TyLoo to Cologne qualifier over VG

TyLoo are the second grand finalists of PGL KeSPA Asia Minor after a dominant performance against VG.CyberZen (2-0; Cobblestone 16-3, Overpass 16-9), which secured them a spot at the ESL One Cologne Main Qualifier.

After Renegades secured the first Main Qualifier spot following their narrow victory over TYLOO in the upper bracket final, it was time for the lower bracket matches on day three of the Asia Minor.

VG.CyberZen were pitted against Immunity in the lower bracket final and the Chinese learned their lesson from their first encounter in groups, where the Australian side ran away with Train after a dominating performance.

TyLoo through to their first Major qualifier

That map was that time around banned first and the roles swapped - VG.CyberZen were on the hammering side. Both Cache and Mirage ended up being one-sided affairs, as China's number two team only dropped nine rounds over the series to advance to the consolidation final.

There VG.CyberZen met TYLOO, which was a re-match of the semi-finals, and the dynamic to their rivalry hasn't changed.

While Vici were quite close to overcoming their nemesis at the start of day two, this time they barely took a swing as TYLOO dominated Cobblestone 16-3 and topped it off with a comfortable 16-9 victory on Overpass.

With that, TYLOO secure the second Asia spot for ESL One Cologne's Main Qualifier. The team list now looks as follows:

France G2 Russia Gambit Europe FaZe Germany mousesports
United States Cloud9 France Envy United States Splyce Ukraine FlipSid3
CIS Empire Russia FLuffy Gangsters Australia Renegades China TYLOO
North America NA Minor #1 North America NA Minor #2 Europe EU Minor #1 Europe EU Minor #2

The grand final between Renegades and TYLOO, their third best-of-three encounter at the event, is scheduled to begin at 11:30.

Nepal blackieJESUS 
2016-05-07 14:51
Tyloo gonna qualify for the MAJOR, mark my words.
2016-05-07 14:52
Austria db42 
i dont think they will stand a chance vs mouz/g2/nv, but the rest? definitly possible.
2016-05-07 16:50
nV is arguable. Tyloo beat LG in a bo3, they can surely defeat the french side
2016-05-07 16:52
Austria db42 
yeah, people dont consider the fact that LG most likely didnt practice after they just won the major though, and a week of practice / not playing gets you to such things ;d
2016-05-07 18:59
True but still, practice or no, its still a tall task to defeat the major champions
2016-05-07 19:00
i dont think fallen or zews would let them off totally, surely they practiced, not as much as before the major, but still.
2016-05-07 19:11
United States SoNftw 
It was barely a week and you're making this excuse? All they do is play. LG clearly underestimated Tyloo and got overwhelmed. Credit should go to Tyloo instead of excuses being made for LG.
2016-05-07 19:39
totally agree with sonftw
2016-05-08 07:21
United States SoNftw 
2016-05-09 07:02
tyloo teammates are truly admire niko and kennys, i think they probably will lose confidence when facing nv and mouz
2016-05-07 17:37
They beat LG in a bo3 but you think they couldn't drop mouz (onliners except for Niko), g2 or an off form nV?
2016-05-08 02:39
Austria db42 
see above. if mouz actually stops throwing rounds away they can still gain even more potential, they havent lost a game with less then ten rounds in ages, they rest is really depending if their players are on point or not, otherwise ez 4 tyloo... or if mouz only has a game with niko showing up they will have chances too, yes
2016-05-08 11:59
is Tyloo in the group with mouz and f3?
2016-05-07 16:57
yeah, but i think they will get through. F3 is heavily weakened without Bondik now, i bet they can beat them pretty convincingly actually if they just practice enough. Mouz is a whole another beast. If they get lucky theyll face Mouz without Nex or ChrisJ playing good, they would have a slim Chance then, but it will be though.
2016-05-07 19:14
hope they can survive. an experience competing with a strong team like mouz and the highlights maker niko definately benefits them.
2016-05-07 19:33
i want them to get through too, really excited for Asian CS in general.
2016-05-07 19:34
every chinese fans are expecting tyloo STICKERs! i might put 4 foil tyloo on my ak47 basic xD
2016-05-07 19:41
Would look awesome on my ST red laminate! TyLoo holo ftw, please qualify
2016-05-08 02:39
Those aren't groups, just the list rofl.
2016-05-07 19:55
Those aren't groups, just the list rofl.
2016-05-07 19:53
oh wow, i didnt notice that
2016-05-07 19:57
okay. got_rekt
2016-05-07 19:59
this is a goddamn list
2016-05-08 01:38
Nice one guys!!
2016-05-07 14:51
2016-05-07 14:51
jks | 
Lithuania HomeInvader 
2016-05-07 14:51
Bulgaria Kreasiner 
2016-05-07 14:51
steel | 
Germany Antilope 
2016-05-07 14:51
Poland F3niT 
Nice match GG
2016-05-07 14:51
tyloo can be top team easly
2016-05-07 14:51
2016-05-07 14:51
2016-05-07 14:51
2016-05-07 14:51
I stand corrected.
2016-05-07 14:51
United Kingdom Jinksie 
WP tyloo
2016-05-07 14:51
chrisJ | 
Hungary baGO. 
2016-05-07 14:51
2016-05-07 14:53
holy shit u guys are so fast wtf
2016-05-07 14:51
RIP Savage.
2016-05-07 14:51
Good luck at qualifiers, you're gonna need it :)
2016-05-07 14:51
niiice, go TyLoo!
2016-05-07 14:51
lets go tyloo, lets hope they qualify
2016-05-07 14:51
,,aus desewe more slot to major,, ,,we gona rekt this NA nobs,, never forgot old Vox team
2016-05-07 14:52
good london
2016-05-07 17:08
ofc, let aus play in NA minor and they can get qualified for sure
2016-05-08 03:50
Germany Mortak 
visa problems incoming
2016-05-07 14:52
Poland general007 
2016-05-07 15:46
allu | 
Germany MacBig 
Still better then toilet cleaner countryor USGay
2016-05-07 16:38
Poland general007 
LOOOOOOOOOOOOL stfu Europe ruiner and better protect ur women - gihad is comming soon...
2016-05-07 17:02
Portugal jO7A 
AUS getting rekt by chineses LMAO
2016-05-07 14:53
DaZeD | 
Netherlands Floor109 
BR getting rekt by chineses LMAO What's your point? Asia is proving to be a strong contender if they get more practice against proper teams.
2016-05-07 16:44
nukkye | 
Australia riotbz 
+1 these guys r legit, keen to see them at the major (no chance they dont qualify)
2016-05-07 16:49
Ireland Mackey91 
very good to have tyloo at the qualifier, they already prove they capable to beat good teams
2016-05-07 14:53
flusha | 
China kingofx 
which teams to major directly?
2016-05-07 14:54
jks | 
Oceania Klashik 
the top 8 in the major qualifier (the teams listed at the bottom of the news post) go to the major
2016-05-07 15:00
flusha | 
China kingofx 
i mean beside these teams , where are the tier1 teams ?
2016-05-07 15:30
top 8 columbus teams
2016-05-07 15:43
flusha | 
China kingofx 
thx m8
2016-05-07 15:46
Mexico hu5h 
Top 8 for MLG I think LG Na'Vi NiP Astralis Liquid Fnatic CLG Virtus.Pro
2016-05-07 15:44
Good job, 8/8
2016-05-07 15:47
flusha | 
China kingofx 
ok, thx m8
2016-05-07 15:48
tnx Jose
2016-05-07 16:12
why no fnatic astralis nip lg and navi in the major
2016-05-07 15:02
They're too shit
2016-05-07 15:03
This the main major qualifier....those teams you stated auto-qualified for Cologne since they got into the playoffs aka quarter finals onwards in MLG Columbus.
2016-05-07 17:17
TyLoo deserves the win, also pity for VG.CyberZen, but pls keep fighting, don't be frustrated! There will be a lot of chances in the future! Come on! China CSGO!
2016-05-07 15:01
How does c9 manage to get these piss easy groups every event?
2016-05-07 15:04
those aint groups m8
2016-05-07 15:06
The groups are nowhere near being announced, we don't even have all the qualified teams yet.
2016-05-07 15:07
Tyloo will beat Renepause trw ~~~~~
2016-05-07 15:06
kek, because the pause was definitely not technical and was only bad for Tyloo
2016-05-07 15:13
Australia kTw0 
Chinese bitches XD Pauses were because of Korea's shitty servers. It actually helped top Renegades momentum salty MingLee how much?
2016-05-08 03:58
So, keep biting people, Aus dogggg:) noob team pls need more pauses and your dad noob team is so weak and rubbish :))
2016-05-09 02:59
rain | 
Norway LakSeey 
gl retarded headsets
2016-05-07 15:06
Tyloo qualify for major pls
2016-05-07 15:08
poor vg
2016-05-07 15:12
2016-05-07 15:13
ESL Cologne will set records for highest viewer ship if TyLoo qualifies
2016-05-07 15:24
Europe Instabait 
xiao jb?
2016-05-07 15:39
flusha | 
China kingofx 
2016-05-07 15:41
Australia weedloll 
who tf calls them vg
2016-05-07 15:28
2016-05-07 15:32
Jordan LBJ 
RIP VeryGames
2016-05-07 15:38
Europe Instabait 
ri ni ma, gun xiao jb
2016-05-07 15:38
Serbia whoa!! 
Envy playing a qualifier for the major :( FeelsBadMan
2016-05-07 15:53
2016-05-07 16:09
2016-05-07 16:41
2016-05-07 16:47
2016-05-08 03:54
RIP LG RIP VeryGames
2016-05-07 16:21
ez group
2016-05-07 16:22
Wp Tyloo, Best of luck hope to See them at the Major
2016-05-07 16:26
unfortunately wasted qualifier spot, they never get their visas
2016-05-07 16:55
Now they are going to eleague for more practice hope they will be more stronger in major qualifier
2016-05-07 16:57
United Arab Emirates p1peb0mb 
haha envyus disband plz
2016-05-07 18:36
yay tylooo lets go boys. keep improving one step at a time.
2016-05-07 20:00
Fuxk Renepause :)
2016-05-08 13:59
Tyloo really good, China NO.1.
2016-05-08 14:42
jks | 
China JangS 
GJ for TyLoo
2016-05-08 14:46
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