CPH Games groups determined

After the last match of the Copenhagen Games qualifier was over, the organizers released groups for the main tournament featuring €30,000.

A total of 60 teams participated in the Copenhagen Games qualifier, which handed out eight spots for the main tournament, with the other eight having been invited beforehand.

The teams were first split into 15 groups, played in a GSL-style best-of-one format. Unsurprisingly favourites of the entire qualifier, including Preparation, Space Soldiers, Plantronics, Alpha and more advanced to the best-of-three bracket stage.

XANTARES' Space Soldiers set on a collision course with HellRaisers

In the end, all aforementioned teams made it to the last-eight, which earned them a spot in the main tournament. However, teams such as BX3 and Playing Ducks didn't make it.

The Copenhagen Games group draw looks as follows:

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Denmark Dignitas Bulgaria E-frag.net Denmark SK Slovakia HellRaisers
Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX Denmark CPH Wolves Finland ENCE Finland RCTIC
Denmark Preparation Denmark Alpha Sweden Publiclir.se Sweden Iwku
Denmark Fragsters Sweden Epsilon Sweden Plantronics Turkey Space Soldiers

* hover over team names for lineups

The main tournament starts tomorrow with the GSL group stage, as well as quarter-finals, while Saturday will see semi-finals and the grand final played out. Refer to our viewer's guide for a more specific schedule of the tournament and anything else you might need to know about the event.

easy for god allu
2016-03-25 00:49
9 replies
ez for ENCE
2016-03-25 00:50
6 replies
ez for xantares
2016-03-25 00:57
1 reply
Could be, they have the easiest group, not close.
2016-03-25 08:40
Group B is the group of the death but i think E-frag will 100% get out, and epsilion will get out, but AG and CPH both got a really good chance.
2016-03-25 00:58
3 replies
Norway Torsken_
CPH beat G2 just a week ago in a BO3, I think they will get out of the group with E-Frag. (Btw, they beat G2 in the Malmö qual.) EDIT: Spelling
2016-03-25 01:09
2 replies
Norway humaNN
inb4 smF choke and 0-16
2016-03-25 01:25
1 reply
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2016-03-25 08:22
ez 4 RCTIC
2016-03-25 03:05
1 reply
Good groups
2016-03-25 00:50
2016-03-25 00:49
tabseN | 
Poland Saqe
2016-03-25 00:49
2016-03-25 00:49
2016-03-25 00:49
Turkey SG^^
nice BTW Group B = Group of Death
2016-03-25 00:52
2 replies
2016-03-25 01:38
more like group D
2016-03-25 04:51
2016-03-25 00:49
2016-03-25 00:49
2016-03-25 00:49
2016-03-25 00:49
2016-03-25 00:49
i tried
2016-03-25 00:49
2016-03-25 00:50
RIP Norway!
2016-03-25 00:49
vactares at lan 4Head
2016-03-25 00:50
Epsilon to win
2016-03-25 00:50
1 reply
ez 4 dignitas
2016-03-25 00:50
Why the fuck you notifying me of this if no Penta gtfo
2016-03-25 00:50
ez for publiclir.se
2016-03-25 00:50
Go Epsilon
2016-03-25 00:51
two teams advance?
2016-03-25 00:52
Turkey naberpanpa
Siqer gecer XANT.
2016-03-25 00:52
ez for lantares the lan god.
2016-03-25 00:52
ence out in groups, no kappa
2016-03-25 00:53
rip rctic
2016-03-25 00:53
Group B could be interesting
2016-03-25 00:56
2016-03-25 00:59
nukkye | 
United States yvr
all these teams/players i know; only one im first hearing of is fragsters
2016-03-25 01:01
ENCE out in groups kek
2016-03-25 01:03
Group A is strong.
2016-03-25 01:03
2016-03-25 01:04
gonna be a battle between cheaters aka kebabs vs dignitas vs germans
2016-03-25 01:06
Portugal maguire
ez for Epsilon
2016-03-25 01:08
ez moni for dignishits
2016-03-25 01:11
Epsilon >
2016-03-25 01:24
1 reply
Disco, REZ, draken, freddieb, and *coughs* moken. 4 insanely amazing players and then... moken. EZ FOR EPSILON
2016-03-25 02:07
E-frag.net VS. dignitas FINAL !!!
2016-03-25 01:46
oh yeah, I so wanted to see HR vs turks
2016-03-25 02:02
ez 4 disco
2016-03-25 02:06
2 from each group right? So i'm going to think with my heart and not my brain this time. A: Dignitas & Preperation B: Epsilon & CPH Wolves C: SK & ENCE D: HR & RCTIC
2016-03-25 02:15
2016-03-25 02:31
2016-03-25 02:32
So these teams played qualifiers today and they have to be in cph in 7 hours? Was the qualifier offline or wtf??
2016-03-25 02:32
1 reply
I'm guessing your new, byoc means "bring your own computer". The qualifier was played at the venue.
2016-03-25 02:41
gl ence
2016-03-25 02:37
dig, prepartion epsilon, cph wolves sk, plantronics hr, spacesoldiers
2016-03-25 02:38
1 reply
yeah i also feel like alternate isn't going to make it
2016-03-25 02:45
Rip Norwegian cs
2016-03-25 02:38
2016-03-25 02:50
United States ferdog
Nice to see T2 tournaments sometimes. Brings me back to what the earlier days of CS:GO were like. Are they letting dreamer play at this lan? GL to the teams.
2016-03-25 03:14
Really embarrasing for norwegian cs, sorry to say. Two of norways best teams can't even QUALIFY for a t2 tournament. A once great cs nation is going down the drain, with only rain,jkaem and rubino keeping us alive atm.
2016-03-25 03:19
allu destroys
2016-03-25 03:28
xantares on lan ? i going to cry
2016-03-25 03:46
Haha finnito teams out before playoffs Wp ence by keeping shitters in lineup. Should have Done what lead csgo analyst karhu88 from pinnacle sports have told to do, but idiot finnitos just keep laughing at him in twitter. Maybe ence wants to fail for some reason. Maybe owners realized that esports is not yet viable business compared to other alternatives.
2016-03-25 03:48
Where is Ancient?
2016-03-25 03:52
2016-03-25 07:13
lueg | 
Czech Republic Lueg
sk vs hr finals sk wins 3-2 if bo5 and if bo3 hr win 2-1
2016-03-25 07:13
respectable prizes, i do not understand why Tempo Storm not participate in this championship, they lost a great opportunity
2016-03-25 07:44
nice group for ss
2016-03-25 09:07
Ez for Lantares
2016-03-25 09:26
Estonia N0iSy
Group A: Dignitas and Preparation Group B: CPH Wolves and E-Frag Group C: Publiclir and Ence Group D: Hellraisers and Space Soldiers Ez for Estonians :D
2016-03-25 11:00
Group B strong
2016-03-25 13:29
Polish stream CPH Games Epsilon vs Efrag
2016-03-25 14:36
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