in the scene. 1. Mongolz should have got the visas sorted fucking ages ago. 2. MLG should have made sure everyone was set to go ages ago 3. If both of those would havr happened we could have an actual team from either europe or asia take the place. Not some subpar NA team.
2016-02-24 12:28
Gamers man, they are lazy procrastinating fucks
2016-02-24 16:31
Ukraine FaZe_UW0TM8 
why na when there are better teams from eur
2016-02-24 12:27
Last day plane ticket from NA = $100, last day visa from NA = 100%. Last day plane ticket from EU = $1000...
2016-02-24 16:07
Ukraine FaZe_UW0TM8 
good point i guess
2016-02-24 19:47
Jame | 
Bangladesh NyAn_NeKo 
GL davey
2016-02-24 12:30
Wasn Professor_Chaos once a t1 NA player?
2016-02-24 12:35
He was on Nihilum who beat c9 at esea lan, not really tier 1, his sens is way too high to be consistently good
2016-02-24 18:45
fking rigged as fuck , obviously just want to give some other shit NA team a chance
2016-02-24 12:38
who else would they invite
2016-02-24 14:42
Some other CIS/eu tier 3 team , they'll perfrom better for sure
2016-02-24 15:07
Yeah, take an EU team for a qualifiers that would start 2 days from now in the USA. That would go perfectly. They could get visa and go to the US in that short amount of time...
2016-02-24 15:12
Cyberzen, Ancient, or other European or asian teams.
2016-02-24 16:11
> but the Chinese team are unable to attend the event ancient fucking sucks, they wouldnt qualify anyway it's only fair to give someone who was runner up at a minor or LCQ the chance, so the options would be efrag (who wouldnt be able to get visas), ancient (who arent much better than the NA teams and would likely struggle to get everyone together to fly to the US just to not qualify), winterfox, and splyce.
2016-02-24 16:14
Ancient would have won their group easy. What happend with dw Vs yp was just a freak accident to stop your career mid game and sell the team like that. All their time praccing was just thrown in the waste basket.
2016-02-26 17:23
Dude ancient has won two times over efrag they had one bad showing with their team because a player had a mental breakdown and quit mid game
2016-02-26 17:24
why couldn't they get a good team? like even agg > splyce
2016-02-24 12:38
United States MAY0 
splyce was 2nd place at na qualifiers, they invited chiefs first but they declined because they didn't have enough time to get ready
2016-02-24 15:36
invites a US team.. woaw
2016-02-24 12:39
Yeah, take an EU team for a qualifiers that would start 2 days from now in the USA. That would go perfectly. They could get visa and go to the US in that short amount of time...
2016-02-24 15:11
I thought renegades came second at the asia minor?
2016-02-24 12:48
allu | 
Finland Fherrera 
I smell something here... besides of my shitty underwear
2016-02-24 12:48
Rip mongols. First time NA team in playoffs
2016-02-24 12:53
Malta NjiNjiNji 
Splyce? Might as well play the group with just 3 teams
2016-02-24 12:54
That's like switching Fnatic for Optic or something.
2016-02-24 13:02
2016-02-24 13:23
just NA style bois
2016-02-24 13:06
RIP Chiefs
2016-02-24 13:07
Czech Republic baylife 
rip echofox
2016-02-24 13:09
Spain akproxx 
2016-02-24 13:16
Will not even watch their matches
2016-02-24 13:16
Norway neveredgy69 
splyce is dogshit might aswell let the casters play..
2016-02-24 13:20
underrated comment :D
2016-02-24 13:48
Fucking hell, wasted spot.
2016-02-24 13:32
2016-02-27 20:36
Come on, who would have guessed
2016-02-27 20:36
They aren't even the 8th best NA team lol.. what a joke. Please stick to EU majors, no NA bullshit and no 3rd worlder cluj shit either
2016-02-24 13:34
2016-02-24 13:38
Why host a fcking event in NA when they gonna decline visa´s anyway.
2016-02-24 13:53
nice scam NA fake ass asian qualifier when no one in asia can get visa to NA
2016-02-24 13:54
pretty sure china would've been fine
2016-02-24 14:36
So true. A Asian qualifier and no Asian team participateing:/ ridiculous
2016-02-24 15:13
If mongolz sent applications for visas earlier they wouldn't have this issue and if MLG checked earlier they would have found a better team to play. Mistakes on both parties
2016-02-24 16:10
they sent applications in time. but it was denied two times.
2016-02-24 20:02
All MLG side fault. the team should not even have to send the visa applications them self at all should be taken care of MLG. ITS A FUCKING MAJOR QUALIFICATION NOT SOME SHITTY ESEA EVENT! Valve fixed similar problems for Chinese teams for TI. They just wanted more NA teams anyway.
2016-02-24 20:49
Rofl why do you think valve cares about the nationality of the teams? If they cared so much about NA teams they would make it half NA, but they don't care. You can take off your tin foil hat and stop saying that Obama rigged tournament.
2016-02-25 13:17
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
This is so much bullshit, fucking NA that have NAZI checkpoints so no one can enter the US... Mongolz > Splyce
2016-02-24 13:55
NA team instead? How am I not surprised...
2016-02-24 14:00
who else would they invite? Efrag wouldn't be able to get visas in time and they're th only potential replacement that would have a chance
2016-02-24 14:33
Yeah, take an EU team for a qualifiers that would start 2 days from now in the USA. That would go perfectly. They could get visa and go to the US in that short amount of time...
2016-02-24 15:10
Macau jinxw 
Wtf Really?? The are played in IEM Taipei?? What a tier5 NA team(((
2016-02-24 14:02
2016-02-24 14:08
Greece hekzy 
Decider game of CZ against chiefs.
2016-02-24 14:08
Lol really? of all the teams, this group of washed up scrubs get invited...
2016-02-24 14:17
n o o b s
2016-02-24 14:19
mongolz was the team I looked forward to seeing most at this qualifier
2016-02-24 14:21
Europe hltv007 
2016-02-24 14:22
fnx | 
Iceland PrTz1 
lol splyce so fckin bad
2016-02-24 14:40
Fucking arya the cheater, nice!
2016-02-24 14:47
Why Splyce????????? Tier 4 NA team...
2016-02-24 14:51
why is everyone so salty about the replacement? It's reasonable to get salty about themongolz not getting visas, but it's unreasonable to be salty about their replacements. Who else woud they have gotten? The only team they could've gotten (speaking in terms of runners up to minors and LCQ's) with any real chance is efrag but I doubt they could get bulgarian visas on such short notice.
2016-02-24 14:54
France StickyRice 
NA majors ? I aren't think that.
2016-02-24 15:01
Poland cr0p 
Jason Ruchelski ayyyyy lmao
2016-02-24 15:04
Luxembourg alex24 
fucking let mongolz play online for the qualifier !!!!!!!!!
2016-02-24 15:15
too many visa problems and we're not at the major yet , major should stay in EU or Asia at least less problems.
2016-02-24 15:23
CLG, splyce, Vexed, SK... what a shit group seriously.
2016-02-24 15:24
It was likely going to be CLG and SK anyway, even if Mongolz could attend. Mongols played great against RNG, but SK and CLG have better results than just beating RNG a couple times. I don't know. It sucks that they couldn't attend, would have liked to see them get more LAN experience, but people acting like they were easily going to qualify for the major are fucked.
2016-02-24 15:35
Mongolia thechapchap 
2 word you blind
2016-02-24 16:22
ROFL.seriously splyce ? who cant even beat agg xD hahaahahaaahaa xD
2016-02-24 15:33
Splyce better step up, I hope they rek some EU teams for the sake of it, they better practice harder than they ever have previously.
2016-02-24 15:50
Really optimistic way of looking at things. I sure hope so. If it was me in the qualifiers for that much money and prestige. You can be sure my hands will be bleeding from practicing.
2016-02-24 16:24
2016-02-24 20:48
Argentina EnvyJ 
A wasted spot tbh
2016-02-24 15:56
rigged, more trash NA teams to rek in group stages
2016-02-24 16:05
Nice, more noob..
2016-02-24 16:06
Splyce have been playing like complete dogshit since returning from the minor. So I fully expect them to beat everyone in groups, that's how NACS works... right?
2016-02-24 16:58
apparently thats how it works
2016-02-27 20:41
:) I totally forgot I made this comment. I'm a prophet.
2016-02-27 21:12
Where's FaZe at?
2016-02-24 17:35
rain | 
United Kingdom shitbruh 
already in the major? they have legend status
2016-02-24 17:44
sweet :)
2016-02-24 19:37
Ayyyy SK stickers inc :D
2016-02-24 17:42
Finland Waari 
My pug team has equally good chances to make it out of that group as Splyce has. Spoiler alert : It is 0%
2016-02-24 17:46
hecker | 
World heck9r 
Professor Chaos xD
2016-02-24 18:25
2016-02-24 18:30
Brunei FeelsHoodMan 
Give it to optic instead since they aren't complete trash like splyce. Splyce can't even beat OCEAN's team in a bo3 lol
2016-02-24 18:35
NICE, so finally an NA team has "earned" the spot. 10/10
2016-02-24 18:38
CIS OREL_1337 
fuck you MLG and shit usa team
2016-02-24 18:39
G2, TS Liquid, Mouse CLG, SK Dignitas, RNG Don't see c9 qualifying, unless RNG turn out to be onliners c9 is so shit
2016-02-24 18:52
Mate rng is shit on lab and online. Cloud9 have x10000 more results on lan with this lineup alone
2016-02-25 13:19
Ahahhaha nice tier1000 team there, even ENCE is better than SPLYCE but rigged whole shitty qualifiers. =D=D=D
2016-02-24 19:00
Sad, was hopping for mongolz stickers :(
2016-02-24 19:10
NA TEAM GET A CHANCE surprise surprise RIGGED AF
2016-02-24 19:18
What an awesome replacement, a tier 7 NA team with no namers
2016-02-24 20:59
Germany iN9N 
2016-02-24 21:00
man, i feel so bad for mongolz..
2016-02-24 23:07
What a joke.. Splyce..
2016-02-24 23:35
Poor mongolz. Spylce is such a joke, they wont even get 10 rounds on any of the teams in their group.
2016-02-25 00:40
I don't understand all this hate like its rigged or people being outraged by Splyce getting the spot?? I think the situation was handled very well. Mongolz unfortunately couldn't attend due to visa issues, so the next option was runner ups of the tourney Mongolz qualed through Chiefs and CyberZen who both couldn't attended. Next option was the runner up of NA qual since it is 2 days out from the event which is actually held in NA. God forbid people use reasoning and make practical decisions...
2016-02-25 00:57
Tough choice, awkward position MLG were put into
2016-02-25 02:29
Shit group LOL
2016-02-25 03:12
steel | 
Belarus Ruble 
2016-02-25 10:20
The real reason for rage is that mlg didn't help or fixed the visas for the mongolz imo if you host a major qualification you should take care of everything to get the players to event. They are cs players and should not have to worry about visas and bullshit like that.
2016-02-26 17:27
France TheKurnaz 
who ? :3
2016-02-27 20:31
2016-02-27 20:33
United Kingdom FullSpe3d 
lol these comments now
2016-02-27 20:33
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