Surreal joins compLexity on trial

Kia "Surreal" Man has agreed to join compLexity on a trial basis, nerdRage have announced via their website.

The 19-year-old, who burst onto the competitive scene in teams like Reason Gaming and CeX, has been given the chance to further his career in the United States, where he will play alongside compatriot Rory "dephh" Jackson.

He joins compLexity just days after linking up with nerdRage, who made a splash in the UK Counter-Strike scene by signing Infused's roster, formerly known as Team BEASTS.

roca's coL add another UK import

coL have yet to comment on the addition of Kia "Surreal" Man, which leaves their roster with six players. The North American team also have another player on trial, Shawn "witmer" Taylor, who was brought in after Danny "fRoD" Montaner stepped down from the active lineup.

With Surreal's arrival, compLexity's roster currently looks as:

United States Daniel "roca" Gustaferri
United States Joshua "sancz" Ballenger
United Kingdom Rory "dephh" Jackson
United States Josh "shinobi" Abastado
United States Shawn "witmer" Taylor (tryout)
United Kingdom Kia "Surreal" Man (tryout) 

United States Danny "fRoD" Montaner (backup)
United States Matt "Warden" Dickens (coach)

United States Josh 'shinobi' Abastado
Josh 'shinobi' Abastado
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United Kingdom Rory 'dephh' Jackson
Rory 'dephh' Jackson
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Danny 'fRoD' Montaner
Danny 'fRoD' Montaner
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Matt 'Warden' Dickens
Matt 'Warden' Dickens
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Shawn 'witmer' Taylor
Shawn 'witmer' Taylor
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United Kingdom Kia 'Surreal' Man
Kia 'Surreal' Man
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Joshua 'sancz' Ballenger
Joshua 'sancz' Ballenger
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Daniel 'roca' Gustaferri
Daniel 'roca' Gustaferri
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
lol rip nerdrage Keepo
2016-04-06 00:50
C9 Roca callin it now. Why? He had a c9 sticker on his ak. I'm fucking Sherlock Holmes Idk who he'd replace, most likely freak
2016-04-06 00:52
replace stewie pls
2016-04-06 03:38
C S G O S T R O N G - - - > Write - 5 0 2 3 3 - for 2 $
2016-04-06 14:43
ye, pls
2016-04-06 15:51
allu | 
North America hesh 
freak has been their best player in recent months...stewie hasn't really done a whole lot
2016-04-06 13:51
United States hehexddd 
Thank God someone isn't an idiot who only looks at match stats and doesn't watch the games.
2016-04-06 23:33
2016-04-07 13:26
Being the best player in a vastly underperforming team doesn't really say anything. Freak's still a shitter, he'd be aight in a tier 2 team yet still nothing sensational
2016-04-08 13:15
UK to USA wow s1mple to USA him to USA evng to save their sceneniyryone's tr
2016-04-06 00:51
pls dont compare s1mple going to USA with UK players going to USA. :(
2016-04-06 02:45
Canada PerspekCZ 
2016-04-06 04:02
Why not
2016-04-06 07:23
France t3r4byt3 
because s1mple has skill, what UK players don't have
2016-04-06 08:40
S1mple is a clown
2016-04-06 08:54
France t3r4byt3 
doesn't matter what he is, you can't deny the amount of raw firepower he has
2016-04-06 08:55
Well he's the best "NA" player atm =) (Not counting SA teams)
2016-04-06 10:53
s1mple | 
Germany N0vaa 
Counting SA he's number 2
2016-04-06 13:38
"best North American player not counting South America" kek
2016-04-06 18:52
dem European critical thinking skillz
2016-04-06 21:28
If I didn't say that, you dumb burgers would say that LG/Tempo storm is NA.
2016-04-07 22:46
Well it's not like people from the U.S. say "America" and mean NA and SA.
2016-04-08 13:17
Well, he was at least better than them dumb burgers calling Europe a country.
2016-04-07 18:40
Russia sNQ- 
but he is a strong clown
2016-04-06 10:08
And that makes you a nobody .
2016-04-06 12:33
like u, tubewooby 2
2016-04-07 13:26
What about when maikelele joins clg :D
2016-04-06 15:24
2016-04-06 00:50
2016-04-06 00:50
Surreal is skilled guy. He played A.V.A. on pro level just like skadoodle did.
2016-04-06 19:44
2016-04-06 00:51
2016-04-06 00:50
United Kingdom nyfx 
oooh !!
2016-04-06 00:50
wow t5
2016-04-06 00:50
Respect | 
United Kingdom krazd 
2016-04-06 00:50
2016-04-06 00:50
Germany Bennime 
2016-04-06 00:50
Luxembourg Hargreaves 
2016-04-06 00:50
2016-04-06 00:50
United States Drifter808 
uk scene keepo
2016-04-06 00:50
NA so bad they have to take UK players wtf
2016-04-06 00:50
UK players so bad their best opportunities are on t100 NA teams wtf
2016-04-06 02:07
2016-04-06 03:57
2016-04-06 10:29
2016-04-07 15:24
2016-04-06 00:50
Netherlands EJVN 
rip frod
2016-04-06 00:50
2016-04-06 00:51
North America RarePun 
are they just gonna become English now?
2016-04-06 00:51
2016-04-06 00:51
NEO | 
Poland Mimaaacz 
UK scene = NA scene
2016-04-06 00:51
For fucks sake NA, stop taking our UK players when our scene struggles as it is.
2016-04-06 00:51
Taking them might actually get them somewhere out of their vicious UK shitter circle
2016-04-08 13:18
UK CS best CS
2016-04-06 00:51
United Kingdom DuckMoriarty 
2016-04-06 00:51
2016-04-06 01:02
United Kingdom DuckMoriarty 
check my profile tbh.
2016-04-06 01:06
its a get together for the local autism club to do some creative writing. check them profile pictures.
2016-04-06 01:53
2016-04-06 00:51
They still blow who cares
2016-04-06 00:51
nukkye | 
United States yvr 
didnt surreal just play at insomnia 57?
2016-04-06 00:51
I think he did
2016-04-06 01:02
United Kingdom DuckMoriarty 
Yes, in a mix, and he won it. (Making it the third UK LAN in a row he's won).
2016-04-06 01:03
nukkye | 
United States yvr 
with robiin against that polish team with NEEX and SOON i think; not bad
2016-04-06 01:22
Kia Man? Kid should be selling cars instead of playing CS.
2016-04-06 00:51
I rarely laughs at comments, but this time I did!
2016-04-06 00:55
Finland Tom_Hanks 
ayyy lmao
2016-04-06 07:30
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
expected... ROCA confirmed on stream!
2016-04-06 00:52
recruiting every tier3 talent kek
2016-04-06 00:52
na taking in 2 uk players a y y l m a o
2016-04-06 00:52
Thorin | 
United Kingdom DyLanoo 
2016-04-06 00:52
Lets go boys, Uk scene is back in business
2016-04-06 00:52
North America jlo 
when was the uk scene ever in business lolol
2016-04-06 05:12
2016-04-06 12:01
its funny how you say that, yet a US org is looking for new players and instead of taking US talent, they take UK, why is that my friend? UK > US
2016-04-06 15:21
North America jlo 
yeah a completely shit NA team, stop being arrogant and just accept the fact that UK CS is not existent and also last major 2 NA teams made it to quarter finals and a team that plays in the NA league won it all
2016-04-07 01:51
lol mad, clear your tears up and notice the UK scene will be back in power. Cry more pussy trump supporter.
2016-04-07 02:48
North America jlo 
Mad that ur country's scene is a complete joke? Now you just seem ironic
2016-04-07 03:00
Uk scene is back and you can't accept. Still haven't cleared up those tears pussy.
2016-04-07 14:47
North America jlo 
yep confirmed troll
2016-04-08 01:59
lol, fuckin took you long enough to notice....
2016-04-08 02:21
North America jlo 
no i suspected it but ur last msg confirmed it
2016-04-08 02:50
2016-04-08 14:33
2016-04-06 00:52
Ukraine a2e 
roca isn't playing for coL anymore.
2016-04-06 00:52
United Kingdom FullSpe3d 
wtf surreal and dephh need to come back and create a UK superteam (with CRUC1AL ofc)
2016-04-06 00:53
United Kingdom Theodoooore 
All UK superteams are the same few players who have "Potential" but then implode about 2 months after forming.
2016-04-06 00:54
Nope the UK superteams always included players like rattlesnake, weber, hughsy etc... It's time for new blood
2016-04-06 00:54
All these new blood teams have folded within a month too but yeah you're probably right
2016-04-06 01:21
I remember when you were like 15-16, played for mtw.css, that was many years ago... you were so talented. So sad that you and alot of great source players couldn't transition well to cs go
2016-04-06 01:24
Nothing about transitioning really. I've played the game throughout its course and consistently won and had the most achievements in the UK scene, unfortunately it means nothing because the scene gets no exposure or means anything to anyone. I play better CS now than I did back in mTw, you just don't see it because no team I've played in is really comparable to that (bar Anexis, where we had good results/stats)
2016-04-06 02:19
United Kingdom Theodoooore 
It must suck being so skilled yet floundering for recognition. Some one as skilled as you in the US would be at the top level right now (not saying you arent just that cant really do anything with it)
2016-04-06 03:41
Just one of those things :p
2016-04-06 04:15
Greece hekzy 
Move to an NA team? For me you were always a tier2 rifler wasting your time with bad up and coming players and washed out oldschool players. Why can't UK just pick the right newblood (etc JT, spudz, whindaski) and kick the oldblood that sucks, etc RattleSNK.
2016-04-06 06:57
Pretty funny when your new blood is JT, spudz and whindanski who have all played for over 5 years or more. If you want new players then surreal & dephh should be considered that. However, like most UK players they have literally no real team experience or knowledge of what it takes to be the best. You can learn that from the right players (Warden / Frod) if they care to teach them but I doubt it. As for saying the 'oldblood' sucks I wonder why I continually win most of the UK LANS then? The fact is the only players in the UK with any possibility of success right now are the old ones who new how to play as a team. The 'new blood' as you called it could do well if they buck up their ideas and start looking at CS as a team game. Its obvious there are a considerable number of 'new' players with raw aim, great clutching and the ability to find frags. However, that won't make you a consistent team as you need players who will go that extra mile and nerd the shit out of the game if you want real success. If they actively go out and do that with five up and coming players there is no reason a UK team couldn't do well. The fact is I've yet to see it and right now it is certainly not happening.
2016-04-06 13:00
there is so many things wrong with the UK scene atm, it'll be difficult for it to make any kind of comeback to the EU in this game.
2016-04-06 13:18
jealous cos frod own u on awp_india 24/7 noob. u am realise u have head like toxic waste barrel rite?
2016-04-06 13:26
Greece hekzy 
I did not mean that the oldblood sucks. It's that you guys are interpreting your role within the scene and most likely overestimating your current abilities. About the newblood, not every pleb from ESEA has to have a chance in the best UK team (etc mole or kryptix). JT and Spudz are definetely newblood considering they were never part of the best UK team. UK needs to have the VP principal: 2/3 olfschool players who will only work on the team and will surround the newblood in order to succeed (not the other way around). Immagine this lineup: You as an IGL Weber fearLess whindaski JT/spudz/Puls3/tsack
2016-04-06 14:09
tbh i disagree, because there are players with the potential in the UK scene however everyone is still living in the past days of source and the teams which are being made need to have a couple of experienced guys like yourself, Weber, Jakem etc and then about 3 younger people with the skill but not the experience within a team. If this happened then yes maybe we would get a good team that was able to compete. Unfortunately all the teams which are getting made nowadays that everyone says has potential like Ex-Beasts/Nerdrage are full of players who are 24 25 + years of age, and they certainly arent the future of UK cs imo. Its fine though because if we get a few young but good people in the UK like Dephh and Surreal then they will just go to America anyway because UK scene is fucked up with mid 20s guys who rarely give young people a go and keep making the same types of teams with a different combination of older players. At some point we will have that team that breaks out and does something similar to a couple of experienced and the rest young highly skilled people, but till then ripperino uk cs, same boring teams with same bloody players
2016-04-06 15:17
Numerous times I've tried to make a team with less experienced players and it ends up with them quitting because they can't handle it or they claim it's not necessary. All the ones that thought it was excessive and not necessary are obviously now not playing. No-one looks for self improvement in the UK scene so we'll never get better
2016-04-06 17:17
Well then i guess it is not the skill we have a particular problem with, but the mentality and i guess thats why we see so many shuffles and teams folding because for some reason people in UK CS are not willing to stick at something. I mean in the summer i personally will be trying to see how far i can get with my CS, and i am aiming get picked up by a decent team, then i see things like this and tbh it all just looks like a shambles anyway. I guess it will happen at some point we will get that team which is good, CAZ almost achieved it and then Dephh was taken by Complexity..
2016-04-06 18:27
CAZ couldn't even win a UK lan where the best UK players didn't attend so I don't know why you or others think that was the case. Deph hasn't even won a UK LAN and surreal won LANs that only noob teams/mixes attended. A whole lot of hype over nothing but RWS
2016-04-06 18:42
Well UK lans are just a joke though, shit prize pools and organisation mean that lots of people cant be asked to go to them. Yet you cant deny that Dephh has been one of Complexity's better players even though they have been doing really bad. When CAZ had both Dephh and Surreal they had potential yet once again they folded etc. People in the scene dont seem to get along though for some reason, hence why i think there are multiple roster changes etc. Guess the best option for people with the motivation is to move abroad or find a good EU team
2016-04-06 19:05
Deph has been underwhelming in every single game I've watched and it doesn't help that all his close friends here in the UK over hyped him. He's a good player sure but he isn't anywhere near to being the best UK player, nor is surreal
2016-04-06 19:15
Well obviously you are gonna know more about this than me but who is the best player in the UK and best team that the UK has which could realistically actually do something in your opinion?
2016-04-06 19:20
None of the new UK teams excite me. Would like to see Rattlesnks team do well but I don't think it'll work out hence why I'm not playing there. As for the best player I'd obviously place myself there and puls3/Whindanski/rattlesnk and release if he finds his old form. New players are filled with flaws that they don't care about fixing and think frags/statistics mean everything and unfortunately so does every team I've seemingly applied for ;) funnily enough all those teams are a part of the na shuffle/changing players constantly in eu
2016-04-06 19:25
Yeah thats why i think you need a mix of older and newer, like obviously not these exact players but people like you, rattlesnk and re1ease. then 2 new players that want to dedicate the time. easier said than done, but i think thats what needs to happen. sigh, my dream of seeing a uk team at a major :(
2016-04-07 04:24
TBH i wouldnt worry about the UK scene because it was only today that the Nerdrage squad decided to boot out 3 players after barely playing many proper matches or leagues together, same old names and same old roster changes without actually improving the scene at all. I notice the new nerdrage team wont bring any newer players, probs just replace the 3 older players with 3 more older players or even make a european team. Notice the sarcasm, cos its pretty obvious what needs to happen but the older players appear reluctant to pave the way for younger talents
2016-04-07 19:08
Older players have always welcomed new talent but they have always just disappointed. The nerdrage thing is some sort of messed up world where neilm plays god getting into the head of a troubled dutch kid and a naive manager
2016-04-07 19:11
me, and me
2016-04-06 19:26
Damn boy you still play!
2016-04-07 19:17
back in css I was going to move to US and play with sunman old team which not many people new about - I love you to bits brandon, but it sounds like a bit of hate or annoyance you've not been picked up. The best thing to do (don't know if you have) is start talking to US guys and playing with them a lot, I was playing with the guys for weeks late night as I was going to be working in NYC so wanted to join a team. You and Sam should be chatting with some US teams, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to play and move out there you just need to make it happen and chat to people. Not bumlicking but definitely you and sam deserve to be in a top team as you're the only two experienced guys left, just don't think it will come to you on a plate anymore you gotta work for it - deph and surreal probably been chatting and mixing with them a lot, its just contacts and who you know - not just about cs but working / personal life is the same, most people are hired from who they know. They'll be team switches happening soon so just start playing with them and talking to them now! Own it in the US or Europe brotherrr
2016-04-06 19:46
I'm not annoyed about this or him getting picked up. I'm more annoyed about the fact people claim these are the best players that the UK has to offer, which is far from the truth. I've been close to playing with 2 American teams but they both fell through which just happens and I can safely say I'd never join a team like this. I'll just wait it out and if a team comes calling I'll happily trial for them to see if they like what they see, if not then that's that.. not much else I can do. Also to touch on the Sam bit I don't think he wants to move abroad to play the last time I spoke to him about it all
2016-04-06 19:56
>UK >Superteam pick one 4Head
2016-04-06 02:18
United Kingdom Theodoooore 
4chan HLTV Twitch Pick one.
2016-04-06 02:19
2016-04-06 18:44
2016-04-06 20:09
United Kingdom Theodoooore 
Hmm. Do I support liquid, a good NA team... Or CoL who are 1/3 British... Eh, UK is shit anyway LIQUID IS THE BEST!1!!!!1! Nokeepo.
2016-04-06 00:53
how is 2/5 = 1/3?
2016-04-06 06:41
apperantly theres 6 people in the roster.Thats why he said 1/3 i guess
2016-04-06 10:36
UK math
2016-04-06 07:56
6 player roster, 2 are UK = 1/3 gj Allu
2016-04-06 12:03
respect. UK UK UK UK UK UK UK UK UK UK UK UK UK !!!!!!!
2016-04-06 00:53
gl bruh
2016-04-06 00:53
My Man!
2016-04-06 00:54
United Kingdom rchh 
I'd like a free CS holiday too plz
2016-04-06 00:54
nice buds
2016-04-06 00:54
-shitnobi -shitz +relyks +witmer
2016-04-06 00:55
ez 8 man team scene domination
2016-04-06 00:59
rocas most likely not on col anymore
2016-04-06 01:00
2016-04-06 01:00
2016-04-06 01:00
2016-04-06 01:00
roca have to leave coL right now!
2016-04-06 01:01
Played vs this surreal dude. He shoots really hard tbh. Prolly impossible to stay in the uk scene..too many whiners and ragers. UK is the new Russia
2016-04-06 01:03
Sad but true
2016-04-06 01:20
what is shooting hard??
2016-04-06 18:45
What do you think? Is it that hard to understand what he meant? Bad reading comprehension = why uk suck?
2016-04-07 18:55
i shoot you hard, makes you sense
2016-04-07 18:56
Russia Goodevening 
In a couple months the UK will finally have a scene but in America ayyyyyy
2016-04-06 01:02
United States Tryx[M] 
compLexity is about to experience the HellRaisers effect
2016-04-06 01:05
United Kingdom Alth 
Surreal is actually one of the UK players who is really sick. Could be a decent pickup.
2016-04-06 01:07
Roca's stream doesn't have coL adds any more, it could be possible he might be leaving
2016-04-06 01:08
who? i'm sorry
2016-04-06 01:08
6 players? w0t
2016-04-06 01:12
2016-04-06 01:15
Brazil lullaby1 
+harry potter gg ez
2016-04-06 01:18
surreal pugz god
2016-04-06 01:19
Roca is the central player on CoL. They're who they're building the team around. I really can't imagine the org has shifted and will let him go.
2016-04-06 01:19
2016-04-06 01:23
@mods, roca is the one departing. Hazed > NRG. Roca > CLG. Afaik, although its possible it could just be Roca > NRG for Legija.
2016-04-06 01:23
good luck my friend
2016-04-06 01:24
North America AVK_ 
Witmer. lol
2016-04-06 01:26
Monkey | 
Brazil Cupinxa 
we smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from UK!
2016-04-06 01:27
Tier 2 org strat: Can't pickup top talent to win? Pickup random British players to gain a fan base and satisfy sponsors.
2016-04-06 01:27
Kia Man is the best name i've ever seen lmao
2016-04-06 01:28
Ale | 
Finland ksib 
this lol. it would be perfect if his job was to sell those korean KIA cars
2016-04-06 01:30
actualy he's asian
2016-04-06 14:49
Ale | 
Finland ksib 
2016-04-06 15:49
suck ur dick.
2016-04-06 15:50
Who is Completixy? Who is surreal? Why should anyone care?
2016-04-06 01:29
if you don't know who col are then you're literally such a newfag
2016-04-06 18:48
2016-04-06 01:41
lol ez 6v5 all the time
2016-04-06 01:42
ok so play 5 esea games a month and play for rws and get into an na team... NOTED down for reference
2016-04-06 01:45
Are you dumb, his past records all month has been 30 games or more
2016-04-06 13:18
stop sucking his dick horse teeth cunt
2016-04-06 19:08
+roca +sancz +dephh +witmer +marv no more tears no more 3-15
2016-04-06 01:45
Why keep pulling in from UK? Hasn't been successful thus far. GG compLexity!
2016-04-06 01:46
because 1 player will make a team win, i.e. Liquid kappa
2016-04-06 18:49
Stupidest reply ever tbh. Clearly s1mple is a one man team lmfao
2016-04-13 23:29
hopefully roca gets out of the shithole that col has become pretty soon
2016-04-06 01:48
roca's stream doesn't have the coL shit on it, he probably got bought out. CLG or Optic roca inc
2016-04-06 01:49
lol SurreaI another player from AVA Scene: Like Skadoodle, Koosta and now him! WOW! Been amazing good with Rifle and became a Super Sniper in that Game! Unexpected shit!
2016-04-06 01:50
yoo Shaman man, long time no see dude.
2016-04-06 03:01
lol Kwelie you too? Since when?
2016-04-06 03:21
kwelie wtf man you ava legend.
2016-04-07 02:52
whaaat? Koosta played A.V.A? by what IGN?
2016-04-06 14:37
his ign was Koosta he played for 69Get
2016-04-06 14:50
never heard for them tbh
2016-04-06 15:03
2016-04-06 15:05
damn,thanks ;)
2016-04-06 15:07
here is a game of them actually playing against each other
2016-04-07 03:04
Brazil SUVACO 
Say hi to me on your stream roca, ty.
2016-04-06 01:51
coL sucks damn hard atm
2016-04-06 02:07
Brazil SuperAfim 
This guy Delp is very good btw, UK
2016-04-06 02:12
2016-04-06 02:16
Brazil mibrzera 
2016-04-06 02:19
UK CS bestest
2016-04-06 02:20
SHIT PLAYERS GETTING NEWS ABOUT THEM ON HLTV. let me join ill fuck all of u 5 noobs in complexity up. overhyped fucking shit tier95 players
2016-04-06 02:21
United Kingdom swellis 
your name checks out pretty well
2016-04-06 09:14
uk fuck noob, even fanboy of disco doplan. a bot from faceit omg, ive rekt him so many times. that proofs how bad u are
2016-04-06 14:52
United Kingdom swellis 
silver kid talking biggggggggggg
2016-04-06 15:58
wtf kind of team is this like wtf
2016-04-06 02:25
NAF | 
Canada ozboz 
jesus coL you gotta first try a roster for more than a month and let them develop before adding more.
2016-04-06 02:32
2016-04-06 02:56
Next noob in Roca team. Roca all times 35+ frags and lose 5-16.
2016-04-06 03:20
There millions of great cs players in canada and america...complexity is fucking tetarded
2016-04-06 03:21
Yes... millions
2016-04-06 03:28
2016-04-06 03:41
2016-04-06 04:42
2016-04-06 03:30
2016-04-06 18:15
-fr0d +Cogu
2016-04-06 03:35
c9 roca 100% confirmed
2016-04-06 03:49
When NA besides CLG and Liquid is so bad they need UK CS to save them ;_; FeelsBadMan
2016-04-06 03:49
we all know UK CS isn't saving anything
2016-04-06 05:00
i hope my ancestors raped your families hard
2016-04-06 18:50
lol wut
2016-04-06 19:42
surreal? the kid who cheats blatant on esea? gl on lan
2016-04-06 04:11
United Kingdom DuckMoriarty 
He's won three... Nice try...
2016-04-06 13:55
nah he doesn't actually cheat.
2016-04-07 03:07
I live in NE part of NY and I play with Brits all the time on reletively low ping. Like 60ms peak. I think if coL got a server in like new England they don't have to move to the US.
2016-04-06 04:47
t8 NA ?
2016-04-06 04:50
2016-04-06 04:57
we've come a long way from coL.swag
2016-04-06 05:01
hey where is fr0d BHAH AH AH AH AHAH HA HA HA HA
2016-04-06 05:33
FROD? DAAAAMN. I wanna see him awping..
2016-04-06 06:45
fer | 
Austria neodan 
i dont understand why...?
2016-04-06 07:08
coL roadtoUKteam
2016-04-06 07:32
2016-04-06 08:17
UK scene inc to NA XDD
2016-04-06 08:37
why coL don't take CRUCIAL he is the best player of
2016-04-06 08:52
7 players in one org ayyy
2016-04-06 09:09
lol kenne nur frod und seine zeit is vorbei
2016-04-06 09:19
first dephh now surreal. cheating into the pro scene is pretty common i see.
2016-04-06 09:22
they fit right in with the current scene :)O())
2016-04-06 18:51
NA needing UK players EleGiggle
2016-04-06 09:42
PUG star :D
2016-04-06 09:46
tryhardink esea pays of finally...
2016-04-06 15:29
2016-04-06 10:13
UK scene? Who?
2016-04-06 10:15
this guy sucks without hacksZ
2016-04-06 10:39
Lads we are moving up in the world :DDDDDDD
2016-04-06 10:49
Good luck Hyundai Bloke
2016-04-06 12:13
ez 6v5
2016-04-06 12:15
rip all
2016-04-06 12:43
who is he? rip
2016-04-06 12:56
very good player within uk scene
2016-04-06 17:38
is there an uk scene? sory didnt hear. pls dont hate me I really dont know. [R.I.P]
2016-04-07 09:00
he's an old AVA player like Koosta and Skadoodle. Was 3rd best sniper In the game back in the game's prime. Ska was the best sniper in the game in it's prime. Surreal switched to csgo a couple years back and he's pretty good i'd say.
2016-04-07 03:12
Rory? Kia? So this is the secret to saving the UK scene...give your kids stupid names so they get bullied & spend more time on CS
2016-04-06 13:26
he's asian.
2016-04-06 14:57
USA is so bad that they are forced to hire UK players who dont have their own csgo scene themselves
2016-04-06 13:28
Surreal aka KrooN,gl my frienddd
2016-04-06 14:36
isnt he an admin at gamefaceleauges ?
2016-04-06 15:41
hope it works out
2016-04-07 16:25
roca confirmed leaving
2016-04-08 02:54
Europe Instabait 
redhead ;d
2016-04-08 13:32
col not pro team now not even t1 america
2016-04-09 00:22
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