ELEAGUE Friday broadcast list

May 26th, 2016 02:47

Below you will find an international broadcast list for Friday's Group A ELEAGUE finale, which will go live on TBS and across other distribution platforms around the world.

On ELEAGUE's media day, several figures involved with Turner and the production mentioned that the group finale, which is to be broadcast live on TBS in the United States of America, would also be distributed to over 80 countries across the world.

ELEAGUE have now released a list of the distribution networks involved in broadcasting the Group A finale, with the final number surpassing 80 countries by a substantial amount and spread out over fourteen regional networks.

Note that not all of these networks are necessarily via television, but they have access to the live feed from the studio.

ELEAGUE's Friday broadcast will go out to over 80 countries

Viewers who wish to catch the finale strictly on ELEAGUE's Twitch channel will still be able to enjoy the best-of-three action, as they will see the Observer Feed with gameplay and commentary included. However, the full show including the arena and on-set talent can be caught on TBS.

The global distribution list for the ELEAGUE finale is:

Region Networks
China China HuoMao
Russia Russia Starladder
Other Latin America El Sporte Interativo
Czech Republic Czech Republic O2 Channel
Europe Pan Nordic Viasat Paid + Free
Poland Poland MTG World
Germany Germany ProSiebenSat.1
Other Africa SuperSport
Europe Balkans Sport Klub
France France MCM
Netherlands Netherlands FOX
Other South East Asia Astro
Other South East Asia Turner
Other South East Asia ASN

Fans in the United States wishing to watch the broadcast online and not on their television can also log in via the Watch TBS platform or app and enter their cable service provider to gain access.

The ELEAGUE Group A finale will take place at 04:00 in a best-of-three that will decide which team will qualify for the playoffs of the 24 team event in the final two weeks.

stich writes for HLTV.org and can be found on Twitter

2016-05-26 02:47
2016-05-26 02:50
GG fox
2016-05-26 06:19
Anyone know if those tv channels have posibilities to watch the channel "online"? AND FOR FREE? (TBS requires the cable service provider log-in details i think..) Would be more interesting watching the whole broadcast with a vpn.. Than just the twitch-stream. (sorry for replying)
2016-05-26 10:58
You can watch on twitch
2016-05-26 17:16
You can't.
2016-05-27 00:57
check stream2watch not quite sure if they got turner there but at least worth a try
2016-05-27 20:35
dupreeh | 
Portugal wholk 
ez no sportv transmitting this lul. portugal always na vanguarda!
2016-05-26 03:05
FAK I was 2nd.
2016-05-26 02:47
nt jew
2016-05-26 21:03
ty friend
2016-05-26 21:44
Run :-s
2016-05-27 06:51
EliGE | 
United States CiToX 
Can't wait to watch this :D
2016-05-26 02:47
Norway DeanW 
2016-05-26 02:47
2016-05-26 02:47
but these stream are from twitch and not on televison arent they? i mean in germany they dont show it in the television
2016-05-26 02:51
last thing i heard was cbs shows this, so no not on german tv but you can find a cbs stream
2016-05-26 02:57
yeah with shit quality
2016-05-26 03:00
can be good, can be shit, depends how good you are
2016-05-26 03:02
2016-05-26 03:41
Germany andoRRR 
that's a highlight program with highlights from last week. So June 1st will be a highlight show from Group A, June 8th will be Group B, etc etc. There's no live content in German TV.
2016-05-26 04:24
Reality destroyer level 100 lel
2016-05-27 07:19
It's only on tv every Friday
2016-05-26 03:02
gob b | 
Germany creaven 
they show it on television on prosieben maxx every wednesday midnight starting on 01.06.16 but only highlights not full matches i think
2016-05-26 03:09
Yeah pretty sad. Why would I watch the game 4 days later and only highlights? just for the onstage talent that probably arent included in the highlights?
2016-05-26 03:21
And it's like 4am the Game between 4 - 8am nothing is going anyway just doesn't make any sense They should just take some 99Damage Guys -> Give them Crash Course how to Cast Hire some 27 Year Old Kid that does animations and Pam Ezy cheap Show at 4am And People might actually watch it Doesn't make any sense to me why Pro7 are so tighten I mean I am sure TBS made them pay some Scrilla But well sad to see that they don't believe in ESports yet (4am) even tho a lot more successful network that knows what they do (NBA, PGA) does in the US Actually fuck it safe some money and ask them if you could broadcast 1:1 what they broadcast on TBS its still just fucking 4am and nobody would watch there Stuff at that Time anyway Like Serious I am not even Mad more sad that we have people in Power of our Entertaining Company's that can't do the easiest Math in the World Just to make the math quick 4am = rerun from Primetime = nobody watches that shit 4am = ELeague = Gamers that are interested in Eleague are still up or already up = actually people watching your fucking channel I have none intel about the price they pay for what kind of Broadcast But I feel from what I know they are stupid
2016-05-26 04:43
I am pretty confident they already have the Rights to provide the entire broadcast.... Also jus broadcast the english version since the time is faked up anyways
2016-05-26 12:16
The best part is that the location where the players are playing from is est, and the game will probably end near 1:30 or 2 am est, they really didnt give a good time for anybody except maybe West Coast NA and East Asia.
2016-05-26 15:13
Thats what I say 10pm EST Is 4am Europe Is Prime Time West Coast I think that is a smart move because a TV Network that is convinced about the hole thing is more likely to broadcast it at 4am then 7pm
2016-05-26 16:48
They will probably broadcast a reply on west coast that starts at 10 pm
2016-05-26 18:27
I think TBS is dedicated enough to this to broadcast this live at 8pm
2016-05-26 19:09
2016-05-26 02:47
gob b | 
Germany creaven 
2016-05-26 02:47
Canada Vcoss 
2016-05-26 02:47
Canada theSWBFman 
2016-05-26 03:04
Canada Ne0Squid 
2016-05-26 03:20
2016-05-26 05:07
Germany svNNN 
+4 fagl0rds Kappa
2016-05-26 06:31
2016-05-26 06:39
2016-05-26 21:44
2016-05-28 02:01
2016-05-28 02:08
2016-05-26 02:47
2016-05-26 02:47
2016-05-26 02:47
What the fuck is El Sportivo?
2016-05-26 02:48
2016-05-26 03:11
Or in others words only in Brazil and not Latin American.
2016-05-26 03:16
2016-05-26 03:17
Its Tru TV for Latin America
2016-05-26 04:42
Tru TV? but the channel not transmit many programs.
2016-05-26 04:51
Well in my country, Eleague appears on the programming for this friday, so...
2016-05-26 15:37
In my country nothing :(
2016-05-26 17:25
TruTv on 211 on Vtr and movistar i dont fucking know .... TruTv is to latín América and el sport interativo is on Brasil. Brasil is not latam :)
2016-05-27 11:21
United Kingdom AdamLallana 
2016-05-26 02:48
Esporte Interativo is broadcasting all the matches here in brazil.
2016-05-26 02:48
Latin America: EI Sportivo (Turner) I am guessing EI stands for Esporte Interativo. Don't know what the fuck Sportivo is doing there tho. And it is the only sport channel that Turner has in Latin America.
2016-05-26 03:12
Could be that
2016-05-26 03:49
mimi | 
Brazil mZERAAAA 
[Esporte Interativo = Brazil] =/= [EI Sportivo = Spanish]
2016-05-26 05:40
All I an saying is that someone fucked up and saw EI (as in ei) and thought it was el for some reason. google.com.br/search?q=El+Sportivo+Eleag..
2016-05-26 08:48
World Max_Eason 
Is this on in the UK
2016-05-26 02:48
yeah... on twitch
2016-05-26 02:50
Only in game on twitch. No desk ect.
2016-05-26 09:45
device | 
United Kingdom kstm 
Download a program called Kodi. Then google how to get TBS on it :D
2016-05-27 11:35
World Max_Eason 
Haha i like it, Going to extreme lengths so that we can watch it on TV rather than Twitch.
2016-05-27 11:38
I have my PC plugged into my TV so I can watch the Twitch stream on my TV ayy lmao
2016-05-28 02:11
do you have link to some guide of how to get TBS on it?
2016-05-27 19:06
yoo foxport free or what weet iemand daT?
2016-05-26 02:48
Nee, helaas niet gratis. Het is op FOX Sports kanaal 6 en dat is een betaalzender. Wordt komende zaterdag tussen 12:00 uur en 15:00 uur uitgezonden. Dit is de link naar de website van FOX Sports: live.foxsports.nl/live/tv-gids/?_ga=1.24.. Klikken op zaterdag 28 mei en dan doorscrollen naar 12:00 uur. Dan zie je hem erbij staan ("eLeague Counter-Strike: Global Offensive").
2016-05-26 21:25
dankje zal s kijken of ik dat kanaal kan ontvangen op een andere manier haha :)
2016-05-26 22:32
k0nfig | 
Denmark nalleB 
Eww Viasat
2016-05-26 02:48
Desværre men hvilken viasat kanal er det?
2016-05-26 11:45
tv3 sport 2
2016-05-26 23:28
Portugal dracø 
can't wait to watch!!! oh wait -.- fak u RTP y u no broadcast :(
2016-05-26 02:49
it actually sucks that RTP will only broadcast CS:GO Portuguese Tournaments when they could cast the most important as well.
2016-05-26 03:10
You can not watch through the Esporte Interativo? (EI Sportivo (turner) Broadcast in Portuguese BR, via Twitch, mobile application (for subscribers) and TV subscription
2016-05-26 04:18
2016-05-26 02:49
2016-05-26 02:50
rip favelas
2016-05-26 02:50
Brazil 1kuNg 
lol whats your point?
2016-05-26 02:57
no tv broadcast
2016-05-26 02:58
#15 #27
2016-05-26 03:01
Brazil 1kuNg 
you are wrong, we have a channel that is broadcasting every match, even the tuesday matches.
2016-05-26 03:05
Oh nice!
2016-05-26 03:08
EI Sportivo (turner) Is broadcasting all matches live TV, mobile application and Twitch. :)
2016-05-26 04:21
Is GOTV an option?
2016-05-26 04:42
no, is cleanfeed ( i think the name is this ) sound and video from the studio without the voice of the casters.
2016-05-26 05:08
Other nars 
you are wrong, sorry :)
2016-05-26 03:14
brazil is latin america
2016-05-26 03:39
oh lmao i was looking for the flag
2016-05-26 03:55
sucks that with the best team in the world playing a tier two team it's likely to be a blowout unless liquid beats LG ofc but that would be like the biggest upset this year lol
2016-05-26 02:50
Tier 3/4*
2016-05-26 03:08
you dont think c9 is tier two still? maybe i have weird definition but usually when teams consistently qualify for shit i consider them tier two
2016-05-26 03:11
2016-05-26 03:10
Brazil skfanboyhue 
Esporte Interativo is broadcasting all the matches here in brazil. (2)
2016-05-26 02:51
Sport Klub 1 or?
2016-05-26 02:51
I think its 1.
2016-05-26 05:13
fer | 
Argentina MyMatkhev 
In which chanel of turner i can watch eleague? Trutv? Tbs?
2016-05-26 02:57
I have DirecTV, TruTv is the 220
2016-05-26 06:15
don't know why but i have 0 interest in this tournament, from the twitch numbers i guess a lot of people feel the same
2016-05-26 02:59
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
2016-05-26 03:03
Portugal dracø 
2016-05-26 03:12
i guess it's because this league is so fucking long. Group stage has matches between all teams, but it doesn't matter, because then there are playoffs even if you get 0-6. This is so boring. It should be only group matches, than we would have two groups being decided per week.
2016-05-26 03:19
yea this is strange, i dont get it. Liquid sucked and they can still win these 2 matches. wtf
2016-05-26 12:12
But they wont, they have to play LG.. Also, the tournament is obviously so they can have the best 2 teams play on national tv, it has little to do with the qualifying.
2016-05-26 15:40
yea this makes sense.
2016-05-26 15:43
The games start at like prime work / school time in NA here on the weekdays when most people are gone during the day doing stuff.. Viewer count is going to be a lot lower obviously than if it was on a saturday / sunday... And the EU audience is going to be lower because of no EU teams playing atm.
2016-05-26 04:20
i like to watch na tho i mean lg are soo good rn
2016-05-26 04:22
Well thats good :) still though lots of EU'ers don't really give two shits about watching NA teams even with LG playing.
2016-05-26 04:30
i watch pretty much all NA games and its so sad to see that there isnt atleast 1 super t1 team in NA... So much talent and so little dedication :(
2016-05-27 02:45
Twitch numbers likely like that because only NA teams and LG in this group, they'll likely grow in the more interesting groups
2016-05-26 19:36
xeta | 
United Kingdom Lonom8 
Nothing for UK i guess?
2016-05-26 03:00
Yep, I hope someone streams an acestream or something
2016-05-26 14:28
xeta | 
United Kingdom Lonom8 
That's so fucked
2016-05-26 14:53
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
good thing I don't own a tele and have zero interest in this league, so I can't be arsed keeping up with it until the playoffs start in july.
2016-05-26 03:02
lol csgo2Africa
2016-05-26 03:03
Australia? Fox sports again? idk
2016-05-26 03:03
Australia DishD 
looks to be twitch only, no tv broadcast here in Oz
2016-05-26 03:13
RIP Sweden :(
2016-05-26 03:07
why no one cares about swedish language :C
2016-05-26 08:30
So we miss out on the desk? Fuck this TV bullshit the Twitch stream should have the same feed.
2016-05-26 03:08
Australia DishD 
+100, i get that Turner want peps to watch on TV, but when a major part of the viewers are going to be from outside the US, u'd think they could show the whole studio broadcast on twitch..
2016-05-26 03:15
Most of people dont watch for the Onstage stuff and on camera talent. Most people watch for the games. I think the twitchstream will also have 60k again.
2016-05-26 03:23
There isn't even a way to watch the TV broadcast if you aren't in a region that has rights, it is fucking stupid. Gimping the Twitch stream isn't going to drive that many viewers to TV anyway.
2016-05-26 03:58
2016-05-26 16:10
rain | 
United Kingdom shitbruh 
2016-05-26 03:08
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
2016-05-26 03:11
ELEAGUE to SVT/tv4 pls :D
2016-05-26 03:11
SVT & Tv4 are not Viasat bro =/ FellSOOOOFkingBadMan Checked all Viasat channels and no fcking E-League on friday..
2016-05-26 03:15
really? why is that?
2016-05-26 07:46
They showed it on Viaplay yesterday, the feed was from some other country's Viasat Sport, so will probably be the same again. But don't bother, it was a straight-up twitch feed with worse quality and delay. Viasat has a new channel eSportsTV HD so don't know why they're not showing it there. Not that many have that channel yet.
2016-05-26 09:53
Yeah thats true, shit stream =/ I know man, they should send it there and have it live a PPV that u can buy every show or something like that. I mean, Sweden is one of the biggest cs country so why dont air it? Fucked up imo!
2016-05-26 13:49
Denmark clutchkongen 
im watching it on viasat sport 2, dunno if its the same in sweden.
2016-05-28 06:58
Yea i know, viasat is for rich people though Fucking studiebidrag FeelsBadMan
2016-05-26 14:18
haha fucking studiebidrag xD I got Cmore, not Viasat doe..
2016-05-26 15:02
Yea man, hard life x) Cmore is even more expensive, its like 60-70 euro/month :(
2016-05-26 15:45
Denmark ziGa DK 
Denmark: TV3 Sport 2
2016-05-26 03:11
2016-05-26 15:48
Denmark clutchkongen 
indeed! +1
2016-05-28 06:59
2016-05-26 03:12
god fucking damn it australia you pieces of shit
2016-05-26 03:12
Europe KirokiMax 
why so salty?
2016-05-26 03:15
Because our telecasting networks are hopeless when it comes to getting coverage for international events. In particular there hasn't been any esports coverage on our free to air and pay-tv networks.
2016-05-26 03:26
Lol how is that possible from a country like Australia? I have on my TV in Serbia all international channels like HBO, Eurosport, BBC and CNN(I dont watch them) and a lot of sport channels so I can find any sport event to watch :)
2016-05-26 15:52
every time something good happens and AU is left out it's a reminder that we're basically north korea but without the internet restrictions, no HBO, geoblocked netflix now this
2016-05-26 03:45
At least our ISP don't give a shit about pirates. If there was a way to get content legitimately it wouldn't be a problem.
2016-05-26 03:59
Sportklub in Serbia? Ayyyyy LMAO that is Serbian sport channel only, I cant believe I will watch csgo on that channel xDDD
2016-05-26 03:14
Slovenia umadbrah 
Yeah, same in Slovenia, its going to be fun
2016-05-26 07:00
Greece hekzy 
Excuse me but.. Care to explain what Sportklub is? I only have: Motosports ESPN EuroSports Novasports(my provider) Do you think any will collaborate or do collaborate with SportKlub?
2016-05-26 07:27
Sportklub is sport channel in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.
2016-05-26 15:10
Greece hekzy 
Rip me then. Why the fuck did they say Balkans and not former yugoslavian staes? Bulgary? Albania? Greece? Romania? Turkey? Fucking rip, i are think that.
2016-05-26 15:12
Well honestly I doubt they will broadcast csgo @ Sport Klub, its serious sport channel.. And even if they did so, I will not watch that on tv :)
2016-05-26 15:23
Greece hekzy 
I'd fucking watch it on tv just to show my parents that eSports is a thing..
2016-05-26 15:25
Hmmm well nice idea, maybe I should do that. Everytime my dad see me playing cs, he is like "why that warriors your whole life?" xDDD
2016-05-26 15:31
Greece hekzy 
Just go like. Look on TV, dad, I'm a professional.
2016-05-26 17:07
nije na sportklubu ne brini, pogledaj programsku shemu pa ces vidit da nema nista :O
2016-05-26 11:01
mozda ce ga kasnije ubaciti :P
2016-05-26 13:09
mozda :D pogledat cu na tvu kasnije ako pise ali znam da mi imamo isti program samo drugi komentatori tako da mora negdje pisati.
2016-05-26 13:11
Ma ne verujem da ce oni prenositi csgo, nisu ludi :D Ja imam 4 kanala sport kluba i verovatno ce prenositi ovaj tenis, kosarku Olimpijakos-Panatinaikos, nba, itd..
2016-05-26 15:09
Znam al zašto je onda autor ovog clanka napisao balkan - sportklub...
2016-05-26 15:28
Ne znam ja sam sad pogledao na tv-u sta je sledece na programu na ova 4 kanala i sve je sport, jedino sto sam video na SK1 je "CHTV: PAT NEVINS-BEST GAMES" i pishe da traje od 22:15 do 23.
2016-05-26 15:34
CS bi kao trebao biti sutra ili u subotu ujutro ne danas..
2016-05-26 15:43
Ma nema ni za vikend sad sam gledao programsku shemu, mozda ubace naknadno mada sumnjam.
2016-05-26 15:47
Serbia L-A 
Sad sam pogledao na teletekstu i pise da prenose na Sport klubu 4, videcemo da li ce biti. A prenos je na Sport klubu 5, upravo gledam.
2016-05-28 04:15
Brazil hansenbr 
cant wait to see it
2016-05-26 03:21
That moment when you live in SEA and have no cable tv FeelsBadMan
2016-05-26 03:22
Guys, For Latin America will be: "Tru Tv" not "El Sportivo" that's for Brazil only. Thanks!
2016-05-26 03:25
yeah I feel like they made a typo there, I'll see if I can confirm and fix it
2016-05-26 03:41
My colleague it's going to be the Official caster. I know, you don't know me, but I'm talking with him right now I'm the L.A. production still doesn't have any official Social Network community manager :/
2016-05-26 03:44
Same guys from BrekanTV? Or someone else?
2016-05-26 19:29
Someone new. New to the Arg. Scene even.
2016-05-26 20:27
And... just to add something: We speak spanish, they speak portuguese ^^
2016-05-26 03:45
yes I think everyone except idiots knows that :D
2016-05-26 03:48
<3 good work Stichininho
2016-05-26 03:49
2016-05-26 09:32
where did you see it's gonna be broadcasted in Sport Klub (Balkan)? Because I've checked the tv schedule for Friday and Saturday and it's not in the schedule.
2016-05-26 12:19
I kod nas nema ništa na programskom shemi.
2016-05-26 17:39
Pogriješio je sigurno ovaj autor teksta. Hahaha
2016-05-26 19:12
pan nordic=sweden?
2016-05-26 03:25
Pan Nordic = Viasat = Norden.. But no airtime in Swe :( Just Denmark, Norway and Finland.. rip
2016-05-26 03:30
Brazil romp  
For brazil is Esporte Interativo ( turner ) .
2016-05-26 04:03
Iceland PrTz1 
El sportivo = Esporte Interativo
2016-05-26 14:23
Canada Lizzie 
once again Canada doesn't exist
2016-05-26 04:16
:< sad story.
2016-05-26 04:21
2016-05-26 04:36
The maple syrup place connected to burgerland.
2016-05-26 04:38
Oh man, I love maple syrup... who makes that?
2016-05-26 04:41
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
O2 Channel? What's that supposed to mean?
2016-05-26 04:36
Czech Republic Skleepy 
No idea. Only thing I know is O2 Sport and there´s nothing here. CZ probably got scammed.
2016-05-26 09:15
i think it will be on O2 sport
2016-05-26 10:38
I know that O2 with Prima cool streamed DH and ESL final on special Twitch channel. I wrote to O2 sport FB page with no responce yet. I hope they will cast it live on TV. They can afford it so easy with their multidimension TV. Or with HBBTV like prima cool did last major.
2016-05-26 11:24
For admin ! In france is not MCS, but MCM for watch Esports in TV. And i looked, MCS don't exist in france :)
2016-05-26 04:38
what are you talking about, MCS is a french only network, of course it exists in france... they will broadcast eleague on their channel MCS extreme starting in july smartcast.ninja/2016/05/25/mcs-extreme-r..
2016-05-26 11:04
France Speedself 
Thanks, I couldn't find when it will be broadcasted ^^
2016-05-26 19:19
Everyone better be watching this on tv. Support esports!
2016-05-26 04:40
surely this will be on kodi somewhere
2016-05-26 04:44
Brazil: Esporte Interativo with Octavio Neto, the myth
2016-05-26 04:45
There's no such thing as "El Sportivo". It's called 'Esporte Interativo' and it's available only in Brazil
2016-05-26 04:46
I thought 'El Sportivo' was a pretty sweet name. 'Esporte Interativo' is even better. :)
2016-05-26 09:03
not having the tv spots on twitch is a bad move, they are kidding themselves if they think people will turn on TBS just for the desk.. I don't even have cable tv so I'll be watching it on my tv.. but it will be through twitch, rip. *edit fyi - I'm an Aussie living in the states, no fake flaggerino
2016-05-26 04:52
Yeah, that's fucked up. I don't even own a TV
2016-05-26 04:55
Just your average kiwi chilling with no esports tv except for large league of legends events, who the fuck watches league?
2016-05-26 05:33
Thanks TBS Not like canada wants to watch it. Give Africa a Place to watch it not the F***ing country that is above you. #tuck FBS
2016-05-26 05:41
South East Asia Astro South East Asia Turner South East Asia ASN Get neither
2016-05-26 08:00
yeah you can watch it in africa but not in many european country..
2016-05-26 08:06
2016-05-26 08:32
Finland is pan nordic
2016-05-26 09:09
Norway RainTop1HLTV 
In Norway, it starts at 4 AM?!!!! viasat.no/sport/fotball/uefa-champions-l..
2016-05-26 08:55
So it's not shown live then? It'd be on at 4am live here, but TV hasn't been invented here yet.
2016-05-26 09:06
Oh I don't think I have that channel :(
2016-05-26 09:08
Norway Noreg 
rip i no have channel
2016-05-26 09:23
Norway RainTop1HLTV 
same :(
2016-05-26 13:03
Other anarh1st47 
Starladder cis
2016-05-26 09:18
2016-05-26 09:23
didnt realize i get to see this on viasat, great actually
2016-05-26 09:26
Sweden Daquan 
What's the point for us to watch it on TV
2016-05-26 09:32
Spain thinkii 
where's Spain? Kappa
2016-05-26 09:35
Not on sportklub tho...
2016-05-26 09:39
Yeah, just checked the schedule and there's nothing on Friday: sportklub.com.hr/programska-sema :/
2016-05-26 16:14
ik, stich made a mistake. :( I felt hyped for a moment.
2016-05-26 16:15
whats the point in having a tv league when half of Europe cant watch half of the stream cuse its on tv stations which are inaccessible...
2016-05-26 09:42
no tyloo no focus, fk idiot eleague orgers
2016-05-26 10:00
MTG is Polsat?
2016-05-26 10:18
SEA has 3 channels and i have none of them [*]
2016-05-26 10:23
[*] I feel you
2016-05-26 18:26
Poland charmeleon 
wtf is MTG World
2016-05-26 10:29
i googled it and its supposed to be some polsat
2016-05-26 11:40
Poland jakbu 
Probably Polsat Viasat Explore.
2016-05-26 13:44
2016-05-26 22:58
yo stich, where did you read it's going to be on Sport Klub (Balkan)?
2016-05-26 10:37
Europe Scottxaxa 
Is this on TV in the UK. I want to watch it on TV not Stream.
2016-05-26 10:39
Germany Bongskie 
it is going to be shown on ProSiebenSat.1 ? Why can't i find it D:
2016-05-26 10:43
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
i saw it being casted on twitch with pro7 name
2016-05-26 10:48
wird nur auf twitch von horstor und muxor gecastet
2016-05-26 10:54
Germany Bongskie 
2016-05-26 12:06
scroll nochmal hoch zu kommentar #6 und lies selbst.
2016-05-26 11:00
where best strem saigon
2016-05-26 10:44
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
no CS:GO on LNT *sadface*
2016-05-26 10:47
1mpala | 
Ukraine he-he  
we want greatfrag/babam to cast!
2016-05-26 10:47
i want babam om ding!t
2016-05-26 10:53
Anyone know if those tv channels have posibilities to watch the channel "online"? AND FOR FREE? (vpn<3)
2016-05-26 10:49
Viasat= stream2watch.co/live-now/live-tv/ru/vias.. u can also watch TBS with US Ip via VPN: tbs.com/watchtbs/index.html
2016-05-26 11:10
You can't watch with US IP, you need to log in with your US TV account, so that's not going to work. :(
2016-05-26 17:38
You can see it in twitch you know. Will be broadcasted there too.
2016-05-26 15:39
"Viewers who wish to catch the finale strictly on ELEAGUE's Twitch channel will still be able to enjoy the best-of-three action, as they will see the Observer Feed with gameplay and commentary included. However, the full show including the arena and on-set talent can be caught on TBS." Maybe read before commenting :)
2016-05-26 17:08
I have been watching the entire group stage on danish tv already with stage and talent. Viasat has been showing it every night.
2016-05-26 10:59
Even though it says 04:00 CET it has to be 16:00 rigth, no way it is actually 04:00??
2016-05-27 00:44
it's at 4:00 at night,cuz it's evening in US dude.
2016-05-27 17:23
got it! was just wondering cause the other days show started at 18:00 CET
2016-05-27 17:25
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
Can't find anything about it being broadcasted on FoxSports NL here. But if so, the dream line-up: Kees Jansma and Jan van Halst in the studio, with 'El' Sierd de Vos & Evert ten Napel commentating :D "Oohohoh, die dekselse FalleN weer. Als een duveltje uit een doosje schiet hij hier zijn team op voorsprong."
2016-05-26 11:04
Netherlands Tiezzynator 
tvgids.tv/tv/eleague-counter-strike-glob.. zaterdag om 12:00 uur wordt het uitgezonden, helaas heb ik zelf geen fox sports :(
2016-05-26 12:34
Netherlands Tiezzynator 
tvgids.tv/tv/eleague-counter-strike-glob.. de goede link, doe andere werkte niet om een of andere reden
2016-05-26 18:43
ma chaine sport Failfish
2016-05-26 11:15
viasat is like 10.000.000 channels ffs.
2016-05-26 11:31
mir | 
Serbia Krimzynn 
I checked Sport Klub programme scheme and there isn't any CS matches scheduled there , on neither of their 5 channels.
2016-05-26 12:01
5 channels I have only 4 FeelsBadMan
2016-05-26 14:44
Maybe they wont broadcast group stages..or they are just waiting to see who will play, and then put it in sheldue.
2016-05-26 19:12
any swiss faggots knowing where to watch it ?
2016-05-26 13:11
I have TBS DirecTV Argentina (channel 216) but the matches are not being bradcasted. ez cry ez suicide
2016-05-26 13:27
Argentina Reymon 
TruTV my friend
2016-05-26 18:00
channel 220 . i checked it out no csgo tournament on the list
2016-05-26 18:25
Argentina Reymon 
2016-05-26 21:02
Poland jakbu 
MTG World = probably Polsat Viasat Explore.
2016-05-26 13:46
To everyone in Czech Republic. I just got response from O2 facebook page. They will broadcast live on O2 Sport channel, but only 8. And 9. Week. So its mean they will not broadcast group stage.
2016-05-26 14:05
Czech Republic trapeh 
That's fucking retarded.
2016-05-26 16:48
China ranxiaoxuan 
gg huomao
2016-05-26 14:16
Gina | 
Andorra HLTV_FBI 
So how am I going to watch it in Estonia? Viasat Sport Baltic doesn't have eleague in list.
2016-05-26 14:37
How do I watch in Denmark? oO
2016-05-26 15:47
Denmark clutchkongen 
if you have viasat-sport2 then you can watch it there.
2016-05-28 07:01
Acun please :D
2016-05-26 16:33
No ELEAGUE on Sport Klub schedule.
2016-05-26 16:38
Africa? bu b but with what language lol?
2016-05-26 17:13
SuperSport in South Africa broadcasts in English. The rest of the African countries, that I am not too sure about lol
2016-05-26 18:06
Para ARGENTINA aparecen en la grilla de TruTV a las 23hs. Cablevision comun canal 64 Cablevision digital canal 455 Cablevision HD canal 675 Telecentro comun Canal 61 Telecentro digital canal 419 Telecentro HD Canal 1075 DirecTV digital canal 220
2016-05-26 17:30
Brazil PlasticB0Y 
the fuck is " El Sportivo "
2016-05-26 19:09
favela has CS:GO on TV suck it eurofags
2016-05-26 19:27
We have too, retard.
2016-05-26 20:33
but favela is a poor place favela is top1 now and on TV!
2016-05-27 02:36
Nemas...pise da je na Sport Klubu al nije.
2016-05-27 11:48
Where can i get the english stream? the favela stream its really shitty
2016-05-26 20:06
Switzerland pazzo0 
"EL sportivo" We dont even speak spanish to have a channel with this name lol is ESPORTE INTERATIVO
2016-05-26 20:31
How can we watch this in canada? Is it on cbs or something?
2016-05-26 20:45
Literally it is not available to us :/
2016-05-28 05:01
Nothing in the middle east and north africa Goodjob ELEAGUE
2016-05-26 22:13
Twitch it :)
2016-05-26 22:39
Austria punkyx18 
c'mon u have real war and bombs, why do u need to watch on tv ?
2016-05-26 22:41
Such an authentic and an original joke, are you Jerry Seinfeld? Have you ever heard of him? Do they teach you english wherever you live?
2016-05-27 12:04
France whitx 
Kinda disappointing that the whole show is not Twitch, since TV is absolutly dead to me
2016-05-26 22:43
Same, who the fuck watch TV nowadays!?
2016-05-27 03:16
its just "Esporte Interativo (turner)" not El Sporte Interativo fix that pls
2016-05-27 03:35
Brazil romp  
2016-05-27 03:57
Please remove Balkans - Sport Klub cuz clearly it won't be broadcasted there.
2016-05-27 11:49
Could be that
2016-05-27 17:30
On what channel will it be broadcast in Somalia?
2016-05-28 02:11
AUsttralian stream plz
2016-05-28 04:06
Yugoslavia iksveili 
It is broadcasted on Sportklub 5 in Balkan (y)
2016-05-28 05:23
Canada vesCah 
is it broadcast here in canodia? checked through my guide on shaw and dont see it :(
2016-05-28 06:01
TruTv: Lantin America El Sporte Interativo: Brazil
2016-05-31 23:46
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