DH Open Austin groups, schedule out

May 3rd, 2016 03:38

Official groups and a schedule for the DreamHack ZOWIE Open stop in Austin, Texas have been released.

Taking place from May 6-8, DreamHack ZOWIE Open Austin will feature eight teams battling for $100,000 in prize money at the Austin Convention Center, in what is DreamHack's first ever tournament in North America.

Although European teams were originally slated to be invited, a busy event schedule ultimately changed the facts on the ground and the $100,000 event is now a North American and Brazilian brawl.

Tempo Storm will compete in Group B of DreamHack Open Austin

DreamHack have now announced the official groups and schedule for the event, with the groups found below:

Group A Group B
Brazil Luminosity Brazil Tempo Storm
United States CLG United States Liquid
United States Cloud9 United States Selfless
United States Splyce United States NRG

The schedule for the event meanwhile is meanwhile spread out over three days of weekend action, with the first day of group stage action featuring best-of-one opening and winners' matches but the next day utilising only best-of-three matches, even in the elimination games.

The top two teams from each group will then advance to single elimination, best-of-three playoffs on the final day. The schedule can be found below:

Friday, May 6th
21:40 Show Start
22:00 Brazil Luminosity vs. United States Splyce BO1
23:30 Brazil Tempo Storm vs. United States NRG BO1
01:00 United States CLG vs. United States Cloud9 BO1
02:30 United States Liquid vs. United States Selfless BO1 
04:00 Group A winners' match BO1
05:30 Group B winners' match BO1
Saturday, May 7th
16:30 Show Start
17:00 Group A elimination match BO3
22:00  Group B elimination match   BO3 
01:00 Group A decider match BO3
04:00 Group B decider match BO3
Sunday, May 8th
16:30 Show Start
17:00 Semifinal #1 (B1 vs. A2) BO3
19:30 Semifinal #2 (A1 vs. B2)  BO3 
22:30 Grand final BO3

You will be able to catch all the weekend's action over at DreamHack's channel. There are still tickets available for those wishing to attend the event in Austin, Texas, which can be purchased over at eventbrite.

stich writes for HLTV.org and can be found on Twitter

No EU teams = no good CS
2016-05-03 03:39
motm | 
United States teeKAYBE 
> defending major champions > no good CS ?????
2016-05-03 03:40
a great team playing against horrible teams = no good cs
2016-05-03 03:40
But LG against NA teams LG aways Suck bro
2016-05-03 03:44
motm | 
United States teeKAYBE 
What are you talking about? They finished first in EEPL which was against all NA teams
2016-05-03 03:46
Closed matches , almost lost against TSM
2016-05-03 03:49
motm | 
United States teeKAYBE 
LG on LAN is way better than LG online anyways
2016-05-03 03:50
But obviously the prize is 100,000$ i dont think that LG might be showing all their tactics .For me they are going to play with chill and let another teams win probaply tempo or CLG
2016-05-03 09:58
Lol no. Whats the point to just give away a tournament. They are going to play at their best like everyone else
2016-05-03 10:09
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2016-05-03 18:43
fallen going to organise a throw in the finals for his pet project
2016-05-03 13:35
well there's money on the linea and LG perform better when money is placed so LG all the way.
2016-05-03 23:33
Funny how the absolute worst round of CS I've seen this week, probably this month, and maybe ever this year was 2 EU teams playing each other. It was Hellraisers VS SK on overpass round 20 or something like that. Both teams could not have played the situation much worse if they tried.
2016-05-03 04:29
Greece hekzy 
You should watch more NA EPL then.
2016-05-03 08:17
2016-05-03 10:08
How convenient that you use tier 3 teams like SK and HR as an example of EU CS
2016-05-03 11:11
They are top 12 or so EU teams. I guess you are saying there are only like 5 decent teams in the world since only a handful of EU teams are a lot better than them?
2016-05-03 12:46
if youre looking at the hltv ranking you should probably leave the discussion threads and just Play your silver matchmaking to be honest.oh and btw youtube.com/watch?v=2_LnPzRtv3Q
2016-05-03 13:29
Not going strictly off of them, but they are pretty close and better than rankings provided anywhere else. Thorin's rankings are trash and don't go past 10 anyway. I guess there used to be esl rankings, but I haven't checked them in a while. I mostly just go off my own personal opinion and imo SK and HR are around 9-16 EU. You have the ESL pro league teams, Gambit, godsent, MK, and HR are the top 16 EU teams and there I don't see how you could really dispute that. I would say MK and F3 are definitely a bit worse than SK and HR and then it becomes kind of a toss up so maybe they are only top 14, but they are still somewhere around there.
2016-05-03 13:43
4 teams from the major, 1 semi, 1 quarter, 1 group, and the grand champ os not good cs? Its better then cevo gfinity
2016-05-04 02:50
nt Chris J's virgin ghost.
2016-05-03 07:17
luxembourg m8
2016-05-05 02:38
2016-05-03 12:28
2016-05-03 14:07
no eu teams = shittiest cs aka rather watch silvers
2016-05-04 02:23
fuck this stark kid
2016-05-03 03:39
Ez splyce lan gods
2016-05-03 08:34
Portugal dracø 
Ez for BR, NTC!
2016-05-03 03:38
2016-05-03 03:38
2016-05-03 03:38
oh wait, ez for summit
2016-05-03 03:38
Sweden godname 
2016-05-03 03:38
Brazil Torthi 
2016-05-03 03:38
lucky favelas
2016-05-03 03:38
Brazil MIBR_Top_One 
ez for lg
2016-05-03 03:38
United States snack- 
I think these are really good groups
2016-05-03 03:39
ez 4 summit
2016-05-03 03:39
Clg and LG final
2016-05-03 03:39
finals: LG X TS
2016-05-03 03:39
Argentina YH!one 
+1 I hope to see a BR final.
2016-05-03 04:33
Stacked group A c9 should be in group b for selfless/nrg for more even groups.
2016-05-03 03:39
Ez for Counter Splyce 9 Gaming
2016-05-03 03:40
Brazil diixon 
LG vs Tempo in Grand Final.
2016-05-03 03:40
Hungary Shaperz 
ez for ence I guess?
2016-05-03 05:58
Brazil diixon 
Obviously ez for professional eSports organization ENCE E-Sports from Finland.
2016-05-03 06:22
Selfless vs Splyce grand final confirmed by stich
2016-05-03 10:02
Right column teams will win all matches except C9 may upset CLG. Depends if Tarik and Cutler actually do something and help JDM
2016-05-03 03:41
what?? lool tariks been there best player by far lately
2016-05-03 04:06
If CLG loses it's mostly because tarik is not stepping up. He's their key player and he has to have impact. Not like he's doing bad, he just has to be consistent.
2016-05-03 13:20
zam | 
Brazil Teteu 
TSXLG Finals
2016-05-03 03:41
United States Say Apple 
Who the fuck made these retarded groups
2016-05-03 03:42
Brazil Desvain 
what do you suggest? it's 100% fair imo
2016-05-03 04:02
Hong Kong korean 
lg better win this or disband
2016-05-03 03:42
Iceland PrTz1 
BR final ez
2016-05-03 03:44
Ez for Splyce and Summit
2016-05-03 03:45
Ez 4 Ence
2016-05-03 03:45
Brazil Desvain 
Can't wait for the NA cry after seing a full brazilian grand final on their own tounrney :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2016-05-03 03:49
lol doubt it, remember when both LG and Tempo got knocked out at the iBP tourney? lmao
2016-05-03 03:54
Brazil Desvain 
iBP tourney was online and meaningless. Was that a 15k prize pool or something? This is LAN.
2016-05-03 03:55
think he's talking about the lan ibp tournament not the recent online one.
2016-05-03 04:18
True, but C9 still had Sean at that point, now they just look lost. Think it was 100k or something like that since C9 got 65k for first.
2016-05-04 02:15
Rip 1g
2016-05-03 03:50
Brazilian Final? I are think that
2016-05-03 03:50
Nice englando m8, Portugal first worlder education Kappa
2016-05-03 15:22
It's a meme lol, are you that retarded that you can't understand a joke? And you favela kids wonder why everybody hates you lmao.
2016-05-03 16:26
United States ViKaLiBuR 
I expect Team Liquid to be out
2016-05-03 03:52
EZ for non-NA in NA qualifier
2016-05-03 03:53
Brazil Desvain 
Semis: LG x Selfless TS x CLG Finals: LG x TS bromance showmatch
2016-05-03 03:54
Brazil diixon 
Selfless > Liquid ?
2016-05-03 03:59
Brazil Desvain 
Could go either way, but I'm guessing selfless for this one.
2016-05-03 04:00
Brazil ElianBR 
ez 4 favela
2016-05-03 03:55
LG vs TS in final ofc
2016-05-03 03:56
The schedule for the event meanwhile is meanwhile spread out over three days of weekend action Top writing kek
2016-05-03 04:04
The schedule for the event meanwhile is meanwhile spread
2016-05-03 04:04
2016-05-03 04:07
who let the monkeys out ????
2016-05-03 04:07
Finland Fherrera 
who who who
2016-05-03 10:12
C9 vs NRG in final
2016-05-03 04:07
2016-05-03 04:08
kids being like "tempo vs lg final" just like last time lmao gyazo.com/d6fa8ff7247cb93c8ce2a7b4ee7e11.. na tournaments are ez for na cuz they dont get JETLAG and br luckers dont lucky them so much
2016-05-03 04:11
+1 ez 4 summit against favelas
2016-05-03 04:14
Just like brazilian teams winning EU championships with JETLAG, right ?
2016-05-03 15:25
Luminosity Cloud9 CLG Splyce Tempo Storm Liquid NRG Selfless Cloud9 vs Tempo Storm Luminosity vs Liquid Cloud9 vs Luminosity
2016-05-03 04:17
man you really think c9 is better than they actually are.
2016-05-03 04:19
C9 over over LG in the Grand Final is a stretch, but I'm hopeful.
2016-05-03 04:20
I don't even think they'll win game 1 vs clg lol
2016-05-03 04:23
CLG >>>>>>>>> Cloud9
2016-05-03 04:31
2016-05-03 04:46
prove me wrong
2016-05-03 04:58
Hes clearly a fanboi, biased af
2016-05-03 05:58
Sweden godname 
why is they making only Na teams? is that beacouce they are so bad or what?? where is NIP,FNATIC,G2,Navi
2016-05-03 04:19
Apparently you missed the news as to why there are no EU teams.
2016-05-03 05:41
Spain x_Dovi 
Too ez for EU teams
2016-05-03 09:08
2016-05-03 04:22
koosta vs old team. Great opportunity to turn up, finally :D
2016-05-03 04:23
Once Professor_Chaos starts the hypetrain, LG are done
2016-05-03 04:25
Final lg vs. Tempo
2016-05-03 04:31
Luminosity VS Splyce- Luminosity Tempo Storm VS NRG- Tempo Storm CLG VS Cloud9- Cloud9 Liquid VS Selfless- Selfless Get your skins ready big bois!
2016-05-03 04:31
United States LilUziVert 
clg can easily beat c9 on lan
2016-05-03 05:00
True, but CLG is in a slump but then again its a LAN
2016-05-03 13:08
ez for summit
2016-05-03 04:32
inner cloud9 fangay activated EZ CLOUD9 EZ CLOUD9 FREAKA... oh wait EZ SPLYCE FREAKAZOID
2016-05-03 05:13
tarik | 
United States Origin22 
lets gooo CLG, really hoping they're in good form, they can dominate when both tarik and jdm turn up.
2016-05-03 05:15
steel | 
Germany Antilope 
PTR will go huge this lan,I hope Silent can Show up too.
2016-05-03 05:17
why only shit na teams, shit event, shit tourney, shit countries
2016-05-03 05:43
World lalt 
All invited EU teams skipped it (too busy schedule to fly to NA).
2016-05-03 15:27
Can we have a 1G in the chat for Splyce, pls ?!
2016-05-03 06:03
ez clg
2016-05-03 06:08
As much as I want to see an NA team in the finals, I think the Brazilians are just too much for them to handle. LG, obviously nothing needs to be said. With Tempo, their teamplay and game sense are better than any of the NA teams. On top of that, Tempo has a superior map pool. If there is an upset, CLG has the best chance in my opinion.
2016-05-03 06:16
We haven't seen the new liquid on lan so far, would be very happy to see them winning this tournament.
2016-05-03 13:29
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Nice groups, the brazilian final is possible, we can do it BOYS! LETS GOOOO #TSWIN and #LGLOYAL !!! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL!
2016-05-03 07:39
2016-05-03 07:40
LG vs Tempo final? don't get salty Mericans... i love me some CLG/C9... not sure why tho...
2016-05-03 07:42
that would be actually pretty awesome final
2016-05-03 08:11
my thoughts exactly..
2016-05-04 12:21
Boltz on that NA diet judging by the photo
2016-05-03 08:03
liquid with s1mple and godren would have won it :(
2016-05-03 08:06
No s1mple no hype Ez 4 Ence
2016-05-03 08:06
GO TEMPOSTORM!! im VP fan, but Tempo playing amazing
2016-05-03 08:10
NA Time ! Can't watch the matches :((
2016-05-03 08:54
those groups fucking suck for summit :/
2016-05-03 09:24
Basically smurfing for Luminosity.
2016-05-03 10:13
Go monkeys !
2016-05-03 10:21
the question is whos gonna get to the final with lg
2016-05-03 10:55
i want final LG vs Tempo gogogo
2016-05-03 11:42
Going be TS vs. LG on final! :D
2016-05-03 11:49
Good tourney ahead because sum1g will be there ;)
2016-05-03 15:14
ez summit
2016-05-03 15:24
Finals TS vs. LG. TS wins the tourney!
2016-05-03 17:00
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2016-05-03 18:45
why do Splyce always get the hardest teams lol? Fnatic at MLG Columbus, VP at CEVO, LG now. If they played against CLG or Liquid I bet they would have a chance.
2016-05-03 21:24
Germany sleezy 
i guess they took the ceo of splyce a bit too serious when he said "were capable of beating ANYONE"
2016-05-04 00:27
15 hours long day two? LOL
2016-05-04 01:57
lg vs splyce...tempo vs nrg 16-5 ez for both
2016-05-04 04:22
Luxembourg alex24 
tier10 tournament... passss
2016-05-04 15:32
ameen sister !
2016-05-04 23:59
LG vs Tempo gogogo
2016-05-06 06:52
autonipers nubs
2016-05-07 16:40
yah menebfb
2016-05-07 21:39
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