PGL takes Asia Minor to Seoul

April 8th, 2016 23:00

Romanian company PGL has announced a partnership with KeSPA to host the Asia Minor Championship in Seoul, next month.

With Counter-Strike continuing to grow at an incredible rate in Asia, PGL announced that it plans to "reinvent" the CS:GO scene in the region through a partnership with KeSPA, the governing body of esports in South Korea.

Taking place from May 5-8 at the Nexon eSports Arena, in Seoul, the Asian Minor will feature eight teams, who will compete for $50,000 in prize money and two spots at the offline qualifier for the ESL One Cologne Major. 

Nexon eSports Arena to host Asian Minor 

Renegades and TheMongolz have been handed invites based on their recent performances, while the remaining six teams will come from qualifiers that will be held in China, South Korea and across the rest of the Asian region.

Visitors will be able to watch the matches at the Nexon eSports Arena free of charge, with the tournament also being broadcast on South Korean television - which is a first for a CS:GO competition.

For more information about the Asian Minor Championship, visit the event's official website.

Latvia prelideN 
great for their scene n1
2016-04-08 23:02
mixwell | 
Spain Alser 
2 Korean teams go to the minor, meaning that only 4 other Asian/Oceanian teams can qualify.
2016-04-08 23:13
2016-04-09 22:45
There really isnt a scene but this will hopfully shed some light to i
2016-04-08 23:34
its a god damn arms race.
2016-04-09 04:53
Brazil NaScene 
2016-04-08 23:02
top5 championship
2016-04-08 23:02
Czech Republic baylife 
2016-04-08 23:02
shox | 
United Kingdom Swathe 
2016-04-08 23:02
Poland Saqe 
2016-04-08 23:02
idk what that is but ez nip
2016-04-08 23:02
2016-04-08 23:02
2016-04-08 23:02
Italy Yungxsteffe 
2016-04-08 23:02
Sweden Meap 
2016-04-08 23:02
2016-04-08 23:02
2016-04-08 23:02
World bexx 
2016-04-08 23:02
That's a nice location!
2016-04-08 23:02
Russia Reph 
ez tyloo
2016-04-08 23:02
2016-04-08 23:02
2016-04-08 23:02
Bulgaria ComBoro 
2016-04-08 23:02
Norway Spooderman 
2016-04-08 23:02
fuck, its beggining
2016-04-08 23:03
no australie qualifier? wtf
2016-04-08 23:03
Theyre in the qualifer
2016-04-08 23:35
aurora | 
Australia omag 
No Australian team is in the qualifier
2016-04-09 06:39
jks | 
Australia Klashik 
australia's in asia according to valve
2016-04-09 05:00
would u have them making an SEA qual then lol ur fucking retarded m8
2016-04-09 08:19
A South East Asia qualifier? We're not in that either retard
2016-04-09 12:42
2016-04-09 13:38
They're not "in asia" dipshit, it's just more practical to have them in the Asian qualifier
2016-04-09 12:41
jks | 
Australia Klashik 
well obv i don't really give a shit tbh, rng might make it through but we might not see any australian teams again
2016-04-10 04:43
ez for Faker
2016-04-08 23:03
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
Keep KeSPA and Nexon as far away from CS as possible, please.
2016-04-08 23:04
2016-04-09 06:32
2016-04-09 10:38
Wooowooo!! But fuck nexon money hungry fuckers
2016-04-08 23:04
yep, fuck them. destroyed dnf completely and made a shitty fake cs
2016-04-08 23:20
Mongolia thechapchap 
Mongolz take my hope and take this again goodluck everyone hf
2016-04-08 23:05
go Tyloo
2016-04-08 23:05
Lithuania AvaIon 
alive game
2016-04-08 23:05
So there's two PGLs now?
2016-04-08 23:05
ez for solo
2016-04-08 23:06
Where the fuck is eSTRO? Haven't seen them in like 7 years
2016-04-09 20:44
can north koreans play?
2016-04-08 23:06
there are only playing pinball 3D
2016-04-09 00:28
Snax | 
Poland elpolaco 
2016-04-09 14:41
Finally sostronk the qualifier organizer, not that scam mixbot
2016-04-08 23:07
Oceania slipping into further irrelevance. Or are they invited?
2016-04-08 23:07
I'm not sure but i think they might be part of the southeast asia qualifier
2016-04-09 01:13
Australia yourwombat 
If an Aus/NZ team wants to qualify they have to play asian teams on an asian server online, this basically means Renegades will be the only Aus team there because we can't maintain a stable connection with less than 120+ ping
2016-04-09 10:32
What are you talking about? Chiefs had a chance on lan to qualify last minors ?
2016-04-09 12:56
blaming your loss on ping? kek Immunity flew to Singapore to play with low ping and still got rekt by TyLoo who played with higher ping to Singapore servers
2016-04-09 13:12
Australia yourwombat 
no one has lost yet, read what I said. No aus teams will even qualify for the lan qualifier because we have to play on asian servers from Australia
2016-04-09 14:22
I hope they fix it and allow Australian teams to compete. I strongly believe Chinese teams will still rekt Australia (already happened at Dreamhack Malmo qualifiers) TyLoo> Immunity CyberZen>Legacy
2016-04-09 14:24
Australia yourwombat 
to be fair those lineups were brand spanking new off of a big roster shuffle :P
2016-04-10 02:30
Seoul <3 :)
2016-04-08 23:07
Mongolz boys
2016-04-08 23:08
ez for solo
2016-04-08 23:08
could you people please add that so stronk is doing for south east asia and stuff its a huge thing u know feels good man
2016-04-08 23:09
Let's go Vietnam show them your power ! Hype
2016-04-08 23:12
ez for machinegun
2016-04-08 23:13
Finland Fherrera 
awesome news, scene is growing
2016-04-08 23:17
Hong Kong korean 
lets hope for the america minor now to be in brazil :)
2016-04-08 23:18
Wow no one is talking about how it's going on TELEVISION?
2016-04-08 23:18
Korea Astonex 
This is standard for South Korean esports tbh
2016-04-08 23:23
And Asians beat us again smh fam
2016-04-08 23:23
In Asia pro gamers are popular like athletes in the States
2016-04-08 23:36
Maybe only in korea
2016-04-09 13:19
Nope in China as well
2016-04-09 17:50
it's very common for esports to be on television in korea
2016-04-08 23:24
lmao renegades invited again........... these guys live in usa make them qualify through the NA spots
2016-04-08 23:23
For Valve sponsored events we are not allowed to qualify in NA.
2016-04-09 00:46
shut up noob
2016-04-09 01:16
That is Renegades' Manager
2016-04-09 07:50
You are quite rude man.
2016-04-09 08:25
Expected from 3rd worlder
2016-04-09 12:57
NA qualifiers too hard for Renegades, so they have to qualify through Asian Minors. No guarantee that they even win the minor
2016-04-09 17:51
we need OGN CSGO League ASAP
2016-04-08 23:25
Why are renegades allowed to do asia and na?
2016-04-08 23:25
apEX | 
Brazil nove 
imo if they live in NA and do ESL pro league in NA then they need to go through NA qualifiers , however immunity and legacy in AU can do this qualifier
2016-04-08 23:31
Exactly. They shouldnt be allowed to have it both ways.
2016-04-08 23:32
apEX | 
Brazil nove 
mhm, and its not like there is a SA qualifier that LG and TS get to go through, they have to do it through NA.
2016-04-08 23:33
Norway throatslit 
Well they live and compete in NA
2016-04-09 00:32
apEX | 
Brazil nove 
i know - i'm just referring to how its the same case to the renegades they live and compete in NA yet they go to the asian minor
2016-04-09 00:35
Norway throatslit 
Ye I don't understand how they choose which teams that plays where. RNG has pretty much a free entry, seeing that the only teams that could ruin for them is TheMongolz and Tyloo
2016-04-09 00:37
Because Renegades are an AU lineup, no Australian minor so they do they Asian minor. LG/TS are Brazilian, there is no SA minor so they do the NA minor. Simple stuff.
2016-04-09 02:02
For Valve sponsored events we are not allowed to qualify in NA.
2016-04-09 00:46
Really? That's kinda dumb imo, if everyone in the team plays full-time in NA it should be considered an NA team (for the purposes of scheduling, not nationality.)
2016-04-09 00:49
Hard to say if there's a perfect solution though since a team struggling to qualify in Europe for example could get put up by their organisation in Asia or NA and get in that way.
2016-04-09 08:42
Australia yourwombat 
Imagine this situation: An EU team is always getting close to qualifying but keep on losing to other EU teams slightly better than them. So this team decides 'Hey, how about we go and live in Oceania/NA so we can qualify easier, we will finally be able to attend majors!' and suddenly all the teams qualifying are from the same region
2016-04-09 10:30
So? If they're able to do that, then enough teams would move that it would even out in the end.
2016-04-09 10:32
Australia yourwombat 
I think Renegades should be able to qualify through NA, but I have no idea what you just said, no idea how you mean something would even out? Im just pointing out a flaw that could be abused if teams got to qualify through other regions
2016-04-09 10:34
Korea Astonex 
Easy slot for MVP.Project
2016-04-08 23:36
fuck renegades. They should qualify like the rest of NA.
2016-04-08 23:41
not their decision, read this article and you'll realise the organisers are retards
2016-04-09 08:11
Australia yourwombat 
For the 100th time they have no choice in the matter
2016-04-09 10:28
Nice! Hope to travel there!
2016-04-08 23:42
Brazil vicTHOR 
Would be nice having some english stream to watch it. Call some duo just like DoA/Montecristo. Bardolph/Sadokist woul be a nice duo to cast this asian minor.
2016-04-08 23:44
Renegades shouldn't be in NA Minor since they are playing in NA (like Brazilians)
2016-04-08 23:46
aurora | 
Australia omag 
Because SA don't have a Minor so they go to NA. Same as Australia, no Australian Minor so they go to the Asian one
2016-04-09 06:42
2016-04-08 23:52
2 Korean slots... Hmmm
2016-04-08 23:55
kr team's none actually since 1.6
2016-04-09 00:14
Philippines gicama_ 
perks of hosting events on your country. most events need to do this so that they will be more people attending since the local scene can be represented
2016-04-09 00:30
last time Chinese Taipei only have one spot in minor
2016-04-09 04:35
2016-04-09 00:19
2 KR teams smh why is this allowed?
2016-04-09 00:21
Norway throatslit 
Stop inviting fucking RNG Asian qualifiers, they can play in the NA qualifier.
2016-04-09 00:31
no we cannot. for Valve majors we are barred from NA.
2016-04-09 00:45
Norway throatslit 
Really? lol it doesn't make that much sense, but it's valve so it shouldnt EDIT:nvm just read, now I understand, ty
2016-04-09 00:56
Why are you so passionate about them qualifying through NA, who tf cares when they still have to play NA and Eu teams in the qualifier?
2016-04-09 12:45
Norway throatslit 
Because for example in the Asian qualifier for ESL cologne 2015, two Australian teams got the major spots. AU CS is just better than the Asian,and by letting oceanic teams like renegades and immunity/Chiefs might destroy the opportunity for teams like tyloo, cyberzen, mongolz and so on. Valve should just do like they did for the major in Cologne 2014, where they had a online qualifier in Australia
2016-04-09 12:53
Dude asian cs is now better than australian cs anyways
2016-04-09 13:00
Tyloo 2-0ed Immunity recently
2016-04-09 13:14
Norway throatslit 
2016-04-09 13:30
Dreamhack Malmo qualifiers, reason why TyLoo is going to Malmo and it wasn't close
2016-04-09 13:53
Norway throatslit 
Wow gg by tyloo, they're sick
2016-04-09 13:58
Australia TotalEclipse 
You really don't know much do you? Maybe try sticking to subjects you know something about...
2016-04-09 17:50
Norway throatslit 
What did I say to provoke you? I must've hit a nerve, because you are overreacting
2016-04-09 18:53
You know there's another qualifier after the minor with all regions together, right?
2016-04-09 14:33
Norway throatslit 
Ye and that is where the winner of the Australian qualifier could go
2016-04-09 14:47
So why does it matter if the Asian teams get beaten at their own qualifier or at the worldwide qualifier?
2016-04-09 15:57
Norway throatslit 
Well splyce made it through, which means that probably the mongolz would've too, if they had visas. There will always be some weak opponents, so upsets are possible
2016-04-09 16:00
XigN | 
Korea BeastFeed 
Awesomeness, nice step for the scene.
2016-04-09 00:36
lets go tyloo
2016-04-09 00:39
2016-04-09 00:40
I hope Mongolz will top that shit again. Too bad they got denied in visas last time.
2016-04-09 00:49
One last time for people wondering. For Valve events they use your "Country of Citizenship" to decide where you play. We are all Australian Citizens and therefore have to compete in Oceania which is part of the Asia Qualifier. We would actually prefer to qualify in NA since C9/CLG/LG/Liquid/Splyce have already qualified for the major qualifier. This was also the case last time where we had to fly to Taipei to qualify. We dont pick and choice for majors we always have to play through OCE and ASIA. For standalone events (like ProLeague) if they allow us we can play in NA, because we do not have this competition at home. This rule is pretty obvious so it would stop a middle tier EU teams (say Godsent/efrag/sk as an example) moving to NA to get an easier qualifier. As for the Invite. It was purely chosen as the top2 finishes off the last qualifier (just like how the top8 get invited to the next major directly). Us and Mongolz finished top 2 and therefore we were awarded the invite.
2016-04-09 00:53
Australia yourwombat 
Not to mention back home aus teams have to qualify online using asian servers, don't think you guys will be having any other aussie teams over there with you, gl
2016-04-09 10:27
Australia TotalEclipse 
Mongolz and Renegades invited but not TyLoo? Wtf
2016-04-09 00:53
They made it to the MLG Offline Qualifier
2016-04-09 07:53
top2 of the previous Minor.
2016-04-10 09:40
Korea karlyn90 
2016-04-09 02:00
so much hate from Koreans for China again xD Renegades and TheMongolz have been handed invites based on their recent performances recent performances actually show that TyLoo have been killing the entire Asian scene but okay organizers, keep hating China
2016-04-09 02:05
Top two from the last minor in Taipei were invited, that being Renegades and Mongolz
2016-04-09 02:17
Not Australia WTF?
2016-04-09 02:21
kaze | 
Malaysia Swattax 
There better be no fucking way MVP.Karnal can qualify for this shit,not this time.But if they do ,they probably choke on the event again.
2016-04-09 02:26
ez for lunatic-hai
2016-04-09 03:21
Poor renegades they have to go to the better reigon
2016-04-09 03:30
Tyloo better
2016-04-09 13:01
2016-04-09 04:46
EZ FOR SK 2003
2016-04-09 04:55
LOOL everybody dont give a fuck about csgo in korean they dont even know wot is this game
2016-04-09 05:14
That is the point of this tournament, to make them more interested in the game.
2016-04-09 10:50
Australia enspia 
Why don't they ever have an Australian qualifier? We have a bigger scene than any Asian country and are always forgotten about for some reason
2016-04-09 06:20
australians are retards thats why, + everytime australian teams way too arrogant and then lose to c9
2016-04-09 06:44
RNG should not be eligible to play as they are completing with usa teams. The only way they qualify is NA minor.
2016-04-09 08:07
Australia yourwombat 
I have no complaint with who Renegades try to qualify under. Back home in Aus they are having an online qualifier and are forcing us to play on Asian servers, making us have a 120+ ping (200+ for a lot of others), unstable connection and they're giving us 2 days notice to register. Basically 0 Aus teams will make it through other than Renegades who are already invited, 10/10 pgl
2016-04-09 10:25
yeah i agree that is pretty shitty from pgl and oceanic deserves their own qualifier. Maybe giving 1 spot from korean qualifier to oceanic will solve the problem.
2016-04-09 10:44
I'm psyched to hopefully see tyloo in cologne
2016-04-09 06:35
Two slots for korean teams none for the middle east? How is this even fair? lol..
2016-04-09 06:57
Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
n1 #csgo2asia
2016-04-09 08:09
good job valve, Oceanic teams can't qualify, sick fucking job
2016-04-09 08:17
2016-04-09 09:06
mmm what happens with teams of Middle East,Oceania or India?
2016-04-09 10:58
I wonder why there r 2 slots for Korea, how many CSGO teams in Korea? Best Korean team MVP.project are rekt in SL-i league qualifier. They should give one more slot to SEA, one is enough for Korea
2016-04-09 12:27
And china 2 slot?
2016-04-09 13:38
Australians crying again The Australians want everything for themselves, they get Renegades in NA ESL league and now come to Asia to qualify for majors how bout Renegades put it all on the line and play TyLoo in a B05, if TyLoo wins, they get that NA ESL league spot (this is similar to Australia playing in Asia minors) Australia might be able to win against Koreans, Middle Eatern or Hong Kong teams but China will whoop their kangaroo ass :)
2016-04-09 13:51
World Raptrs 
that's why everyone hates china - Sinocentrism
2016-04-09 16:13
Australia TotalEclipse 
Cool story bro.
2016-04-09 17:52
Korea GodPutin 
Donxon Arena...
2016-04-09 15:39
ez mongolz
2016-04-09 16:20
Good job PGL, looking forward to see how the asian teams improved
2016-04-09 17:32
This is an outrage...
2016-04-09 17:57
Bosnia and Herzegovina im_not_toxic 
Faker vs Dendi - 1vs1 mid - match of century. let's gooooooooooooooooooo..........
2016-04-10 08:58
Wait Nexon eSports arena Nexon as in the game company?
2016-04-10 09:37
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