JW: "We were stressed on Inferno"

Jesper "JW" Wecksell did the traditional winning interview with us, where he touched on fnatic keeping the win streak alive, other teams gunning to dethrone them, Luminosity's improvement and more.

fnatic managed to pick up a sixth tournament victory in a row at IEM Katowice following a 3-0 victory in the grand final against Luminosity, which also included a couple of big comebacks after 3-13 scorelines.

We grabbed Jesper "JW" Wecksell for a video interview about the sixth win, the two comebacks against the Brazilians, Luminosity's improvement overall and more. Hit play below to see what the Swede had to say in the interview worth over six minutes:

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Sweden Jesper 'JW' Wecksell
Jesper 'JW' Wecksell
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Brazil NaScene 
2016-03-06 01:40
REZ | 
Sweden jackir 
fuck does he mean ''we were stressed'' you arent stressed you're just like ''oh, that patch on the floor was a bit slippery with all the blood of the favelas''
2016-03-06 05:04
Sweden wyv0 
stfu ahmed, they were stressed, simple as that.
2016-03-06 12:45
lol u r from swedistan too nt ahmed boomboom
2016-03-06 17:30
Sweden wyv0 
funny enough I am a refugee lol
2016-03-06 17:40
Sweden Raele 
ez fnatic
2016-03-06 01:40
2016-03-06 01:40
Twistzz | 
Russia raintnt 
2016-03-06 01:40
2016-03-06 01:40
Fnatic is in a whole other tier atm , today they showed us that there is a big gap between them and the top2. Luminosity was on fire, and even then, couldn't take a single map from the swedes. I know that it seems "boring" to see them win everything but a few years from now,when these lineup is gone, we are gonna miss them and that's a fact.
2016-03-06 01:40
Wow a smart Brazilian on HLTV thats new, nice job man
2016-03-06 01:43
2016-03-06 02:02
2016-03-06 06:46
2016-03-06 13:37
fakeflagger for sure
2016-03-06 17:00
Agree 100%. Analysts said it was impossible to build a NiP-like dynasty because the competitive field was so much more... well, competitive nowadays, but fnatic has really done it.
2016-03-06 01:43
6-0 isn't 87-0 mate..
2016-03-06 09:14
87-0 was the number of maps won, not the number of tournaments won. Also, it's useless to bring up this 87-0 record nowadays, because the scene has nothing to do with what it was at the time of the golden NiP. It's a nice record, but that's it, it doesn't mean much in the context it took place compared to the current context.
2016-03-06 09:44
6 tournaments in a row nowadays is more impressive than 87-0 in maps. nip had almost 0 competetition because they were the first real time to get into csgo and the first team to start taking it seriously. they had a huge headstart and even with a shitty player like fifflaren they still could manage to win because all other teams/players had been practicing for far less time.
2016-03-06 12:15
no it ain't its easier to lose 6 tournament nowadays if you can lose maps, than winning 87 maps on LAN in row
2016-03-06 12:36
there were no proper good teams when nip did their streak, it was only verygames who would be close to their level and they still couldnt manage to beat them. it's far more impressive to win 6 big lans in a row nowadays than having 87-0 in maps against lower level teams lol. just look at how it was possible to still win 87 maps on LAN with a player like fifflaren
2016-03-06 12:49
You obviously don't know that Fifflaren wasn't the worst player on NiP - it was Xizt, and that by a far margin. Fiffy was Nr. 3 behind f0rest and gtr in 2012, in early 2013 he was nr 4 on NiP; And there WAS competition, the same players that are on fnatic were playing csgo, and they had no chance, I don't get why NiP's win streak isn't that impressive - early dominance is not usual anymore in Esports, and you shouldn't forget that CSGO was a different game when NiP were dominating, a lot more like 1.6, which made f0rest and gtr the gods, while Neo just couldn't handle the higher pace of the source engine. Na'Vi was also around when NiP won everything, one of the monsters of 1.6, and their players are still around today - still no competition? Not to mention that NiP was a new team, I could go on and on...
2016-03-06 17:42
Are you even reading what I'm saying? Yes the players who currently play for fnatic were playing but they JUST started compared to NiP who has been playing with a stable lineup for months at that time. Xizt was IGL, he was allowed to be "worse" but he was still statistically better than fifflaren throughout the entire NiP period. You cant expect olof, krimz, flusha, jw, w/e to be compared to NiP at that time since no one of them earlier had professional experience NO ONE. While the entire NiP squad was formed for the sole purpose of dominating the game and was one of the very first rosters being serious about GO. Like I said, NaVi was around too - yes - with players like starix and markeloff who never got into the game. And they were especially bad very early on. Markeloff is still not considered to be a good awper while he was arguably the best awper ever in 1.6. starix never really hit his 1.6 form either and that NaVi squad at that time was not good. Thats why they tried to create a CIS "super" team (Astana Dragons) but they also failed. Nobody had played and been as serious about CSGO like NiP had been. They played more and had been playing for a lot longer; not to mention that they had ALOT of experience with Source engine compared to alot of other 1.6 teams because fiffy and friberg were able to teach them about nade physics, movement, peekers advantage, etc. There were no real competetion for NiP back then, the only team who ever managed to come close was the VeryGames team. NiP had a very significant headstart, they had the perfect mix of 1.6 and css players (with the exception of fifflaren but he was still able to teach them alot of things from Source engine). Ofcourse nobody was able to stop them until everyone else at some point had been playing enough to reach their level. Nowadays theres alot of teams who are equally "skilled" and equally experienced. EnVy, NaVi, fnatic, astralis, even LG. Back then it was VeryGames and NiP. The rest of them hadn't been playing enough or wasn't taking CSGO as serious. It was alot different compared to today.
2016-03-06 17:58
you are one retarded fucktard of a thirdie
2016-03-06 12:19
Sweden wyv0 
2016-03-06 12:49
The teams werent mature enough back in those days
2016-03-07 00:34
2016-03-06 01:44
Finland f0pZ 
Yes, fnatic is god tier, lg, astralis and navi are tier1, envy vp nip etc tier2
2016-03-06 01:48
NiP ain't even tier3 hahahahahahahaha
2016-03-06 12:36
2016-03-06 16:01
at least ENCE is better than NiP
2016-03-06 16:02
also better than fnatic and Astralis
2016-03-06 16:03
LOL are you high ?
2016-03-06 16:04
ENCE doesn't come close to teams like e-frag and Vexed, so ure the one high af saying that they could beat NiP LOL
2016-03-06 16:06
Neither does NiP But I am sure if ENCE & NiP played game, ENCE would win
2016-03-06 16:58
those noobs lost to random danish mix
2016-03-06 18:03
ever heard of saving tacs for more important tournaments ?
2016-03-06 18:15
nt finland
2016-03-06 18:11
we smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from FINLAND!
2016-03-06 18:24
China Grenadr 
2016-03-06 18:26
nope, there isnt a big gap and its getting smaller and smaller
2016-03-06 02:06
LG struggled on their picks, they would get wrecked on Cobble just like cache, fnatic has a deep map pool in comparison to Luminosity's. Don't get me wrong, i really think Luminosity has a chance to win the next major, but there is only hope on BO3.
2016-03-06 02:12
if cache continue as a fnatics pick
2016-03-06 03:14
LG wasnt on fire today, Fallen and cold had an average series.
2016-03-06 03:40
Well Fallen had to put more work into strategy and calls, Fnatic were beating them whenever they tried something different in their T side.But i agree with you about cold, but i'm glad to see that even when cold and fallen aren't playing their A game, taco and fer can step it up and have their backs.
2016-03-06 03:48
So if you think about it its pretty weird how LG take fnatic to overtime twice when fallen and cold have an average series but fnatic have flusha jw and olof playing their A game. Imagine the outcome if fallen and cold plyed like they usually do and then having TACO playing his best series. Gg, 3-1 for LG?
2016-03-06 12:17
True, Cold lost so many duels on this series that he usually doesn't, his spray was very shaky... well, too bad, Fnatic played out of their minds, two HUGE comebacks, gg wp
2016-03-07 16:58
cArn | 
Vietnam milandini 
+1 totally agree
2016-03-06 05:51
I totally agree that fnatic is on another level comparing to the others but this series shows how potentially LG can beat and make good half's on ct side. For me, it's basically whoever mantain the momentum and shows less emotional things on game wins the map. Sometimes I see LG hesitate on anti-ecos and make the scenario a bit scary. Either LG or fnatic have good T side and i don't think this is the factor that LG "dropped" overpass and inferno. The gap between this two teams is small, and i see 2 or 1 maps that LG couldn't play against fnatic: dust2 and cache. Dust 2 is a map they can potentially win because it's 50x50 and it's more skill based map than tatical but they are afraid after the 16-0 and this could possibly can be a barrier. I will hope to these 2 teams can show 100% of their gameplay, only to see a good counter strike match and hope for LG win a major, specially against fnatic.
2016-03-06 07:45
2016-03-06 09:48
maybe it is boring but for me, watching how fnatic are proving to be the best is admirable
2016-03-06 10:55
so basically tier0? Xd
2016-03-06 18:07
fakeflagger detected
2016-03-06 18:53
what do you mean? there are some brazilians who are well aware that LG isn't the greatest team in the world you know
2016-03-06 18:54
not u, just missclick
2016-03-06 18:55
United States GeT_ReiCh 
nt, we all know LG is becoming NA now. Choking as hard as NA, losing maps like NA, no International titles like NA.
2016-03-07 00:36
Brazil chococaine 
lg lost the bo5 on that overpass
2016-03-06 01:41
2016-03-06 03:52
They lost when they left Train for last, their best map, one of Fnatics weakest maps, that was dumb imo
2016-03-07 17:01
LG is shit!!!
2016-03-06 01:42
If LG is shit so u are what??
2016-03-06 02:23
If LG is shit so u are what??
2016-03-06 14:44
How much?
2016-03-06 09:55
2016-03-06 01:44
Czech Republic k9fEinW0W 
lol haha
2016-03-06 01:45
2016-03-06 01:47
did u punch him after the interview ? lmao
2016-03-06 10:15
Portugal jO7A 
Tbh the only team who can beat fnatic is NiP.
2016-03-06 01:45
I would say the same tbh, it's that think "from the same country".
2016-03-06 01:49
United States lumpy seal 
Just wait for Splyce B-)
2016-03-06 05:59
thanks dude
2016-03-06 01:48
Europe Scottxaxa 
Ezey JW.
2016-03-06 01:48
Sweden lagcats 
JW so humble even tho he knows that they're on a completely own level/tier. But yeah i agree Luminosity is a very good team for sure. No denying in that. Especially Fallen impressed me this tournament.
2016-03-06 01:50
nice interview, JW is top3 awp player with amazing skill, i started at cs with hating him but am like him more and more (gameplay) #nohomo. Great player at great team, am proud of them cuz they represent Europe CS so GJ, but nV will take the major i hope or finally NiP, i wish it for them. GG
2016-03-06 01:55
jw showed he is the best awper around now, such a beast
2016-03-06 10:57
nv is done RIP
2016-03-06 12:49
United States Bohave 
Seeing LG improve as much as they have has been a beautiful thing, They are slowly but surely closing the gap on the god tear Fnatic. The amount of respect JW shows for LG, is amazing. They know that they are on a whole different level from every other team playing the game but they give props when they are due. Im really hoping to see a rematch in the finals for the Major. GGWP
2016-03-06 01:59
ez for fnatic
2016-03-06 02:03
jw best
2016-03-06 02:45
Turkey oguzhan83 
I dont understand why community hates him so much. He is one of the nicest guys among pro players. He is very kind and a very good player. I really like him and his playstyle.
2016-03-06 02:52
This community is full of insecure kids, nip fanboys who can't forget the past and people who accuse fnatic of cheating.
2016-03-06 03:12
Exactly my thoughts.
2016-03-06 03:51
Singapore Nephalith 
Only autists hate him. He's one of the nicer guys in the pro scene, approachable, and always connected to his fans.
2016-03-06 05:02
Love him or hate him, JW has one of the most exciting playstyles in the scene. When He is on fire and I'm watching, I normally am left smiling because of his genius plays.
2016-03-06 08:59
Brazil dUdUb44- 
2016-03-06 03:04
NiKo | 
Poland Jaruzel 
butt hurts so much, huh? ;p
2016-03-06 03:16
2016-03-06 18:41
2016-03-06 03:05
LG played great taking into consideration the fact where they coming from and seeing them achieve what they archived in such a short period of time... gg anyway one step at a time...
2016-03-06 03:06
2016-03-06 03:53
and then flusha toggle and it was k
2016-03-06 03:06
NiKo | 
Poland Jaruzel 
nice interview
2016-03-06 03:16
Canada pokz 
basically what he said was 1- FNC 2-LG 3- nV
2016-03-06 04:12
Really good interview. I have mad respect for JW (I have for a while now), even though I kinda disliked him when I first heard of him. The community needs to wake up and see he's actually a very nice guy and an excellent player. Kudos to Striker, I once criticised your interviews based on your speaking abilities (mainly stuttering I think) but you have massively improved and I'm impressed. Lastly, well done to fnatic for another title, and to LG for getting to where they are now.
2016-03-06 04:32
great interview
2016-03-06 05:30
it's ironic that JW is such a respectful person personality wise but in game he plays against Astralis / nV / LG as if he were smurfing in MM. The guy makes the craziest plays and decisions but he knows how to make it work. Such an exciting player to watch
2016-03-06 05:41
cArn | 
Vietnam milandini 
Great interview. Congratz again JW and fnatic!
2016-03-06 05:52
Yugoslavia ToBeHonest 
JW too stronk!
2016-03-06 06:50
Does anyone think these dudes are cool? Like what number out of ten? I'm not even singling anyone out they are all so cringy, I literally get goosebumps.
2016-03-06 06:52
What? They're so 'cringy' you get goosebumps? Engelando? They're perfectly normal people. I don't except them to be particularly cool seeing as they've spent the majority of their lives playing this game to improve at it in order to win events like these. Just like most other people I meet irl. Might be different if you're an ultra cool and extroverted American black man, I guess.
2016-03-06 09:18
Did you mean: Engeland England Engel Indo If they are everything you want to be in life I encourage you to follow your dreams kid.
2016-03-06 18:31
gg fnatic
2016-03-06 08:57
JW beast on inferno
2016-03-06 09:12
Jw good guy
2016-03-06 09:16
JW | 
Finland Ilucs 
Ez for Jesper.
2016-03-06 09:23
2016-03-06 10:10
stressing when 2-0, lol typcial eznatic
2016-03-06 10:14
Today Fnatic played amazing...Really what could LG do against these guys? They are impossible to take sites against...They are so good on their positioning and rotations. Their entry frags...Its unbelievable how good this team is. props Fnatic. I really hope my NiP boyz can recover :(
2016-03-06 11:00
can someone translate? all i hear is oink oink oink
2016-03-06 11:07
Liechtenstein Hidolf_Atler 
Shut up you frog eating cunt. He even gave props to your shitty Envyus finishing 11-12...
2016-03-06 12:34
I didn't know he gave props to Envyus. I don't understand OINK OINK OINK.
2016-03-06 14:53
Dont worry baguette, he is just a mad swede kid defending his pig idol
2016-03-08 00:39
Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
2016-03-06 11:08
Narken | 
Algeria narken 
gg well played xD
2016-03-06 12:15
jw who? jw fuck you?
2016-03-06 12:16
i do like fnatic, top notch players, however i see more and more cheating resemblance..sooo many 'coincidence' mouselifts? through smoke head aimlocks, etc etc.
2016-03-06 12:39
Great interview. One thing I keep wondering though is if it would be possible for you guys to have a two camera setup instead of just one. It gets a bit frustrating watching one stationary angle all the time. Maybe mix it up with one stationary and one handheld zoomed in close (from the side or something) on the respective faces and then change between the two from time to time to make it more dynamic.
2016-03-06 13:31
all i see is oinke oink
2016-03-06 13:35
ez fnatic :/
2016-03-06 13:39
intelligent and nice guy, i don't see any reason for any kid to say otherwise.
2016-03-06 14:17
2016-03-06 14:31
2016-03-06 15:18
Europe duke` 
you can tell fnatic is stressed out when flusha starts buying actual weapons instead of pistols or ump, lol.
2016-03-06 16:51
*thanks dude*
2016-03-07 20:52
youtube.com/watch?v=1edyTZbsdU8 please watch from 1'40'' which shows flusha was so amazing~~
2016-03-08 09:54
Sweden Daquan 
Both Olof and flusha plays with rawinput lol, stupid kebab
2016-03-10 23:16
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