TaZ: "Slowly grinding back to form"

Our next interview ahead of MLG Columbus is with Virtus.pro's Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas, who discusses his team's expectations for the Major after some mixed results. 

Virtus.pro travel to Columbus hoping to turn around a poor run of form that saw them break into the top four at just one of the three events they have attended since the start of the year.

At the North American major, they will be in the same group as G2, Natus Vincere and Cloud9, with their first match pitting them against the French side.

Read on to find out what Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas thinks about the Virtus.pro's current state, the team's preparation for the Major and their expectations for the $1 million tournament.

How have you prepared for MLG Columbus? Was there a bootcamp prior to the major or have you only been practising online? Is there anything you focused on specifically?

After the Counter Pit League Finals we began a bootcamp. We will be bootcamping for a staggering 4 days and then fly to the United States. We are slowly grinding back to form, we just need to keep fixing the small things.

Recently teams have stopped bootcamping prior to big events or only do it for short periods of time, mostly for less than a week, why do you think that is? Is it as important nowadays as it used to be? What are the pros and cons for your team?

Nowadays, players are getting bored of the game very fast, they are very confident and do not see a reason to put extra effort and bootcamp. You fix your mistakes faster during a bootcamp, players cannot run away from their responsibilities and so they focus only on playing. But obviously, it cannot be a long bootcamp or you will just get tired of the game or of each other.

TaZ believes Virtus.pro can make top four in Columbus

There are many tournaments going on nowadays, usually at least two significant ones per month, does that make it hard for teams to be able to adapt and improve their gameplay significantly? Could it be part of the reason why CS:GO has become more based on individual plays rather than tactics?

I do think it is actually easier for teams to adapt and improve their gameplay. You have more information about other teams, and more "test" games from which you can learn things. I do not know if CS has become more individual based, it rather feels like communication and natural teamwork are taking over. Mid-round calls are the big thing nowadays, I guess. 

Do you feel comfortable with the group that has been assigned to you? Can you go through each of the possible match-ups (Na`Vi, G2, Cloud9) and tell us how you should fare in them?

It definitely is a very interesting group. We like to play each of these teams, even though they are all strong. Na`Vi seems to be on fire lately, and they beat us in Croatia, but the game was very close. It should be a fairly close matchup, if we get to play them. G2 have looked good since the start of the year, even when they lose it is always a close game. Still, if we continue to improve we should be able to beat them. Cloud9 just won the iBUYPOWER Invitational, showing big improvements in their play. They can be the dark horse and should not be underestimated. The group will be stacked, and it feels like we are the underdogs. Do we have any believers? 

Could there be a better system of seeding other than based on the last major and the qualifier? Current format practically ignores all competitions taking place in between the majors, which is five months' worth of events in this case…

I do not think that there is anything wrong with the seedings used at the Major. You get a seeding based on your results from the most important event there is. It could be different, but it is not bad at all.

What expectations and goals have you set for yourselves at this event? What placing would you be satisfied with and what would be unacceptable?

Number One.

With how different teams have stepped up lately (LG and Na`Vi especially) and others are stagnating or even dropping off, who do you have as favourites to make the top four? And, on the other hand, is there an underdog who could surpass fans' expectations?

Fnatic, NiP, Virtus.pro and Astralis.

Can anyone stop this seemingly unbeatable fnatic lineup (barring group stage losses), which has won the last six tournaments they attended? If so, who? How do you see your own chances against what has become one of the greatest teams of all-time should you meet them?

We can stop them.

There will be four American teams in attendance (SPLYCE, CLG, Liquid and Cloud9), more than ever, is this the time to shine for North America? Which of them have the biggest chance to advance to playoffs and possibly upset one of the big names?

Liquid are in the best position to advance. If we continue to underperform, Could9 also have a shot.

Will Virtus have reasons to celebrate in Columbus? 

Valve implemented the new timers shortly after the previous major - now that we have seen almost three months of competition with them, how do you think they affect each of the sides and the overall balance? Do you believe Valve achieved what they wanted to with the change?

I like the changes, you have more time to make a move. I do not know what Valve wants to achieve with its moves, no one really understands the updates. Still, it is fun to have see them work on the game continuously and try to make our community bigger.

After a long break from competition your showing online and at DreamHack Open Leipzig was poor. Considering those results, how satisfied were you with your performance at Katowice afterwards?

Our performance in Katowice was shameful... It is not about losing but about the manner in which you play, and we showed nothing to be excited about besides a game against FaZe. It is funny how people write that we were unlucky to face fnatic, but honestly I do not see a difference. For us, it is a matter of preparation, if we feel good about our game we can beat anyone.

What were you looking to achieve at CounterPit League Season 2 Finals? Did the event help fix the problems you have been dealing with lately?

We obviously went there to win. The event showed us that we are moving forward with our game, which looked better. Nonetheless, losing to Na`Vi was a disappointment.

Where does the run of bad form stem from? How much has your confidence dropped off in the past two months?

We are testing different things. Sometimes, you need to take a few steps back in order to move forward. I have confidence in my boys, we have all the talent we need.

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Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas
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United States Jonathan 'EliGE' Jablonowski
Jonathan 'EliGE' Jablonowski
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Maps played:
Norway Joakim 'jkaem' Myrbostad
Joakim 'jkaem' Myrbostad
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Robin 'flusha' Rönnquist
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Maps played:
Poland gfr 
2016-03-26 00:55
"Could9" typo or meme?
2016-03-26 01:01
nt 7-1
2016-03-26 02:14
Xyp9x | 
Other GunnerL 
+1 EleGiggle
2016-03-26 02:21
Finland Smoonah 
could9 ripo
2016-03-26 06:29
2016-03-26 01:21
2016-03-26 13:13
United States jn1ss 
2016-03-26 00:55
Bulgaria Kreasiner 
2016-03-26 00:55
GO Taz :> E: I forgot the D.
2016-03-26 00:56
2016-03-26 00:55
2016-03-26 00:55
rain | 
Colombia nezzy_s 
2016-03-26 00:55
axoN | 
Portugal rageNator 
2016-03-26 00:55
Virtus' lack of form gives me doubt that they will be able to accomplish anything significant.
2016-03-26 00:56
Australia Ohnorepo 
Lately it's just Pasha and Byali's lack of form. Neo is still going strong after a solid 2015, Snax is rapidly coming back into form, and I'm not sure if it's Byali and Pasha poor results that make Taz look amazing, but he has steadily improved too. If Pasha and Byali can at least played alright, they should make Quarters.
2016-03-26 01:21
I'm sure that TaZ, who has been playing tremendously in the past few months, will have a huge impact as to whether or not Virtus Pro can progress. As you mentioned, Pasha and Byali really need to step it up if VP want to qualify. I agree with you wholeheartedly.
2016-03-26 01:28
Australia Ohnorepo 
Hopefully this abnormally long bootcamp helps Pasha with his movement and placement, and Byali with his aim.
2016-03-26 01:29
I hope so too :D
2016-03-26 01:29
Pasha had some good matches in Katowice but yeah he is struggling. Byali only had 1 really good match and that was against EnVy! And a solid performance in Croatia buy they need to step up now!
2016-03-26 01:41
They're just changing a few thinks . It's not about their personal form,it's about they dont want to be 2nd or 3rd. They want to be like G5.
2016-03-26 14:36
Well said my kangaroo friend :] so.... GO BYALI GO PASHA!
2016-03-26 16:55
2016-03-26 00:55
2016-03-26 00:55
China o_O 
doesnt seem so really
2016-03-26 00:55
s1mple | 
Lithuania vodin 
2016-03-26 00:55
Need more than that
2016-03-26 00:55
Switzerland pazzo0 
2016-03-26 00:55
2016-03-26 00:55
top kek
2016-03-26 00:55
Sweden godname 
hahahah ye sure
2016-03-26 00:55
nice gl
2016-03-26 00:55
Sf | 
Turkmenistan Autista 
"Can anyone stop this seemingly unbeatable fnatic lineup (barring group stage losses), which has won the last six tournaments they attended? If so, who? How do you see your own chances against what has become one of the greatest teams of all-time should you meet them?" We can stop them. haha
2016-03-26 00:57
nex | 
Germany TiwaZ 
I actually find this very confident, lets hope we get to see some great matches. I dont really mind who wins, except the fkn favelas.
2016-03-26 01:04
Sf | 
Turkmenistan Autista 
there is confidence and there is reality I prefer the latter
2016-03-26 01:14
NiKo | 
Poland RedN1ne 
They were actually first team last year to beat Fnatic on a big tournament in Dubai. They match up pretty well against them, if Virtus improve it would be a fun match to watch
2016-03-26 01:24
Sf | 
Turkmenistan Autista 
vp atm are pure trash, they would get manhandled by fnatic
2016-03-26 01:26
I hope that they really back to thier best form.
2016-03-26 01:30
Sf | 
Turkmenistan Autista 
I highly doubt it but they are entertaining to watch. group d matchups are great
2016-03-26 01:31
I think they will come up with something. Hope they reach the playoffs.
2016-03-26 10:02
United States MAY0 
vp always play well at majors whether they are in a slump or not...same with nip
2016-03-26 01:46
Sf | 
Turkmenistan Autista 
lol universal soldiers at dhw2013 out in groups katowice 2014 - winning scrims left and right, playing like gods and winning it all in the end cologne 2014 - won gfinity just before cologne2014 and get "upset" in the quarterfinal dhw2014 - played all right, got upset by nip in semis katowice 2015 - more than a month off prior to the event, semis again looked strong cologne 2015 - won their last lan before the major and looked strong in semis against fnatic cluj 2015 - ass
2016-03-26 01:56
In cologne they lost because they havent got luck. 13;7 on inferno and jw made 3 kills with mag...
2016-03-26 11:25
United States kingeasy 
making semi's and quarter's every major except 1 not playing well?
2016-03-27 05:55
Bangladesh smallzoid 
ur brother burger seems to be fussy
2016-03-27 18:36
it's not simply "confidence", it is more of a competitor's mindset. freak addressed this in his interview too.
2016-03-26 01:43
bye bye mouz
2016-03-26 01:55
nex | 
Germany TiwaZ 
I said it doesnt matter to me who wins if it arent the ungrateful favelas. I am of course hyping for mouz, but we all know that the chance is really small.
2016-03-26 02:44
"ungrateful favelas" lel, what does that even mean??? Random words from random kid.
2016-03-26 02:49
nex | 
Germany TiwaZ 
Instead of talking shit about every other team, why not simply enjoy, in a decent way, the success of your teams? No, you have to bragg about some cheating moves by your teams, spam whole of HLTV and behave like "even-below-hltv-standards"-retards.
2016-03-26 02:58
hahahahhahahahahhahaah, I got dumber just by reading your words, thank god I have some IQ points to spare, nazi.
2016-03-26 03:05
nex | 
Germany TiwaZ 
Yeah, I dont think you should waste your last 2 IQ points you dumb fuck. Seriously, this is exactly what I mean. Whatever, you fucking animals are too braindead. Hope you get killed today.
2016-03-26 03:30
Yeah, let the nazi in you come to surface!
2016-03-26 03:48
Your bad racist comments made me really cringe, even pyro would make a video about it
2016-03-26 13:36
a wild favela doing his natural things: being a retard xenophobe go back to the jungle
2016-03-26 05:34
Hey hi mr.racist! Or should I say, US's bitch? :)
2016-03-26 06:13
>Calling someone racist >Calling a Canadian US's bitch Great logic bro
2016-03-26 10:06
Why do you argue with monkey? Give them a banana and they will be ok. Btw, 7:1 :---)
2016-03-26 10:20
how is that racist hans?
2016-03-26 13:02
Cuz german logic O_o
2016-03-27 04:41
you got the point man. favelas are the type of dudes that insult the living fuck out of the enemy team if Tempo/LG beat them. they just cant enjoy the game without being retarded af. but when their team lose they give all the explanations that why they lost.
2016-03-26 10:29
Latvia Dhu 
it cinda reminded me getright where he was once asked in 2015 about beating fnatic at some particular match @ lan.. he said it will be ez and they will win with ultra1000% confidence. They lost after what the slump period begun.
2016-03-26 20:32
If they find form they can. They stopped them in dubai, extremely close in cologne. When fnatic is on full form it seems like VP, TSM, and nV have been the only team capable of stopping them in a bo3 in the last year.
2016-03-26 02:43
nex | 
Germany TiwaZ 
Thats right. These teams need to beat performing very well. Maybe Navi might be able to beat them too, since they arent performing too bad this year. Lets see what happens.
2016-03-26 11:34
Ofc no way for VP to win this major Thay want more plebs to bet on them and lose more skins NO MORE VP NO MORE
2016-03-26 00:57
2016-03-26 00:57
HAHAHAHAH "Number One." OK hahaha
2016-03-26 00:59
gl taz and rest of virtus.pro really hope to see you back ! :) gl
2016-03-26 01:00
Can I get some 4Head's in the chat ?
2016-03-26 01:02
2016-03-26 01:03
I love TaZ but I'm afraid, given VP's current form, they will probably end up last place in their groups. G2 are playing pretty good recently, I think they will beat VP. And Na'Vi should beat C9 without excessive difficulty. Although C9 have been playing well in their last few games. Hence why I think they will also beat VP if it comes to it. He's right when he says it feels like they are the underdogs.
2016-03-26 01:05
Actually, they should never be underestimated. They were in quite similar situation when they won Katowice. Verygames have been on a roll back then and Vp just smashed them 15-0 on t-side on mirage. I know that it was a long time ago, but nowadays the top scene is really tight and I think that every top 6-8th team could potentially win this if they're on a good day. The only team that is a lil bit ahead of everyone is obviously fnatic, but that's gotta stop someday :)
2016-03-26 01:22
United States Doctor1597 
I think theyll break through the group but yeah it isnt as easy to say NaVi VP, as a VP fan I feel sorta scared for them but my boys got this :>
2016-03-26 01:52
VP deceive all
2016-03-26 01:06
Germany v1nz 
TaZ believes Virtus.pro can make top four in Columbus pff what a joke
2016-03-26 01:10
they can if they wont meet fnatic earlier
2016-03-26 01:11
Poland trancemeister 
- pasha + michu / rallen but... C'mon VP!
2016-03-26 01:11
no pasha is better than both even right now ;)
2016-03-26 01:13
Australia Ohnorepo 
23 kills over two close maps against Na'vi proves your statement is utter trash lol. Currently both are better than Pasha's recent outings.
2016-03-26 01:24
meh look at that devil guy he's probably not much better or worse than Michu and he's done fuck all
2016-03-26 01:34
Poland trancemeister 
2016-03-26 01:37
2016-03-26 01:38
Michu 0 teamplay, rallen online god but shit at lans
2016-03-26 01:47
2016-03-26 11:28
did u watch previous matches? In MLG Qualifier he had one good map... I really like him, his awp is insense but offline he often suck. In online matches he's much better.
2016-03-26 13:25
nice oddsway taz
2016-03-26 01:13
Brazil subconsious 
2016-03-26 01:15
Canada Ayton 
2016-03-26 01:20
f0rest | 
Brazil JNg 
2016-03-26 01:21
more like "Slowly sliding into our graves."
2016-03-26 01:22
Im not thier fanboy but im polish, i cant no hates them. #GOGOVP
2016-03-26 01:28
United States MAY0 
agreed vp are just a likeable team whether you are their fan or not
2016-03-26 01:48
2016-03-26 01:31
TaZ believes Virtus.pro can make top four in Columbus 4head
2016-03-26 01:32
two interviews one day, nice
2016-03-26 01:35
2016-03-26 01:40
LOL +69
2016-03-26 05:36
AdreN | 
Russia cripdogg 
Cant wait for Gambit interview
2016-03-26 01:51
gl VP, u will need it we all know you can play better ;)
2016-03-26 01:55
all i see is kappa kappa no matter what
2016-03-26 01:56
if it turns out toiletcleaners were trolling the whole time and win MLG, im gonna //wrists
2016-03-26 02:09
World Vidua 
$1m > 3 x $250k
2016-03-26 09:47
With the clown in vp they wont achieve anything
2016-03-26 02:10
2016-03-26 02:51
I have a bad feelings. I think they will get rekt on major even tho I'm a pole :(
2016-03-26 03:02
Brazil FaZe_Top_One 
2016-03-26 03:32
So much bullshit is going through his head, but fair enough, he gotta believe. They will drop in group stage, max quarters if they are on their day. Quarters should be more than okay for them, considering they are slumping so hard... maintaining their place for the next major in summer must be their priority.
2016-03-26 05:49
only snax keep you guys alive against t1 teams otherwise you are like t3 now. leave that fucking spot for youngsters and find another spot except being a player. you, pasha and neo. byali just should play more
2016-03-26 06:13
World Vidua 
In 2016 so far it's been Neo or Taz saving them. Snax had two good but not perfect games during whole year.
2016-03-26 12:34
neo? neo? NEO? i kek'd
2016-03-26 13:56
dont shit ur pants poorlak
2016-03-26 16:08
k dad ;'(
2016-03-26 16:13
omg VP.... kurwas dont play in Russian organization plz.... U r so bad right now. Dumb steroid pasha. 2 old mans. Only snax can do things.
2016-03-26 06:36
what about slim man byali? what is he
2016-03-26 07:43
he is just bad and ugly.
2016-03-27 20:03
I don't know what could possibly be the reason behind their incredible inconsistency, which goes a long way back. It seems that they never really had strong leadership and the team itself lacks cohesion. Besides, the term 'back to form' doesn't seem to apply to VP. Most of their results have always been upsets, whether they lost while having a good streak or won when facing unpredictable losses on the way.
2016-03-26 07:42
You have no idea what you are talking about at all.
2016-03-26 07:42
Would you mind to prove me wrong then?
2016-03-26 07:57
Look how they play nowadays and how they played year ago. They were in top 4 and could beat everyone.
2016-03-26 09:38
I'm not saying they're not capable of being a top team. The core players always had what it takes to be among the best, it's just their inconsistency that makes me wonder what could possibly be wrong. It's always been the case, with LUq, loord, kuben, motyw and all the rest. My rough guess would be Taz and his personality (based on Loord and Luq's testimonies).
2016-03-26 09:42
Yup, Taz before CS:GO, was known as the most toxic pro player :)
2016-03-26 09:47
NiKo | 
Poland RedN1ne 
based on POV in CSGO Pasha is by far the most toxic player in VP, Taz changed since 1.6
2016-03-26 16:23
Never bet on Virtus.Noob
2016-03-26 07:44
Virtus.Pro has never and will never cut anyone. TaZ and Neo have never cut anyone from their team, ever. It just won't happen. Virtus Pro can be good if they want to. They are the oldest pro team in the world and they are unable to dedicate their time to CS all the time like the youngsters do. Sure, CS is their job and they dedicate 5-8 hours daily I hope, but youngsters are playing this game 12-15 hours a day. That is the disconnect. With bootcamps before tournaments, VP has always showed up and dismantled the opponents. Their aim and reflexes aren't bad, but they have always had the best teamwork and leadership. They are known as the best Terrorist side team in the history of CS. They will be back to form, or they will quit CS, there is no such thing as roster adjustments even if the Polish scene has gotten stronger.
2016-03-26 07:46
They have cutted LUq and Loord. "Virtus Pro can be good if they want to" is a silly statement, why wouldn't they want to be good and win everything? Leadership? One of the most significant wins in their 1.6 careers, WCG 2009, when they were down 15-11 on nuke they stopped calling strats, yet managed to equalize and win after several OTs. Ex-G5 had the best T-side on train only, but Na'Vi wasn't so far behind.
2016-03-26 08:02
Officialy LUq got kicked, loord and kuben left.
2016-03-26 09:42
Loord left because he was blamed for his poor performances. We can assume that if he didn't - he'd get cut. Ironically, at the beginning of their switch to CS:GO Loord was the quickest to adapt to new meta and played extraordinary well compared to the rest. Edit: Kuben left because of Loord.
2016-03-26 09:46
Virtus Pro can be good if they want to xD. new meme ?
2016-03-26 11:04
New up and coming teams do spend a lot of time in order to become better, but I don't think old teams do that. Fnatic don't and they're still top 1. Flusha said in his interview that they are practicing online for about 5-6 hours 5 days a week and never have bootcamped with this lineup or with pronax. They just work shorter and smarter in order to have a better work/life balance.
2016-03-26 13:17
you make it sound like they are old with 60 years, but the oldest of them is not even 30 years, at that age are still at the peak.
2016-03-28 18:45
Hahahahaha top4 kek.... Dun cry too much after VP is out in group stage
2016-03-26 08:05
Sure Taz, VP will have a chance m.imgur.com/gallery/AbeOik6
2016-03-26 08:27
f0rest | 
Germany Gloin 
Taz: "Slowly grinding back to form" Would have been cooler if the aticle said "he just said that on stream /discuss"
2016-03-26 08:49
Taz: "Building a time machine to take us back to when we were relevant"
2016-03-26 09:40
Too slow.
2016-03-26 09:20
Poland fR3EZi 
TBH evrything what we can say is 4HEAD :D
2016-03-26 09:39
vp in top 4 hahaha xD
2016-03-26 09:55
Sweden Donger89 
ayy lmao
2016-03-26 10:20
vp just hiding strats my friend
2016-03-26 10:32
Why nobody spam 4Head ? :(
2016-03-26 11:02
2016-03-26 11:03
Im not a fan of VP but I really like Taz, so...come get some, guys :)
2016-03-26 11:09
Could9 4Head
2016-03-26 11:21
rain | 
Saudi Arabia notsure 
nice joke taz, nice :)
2016-03-26 11:23
2016-03-26 11:41
"We can stop them." Sure you can :) 4head
2016-03-26 11:43
Russia r4jkkYNWA 
TaZ: "Slowly grinding back to form.Kappa"*
2016-03-26 12:16
virtuspro are like NA scene, retarded and is funny to watch
2016-03-26 12:22
Europe Jas_8 
16-0---------16-0---------------------------------16-016-016-0 16-0-------16-0----------------------------------16-0---------16-0 16-0-----16-0-----------------------------------16-0-----------16-0 16-0-----16-0-16-0-------16-016-0-------16-0-------------16-0 16-0----16-0---16-0------16-016-0-------16-0-------------16-0 16-0----16-0----16-0-------------------------16-0------------16-0 16-0----16-0---16-0----------------------------16-0---------16-0 16-0-----16-0-16-0------------------------------16-016-016-0
2016-03-26 12:36
2016-03-26 12:56
2016-03-26 13:10
Sweden LspN 
2016-03-26 13:24
Fnatic, NiP, Virtus.pro and Astralis. hahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha NO NA'VI and LG hahahahahhahahahahaahahhahaha
2016-03-26 13:26
If VP fail in Major, theme do changes in team
2016-03-26 13:39
Poland DominnX26 
Good luck boys
2016-03-26 13:41
2016-03-26 14:28
group d the hardest group of all
2016-03-26 14:48
Love Virtus.Pro!
2016-03-26 16:16
VP are done 2 win in the last 22 games no coming back now.
2016-03-26 17:01
Taz eliminates Navi out of possible top4 but puts VP in there. Daaamn son, your ass will be rekt so fucking hard.
2016-03-26 17:21
World Vidua 
VP loses against Na'Vi very, very rarely. In fact, in 2015 VP lost against Na'Vi on LAN only thrice: 1. Gaming Paradise, in BO1 18:22. 2. PGL Season 1, but coming from loser brackets VP destroyed Na'Vi in that same tournament in BO3. 3. DH Valencia - the same tournament VP lost 0:16 to current FaZe. They lost against Na'Vi in BO1. So in 2015 on LAN Na'Vi only won with VP in BO1. Every BO3 they have played VP won. VP and Na'Vi also played 2 BO5 in 2015 which both VP won as well.
2016-03-26 20:08
All this wins happened so fucking long time ago, and we all see how not good vp are at this moment. +Navi won last bo3 they played.
2016-03-27 20:15
World Vidua 
Sure, VP needs to step up to win with Na'Vi but if they step up Na'Vi won't be a problem. Fnatic on the other is a problem no matter what level VP is playing on, so there is a huge difference.
2016-03-28 18:10
nice joke taz, funny guy, even if u are getting better ( which i doubt) there IS NO WAY they can put up a fight against current fnatic and LG,keep dreaming
2016-03-26 19:21
will power
2016-03-26 20:36
Always entertaining to hear what taz has to say about competition, the game, his own team. Hoping to see VP in the round of 8 at least, with NaVi.
2016-03-26 22:01
TaZ pls, rek these noobs There will be four American teams... Liquid are in the best position to advance. If we continue to underperform, Could9 also have a shot.
2016-03-27 19:39
Stop making virtus such a big stars. They're just decent, without a hero which would keep them to wins. Sometimes it's better, and sometimes it's worster, but they don't deserve to being stars.
2016-03-28 13:04
They are stars because everybody knows they are capable of beating anyone, but they are in a big slump now
2016-03-29 06:17
They're in slump since whole 2015.. :D
2016-03-29 12:29
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