Photos from day one at Katowice

We have put together some of the best photos taken throughout the latter half of day one for your viewing pleasure.

We were able to capture over 250 photos during the latter half of the day, which included multiple extremely close matches apart from the three of TheMongolz.

In the end, Luminosity reached first place in the group, leaving fnatic behind in second place, and Natus Vincere in third despite potential three-way ties emerging throughout the day.

Photo taken by Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski

You can find all photos from day one at IEM Katowice in the gallery.

2016-03-03 03:29
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2016-03-03 03:29
2016-03-03 03:30
2016-03-03 03:29
2016-03-03 03:29
2016-03-03 03:29
Was hoping to see Niko crying in a corner because his shoulders were in too much pain
2016-03-03 03:33
Lucas/hen1 is so fabolous!
2016-03-03 03:44
5 replies
boné pra tras, é o henrique!
2016-03-03 04:16
Australia xenonau
7-1 is also fabulous
2016-03-03 05:41
3 replies
2016-03-03 06:56
5 world cups is also fabulous
2016-03-03 09:23
1 reply
Australia xenonau
2016-03-04 12:40
Nigeria riandro25
2016-03-03 03:50
1 reply
Norway sparta92
why u allways lyyyyiiing
2016-03-03 09:45
Russia refrain
seized omfg what a face
2016-03-03 06:12
Luxembourg alex24
seized is like "iFarted" :))
2016-03-03 07:16
1 reply
2016-03-03 10:03
Yugoslavia ToBeHonest
2016-03-03 11:02
you started a shity talk about ESL and now you say you took 250 photos?! "Unfortunately, when we arrived at the venue, we were told that press isn't allowed to enter the venue on the first two days of competition. That means we won't be able to get any footage from the entire group stage, which is reserved for the first two days before the playoffs move on to the Spodek arena's main stage from Friday on."
2016-03-03 11:36
4 replies
Netherlands Nivex
"After ESL have reached out to us to figure out a compromise out of the situation, we were allowed to get into the tournament area to provide you with full coverage, including galleries and videos. We would like to express our gratitude to ESL for reaching out to us to meet us half-way and being able to resolve the mix-up, and letting us in despite not allowing press into the venue at all, initially."
2016-03-03 11:56
3 replies
and from which article this statment is?
2016-03-03 11:58
2 replies
Netherlands Nivex
Oh sorry, they mentioned it here:
2016-03-03 11:59
1 reply
so thats not good place for this statment they should create an article about it;/ But thanks man :)
2016-03-03 12:03
seized wtf
2016-03-03 12:27
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