Americas Minor groups & schedule out

MLG revealed the groups and the schedule for the MLG Regional Minor Championship Americas that will take place in Columbus, Ohio.

Six teams from North America and two from Brazil will battle it out at the MLG Arena from May 19-22 for a prize pool of $50,000 and two spots at the ESL One Cologne Main Qualifier.

The squads are divided into two groups where a GSL format will be in effect as the opening, the winners' and the elimination matches will be best-of-ones while the deciders will be played as best-of-threes.

boltz & co. will be in Columbus

The team participating via the South American qualifier will not be BigGods as they had visa issues and the newly formed WinOut team will be replacing them in Group B, where they'll go up against teams such as OpTic and Selfless. Below is the full groups:

Group A Group B
Brazil Tempo Storm Canada OpTic
United States NRG United States Selfless
Canada Without a Roof  United States Winterfox
Canada TSM Brazil WinOut

The playoffs will be adopting a double-elimination format and all the matches will be best-of-threes. Winning two best-of-three series in the playoffs will guarantee a spot at the Major qualifier. The full schedule can be found below:

Thursday, May 19th
18:00 Brazil Tempo Storm vs. Canada TSM BO1
19:10 United States NRG vs. Canada Without a Roof BO1
20:20 Canada OpTic vs. Brazil WinOut BO1
21:30 United States Selfless vs. United States Winterfox BO1
22:40 Group A - elimination match
23:50 Group A - winners' match
01:00 Group B - elimination match
02:10 Group B - winners' match
Friday, May 20th
18:00 Group A - decider match BO3
20:20 Group B - decider match BO3
22:40 Semi-final #1 BO3
Saturday, May 21st
18:00 Semi-final #2 BO3
20:20 Upper bracket final BO3
22:40 Lower bracket final BO3
Sunday, May 22nd  
18:00 Consolidation final BO3
20:20 Grand Final BO3

You can go to our event page for more information about the Americas Minor.

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Poland MatiPasio 
2016-05-12 21:42
2016-05-12 21:42
2016-05-12 21:44
2016-05-12 21:55
2016-05-12 21:58
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2016-05-13 00:29
you realize the whole 'are u mad' thing came cuz taco was raging, right?
2016-05-12 22:15
They dont seem to be raging these days. :D so i dont care :D
2016-05-12 22:16
they were raging when there was a player better than them in the scene. Now that s1mples gone, they think they're #1
2016-05-12 22:28
fer | 
Brazil maiazin 
lmao stop making me laugh mad amerifat
2016-05-12 22:56
you seem to be raging, not laughing. if you need any more help with what feelings mean what be sure to let me know or google it
2016-05-12 22:57
you are the biggest BR hater in this website. You dedicate so many time in hating BR that I believe your life is pretty miserable.
2016-05-13 02:04
Is that like the comeback or something? Either way, it's really ironic coming from a favela. the only reason you guys get your hate (everyone hates you, it's not rare) is cuz you guys are retards and fucked up. if you werent, no one would hate you guys. nt ironic favela
2016-05-13 03:24
Not ironic my friend. When I see someine spending so much time in hating others, I imagine that his/her life is miserable as fuck. I mean, you must be a lonely guy who has got nothing better to do beside distillate all this hate for free. Btw, I dont give a fuck about the hating. But I feel really sorry for your misery.
2016-05-13 05:27
You clearly don't. So by your logic, it's ok to be a retard, but not ok to hate the retards? Explains you guys.
2016-05-13 19:28
where did I say it was OK to be a retard? I was just talking about you, that devotes so much time to hate. It seems like you got nothing better to do.
2016-05-13 19:35
You said I was 'miserable' because I'm hating on LG. For 1, I'm not hating on LG, I'm hating on the fans. I think LG is pretty cool The fans = retards. You are a favela so I wouldn't be surprised if you didnt agree
2016-05-13 19:39
I said you were a BR hater.
2016-05-13 19:40
I don't hate BR, the country. I have a few irl friends from there. I hate the retarded LG/TS fans. There's a diff
2016-05-13 19:41
Ok, nice chatting here, see ya.
2016-05-13 19:42
By the way i saw the guys from LG talking about him... I really believe they hate s1mple mostly cuz he felt confortable being arrogant and stupid to other people just cuz he dropped ~everything~ to be there. But LG dropped country,family and girlfriends too, and they always were much more respectful than him. Not cuz he is a ~potential~ top player.
2016-05-13 02:58
He was kinda stupid. The difference is LG had a choice, he really didn't. It's no excuse for his retardedness, but he cant rlly be compared to lg in that case
2016-05-13 03:30
Brazil Marcola 
Brazillian finals inc again
2016-05-12 21:49
Turkmenistan bearsboys 
EZ for OpTic
2016-05-14 04:29
Keiti | 
Canada Lizzie 
2016-05-12 21:42
Poland Astoner55 
NT poorlak
2016-05-12 21:43
New top 3 NA CS Luminosity Tempo WinOut
2016-05-12 21:44
nope: LG Liquid C9
2016-05-12 22:15
Monkey | 
Brazil Cupinxa 
lol Tempo just rekt Liquid and C9 on bo3's and lan
2016-05-12 22:32
very rekt favelas and their definitions of rekt
2016-05-12 22:49
you can suck my dick, and dick to favelas, they have the best team in world atm :) btw im not from brazil
2016-05-12 22:55
look, just cuz you favelas are gay and like having ur dicks sucked, it doesn't mean everyone else does. ya know most of us like girls, not other guys. but since you've never been with one you dont know what its like
2016-05-12 23:00
hahahahahahaha, i think you are the one who has never been with girl, instead you are typing here typical shit, about favellas, but yes, you are jealous.
2016-05-12 23:04
you were the one asking people to suck your dick, not me. it's coming out of your words that you're gay. why would I be jealous? If I wanted to be gay I could easily be lol nt tho macaco
2016-05-13 01:35
y0u ar3 actually act1ng like illiteral gay. i was saying you are jealous because brazilians have lg, and you have nothing, because you are cancer, and you are fakeflagger faggot
2016-05-13 03:06
all of a sudden we've gone from how you're gay to how I'm jealous. get new ideas dude, this is getting boring. the autism from you brazilians are real
2016-05-13 03:27
who is brazilian?
2016-05-13 03:28
2016-05-13 03:32
absolutely wrong, coming from europe
2016-05-13 03:33
you all say that
2016-05-13 03:34
im not all ;)
2016-05-13 03:36
you're a part of all ;)
2016-05-13 03:53
United States GeT_ReiCh 
Tempo hasn't even played Liquid in a Bo3 since the RGN LAN
2016-05-13 00:00
United States GeT_ReiCh 
You said on a LAN, that was an online qualifier
2016-05-13 09:41
fer | 
Brazil maiazin 
it wasnt me and the other favela said "lol Tempo just rekt Liquid and C9 on bo3's and lan" bo3's AND lan
2016-05-13 20:07
Luminosity Liquid Tempo
2016-05-12 22:38
LG C9 TL is top3. recent results shown a bit diff, but this is the average over past 3 months.
2016-05-12 22:50
desagree :) atm ts > c9, TL
2016-05-13 02:30
ofc, ur a favela. favelas don't agree with anything besides favelas being #1
2016-05-13 03:28
nope. just my opinion. sorry if u desagree
2016-05-14 10:57
i hate my life and i wanna die
2016-05-12 21:42
Brazil prkz0r 
no, don't do that, life is beautiful xD
2016-05-12 22:03
2016-05-12 21:42
United States verminkt 
another BRvBR grand final, when is NA gunna stop losing teams to favelas
2016-05-12 22:05
2016-05-12 21:42
ez 4 without a roof
2016-05-12 21:43
2016-05-12 21:42
2016-05-12 21:42
vs. Without a Roof somebody give dem a roof :d
2016-05-12 21:42
Brazil lokodecrack 
companies are willing to hire brazilian teams more than USA teams now because salary is lower and rate of success = higher
2016-05-12 21:48
They dont know what counter strike is without slemmy aka someone telling them exactly what to do.
2016-05-12 21:50
ay lmao gg
2016-05-12 21:42
2016-05-12 21:42
2016-05-12 21:42
Brazil rFM 
2016-05-12 21:42
2016-05-12 21:42
Netherlands ghostcrendor 
2016-05-12 21:42
2016-05-12 21:42
GLHF to everyone
2016-05-12 21:42
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Let's go BRAZIL! We can do it... <3
2016-05-12 21:43
2016-05-12 21:42
Keiti | 
Canada Lizzie 
2016-05-12 21:42
2016-05-12 21:42
2016-05-12 21:42
2016-05-12 21:42
Bulgaria mutafow 
2016-05-12 21:42
2016-05-12 21:42
Dosia | 
ez for ence
2016-05-12 21:42
2016-05-12 21:42
Hong Kong korean 
2016-05-12 21:42
2016-05-12 21:42
Spain Silber_ 
GL Mixwell and OpTic
2016-05-12 21:42
shox | 
Latvia kebab_b 
2016-05-12 21:42
only 2 SA teams :(
2016-05-12 21:42
LG is already at the major
2016-05-13 00:21
2016-05-12 21:42
2016-05-12 21:42
frozen | 
Brazil fgw1z 
only 1 slot guys ?
2016-05-12 21:42
Brazil 1kuNg 
2 slots, read the fucking thing.
2016-05-12 21:44
frozen | 
Brazil fgw1z 
ok sry
2016-05-12 21:46
ketchup | 
Belgium fRe2k 
2016-05-12 21:42
Brazil jlp5 
1 week to practice rip Winout
2016-05-12 21:42
Brazil tdst 
ence will win
2016-05-12 21:43
ez WinOut, yel + destinyy gg world
2016-05-12 21:43
Ez for optic
2016-05-12 21:43
Poland Astoner55 
Inb4 grand finals OpTic vs TS, match will be 50/50 boyz
2016-05-12 21:44
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
Where is splyce? not invited?
2016-05-12 21:44
Splyce go directly to the Offline Qualifier because they were at Columbus
2016-05-12 22:09
Ukraine FaZe_UW0TM8 
Most of these are joke teams, the only team that deserves to be in the qualifier, then in the major, is tempo storm. Dignitas, GODSENT or Hellraisers wont qualify because only 2 go forward, but some optic or tsm will qualify. tldr: 3 spot for eu, 1 spot for NA pls
2016-05-12 21:45
Czech Republic kuole 
CIS minor is problem, it should be EU/CIS for 4 spots, now 2 teams will get rekt like YP last time
2016-05-12 21:53
Ukraine FaZe_UW0TM8 
+1 totally forgot about cis and i agree
2016-05-12 22:26
Why does Winout replace Bigods instead of INTZ? didn't key went out in quarter finals? Is winout replacing keyd or g3x spot?
2016-05-12 21:47
only keyd/g3x has visas
2016-05-12 21:50
Oh dude, why do they play the tournament without visas wtf. They should start doing their visas at least 6 months before the qualis...
2016-05-12 21:51
Brazil jlp5 
qualis were announced 1 week before the event
2016-05-12 21:53
+1 really stupid that intz didnt replace them, but I think that is because cogu and co have visa issues as well
2016-05-12 21:52
why should a much worse team replace them when keyd top3 SA? idiot
2016-05-12 22:19
fer | 
Brazil maiazin 
maybe because INTZ reached the finals and Keyd the semis?
2016-05-12 22:58
INTZ went farther in the qualifiers while keyd lost in the semis, it's only fair. Are you okay bud/ you seem a bit upset
2016-05-13 03:24
intz gave the slot to winout, since they have almost no visas.
2016-05-13 05:01 "In a common agreement, we gave the slot to @teamkstars (winout). We believe they are more prepared to represent our country."
2016-05-13 05:04
That's shady. I smell money.
2016-05-13 16:42
intz didn't have visas ready.
2016-05-14 02:31
aurora | 
Australia omag 
RIP TSM Edit: Ez for TSM
2016-05-12 21:48
Should be easy for Optic and Tempo but we'll see.
2016-05-12 21:52
Brazil ilovemywife 
HAHAHAH i knew they would have visa issues
2016-05-12 21:52
I hope without a roof wins =)
2016-05-12 21:52
so sick of seeing brazilian teams they should have their own minor in SA
2016-05-12 22:04
Agree,, that will improve sa scene as well.
2016-05-12 22:05
Brazil ilovemywife 
oh m8 they cant do shit they are too god for SA
2016-05-13 12:17
Brazil XEMBAO 
rip winout hahaha
2016-05-12 22:05
Brehze on lan? i think yes
2016-05-12 22:10
Denmark andersvinde 
LMAO if you click on winout it says they only have danish players
2016-05-12 22:25
New Zealand tyteg 
ez for temp
2016-05-12 22:33
C9 not here or at major?
2016-05-12 23:04
They are already at main qualifer (they got invited) every teams who plays at majors gets direct invites to the main qualifer
2016-05-12 23:48
2016-05-13 00:58
Another brazilian final.
2016-05-12 23:05
Canada Zebski 
I think it will be TS vs OpTic.. If OpTic can beat Astralis and have 2 close games against LG they can hopefully beat WinOut, Selfless and NRG :P
2016-05-13 01:54
itll be ta and optic to the qualifier
2016-05-12 23:12
Canada Zebski 
My prediction Group A: TS vs TSM = TS NRG vs WAR = NRG TS vs NRG = TS TSM vs WAR = TSM TSM vs NRG = NRG Group B: OpTic vs WinOut = Optic WFX vs Selfless = Selfless OpTic vs Selfless = OpTic (selfless bad on LAN) Winout vs WFX = WFX WFX vs Selfless = Selfless Semis TS vs Selfless = TS OpTic vs NRG = OpTic Final: TS vs OpTic = 2:1 OpTic
2016-05-13 01:59
Jordan KKona 
2016-05-13 03:39
so ez for TS and Optic
2016-05-13 04:02
cogu | 
Brazil rESN 
TS and Optic to qualify
2016-05-13 05:09
Brazil FaZe_Top_One 
ez for TS
2016-05-13 05:19
So, Tempo confirmed qualify... you would think... Maybe Optic, or Selfless if they show up to game..
2016-05-13 09:49
Where are renegades
2016-05-13 11:07
Renegades qualified already through the Asia minor because they are from aussie but just play under a US name they are going to be at the major qualifiers and hopefully qualify
2016-05-17 17:44
Portugal ryndzoff 
EZ for Tempo Storm
2016-05-13 16:43
No c9?
2016-05-13 16:46
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