IEM Katowice viewer's guide

Herein you shall find everything you need to know concerning the $250,000+ CS:GO tournament taking place from March 2-5 at IEM Katowice.

From March 2-5 in Katowice, Poland, the final Intel Extreme Masters stopover of the season will include a $250,000+ CS:GO tournament with 12 teams in attendance.

There are two groups with six teams each and the tournament kicks off with a best-of-one round-robin group stage that will take place during the first two days and be inaccessible to the public.

The group winners will automatically advance to the semifinals whereas the second and third place finishers in each group will play quarter-finals to determine the final two teams to make the top four of the event.

CS:GO returns to the Spodek Arena from the quarter-finals onwards

Every match from the quarter-finals onward will take place inside the Spodek Arena proper. The quarter and semifinals will be best-of-three games whereas the grand final will be a best-of-five.

The official groups for IEM Katowice 2016 are once again:

Group A Group B
Sweden fnatic France Envy
CIS Natus Vincere  Denmark Astralis
Brazil Luminosity Poland
Germany mousesports Europe FaZe
Sweden NiP Bulgaria
Mongolia TheMongolz Brazil Tempo Storm

The schedule for the event is:

Wednesday, March 2
12:20 Sweden fnatic vs. CIS Natus Vincere
12:20 Germany mousesports vs. Sweden NiP
13:40 Brazil Luminosity vs. CIS Natus Vincere
13:40 Germany mousesports vs. Mongolia TheMongolz
15:00 Sweden fnatic vs. Brazil Luminosity
15:00 Sweden NiP vs. Mongolia TheMongolz
16:20 Sweden fnatic vs. Sweden NiP
16:20 Germany mousesports vs. CIS Natus Vincere
17:40 Brazil Luminosity vs. Mongolia TheMongolz
17:40 Sweden NiP vs. CIS Natus Vincere
19:00 Germany mousesports vs. Brazil Luminosity
19:00 Sweden fnatic vs. Mongolia TheMongolz
20:20 CIS Natus Vincere vs. Mongolia TheMongolz
20:20 Brazil Luminosity vs. Sweden NiP
20:20 Sweden fnatic vs. Germany mousesports
Thursday, March 3
12:20 France Envy vs. Denmark Astralis
12:20 Bulgaria vs. Europe FaZe
13:40 Poland vs. Denmark Astralis
13:40 Bulgaria vs. Brazil Tempo Storm
15:00 France Envy vs. Poland
15:00 Europe FaZe vs. Brazil Tempo Storm
16:20 France Envy vs. Europe FaZe
16:20 Bulgaria vs. Denmark Astralis
17:40 Poland vs. Brazil Tempo Storm
17:40 Europe FaZe vs. Denmark Astralis
19:00 Bulgaria vs. Poland
19:00 France Envy vs. Brazil Tempo Storm
20:20 Denmark Astralis vs. Brazil Tempo Storm
20:20 Poland vs. Europe FaZe
20:20 France Envy vs. Bulgaria
Friday, March 4
12:30 Quarter-final #1 (bo3)    
15:50 Quarter-final #2 (bo3)    
19:10 Semi-final #1 (bo3)    
22:30 Semi-final #2 (bo3)    
Saturday, March 5
18:00 Grand final (bo5)  

The talent list for IEM Katowice draws on most of the most renowned corners of the current CS:GO scene and is as follows:

United States Will "Chobra" Cho - Host
United Kingdom O. J. Borg - Sideline reporter

Canada Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett - Analyst desk host
Serbia Janko "YNk" Paunović - Analyst

United Kingdom Lauren "Pansy" Scott - Commentator
United Kingdom Alex "Machine" Richardson - Commentator
Denmark Anders Blume - Commentator
United States Auguste "Semmler" Massonat - Commentator
United Kingdom Henry "HenryG" Greer - Commentator
United States Jason "moses" O'Toole - Commentator

United States Heather "sapphiRe" Garozzo - Observer
United Kingdom Alex Rush - Observer 

You will be able to catch the action over at ESL's CS:GO channel as always and the games go live when fnatic will take on Na`Vi in a best-of-one at 12:20

stich writes for and can be found on Twitter

Serbia Janko 'YNk' Paunović
Janko 'YNk' Paunović
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Jason 'moses' O'Toole
Jason 'moses' O'Toole
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United Kingdom Henry 'HenryG' Greer
Henry 'HenryG' Greer
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2016-03-01 10:40
pansy and machine FeelsBadMan with a gun
2016-03-01 10:55
I can hear Machine's fake ass smile when he talks with his annoying voice. I am sad now
2016-03-01 11:32
Germany Spectrater 
he should have sex with pansy and leave
2016-03-01 11:44
is that a major?
2016-03-01 13:30
major issue yes
2016-03-01 15:17
2016-03-01 17:32
lol nice
2016-03-02 09:17
Other anarh1st47 
ez astralis
2016-03-01 11:14
Where the fuck is quarter #3 #4?
2016-03-02 02:40
France SHW4Y 
nice very nice post
2016-03-01 10:40
bo1 fun tournament just a warmup for the mlg major not much elsel
2016-03-01 12:27
Atleast there are some NAs at the desk as host and commentator lololol
2016-03-01 16:52
wont see rahim casting again in top scene. rip papam
2016-03-01 10:41
-Machine +Papam would be nice.
2016-03-01 12:16
We wont see anything for the first two days... Seriously, wtf people.
2016-03-01 16:26
oh yes daddy
2016-03-01 10:40
2016-03-01 10:40
Iceland PrTz1 
2016-03-01 10:40
2016-03-01 10:40
2016-03-01 10:40
jkaem | 
Czech Republic majoris 
2016-03-01 10:40
Good stuff! :D
2016-03-01 10:40
Will be exiting :D
2016-03-01 10:40
nice engalndo swedistania
2016-03-01 12:50
2016-03-01 13:01
2016-03-01 10:40
LG > Ebola
2016-03-01 10:40
2016-03-01 10:40
Poland sajlent 
rip VP
2016-03-01 10:40
2016-03-01 10:40
France Kairos1g 
thank mr.stich
2016-03-01 10:41
Fnatic vs NaVi in 1st match Will be interesting
2016-03-01 10:42
Fnatic throws to get easier matches and then beat NaVi in final
2016-03-01 10:58
IMHO NaVi won't beat them in group match but if NaVi meet fnatic in play-off, NaVi will win
2016-03-01 11:03
Fnatic rapes Na'Vi.
2016-03-01 11:10
NaVi will rekt BOTic
2016-03-01 11:25
fagnatic rekking NoobVi incoming
2016-03-01 11:26
bet 100$ on NaVi. 16-14 incoming
2016-03-01 11:27
Finland terquie 
4Head fnatic cant lose cuz flusha ez aimlock
2016-03-01 15:11
well fnatic just won. fanboy.
2016-03-02 13:55
well i said that NaVi don't win Fnatic in Group stage. So y blind idiota
2016-03-03 06:58
oh my bad. srry
2016-03-03 14:00
Makes no sense You get easier enemies in playoffs if you finish 1st place... Also 2nd and 3rd have to fight in elimination match where you have to show more of your strats...
2016-03-02 12:19
Where is Tosspot? :(
2016-03-01 10:42
+1 the guy doesnt get enough work for these events :(
2016-03-01 17:16
Bingo Bango Bongo
2016-03-01 10:43
no thorin no party
2016-03-01 10:43
World Vidua 
I'm going there for an event not a party.
2016-03-01 11:40
Ynk... Can't stand this guy accent and gold nova ANALysis makes me want to KILL MY SELF with a f** rock
2016-03-01 10:47
He played professionally with Niko (called Nikolinho before) in iNation and attended couple of lan's.
2016-03-01 11:34
Yes they both played in a few Balkan teams
2016-03-01 13:09
Try to actually listen to what he says, you might learn something, nova.
2016-03-01 20:18
Yeah I don't get the hate surrounding him, he's a brilliant analyst and has recently really improved his on-screen character to be less 'boring'.
2016-03-02 03:51
I don't like his accent either. But from all of the guys who are there, hes the one with the most knowledge with Anders. Actually his predictions are on point most of the time. He also predicted CZen to beat Faze and everyone was laughing at him and afterwards faze just won extremely lucky and extremely close...
2016-03-01 23:33
looking forward to tomorrow!
2016-03-01 10:47
Poland DominnX26 
Very nice
2016-03-01 10:49
Best format ever!! Nicenice! Like a wet dream for CS fanatics
2016-03-01 10:53
Thank you for no thorin or lewis.
2016-03-01 10:54
Is in friday some official opening ceremony as it was on ESL Cologne? If yes, what time?
2016-03-01 10:55
2016-03-01 10:55
rip NaVi
2016-03-01 10:56
Sweden alishkaa 
who will stream from the Russian??
2016-03-01 11:05
Finland f0pZ
2016-03-01 11:19
i kekd
2016-03-01 11:35
World Vidua 
Still better than izakooo
2016-03-01 11:41
United States MAY0 
2016-03-01 13:37
Rekt :D
2016-03-01 14:42
Damn so many matches.
2016-03-01 11:05
good casters but no thooring and richard :(
2016-03-01 11:06
2016-03-01 11:06
Mongolz you must win this
2016-03-01 11:09
oskar | 
Czech Republic apicek 
2016-03-01 11:10
Sweden LspN 
anders & semmler <3
2016-03-01 11:11
Add 2hours and you have the real schedule.
2016-03-01 11:14
2016-03-01 11:14
2016-03-01 11:16
Poland adriannB 
Will "Chobra" Cho i hate this guy, so anoying...
2016-03-01 11:22
No thorin no party
2016-03-01 11:32
Chobra wtf, go back to dota or w/e you damn chinese.
2016-03-01 11:36
2016-03-01 11:37
-ynk -chobra -machine -pansy +thorin +rl +white James +black ddk Why can you toilet cleaner forgive and forget.... Free Thorin
2016-03-01 11:39
World Vidua 
Even if we exclude all the problems thorin has, his prediction rate and analysis recently is awful (MLG qualifiers, so many mistakes) so he shouldn't be hired by anybody.
2016-03-01 11:42
ZywOo | 
France 1zn0 
who cares bout predictions srsly... and he is never bullshiting and one of the rare guy to provide history backround of quality
2016-03-01 11:50
not really bad analysis , sure his prediction rate isn't that good but he follows logic and numbers not just tells you the team who would win. i would prefer that over just someone saying what team would win out of his ass , like pansy and whatever fuckwad esl hires
2016-03-01 11:50
2016-03-01 12:29
2016-03-01 20:19
World Vidua 
We've been comparing to Ynk, who also uses numbers but also common sense. Thorin depends on numbers too much. He also has times when he irrationally believes in instable teams or players - like EnVyUs or device.
2016-03-01 20:26
device is stable wtf ur on about , he gets 20kills like all time , and envyus is like that all the time in vs every team . i agree sometimes thorin follows some statistics a lot but that's how logic works. unlike henryG or some other color caster who just chooses a team he feels like they gonna win. with no logic behind it
2016-03-01 20:29
World Vidua 
We're comparing to Janko FFS, stop bringing other guys into it. As for device, hah - he's stable when it doesn't matter but he fails when team needs him the most.
2016-03-02 10:17
prediction rate is very important for hiring people Kappa123 also expand on awful analysis since it's easy to put labels and talk generally those that like speaking generally got nothing to say in reality and that's why they avoid arguments and hide behind common phrasing
2016-03-01 12:21
The thing is, Thorin's actual analysis is very weak. He's good on history, good on banter for people who like that sort of thing, and good on a bit of psycho-analysis of the players, but analysis of professional play is not his bag.
2016-03-01 22:15
of course, because everyone on hltv is global and knows better mate. I understand.
2016-03-01 23:08
Germany HLTVBach 
Anders <3
2016-03-01 11:44
Romania fluxz0r 
where is the prize distribution info?
2016-03-01 11:46
Bring metuz(or whatever his name is) instead of pansy or machine plz
2016-03-01 11:56
+1 Yeah metuz is good, a lot better than pansy
2016-03-01 20:20
rofl no fucking way
2016-03-02 01:50
ez fnatic as usual, 7th inc
2016-03-01 12:00
I honestly wouldn't mind but man these tournaments get boring when fnatic is there... (why do you even play them if fnatic will win anyway just give em the prize money and get over with it :D) I been rooting for Na'Vi tho so I hope they can keep up the good form and make it to grand finals (winning them tho is highly unlikely)
2016-03-01 12:27
no problem this time mongolz will win.;)
2016-03-01 13:02
2016-03-01 12:05
Estonia zaurs 
Grand Final BO5 niiiiice
2016-03-01 12:07
NiKo | 
Austria Phil_1337 
2016-03-01 12:19
in b4 no time because of delays and the final will be a bo3 :D
2016-03-01 12:55
NiKo | 
Austria Phil_1337 
Ez for Rapex
2016-03-01 12:21
Bulgaria Anda 
many skins will be lost that day
2016-03-01 12:29
Literally the threads are gonna be record breaking those 2 days, gonna sit back, relax, watch some CS and wait to get on the bo3s
2016-03-01 17:01
Europe bueR 
Will be entertaining to watch VP in home crowd. Whether they'll fail or deliver it's going to be emotional reactions no doubt xD
2016-03-01 12:30
rip to people that can only watch on saturday due to work!
2016-03-01 12:33
Portugal jO7A 
1st World does not work in Saturday.
2016-03-01 12:41
1st world does work on saturdays.
2016-03-01 12:55
why not ?
2016-03-02 12:20
Are they uploading VODs of the first two days of matches? Outside of that it says the general public cant view anything for the first 2 days or did I read it wrong?
2016-03-01 16:34
By general public they mean that the first two days matches will be played in a different place than the main arena, with no crowd. The games will still be streamed and you will be able to watch.
2016-03-01 16:51
Oh sweet, thank you for clarifying.
2016-03-01 16:52
Hype :)
2016-03-01 12:39
Fucking hype boys
2016-03-01 12:43
im glad to see sapphire again, she does an amazing job, you can def. see 15 years of cs experience on her. anders is also back, so thats a plus. but why in gods name do you fuck it up again by bringin in pansy?
2016-03-01 12:47
+1 Fuck that dumb ugly bitch
2016-03-01 13:55
Last time I watched a stream with her 'casting', all she did was read the score's of other games that were currently going on.. It was...useless..
2016-03-01 14:12
Yeah, she's an observer, that's what she does. A damn good observer at that. You don't realize who is a good observer until you see someone who is worthless at it.
2016-03-01 20:24
I'm not a caster. I don't try to be a caster. No one else was streaming some top NA matches so I streamed them to make it easier for others to view. Liquid, CLG, C9 etc were not streamed so I streamed them. If you don't want to watch those matches without a caster then don't but 9,900 other people did because the organizations hosting those matches didn't stream them. I never pretended to be a caster. I'm just an observer that wanted to make it easier for other people to watch CSGO.
2016-03-02 11:35
I see. It's just more. It's not you as a person im referring to, but the services you provided. Please don't take it personally. Goodluck at the event.
2016-03-02 20:54
LG! <3 mongolz you can do it! and PANSY :D <3
2016-03-01 12:53
eZ mongolz
2016-03-01 12:55
Europe L0oked 
I want OJ, Thoorin and RL, more banter and hype
2016-03-01 12:57
so no crowd at the two first days?
2016-03-01 13:00
Like every fuking other event? Groupstage never in Main arena
2016-03-02 12:12
Main and place without crowd its quite different i think in Katowice 2014 they were playing also in training little Spodek but in 2015 they were playing in big hall which is connected with Spodek
2016-03-02 13:14
Big events very rare Group stage with Crowd Big examples: Cologne2015,DH Cluj Napocca2015, MLG Columbus, Katowice2016 My Kanaken Brain can't remember anything
2016-03-02 15:05
Iceland Iceland 
I was so hyped for this event but when I saw there was no mantrousse I got crushed guess im not watching this.
2016-03-01 13:02
Looking forward to this pre-major warmup tournament! Hoping to see NiP getting in form by the time MLG Colombus hits
2016-03-01 13:23
thank god, no thorin :D
2016-03-01 13:28
thorin>literally everyone in esports
2016-03-01 23:17
2016-03-02 17:14
No NA team = No care
2016-03-01 13:28
No Na Team = Tier 1 Gaming event
2016-03-02 12:14
2016-03-01 13:32
mongolz got this
2016-03-01 13:41
No drop, no party!
2016-03-01 13:42
No drop no poor silvers who only watch for drops and spam chat. Good.
2016-03-01 20:25
Are you hyped? Cuz I'm not!!... oh, wait. I AM!! BTW will disband if they won't win a single match in Katowice or Columbus.
2016-03-01 13:57
what 250k+ means ? its 250k or what
2016-03-01 13:58
Ye I wanna know this prize pool system too, amazon is somehow in with this but what does it actually mean? Maybe they let us know when katowice starts or what? Somebody please tell! =)
2016-03-01 14:03
It was meant to be crowd funded "A minimum of $250,000 has been guaranteed for the CS:GO competition alone, but the figure will increase even further as ESL will turn to crowdfunding, Blicharz revealed on Twitter."
2016-03-01 17:00
i think i stay home tomorrow from school
2016-03-01 14:05
Bangladesh Evil_Potato 
2016-03-01 14:08
pansy & machine...................
2016-03-01 14:11
looks awesome to watch tournamentwise but the casters...meh
2016-03-01 14:16
NiP out of groups... Brazilians wins...Any other team noobs.. PS. WHERE IS FIFFLAREN!!!!!!!!!!
2016-03-01 14:20
2016-03-01 14:20
What is allus team? They will go far in this major.
2016-03-01 14:33
Prediction 1. Baguettes 2. Meatballs 3. 3rd world mix 4. Pølse 5. Favelas 6. Friburgers 7. Toilet cleaners 8. Ugly faces
2016-03-01 14:36
Ugly faces are fnatic?
2016-03-02 06:04
2016-03-02 10:19
Lol rain ugly Face? Go kill ur Self Swed
2016-03-02 12:13
Sweden BBW 
fuck yea, groups for 2 whole days aswell i always think groups are way more interesting than the actual finals (The past year or so, because someone will literally choke at finals)
2016-03-01 14:46
Gl to NA scene!
2016-03-01 14:48
Other ToRu 
no thorin and RL HYPE
2016-03-01 15:28
fnatic will finally get beaten at finals
2016-03-01 15:31
I've been waiting for this tournament so long :D Let's take 6th in a row boys!!
2016-03-01 15:36
Will "Chobra" Cho HAHAHAHA MingLee Keepo
2016-03-01 15:55
wheres thorin If may I ask???!?!?!?!?
2016-03-01 16:20
Where's Thorin? :(
2016-03-01 17:05
IKR ! WTF a tournament without thoorin !? The analyst desk will never be good without him :( I love his shit talking
2016-03-01 22:15
no thorin and no richard lewis, thank fuck. i can actually watch without hating on those two massive fucktards.
2016-03-01 17:17
Czech Republic mbS 
No Thorin? FeelsGoodMan
2016-03-01 17:43
ez for TheMongolz
2016-03-01 17:46
where is Gambit and F3?? why TS and mongols in the tournament?
2016-03-01 18:21
wow man you really know whats up dont you
2016-03-01 18:38
Inb4 splyce takes over for Mongolz again
2016-03-01 19:15
Bo1 sucks
2016-03-01 19:21
Fuck sake, wanted to see sadokist cast together with henryg. Rip dream.
2016-03-01 20:21
GOOO FaZe !!
2016-03-01 21:24
lmao 15matches in 1day, this gonna be mad boys
2016-03-01 21:43
VP 5:0 in group. Final vs Fnatic, second map 16:0 for VP. Remember this words :)
2016-03-01 22:03
2016-03-01 22:15
how is that working out exactly? shouldn't there be 4 quarter finals?
2016-03-01 22:22
1st seed of both groups goes straight to semi finals 2nd seed and 3rd seed goes to quarter finals 6 teams total make it to playoffs, 3 out of each group pretty simple
2016-03-01 23:29
Woop Woop Anders is back
2016-03-01 23:34
rip best stickers ever
2016-03-01 23:40
2016-03-02 00:31
NIP vs Faze final, gonna be sooooooooooo gooooood
2016-03-02 02:55
I have never made a bet before. Until I put £2 on The Mongolz to win it, £500 return baby!
2016-03-02 03:53
GoodLuck TheMongolz :D
2016-03-02 07:52
in which tour they contain cs 1.6?
2016-03-02 09:50
Final: Fnatic vs TheMongolz
2016-03-02 11:39
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