KubiK: "Playing as underdogs helps"

February 27th, 2016 07:06

Following Vexed Gaming's victory over SK, we spoke with the team's coach Kuba 'KubiK' Kubiak.

Before the numerous unexpected victories in Groups C & D, the Poles of Vexed Gaming were the first to strike against the tide when they dispatched SK Gaming on de_train with a 16-10 score.

Following that victory we spoke with the team's coach, Kuba "KubiK" Kubiak, who had previously played on ALSEN before joining the Vexed roster as a coach alongside Karol "repo" Cybulski who joined as the team's fifth around the same time.

The interview was mostly conducted in English although we assisted KubiK with some tricky translations from Polish to English when it was required.

Upcoming interviews and other videos from the MLG Columbus Main Qualifier will be found over at our Youtube channel.

stich writes for HLTV.org and can be found on Twitter

Poland Karol 'repo' Cybulski
Karol 'repo' Cybulski
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Poland Kuba 'KubiK' Kubiak
Kuba 'KubiK' Kubiak
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good player
2016-02-27 07:07
2016-02-27 07:07
Thats a very interesting interview I have to admit.
2016-02-27 07:08
2016-02-27 07:07
This interview was recorded earlier in the day but adding subtitles and stuff for the wonky Poglish parts took awhile :)
2016-02-27 07:07
u was the one who sit and talk? If thats you u should help him or u just typical braindead who want something but dont help to get it
2016-02-27 11:33
look how adorable, it's trying to communicate
2016-02-27 13:01
yoo niggrou
2016-02-27 13:11
stiko are u mad? coz im not :D
2016-02-27 15:00
Iceland Iceland 
I will knife u at lan bro.
2016-02-27 15:26
Italy Nick | Finesse 
Kuba "KubiK" Kubiak who named this child
2016-02-27 07:08
2016-02-27 07:08
rain | 
Brazil sidde^_^ 
2016-02-27 07:18
2016-02-27 08:01
I farted
2016-02-27 08:12
His proper first name that is put on an ID is Jakub, dunno why he uses Kuba all the time (a person who knows you can call you like that)
2016-02-27 09:12
Kuba is a name too, not only Jakub :) My friend is called Kuba not Jakub, in documents he has that
2016-02-27 10:14
Hmm, my name is Jakub and whenever I introduce myself as Jakub people starts to call me Kuba anyway :D Or maybe the other option, his name can be Kuba :P
2016-02-27 11:03
hahah :D i smiled
2016-02-27 10:12
Belarus diehartz 
2016-02-27 10:57
better play in team Nick 4sho
2016-02-27 11:32
Poland adriannB 
"Kuba" is just a short version of his name so its Jakub "KubiK" Kubiak, still akward but a bit less ;)
2016-02-27 12:57
Poland HazzardRM 
2016-02-27 07:26
HObbit | 
Sweden Hasklon 
2016-02-27 08:16
Finland Qksc 
Love to see a team playing as underdogs win. gj and gl
2016-02-27 08:37
This microphone look like stick xD funny interview english-polish
2016-02-27 08:51
He's the best cs go coach in poland better then kuben and loord;D kubikEZ.
2016-02-27 09:23
vexed never were underdogs wtf, sk is shit =) when i saw 18% vexed it was the happiest day of my life. thanks retarded bettors
2016-02-27 09:28
2016-02-27 09:38
Turkey Ilairon 
Playing train in a bo1 when you are so good in it helps too
2016-02-27 09:55
Well. If bo3 they would not qualify
2016-02-27 10:41
That could be true, but luck is a normal factor in csgo. Like, how lucky were teams that faced YP (with standins)? :)
2016-02-27 10:51
Yeah yeah. I am happy 4 Vexed I like them, but I am afraid of that better teams would not attend at major
2016-02-27 10:53
vexed will qualify ... they somehow qualify to every major
2016-02-27 14:07
Poland vaph 
7:16 ja pierdole ayy lmao
2016-02-27 10:49
ez english
2016-02-27 10:59
2016-02-27 11:30
2016-02-27 11:34
Best English Antarctica
2016-02-27 11:43
Interviewer is Polish?
2016-02-27 12:04
maybe american but his parents are polish for sure
2016-02-27 12:06
he is polish...
2016-02-27 12:08
That doesnt make any sense. If ur parents are polish = u are polish. City where u were born doesnt change anything.
2016-02-27 12:09
but he was born in Poland so doesnt matter. Btw you are trying to say that your best female tenisist is also Polish?;)
2016-02-27 12:11
Yup, like ur best mma fighter Chechen
2016-02-27 12:14
2016-02-27 12:30
Yea if he was born in Poland then it doesnt matter. But if he was born in America then he would have be an american. Thats the law in America :D
2016-02-27 12:13
Oh ye, u are right, great law :D
2016-02-27 12:15
not rly, for example shrouds parents are polish, but they move to canada, he was born there and boom he is canadian
2016-02-27 14:19
no, that doesn't work like that, your ancestors were probably not danes if you go back a long time, would that mean that you are not danish ?
2016-02-27 14:32
Actually im not Danish, im only livin here
2016-02-27 14:49
that works with whatever your nationality is.
2016-02-27 14:52
So if i go live in USA that makes me american?
2016-02-27 14:58
You obviously haven't read what I said
2016-02-27 14:59
Ye, i know, u tryin to say that everyone have foreign roots, but im talking about the closest family, like parents.
2016-02-27 15:09
And then take their parents, and their parents' parents etc. Nationality has nothing to do with that, let's say my parents were born in a foreign country, lived till their 20s there and then came to France and had me for example. If I was born here and lived all my life, went to school, basically having all the experiences i've had here, that makes me french, not my parents' nationality, that's dumb.
2016-02-27 15:12
Actually its a good point. U are right.
2016-02-27 15:13
then you are half frechn half polish in you case coz i think you are polish right?;)
2016-02-29 00:02
no i'm not ;), but i have many polish friends ^^
2016-02-29 00:19
ohh sorry then i remember our talk and you were pro polish i think, so i thought you have some polish blood ;)
2016-02-29 00:26
He is Polish living in US
2016-02-27 12:07
Was he born in Poland?
2016-02-27 12:08
Polish is a language...He is Pole
2016-02-27 15:28
Location: Ar-Raqqah, Syria sick
2016-02-29 00:08
Kibik if you dont know some words in english try to use another similar which you know, dont ask stich all the time coz looks like it pissing him off, maybe thats why he put this vido without cuting off those scens...
2016-02-27 12:06
Austria db42 
stich best really, listening to his interviews they are so much better then str1kers interviews, his english is so much clearer and his questions are way more interesting then the 1) how did u feel going into this event b) what went wrong etc pp hope he gets paid more $$$
2016-02-27 12:14
2016-02-27 13:27
kubikZMIE kubikLONY
2016-02-27 12:30
Props to stich for translation, best interviewer <3
2016-02-27 12:39
Russia clax 
2016-02-27 12:42
Poland trancemeister 
Kuba Kubik Kubiak :D
2016-02-27 12:51
2016-02-27 12:56
His englando actually isn't that bad. He doesn't know a lot of words and he stutters a lot but the things he does know he says in correct grammar etc
2016-02-27 13:25
He was stressed, so he probably forgot few words because of this.
2016-02-27 13:53
Fuckin' hell. From codeRed to coach of Vexed. Grats mate :D
2016-02-27 13:47
ja pierdole xDDDDDD
2016-02-27 13:51
Belarus Starvoid 
Kurwa, ja perdolu
2016-02-27 13:56
ja pierdole*
2016-02-27 16:50
Good player, very good coach!
2016-02-27 14:00
Sad to say that but this interview, due to his english, was cringe AF, and I couldn't finish it. Props to you Stich, at least you were trying to make it watch-able.
2016-02-27 14:18
Could not edit: Not hating anyone here, I just believe in this case it would be better to interview him in polish and add english subs.
2016-02-27 15:12
his English is just fine, which you could hear if you watched the interview with Puckett after the game I told him we could edit the video so I think he just wanted to say everything correctly and was laidback, unfortunately afterwards I noticed the video would be boring without the in-between bits so I switched it up :)
2016-02-27 15:31
Yeah I saw that Puckett interview, that's why I was surprised by this one. I'd rather see this edited but it's just me. Keep up a good work, brother!
2016-02-27 15:35
I don't know why all these people are crying about his English. The interview was fine, his English was really easy to understand and him asking for the right words didn't bother me at all (if anything, it even made the video more enjoyable).
2016-02-28 14:34
gl kubik, you good player!
2016-02-27 14:26
kubikbiceps best interviews !
2016-02-27 14:45
Poland kRAMERO 
after qualify, hyper will be fired up... nice :)
2016-02-27 14:55
Nope, he will not. Even if they will try to replace Hyper with oskarish, they can't. Oskarish signed contract with Lioncast recently so no chance.
2016-02-27 15:17
Poland jesh 
2016-02-27 15:22
Hyper in Vexed is something like TaZ in VP. They are bosses and the other players cant do anything
2016-02-27 15:27
please stop doing videos, i want to read interviews not watch them :(
2016-02-27 16:28
"ja pierdole"
2016-02-27 16:57
23 years old and you dont know basics of english language.
2016-02-27 18:09
2016-02-27 19:06
He know basics. I mean his english is not perfect but you can undestand him.
2016-02-28 15:32
2016-02-28 12:24
Norway sparta92 
2016-02-28 15:41
question: does stich also play with the dildo mic as well?
2016-02-29 00:06
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