DH Masters Malmö viewer's guide

With DreamHack Masters Malmö kicking off tomorrow, we have put together all the information you need in our viewer's guide including the groups, the casters, the schedule, and more.

The event which offers $250,000 in cash prizes will be the first edition of Dreamhack Masters and will be played in Malmö, Sweden. The tournament will run from the 12th of April to the 17th.

Four groups of four teams will play the group stage off-stage in the Malmö Arena from April 12-14 but it will be covered by the broadcast team from DreamHack's studio located in Stockholm. Then the playoffs will be played on-stage from April 16-17.

The group stage will have a best-of-one GSL format but the decider matches will be played as best-of-threes. Top two from each group will advance to the playoffs that will start on Saturday, which means the teams will have Friday to themselves. 

Groups can be found below:

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Brazil Luminosity CIS Natus Vincere  Denmark Astralis Poland Virtus.pro
United States Liquid France G2 Sweden NiP France Envy
Germany mousesports  United States CLG Denmark Dignitas  Brazil Tempo Storm
China TYLOO Sweden GODSENT Poland CSGL Europe FaZe

*Hover over team names to see lineups

The playoffs will start with the quarter-finals and will be best-of-threes all the way through. The event will run for six days. Below is the full schedule:

Tuesday, April 12th
11:00 Brazil Luminosity vs. China TYLOO BO1
12:30 United States Liquid vs. Germany mousesports  BO1
14:00 CIS Natus Vincere  vs. Sweden GODSENT BO1
15:30 France G2 vs. United States CLG BO1
17:00 Denmark Astralis vs. Poland CSGL BO1
18:30 Sweden NiP vs. Denmark Dignitas BO1
20:00 Poland Virtus.pro vs. Europe FaZe BO1
21:30 France Envy vs. Brazil Tempo Storm BO1
Wednesday, April 13th
11:00 Group A elimination match BO1
12:30 Group B elimination match BO1
14:00 Group C elimination match BO1
15:30 Group D elimination match BO1
17:00 Group A winners' match BO1
18:30 Group B winners' match BO1
20:00 Group C winners' match BO1
21:30 Group D winners' match BO1
Thursday, April 14th
11:00 Group A decider BO3
14:00 Group B decider BO3
17:00 Group C decider BO3
20:00 Group D decider BO3
Saturday, April 16th
11:00 Quarter-final #1 BO3
14:00 Quarter-final #2 BO3
17:00 Quarter-final #3 BO3
20:00 Quarter-final #4 BO3
Sunday, April 17th
12:00 Semi-final #1 BO3
15:00 Semi-final #2 BO3
19:00 Grand final BO3

The following twelve-man crew will bring you all the action via DreamHack's twitch channel:

United States Sue "Smix" Lee - Stage host

United Kingdom Pala "Mantrousse" Gilroy Sen - Content / Mixed zone

Denmark Anders Blume - Commentator
United States Auguste "Semmler" Massonat - Commentator
United Kingdom Henry "HenryG" Greer - Commentator
Canada Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett - Commentator
United Kingdom Vince "Metuz" Hill - Commentator

United Kingdom Alex "Machine" Richardson - Panel host
United Kingdom Duncan "Thorin" Shields - Analyst
Serbia Janko "YNk" Paunović - Analyst
United States Jason "moses" O'Toole - Analyst
Sweden Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson - Analyst 

The winner team will take home $100,000 and the prize distrubition will look as follows:

1. - $100,000
2. - $50,000
3-4. - $22,000
5-8. - $10,000
9-16. - $2,000 

There are still tickets left if you want to watch the playoffs from the Malmö Arena and you can buy your tickets on Ticketmaster. 

We will also release a preview for the tournament in the upcoming hours, so keep your eyes open for that. Our crew will be in Sweden to bring you a full coverage of the first ever DreamHack Masters, including interviews, galleries, stats and more so be sure to follow @HLTVorg on twitter.

Follow HLTV.org writer BenjaCS on twitter.

Sweden Robin 'Fifflaren' Johansson
Robin 'Fifflaren' Johansson
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Serbia Janko 'YNk' Paunović
Janko 'YNk' Paunović
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Jason 'moses' O'Toole
Jason 'moses' O'Toole
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United Kingdom Henry 'HenryG' Greer
Henry 'HenryG' Greer
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2016-04-11 12:49
2016-04-11 12:59
easy for ENCE
2016-04-11 13:27
nt Nokia
2016-04-11 20:05
nt pierogi
2016-04-12 18:14
Israel MuslimLover 
No edit? K.
2016-04-11 14:24
Strg + V Op
2016-04-11 18:39
Da'Vi grill op
2016-04-11 14:40
2016-04-11 12:50
Faze + kio vs envyus will be interesting
2016-04-11 15:26
True that, i havent even thougt of that
2016-04-12 14:01
2016-04-11 12:49
tfw first 8 posts posted in the same second
2016-04-11 12:49
World runnr 
2016-04-11 12:49
Sweden erqqi 
2016-04-11 12:49
1 Kappa
2016-04-11 12:49
Awesome! Good luck to all teams.
2016-04-11 12:49
Slovakia VerySloVACGuy 
never 1st FeelsBadMan
2016-04-11 12:49
Germany ynck 
well you are first in saying "never 1st"
2016-04-11 12:55
2016-04-11 12:49
3 slow 5 real gods
2016-04-11 13:10
2 sekunde AUSHDUASHD
2016-04-11 14:52
ty :)
2016-04-11 12:49
Netherlands MikeyyM 
2016-04-11 12:49
2016-04-11 12:49
Poland dups 
bet vp all
2016-04-11 12:49
Poland DominnX26 
+123456789 ez skins
2016-04-11 12:56
lg easy
2016-04-11 12:49
Cyprus Biolosek 
2016-04-11 12:49
Czech Republic Flapy_ 
N1 ez NiP
2016-04-11 12:50
steel | 
Germany Antilope 
Sue Smix Lee <3
2016-04-11 12:50
2016-04-11 12:50
Poland ekedeke 
Freeday :v
2016-04-11 12:51
GL to all teams
2016-04-11 12:51
steel | 
Germany Antilope 
I hate Metuz
2016-04-11 12:51
Hungary FHarbor 
we need DDK & Black DDK :c Gl NIP
2016-04-11 12:52
Still janko among these analysts, are you for fucking real? Better get Thorin's mom, will be much lovely to watch tbh.
2016-04-11 12:52
Ynk is a genius, how dare you insult him
2016-04-11 12:59
More like opposite definition of genius, none of his predictions on last major were on point and guess why :)
2016-04-11 13:02
are you joking? he actually makes the most sense from all so called "analysts"
2016-04-11 13:06
Quote me at least 1 of his great analisies and i'll publicly apologise
2016-04-11 13:08
The analysts at the major were trying to give new viewers a sense of who the favourites are, so they weren't going with their heart and were just picking the favourite a lot of the time. Anyway, predicting which team will win isn't an analyst's main goal because who cares if they get it right or not? Ynk is really good at knowing which maps will be picked which allows him and the other analysts to gain more insight into how the series will likely play out.
2016-04-11 13:07
Youre real dumbass, do you even know what analyst means? TO ANALYZE GAME, NOT FUCKING GIVE YOU BETTING ADVISES also, how much?
2016-04-11 13:23
The reason why he's being analyst is that he must have decent understanding of the game and be able to provide quality knowledge to not only newcomers, but the ones that followed scene for years as well, but janko is not capable of neither of the shit apparantly, if he did, just give me at least one of his quotes from last analisies, i really doubt that you can :) I havn't been betting for about 8 month though, nice try though.
2016-04-11 14:31
Yes I don't get why he get hired for the Desk in Big Events > He doesn't know how to move in front of the Cam > He can't talk how he's supposed to > At least he knows the Game But being expert alone doesn't make you a good analyst for the Desk I recommend > YnK should be a Reporter that writes never talks NeVER
2016-04-11 13:50
wtf do you mean by those first two points?
2016-04-11 14:18
When you watch Hosts, analysts, Commentators they know how to stand, use there hands, move, sit they look natural in front of the Camera YnK he doesn't
2016-04-11 16:30
I know what you mean but you can see he is improving at that and it's not a big deal anyway
2016-04-11 17:33
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
look at all the folks replying to you and going apeshit defending ynk like it's their mom or little brother getting beaten.
2016-04-11 19:20
ikr, hltv is a fucking circus nowadays...
2016-04-11 19:25
2016-04-11 12:52
Edward | 
Moldova flymans 
Thorin <3
2016-04-11 12:52
Bump.... not first
2016-04-11 12:54
World fox>Kennys 
TyLooo!!! 11 Win this event!
2016-04-11 12:56
tyloo will win
2016-04-11 12:57
Ez for ence
2016-04-11 12:59
friday = no matches?? stupid3000
2016-04-11 13:01
Why's that? It's only fair the deciders also get a day off, so they can prepare better for the play offs.
2016-04-11 14:52
Oh good, I didn't want to work this week anyway
2016-04-11 13:02
can't wait to see Godsent, tempo storm and tyloo play. Awesome that we have an event like this right after a major
2016-04-11 13:05
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
tyloo ez
2016-04-11 13:05
HEN1 | 
Poland maxiu 
Cant wait for Faze vs Envy ! Its gone be sick if faze will win xD
2016-04-11 13:06
This is going to be a every interesting event as FaZe will be playing with Kio and they have not had much practice as a team and it is going to be interesting to see how he fits into the team. As many may know both Olofmeister and Guardian are suffering from wrist injuries this have made Fnatic pull out from competing at the event but Guardian has announced that he will be attending the event.
2016-04-11 13:08
Guardian doesn't play tho They have Standin
2016-04-11 13:38
Fnatic have announced that PlesseN will replace Olofmeister but they will not be playing at this event but they will be playing at the next PGL event. As for Guardian he will be competing at the event.
2016-04-11 13:42
Nope, starix replaced GuardiaN. Look at the news feed and read the latest update.
2016-04-11 13:50
Australia TotalEclipse 
Starix is playing for him...
2016-04-11 13:51
Fnatic doesn't play Guardian doesn't play Starix does play
2016-04-11 13:54
Yes Mirko I know that now.
2016-04-11 14:03
yes guardian will be at the event but he wont play starix is playing for him
2016-04-11 13:40
Ahh i see thank you for the correction.
2016-04-11 13:52
Godsent, KreyGasm..
2016-04-11 13:08
United Kingdom trtr098 
Kioshima will urinate on the baguettes who betrayed him
2016-04-11 13:09
2016-04-11 14:03
2016-04-12 08:52
inb4 kioshima 50 bombs every match eating baguette and playing with one hand against envy
2016-04-12 10:01
United Kingdom trtr098 
Probably gonna 360 t bag every corpse he finds
2016-04-12 10:20
VP win this cuz lan , lan = vp good comuncation xD
2016-04-11 13:14
A. Luminosity, mousesports B. G2, CLG C. NiP, CSGL D. Virtus.pro, FaZe
2016-04-11 13:20
CSGL? Are you serious?
2016-04-11 14:53
World Vidua 
He's not. In group D I'd put Tempo Storm above FaZe and who knows how well will EnVyUS perform - against G2 yesterday they've played really well. If VP gets out of this group it'll be a really tough road.
2016-04-11 15:20
Norway plusdeceit 
Atleast you had one from each group correct
2016-04-18 09:48
Hype gl NiP
2016-04-11 13:23
is this a major?
2016-04-11 13:23
Of course 1 Week after the last major
2016-04-11 13:43
made my day xd. I love such answers
2016-04-12 10:00
2016-04-11 13:52
Russia bralBry 
G2 better make it out of groups or they will face a storm of negative comments. boddy looks good tho
2016-04-11 13:26
Gux | 
Sweden EczeL  
Yes, his bodyy looks good
2016-04-11 14:37
Sounds like good days of cs
2016-04-11 13:28
Content / mixed zone? U mean interviews?
2016-04-11 13:29
Poland trancemeister 
VP & CSGL & Luminosity <3 C'mon guys!
2016-04-11 13:33
Godsent will beat NaVi. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST
2016-04-11 13:35
f0rest | 
Germany Gloin 
2016-04-11 13:36
2016-04-11 13:45
f0rest | 
Germany Gloin 
2016-04-11 16:39
Godsent have a Chance on this one - they are the only Skilled team that prepared for dis
2016-04-11 13:41
Talent Lineup -Machine + Richard Lewis -Ynk Cuz to many analysts and he isn't good at speaking in Public
2016-04-11 13:45
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
2016-04-11 13:48
G2 and NIP plz <3 + interest for Godsent
2016-04-11 13:49
Sweden godname 
noo richard lewis:(
2016-04-11 13:53
R8? Does make no sense Lewis >>>>> Machine
2016-04-11 13:55
frozen | 
Romania rtmpx22 
LG vs Tyloo... Sounds like a joke:))
2016-04-11 14:03
United Kingdom Dird 
hopefully there's some delays on Wednesday I wanna watch LG vs TL
2016-04-11 14:08
why ynk why pls no pls
2016-04-11 14:15
+Tosspot pleaseeee
2016-04-11 14:16
> twelve-man crew > Sue "Smix" Lee - Stage host
2016-04-11 14:37
no DDK combo? shit event then
2016-04-11 14:37
100k 1st only shitty tournament
2016-04-11 14:47
Stfu atleast we can host and poorland not
2016-04-11 14:54
You mean like Katowice?
2016-04-11 15:00
2016-04-11 15:17
BO5 final, please!!
2016-04-11 14:48
yeah, why not bo7, or bo9? Players may be fucking tired, have u ever thought of that?
2016-04-11 15:12
No, I did not think of that, my bad. Let's make it BO1 MR10.
2016-04-11 15:15
one bo3 match may continie like three ours. If it's bo5 it might 5+ hours. It's fucked up.
2016-04-11 15:45
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Luminosity vs NAVI/NIP/Tempo Storm in Final plox and a Bo5 Final, not a stupid Bo3.
2016-04-11 14:55
make it bo7 or bo9, could play couple maps twice, why not
2016-04-11 15:13
ez for ence
2016-04-11 15:00
no pansy, thanks god
2016-04-11 15:08
2016-04-11 21:46
Still remember united5.moses or TEC|moses. damn son.
2016-04-11 15:21
Brazil depa1 
Anders Blume - Commentator (FeelsGoodMan) best commentator ever...
2016-04-11 15:31
Europe g_G 
Not really he was good until mid 2015 with his fake reactions
2016-04-11 15:57
Brazil depa1 
Fake reactions? What do you mean? :/ u got some youtube link? I need to see that.
2016-04-11 22:21
2016-04-12 10:38
Izi luminosity
2016-04-11 15:53
Australia DabBoy 
2016-04-11 16:19
too ez for szpero
2016-04-11 16:33
Kaze | 
Malaysia Swattax 
Not sure if machine can handle thorin
2016-04-11 17:11
-smix +mantrousse
2016-04-11 17:28
Poland fr8_ 
R.I.P csgl
2016-04-11 17:34
great bo1s
2016-04-11 17:44
Ez Fnatic! Go go go
2016-04-11 18:05
No matchez on Friday, April 15th? lel
2016-04-11 18:20
group D is death! also glad to see fiff on the desk again dudes funny
2016-04-11 18:36
Stop hiring machine for for these events pls
2016-04-11 18:41
Basicly major without stickers and with a lower prize-pool.
2016-04-11 19:05
ez NiP
2016-04-11 20:01
Where the he'll is Dickie Lewis? Also, EZ for jOELz!
2016-04-11 20:06
Hoping for some underdog surprises this tournament. I need some new fresh blood in the top10 scene.
2016-04-11 23:08
Brazil hugoooo 
That money look so cheap now...
2016-04-12 02:07
Wait what machine in dreamhack event? I through he can only host esl events, btw i like him much better analyst desk host than sirscoot or richard lewis
2016-04-12 02:23
I want to see WorldEdit in G2 instead of silver Smithz,who can't play even online. And i am so sad,that WE is carrying Crapsid3,he needs better team.
2016-04-12 07:51
since when is semmler a american....god damn
2016-04-12 08:21
Liquid take this 1, ty for 100k$ s1mple gamble it all on stream thank me l8er
2016-04-12 08:22
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
nip to win this major
2016-04-12 08:45
how nip can win vs luminosity ?
2016-04-12 09:48
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
threat > fallen
2016-04-12 09:51
go TyLoo!
2016-04-12 16:24
If u want CSGOLOUNGE pREDICTS CHECK OUT MY TWITTER. twitter.com/CsgoPredictor (CsgoPredictor)
2016-04-12 19:15
Why not tomorrow, gah ;(! Finally when i have a day off.
2016-04-15 00:42
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