FalleN: "coldzera was calling in OT"

After Luminosity defeated Natus Vincere 2-0 to win the MLG Columbus Major, HLTV.org sat down with team leader and team elder Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo to talk about the tournament and about the team.

Luminosity made history by becoming the first non-European team to win a Major, doing so at their first Major finals and at the first $1 million Major. The team defeated Natus Vincere 2-0 in a thrilling grand final that saw far more than a million viewers tune in.

With this Major win also being Gabriel "⁠FalleN⁠" Toledo's first international trophy in CS:GO, we sat down with the Brazilian team's leader to talk about a wide variety of topics.

You will be able to find all of our past interviews from the Major, as well as highlight videos, at our YouTube channel which can be found here.

stich writes for HLTV.org and can be found on Twitter

Brazil Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
lmao clicked post without typing anything ripp
2016-04-04 00:53
2016-04-04 21:57
2016-04-04 00:53
2016-04-04 00:53
2016-04-04 00:53
Na'vi shit themselves or would be eZ CIS major
2016-04-04 00:54
this was their best chance for a major and they picked overpass vs LG...
2016-04-04 03:11
True.. Pretty bad decision
2016-04-04 11:06
Fuck me even Cobblestone would've been a better pick... That's the same thing G2 did when they picked Train vs VP and got plowed.
2016-04-04 13:44
What can't he do?
2016-04-04 00:53
2016-04-04 00:53
2016-04-04 00:53
noone cares
2016-04-04 00:53
United States Mercedit
n1 mate
2016-04-04 15:26
2016-04-04 00:53
cant spit MLG without LG
2016-04-04 00:53
2016-04-04 01:07
2016-04-04 01:18
You can call rapping spitzing but nobody is gonna call spelling or saying spitting
2016-04-04 01:21
what you mean nobody? i got it from talking to north american or even european friends
2016-04-04 05:25
fake youve got no friends
2016-04-05 16:23
Admin kick the favelas
2016-04-04 09:03
2016-04-04 12:13
2016-04-04 13:46
rip edited
2016-04-04 00:54
cold best caller
2016-04-04 00:53
Argentina gbdz
ez lg
2016-04-04 00:53
2016-04-04 00:53
2016-04-04 00:54
2016-04-04 00:53
are there actually na cs fans who don't pull for lg?
2016-04-04 15:38
Yes, only because favelas are annoying
2016-04-04 18:21
Insane player he is.
2016-04-04 00:53
2016-04-04 00:53
Proud of him!
2016-04-04 00:53
yo yo nice! na is better
2016-04-04 00:54
shox | 
Europe NineX
2016-04-04 01:01
2016-04-04 00:54
said the turkish, kek'd.
2016-04-04 01:07
Yeah especially with no calling experience in the most need intense rounds of the game. if they lose that round or map they lose the finals... makes some wonderful circumstances to start calling when your team doesnt know you cheat... gyazo.com/acaf4a9f5d303b6f0c052f26491cab..
2016-04-04 23:05
Not much "locking" happening with that aim... imgur.com/a98FPDe
2016-04-05 03:05
Brazil yxkz
2016-04-04 00:54
2016-04-04 01:07
2016-04-04 08:49
2016-04-04 14:00
2016-04-04 00:54
God FalleN!
2016-04-04 00:54
United States ferdog
TLDW: cold is GOD
2016-04-04 00:54
Chile Cristoff
2016-04-04 00:54
2016-04-04 00:54
nice shirt
2016-04-04 00:54
godzera best igl
2016-04-04 00:55
youtube.com/watch?v=kEJv6ZYLOPA we know why now he was call
2016-04-04 00:55
not niko
2016-04-04 00:58
wow he called he missed jump window, connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector connector
2016-04-04 00:57
nt fnatic fan gay
2016-04-04 02:00
ps4 is basically a car in ur country
2016-04-04 02:00
no, ps4 is a motorcycle. but a macbook is almost a car. sucks.
2016-04-04 02:11
and i sit here w 980ti, a truck for you :)
2016-04-04 02:12
im glad with my gtx 970, No need to get a 980ti for CS. I do have a i7 6700k, 16GB DDR4 and a Samsung 950 PRO V-nand. XD
2016-04-04 02:14
4 core pleb, elegiggle good m.2. i have two 512gb
2016-04-04 02:15
Skylake baby XD this m.2 is fantastic. gotta use windows 10 tho cuz of drivers. what res do u play? 16:9 or 4:3 ? 144hz here btw. benq xl2430t. Akracing chair, premium black..
2016-04-04 02:17
LG 24GM77 bc best color. i am waiting for good g sync 144hz 1440p 24"-27" 4:3 1440x1080 bb herman miller leather chair idk which
2016-04-04 02:20
herman miller is awesome. Embody. thats top. does it get kinda blur the 4:3 aspect? This one doesnt even show up for me. its 1280x1024 the highest on 4:3. Im playing on 16:9 1900x1080 cuz of quality of the graphic. tried 4:3, I like it more, cuz its smooth, faster.. but graphics not as good as 16:9. =/
2016-04-04 02:22
u have to make it in drivers. it is bb, so same as 16 9, with black covers over it
2016-04-04 02:23
whats your desktop resolution on windows? does it have anything to do with game resolution? ive been trying to find a way to make 4:3 graphics looks like 16:9 but just cant.. I followed this one youtube.com/watch?v=fYZBZ-HGpFo
2016-04-04 02:26
1080p youtube.com/watch?v=973EnpgGsUY u can make 4:3 stretched or bb
2016-04-04 02:28
sweet! I will try that. dat crosshair tho lol thanks man!
2016-04-04 02:30
Cool. Did it. worked. Custom resolution on windows now 1440x1080. But it is blackbars. how to make it stretched? Need to go to the 16:10 one? 1728?
2016-04-04 02:38
2016-04-04 02:39
cool! that worked! oh cmon u learned it from somewhere a somepoint swede noob ;)
2016-04-04 02:43
stretched... heads are huge.. cant miss a headshot right now. thanks. another favela legend is rising from the ashes XD
2016-04-04 02:43
you two need to get a room
2016-04-04 03:14
2016-04-04 04:47
2016-04-04 05:38
Almost exact same setup as me :D
2016-04-04 19:11
zowie fk1, blackwidow chroma, hyperx cloud2, steelseries qck+ match?
2016-04-05 01:09
Brazil ak147
cold god
2016-04-04 00:57
nex | 
Germany TiwaZ
Of course he was. He had the aimlock.
2016-04-04 00:58
2016-04-05 03:08
nice shirt stich
2016-04-04 00:58
Godzera damn
2016-04-04 00:58
Pls work on your outro. Saying "and yea.." it's bad. Pls stich, work on that!
2016-04-04 01:02
Coffee | 
Netherlands p2dr
^ Great questions but... Yeah.... xD
2016-04-04 01:26
woops :P
2016-04-04 03:59
You are great, don't get me wrong! cheers
2016-04-04 13:43
Hong Kong korean
get the forum destroyed xd
2016-04-04 01:03
secret weapon
2016-04-04 01:05
Cringe at the end LOL
2016-04-04 01:05
2016-04-04 01:06
Time to destroy the forums guys, BRAZIL UNITE!
2016-04-04 01:09
tyyy stich
2016-04-04 01:10
Brazil RisenNTC
2016-04-04 01:11
Stich come to my favela and I would give you my sister! Nice interview as always.
2016-04-04 01:14
2016-04-04 03:59
2016-04-04 01:14
2016-04-04 01:15
GODZERA has awaken. HLTV is owned by favela now!!
2016-04-04 01:16
Kek you guys can't afford to own hltv
2016-04-04 03:48
Brazil AfKW
coldzera best overall player ever
2016-04-04 01:25
LOL NiKo > Coldzera
2016-04-04 03:49
Difficult ahah
2016-04-04 07:48
Brazil karlyn90
g8 b8 m8
2016-04-04 15:13
Not b8 when it's true
2016-04-04 19:42
Brazil Nobuga
2016-04-04 17:59
Serbia R4ngO
Thanks stich
2016-04-04 01:28
Korea saddummy
Man what a team LG is, simply amazing. From nothing to being one of the best team in the world, all the hard work was well worth it. Great stuff.
2016-04-04 01:35
ikr, 2 years or so ago we didn't even know all the players.. now they're strong enough to get to finals and win a major... super crazy how CSGO can be :D
2016-04-04 01:47
Brazil LIPE1
yeah and if tempostorm bootcamp on europe they can do some damage too
2016-04-04 13:49
it's easy to call when you know where everyone is /s
2016-04-04 01:48
2016-04-04 01:49
you realize it was sarcasm right?
2016-04-04 22:56
sarcasm /= idiocy
2016-04-05 03:18
but /s == sarcasm
2016-04-07 23:06
+1 lol
2016-04-04 01:55
lol so salty, im happy for LG and Brazil really fun to watch them.
2016-04-04 01:58
Fallen é foda porra!!!!!
2016-04-04 01:59
FalleN is such a legend.
2016-04-04 02:04
That is Brazzilian Revolution. GG Limunosity.
2016-04-04 02:04
Europe Scottxaxa
We need to be honest here, if FNATIC beat Astralis, LG would not have won the final? Just FNATIC Chocked, but I'm glad LG won.
2016-04-04 02:05
fnatic never got the chance to choke, they got completely destroyed by astralis.
2016-04-04 02:09
Europe Scottxaxa
Me saying choke is me saying they got rolled, I should of re-worded it. But yeah, if FNATIC was in the final it would of been theres.
2016-04-04 02:10
I don't think so, not in their current form.
2016-04-04 02:12
Europe Scottxaxa
They could, they are not in bad form to be honest. There just not playing as solidly but in finals is where they come alive.
2016-04-04 02:21
should have*
2016-04-04 06:46
When a polak is correcting a brits grammar :D They're such plebs
2016-04-04 08:55
Should of is also correct
2016-04-04 18:14
no, it's not
2016-04-04 20:49
Yes it is lmao
2016-04-04 21:52
expected from brazilian
2016-04-05 01:12
Can confirm
2016-04-05 01:20
nobody can answers this question mate.
2016-04-04 02:14
well, they could win fnatic as well tbh. Not that they are better, I think they are getting closer at least.
2016-04-04 02:17
Europe Scottxaxa
Anyone can win anyone, your statement is invalid. It would of been a closer affair this time but FNATIC would of won.
2016-04-04 02:21
How the hell can you afirm that man?
2016-04-04 02:48
lol, answer an "invalid" statement with a "they would win" which is completely invalid as well.
2016-04-06 15:48
Fnatic did not advance in the playoffs so we can't say 'OH BUT IF FNATIC WERE HERE IT WOULD BE DIFFERENT!' guess what? they got eliminated and that's how tournaments work, and YES that can happen at any time so it's stupid to start to make theorys about other teams advancing or not. LG WON AND THAT'S IT! DEAL WITH IT!
2016-04-04 04:14
I'm not trying to insult the guy, but this is a bad interviewer. I'm a shy person, aswell, but this made me cringe. Try at least to appear more confident. Thanks for the content anyway.
2016-04-04 02:09
that's stich and he's great.
2016-04-04 02:09
He may be great at other stuff, as I don't know him or his work, but he needs to work more on how he presents himself on camera. That is a fact.
2016-04-04 02:11
he is just being humble, he is used to interviewing. and it's about fallen, not the interviewer.
2016-04-04 02:14
+1 not the first time someone has said this and I've only seen him brush it off and not really change up anything. there really is so much potential here and he needs to mix it up or get someone else. i do not enjoy these at all.
2016-04-04 07:13
And what could you say about fallen and his inpolite behavior?
2016-04-04 14:12
????? Where Fallen wasnt polite? This has nothing to do with him
2016-04-04 18:17
Too much toxic waste in the bathroom it seems, uh?
2016-04-05 03:20
2016-04-04 02:12
2016-04-04 02:09
coldzera was hacking in OT too...
2016-04-04 02:10
let's destroy the forum
2016-04-04 02:29
We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL!
2016-04-04 02:38
Great quastions great answers
2016-04-04 02:41
Lucky lg, guardian had wrist injured
2016-04-04 02:57
coldzera.... WHY SO GOOD? #GOLG
2016-04-04 03:05
stich I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Jesus Christ <33333333 good job as ALWAYS!
2016-04-04 03:47
Nice One
2016-04-04 03:49
Korea Juze_one
GGWP lg nice job :)
2016-04-04 03:54
who was calling when Selfless 2 - 1 Luminosity <---only a couple weeks ago
2016-04-04 03:56
Luminosity wasn't saving strats for major, they said 4Head
2016-04-04 04:58
Brazil LIPE1
who cares about a fuckin Online match?
2016-04-04 13:51
So happy to finally see LG nail a final. They came so close every time. Great games at MLG!
2016-04-04 04:24
FalleN I love you, congratz <3
2016-04-04 05:38
I am a fnatic fan but love Fallen too...!! Congratz to Fallen for making his country proud..!!
2016-04-04 06:32
Ofc coldzera is calling, he has something. I dont trust to guys who can comeback twice against Liquid and once against NaVi, its bullshit.
2016-04-04 06:34
EZ FOR ENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2016-04-04 07:39
I like how only Brazilian people have ever acted like it was the countries achievement not the players.. don't ever remember Sweden or France players be like "GZ TO US", almost feels like real sports where people claim "our team won" not the players.
2016-04-04 07:48
Because compared to the rest of the CS playing nations, Brazil was not expected to win. Not even the commentators wanted LG to win. When it's that blatant and the opposite happens, the reaction needs to refute the blanket statements and stereotypes. That's what happened.
2016-04-04 10:02
+1. gr8 post m8 :)
2016-04-04 10:34
2016-04-04 10:46
I doubt "that" many people didn't expect LG to win, perhaps the commentators didn't want too but I was fully expecting them to win this Major, LG always comes alive during turnies and is easily the dark horse that can take any team out.
2016-04-05 07:56
acoR | 
Denmark Gazil
"Guys, I toggle now just do the thing we talked about"
2016-04-04 08:02
arT | 
Europe t.o.p
Didn't expect that, nice cold!
2016-04-04 09:09
this jeans lol
2016-04-04 10:29
love this person gg, wp
2016-04-04 10:34
Love this team.The best ever team I think atm
2016-04-04 10:34
interviewer looks like a blind guy in the image
2016-04-04 10:36
congratz LG Proud to South America Top 1 champions !! Love u guys from to Argentina absolutly respect !!
2016-04-04 10:37
of course he was calling with his hacks, that kid cheated his ass of to win
2016-04-04 11:20
does some1 thought about hackzera? dat strange lock on navi's models thrw walls...
2016-04-04 11:44
what about his jumping double AWP kill vs Liquid? How is that even possible....
2016-04-04 14:04
Brazil karlyn90
that is barely possible, but not impossible
2016-04-04 15:17
Have you seen the clip with the jumping famas HS by fnx in the final? (Edward not die, but he was tagged heavily, however, down to 42 hp or something).. So many fishy clips of LG has spawned during the MLG tournament, and I find it hard to believe they can be so lucky so many times during the same tournament. I know they are pros, but I haven't seen this level of luck/fluke/etc during the 13 years I have followed the scene. Anyway, it doesn't matter. A clip will never stamp somone as a cheater unless he is using straightforward aimbot or wallhack/esp/xray on an event computer. Nowadays cheats have become so sophisticated its hard to tell someone is even cheating.
2016-04-04 15:30
No aim locking happened in that gif: imgur.com/a98FPDe
2016-04-05 23:17
NaVi... again))) thanx LG for emotions!!!
2016-04-04 12:09
2016-04-04 12:31
2016-04-04 13:06
Brazilian team's leader to talk about a tropics.
2016-04-04 13:56
Poland dreamShow
<3 Lumi.GG <3 VP the only 1 team which took a map from them Kappa. LG to win in Cologne!
2016-04-04 14:00
Fallen keeps his hands in his pockets, which is very inpolite. We can observe that almost at every interview with him.
2016-04-04 14:08
Brazil Flepo
Its because he move his hands a lot while talking.
2016-04-04 15:07
Brazil karlyn90
it could be impolite in your culture, but in Brazil it is a shy gesture
2016-04-04 15:19
But they were not in jungle(Brazil) but in Columbus and they should know what is the culture in this country and how to behave properly. When I visit countries like Japan or China I dont do things that could insult natives.
2016-04-13 23:50
cold is a god
2016-04-04 14:23
fucking favela shits
2016-04-04 14:33
Argentina Emlit
Come on guys, LG was lucky against Liquid. They had to win this or go to the finals.
2016-04-04 14:44
Liquid saving strats for the Major.
2016-04-05 17:38
stich interviews are always gold.
2016-04-04 18:52
Argentina brookyM
vaco god
2016-04-04 19:31
<3 We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL!
2016-04-04 20:50
makes sense that cold started calling in the MOST INTENSE ROUNDS OF THE GAME... gyazo.com/acaf4a9f5d303b6f0c052f26491cab..
2016-04-04 23:03
try more dude! u never will win nothing with this! good luck next time!
2016-04-05 03:07
Theres no aim >>locking<< in that gif: imgur.com/a98FPDe
2016-04-05 23:15
Where can i find the songs' names that were used in the tournament?
2016-04-05 03:17
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