Cloud9: "Firepower is our strength"

Cloud9 answered various questions at an ELEAGUE press conference following their 2-0 victory against Renegades in the second Group A semifinal.

The duel between the second and third seeded teams in Group A of ELEAGUE Season 1 ultimately came down to Cloud9 winning Cobblestone 16-3 and Cache 16-11 against Renegades.

Assured of a spot in the televised grand finale, Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert and Jake "Stewie2K" Yip answered questions put to them by ELEAGUE's interviewer Chris Puckett and's Michal "stich" Malachowski, among others.

How has the team grown and developed since hitting the road at the beginning of the month?

Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert: To be honest Alec "Slemmy" White came in and he had his own ideas, and obviously we had a core, so right when he came in it was going to be kind of a clash. There's always a friction between ideas and the main difference was us all getting on the same page with how we wanted to play each map.

What is the greatest strength of the team right now?

Jake "Stewie2K" Yip: I'd say our firepower and our ability to read the other team. We do pretty well when we mid-game read, we get to comm [communicate] to each other and talk about what we see here and we adjust and sometimes it's sloppy but I feel like that's our strength.

What was different from yesterday's two games against Renegades to today's games?

Jake "Stewie2K" Yip: Yesterday was more of a seeding kind of thing so we knew that if we won the first map we would secure second seed and so on Cobble we were caught by surprise to how they played. Today we kind of knew that they were going to pick Cobble again since they beat us; they had a strong CT-side yesterday and I don't know why but they started on T-side today...I think.

Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert: Yeah, yeah.

Jake "Stewie2K" Yip: So I guess that was their mistake.

What was different about your game specifically on Cobblestone?

Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert: Well Mike "shroud" Grzesiek's clutches and performance were definitely important in getting us revved up. Like Stewie said, we definitely weren't purposefully not playing well, some people on the forums said "they're throwing" because they were seeding matches yesterday.

We wanted to win it but it's definitely a different intensity when we know we have to win it.

So today, we noticed they like to use drop so we tried to change up our passive defense set-ups a little. Luckily like I said Mike won those clutches but overall I think we just had a little bit better set-ups for what they did.

Cloud9 were more prepared for Renegades on Cobblestone in the semifinal

Is Cache your strongest map in the pool right now?

Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert: I would say it fluctuates, with the way pistols in this game and economy in this game is, the CT-side of Cache can be so tough if you say, lose pistol, win the first gunround, then lose that next round, your money is're lucky to even get five in that half.

Whereas if you simply just win that next round you can get eight or nine rounds on the half. I feel like we're good at Cache, Cobble, Dust2, Overpass, Train, there's a little bit of a weakness for us in the last couple I mentioned, but I say we're pretty well rounded on those five maps.

Stewie, the beginning of this year was probably a little painful for you guys at first since a lot of people questioned your addition and a lot of your teams' strategies, how does it feel to see today's result mark a kind of milestone both for your team and for your development as a player?

Jake "Stewie2K" Yip: I got criticised when I first joined the team and I just tried to ignore that. I never really let anybody tell me that I can't do something or that I'm not going to be able to do it or that I don't fit the team so I'm glad that Cloud9 gave me this opportunity.

I have my weaknesses, I have problems that I need to face so I feel like having such veterans on this team to lead me and give me good ideas and kind of just form me into a smarter overall player helps me a lot and without them I wouldn't play as well.

Jordan, do you feel like you matured this year in your overall sense of Counter-Strike?

Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert: I definitely have matured a bit, doing a leadership role is strange since I've always been a kind of secondhand leader. I've always felt the leader's struggles but it's different experiencing it first hand and spending those extra hours worrying about strats and knowing that you're expected to call things.

I think it was a good thing for me to do just to learn about the team. I still even would call but I felt like I wasn't where I wanted to be for the team and what we needed. Players like Stew have a lot of firepower and I felt like part of me wasn't doing them justice but I think the key this year for us is to keep our heads up and keep moving forward because we've been going through a lot of changes.

Even last year, obviously we would have preferred if Sean didn't step down, we would have preffered if Ryan didn't step down, we've kind of had to roll with the punches. Glad to have Stew and Slemmy on the team right now so we're just going to keep progressing and excited to be part of this massive year for CS.

Unlocking their latent firepower has been key to Cloud9's recent philosophy

Thoughts on the team house after being there for awhile?

Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert: A team house is something that depends on the unit. For us it's cool that I live in Southern California and the house is in Southern California. For people like Tyler and Mike that came from a farther distance, it's cool to see that they're actually really enjoying it.

I think we're a bunch of nerds in the sense that we're all just happy to have good internet and to be in the same place gaming. Obviously sometimes it's a little rough being in the same place as you work all day, it's the same as being at home though, but luckily we enjoy hanging out and it's really close to the beach so that's always a plus.

But Stewie doesn't live there as well?

Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert: No he's there now, he just graduated high school baby. Let's go! We'll throw a party for Stew.

Have you guys been practicing on Nuke?

Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert: We're really good at the map, don't play us on it. [winking]

Jake "Stewie2K" Yip: To be honest I haven't opened it up yet. We haven't played it yet because we were more focused on playing the maps that we all agreed on at ELEAGUE.

Tomorrow you go in into the finale against Luminosity, what are your thoughts?

Jake "Stewie2K" Yip: I think we're number one in NA right now and I think we're really strong but as for Luminosity they're still on that streak of winning and they're still a completely different beast if you compare them to another team. I'd say they're number one in the world so to have a chance of beating them we need to make less mistakes because they're definitely going to capitalise on our mistakes.

Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert: I agree, if you make any mistakes versus these guys it just tends to have a snowball effect, they always put the pressure on you. FalleN and his boys are really good at reading so we need to stay on top of what we're doing and try and read them as well.

The ELEAGUE Group A grand final is tomorrow with Luminosity playing Cloud9. You can catch the action by either tuning in to TBS in the United States (either on television or via the Watch TBS app), tuning in via a regional distribution provider, or watching the Observer Feed at

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Finland 6-1 
2016-05-27 03:03
FTFY - Pugstar plays is our strength
2016-05-27 03:08
they are being so overhyped its fucking insane, they are trash and always have been.
2016-05-27 05:29
JW | 
Finland Ilucs 
British guy mad again
2016-05-27 07:38
lol nt ence
2016-05-27 07:47
Finland Jyubei 
Deez nuts giff u yellow teeth
2016-05-27 10:19
pls finnish gene pool eskimo why u so retarded
2016-05-27 21:56
Finland Jyubei 
I wouldn't go there if I was you. You live on a tiny island of inbreds.
2016-05-27 23:51
except this tiny island is more relevant in everything than finland, a massive, cold wasteland with a horrible gene pool and disgusting accent.
2016-05-27 23:54
Finland Jyubei 
You are not relevant in any way. It's not even that cold. "Horrible gene pool" You're forgetting BileDani You probably only speak one language so I wouldn't go there either.
2016-05-27 23:57
Finland Smoonah 
Horrible gene pool? Don't recall Elton John > Simo Häyhä but nt. Way past your tea time.
2016-05-28 01:22
lol finfag triggered because his country is irrelevant in literally everything. why are finns always mad salty and ugly?
2016-05-28 01:56
Norway sepp0 
You really bit the bait.
2016-05-28 10:16
Finland Acoz 
+1 xD
2016-05-28 13:50
too bad you will never be rad
2016-05-30 04:42
its true scandinavians are way radder than u faggots will ever be :((( uk is kinda like... dunno... belgium? XD
2016-05-30 13:19
lol nt.. nvm there were never any good british teams oops
2016-05-27 16:55
That's actually not true, mousesports had a british team in the very beginning of cs:go, they beat ESC (now VP), fnatic and lost 16-14 to NiP when NiP was unstoppable, they genrerally did fairly good in the tournaments they went to.
2016-05-27 17:44
Dephh will save na
2016-05-27 08:25
Germany Bier 
who is deph?
2016-05-27 15:34
2016-05-27 16:29
Germany Bier 
don't lel at me br0. tell me in which team this nn plays
2016-05-27 16:44
World izjaf- 
2016-05-27 17:47
he plays on coL. it was funny because Dephh is from the UK but plays on one of the worst teams in NA, so you not knowing who he was added insult to injury
2016-05-27 19:41
dunno why but i see your comment in yellow :)
2016-05-27 10:02
You really think that they were trash when they had Seangares and Freak?
2016-05-27 17:25
Norway sepp0 
They were pretty trash. Started very strong for a short time just when freak joined, but it never lasted.
2016-05-28 10:18
always fail man
2016-05-27 03:04
aizy | 
Europe Winde 
2016-05-27 03:03
sergej | 
United States t0xic93 
2016-05-27 03:03
I'll take 6th :(
2016-05-27 03:04
Sweden LspN 
2016-05-27 03:03
Norway LolUFailed 
2016-05-27 03:03
Hong Kong korean 
made top 10
2016-05-27 03:04
2016-05-27 03:04
stewie is delivering good. was doubting him at the beginning. hes turning out to be a real gem (atleast against NA)
2016-05-27 03:04
Same for me. He's been doing really good
2016-05-27 03:16
Well, when they played against eu teams at esl pro league he did the best against fnatic etc...
2016-05-27 23:29
2016-05-27 03:04
Feel like their being crazy over hyped, they were destroyed by LG and played 2 shit teams Liquid and Renegades.
2016-05-27 03:07
As if getting destroyed by a team that magically comes back into everything, no matter how dire the situation means anything. You have to see where they come from which is in the middle of the field in NA and how they're slowly crawling their way back to the top of NA.
2016-05-27 03:53
tbqh, this. Renegades and Liquid look particularly bad as of late.
2016-05-27 05:32
2016-05-27 03:08
Xyp9x | 
Denmark STATiC^ 
Great reading! :)
2016-05-27 03:09
This group is the Champions (LG), the Contenders (C9), the Pretenders (RNG), and the Choke Artists (Liquid)
2016-05-27 03:11
2016-05-27 03:47
United States ferdog 
2016-05-27 03:48
2016-05-27 05:03
United Kingdom Lionhart 
2016-05-27 11:58
f0rest | 
Germany Veray_ 
shroud starts to look like dosia... nice
2016-05-27 03:21
nice meme. Fire power? JAJAJAJJA
2016-05-27 03:21
Denmark clutchkongen 
læl! firepower :P NT
2016-05-27 03:24
NA firepower in cs. Lold.
2016-05-27 03:29
Fire power means nothing in CSGO
2016-05-27 03:31
Maybe their AKs kill in less than 1 bullet
2016-05-27 06:01
Teamplay can destroy firepower.One flashbang and your firepower is useless.
2016-05-27 06:45
I'm pretty sure people can turn away from a flash...
2016-05-30 11:13
United States SoNftw 
Go C9!!! Make us proud!
2016-05-27 03:32
United States Styles_ez4c9 
People who don't think C9 have great firepower are kinda silly. Ska and Shroud were renowned for their skill last year. N0thing is one of greatest cs players in NA history. and they have the best young talent in the region in stewie2k.
2016-05-27 03:41
And a good caller.
2016-05-27 03:51
And they have about as much chance of winning something in CS as the UK scene has a chance of winning the best teeth of the year award.
2016-05-27 03:54
2016-05-27 05:25
Sri Lanka 1v1meRust 
Their chance on winning is if at least 3 players go insane against LG, then their firepower might be enough to win
2016-05-27 04:01
Just because they most likely wont beat the best team in the world doesnt make them a bad team.
2016-05-27 04:39
i gotta agree. if shroud stew ska and n0thing are on point, they have a chance.
2016-05-27 04:52
if the whole team plays well they can win*
2016-05-27 14:00
Ayy, they took a map, and almost a second. Respect for that
2016-05-30 03:32
Sri Lanka 1v1meRust 
Yes, Stewie, n0thing and Ska played well but still wasn't enough, good job anyways from C9
2016-05-30 04:51
Had they had sean instead of slemmy they would be great again, obviously if sean put enough hours again. I'm mentioning this cause slemmy is really bad individually.
2016-05-27 11:59
hes trying bro. gotta give him that
2016-05-27 15:22
Naw, Slemmy can slack a little, as long as he makes callouts
2016-05-30 03:27
2016-05-27 03:44
United Kingdom Alth 
How's that gonna work out for you vs teams with far superior firepower, with tactics and structure added in.
2016-05-27 03:58
United States Scrub_Disney 
I think they just need to make playoffs because then they have 6 or 7 weeks to practice for the LAN and grow as a team
2016-05-27 04:10
They already have a spot at the qual lan
2016-05-27 04:40
United States Scrub_Disney 
I Ty for info
2016-05-27 11:53
>slemmy >firepower pick 1
2016-05-27 04:03
2016-05-27 06:46
he played good vs renegades
2016-05-27 08:19
Venezuela HyperMald 
I'm very excited to see Cloud9 take on Luminosity tomorrow.
2016-05-27 04:07
method | 
United States f0xes` 
Firepower greatest strength? Well then I suppose they're okay with being mediocre for the rest of time. I'm sorry but C9's "firepower" compared to healthy, T1 EU teams is a joke. Sure you can beat up teams like Renegades and Liquid but any half decent team can do that.
2016-05-27 04:13
2016-05-27 05:33
why do you overreact that a team that has had so many roster changes lately is saying that their best tool to win is fragging not teamplay which would only make sense? but by your logic a team who just added an igl few weeks ago and had many roster changes recently should tactically compete with top5 teams? - seems to me you're just a hater that lacks logic or tries to slip through without one on
2016-05-27 17:11
method | 
United States f0xes` 
It's not overreacting it's simply an observation on what I see. If firepower truly is their greatest strength then they are mediocre at best. But that isn't uncommon knowledge to anyone, C9 along with every other NA team, is average at best in the international scene. They should be focusing on tactics and chemistry until they can find more talented players because their roster as it stands is lacking in firepower if nothing else.
2016-05-27 18:45
to have some teamplay to even compete with best and most solid EU lineups players need to find the synergy between eachother. you need to know exactly what the other guy(teammate) is capable of doing and what he is gonna do to swift any situation in your favor to support/bait or whatever. C9 lineup is sorta fresh and at the beggining stewie was the bottomfragger and everybody laughed at the pickup.. but now he is surprisingly good and I'd even say showing he is the biggest talent in NA. Shroud along with n0thing are sorta incosistent but start to show some better form lately specially n0thing and also skadoodle looks to be refreshed. Slemmy is kinda lacking so far but i'm sure once he gets to know new teammates and environment better and everyone will adjust to his style of leading we will see cloud9 a great team. what I want to say is such a fresh lineup can't have superior teamplay what you are blaming them for not having it; specially adding a new IGL which changes basically everything about the team.
2016-05-27 20:23
Well, Tiger was obviously trying to say that they arent trying to keep it that way, its just the way it is currently. So, your rebuttal is very lacking in logic.
2016-05-30 03:31
i don't know why this cloud9 players look all on shrooms. weed, adderall, etc.. i know n0thing smokes weed allday, but these days even stewie, the asian guy, and shroud look similar to n0thing lol
2016-05-27 04:16
they're puttin a hell of a smoke in da gaming house bro
2016-05-27 04:23
Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert: Yeah, yeah.
2016-05-27 11:58
shroud eyes " somethng weird is going on, did we just win" stewie's eyes : "i guess so, shit is weird man"
2016-05-27 04:18
firepower greatest strength? stewie and shroud are great aimers, n0thing too but he always slumping. slemmy got the aim of a bot. against LG? fallen > skadoodle easily, cold is one of best aimers in world, fnx and fer are just as good aimers. + they have strats
2016-05-27 04:19
Cloud9 pug team confirmed
2016-05-27 04:21
Brazil mibrzera 
"Stewie2K Yip: I think we're number one in NA right now" kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2016-05-27 04:24
He means NA teams. He also said LG are the best team in the world
2016-05-27 04:29
Brazil mibrzera 
dude, best NA team is optic atm.
2016-05-27 05:22
Optic is playing well atm In my opinion its btw them and Cloud9
2016-05-27 05:24
best NA team that loses to TSM k
2016-05-27 17:36
Good read especially that part when nothing says they r rly good at
2016-05-27 04:35
they are... whats so funny?
2016-05-27 05:07
He's hinting at the fact n0thing was being sarcastic when saying they are really good at nuke.. And saying that he found n0thing's witty sarcasm to be funny.
2016-05-27 05:35
I know, but Cloud9/coL were both great on the old Nuke, and that could translate to Newk
2016-05-27 05:37
That was with Sgares + Hiko though. : /
2016-05-27 05:38
Lmao, if firepower is their strenght, LG got nuclear power
2016-05-27 05:16
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
firepower won't outplay/outsmart/outbrain your opponents...
2016-05-27 05:22
Finland SexSeveN 
Firepower EleGiggle
2016-05-27 06:06
Flowerpower EleGiggle
2016-05-27 21:25
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
"To be honest Alec "Slemmy" White came in and he had his own ideas, and obviously we had a core, so right when he came in it was going to be kind of a clash." This right here is the problem. C9 has no system, the team is incapable of functioning as a working unit. They go in 1 by 1 and rely on individual carries to win every single round. What they should be doing is setting aside their egos, shutting the fuck up, and listening to Slemmy's IGLing. It doesn't matter if there's a "clash"; the rest of C9 have no idea how to play anyway. None of their ideas hold any merit
2016-05-27 06:11
2016-05-27 06:32
good luck for them
2016-05-27 06:41
fer | 
Austria neodan 
its more luck than firepower! and best NA team? lol
2016-05-27 08:10
clickbait to
2016-05-27 08:43
clickbait. tought it was ibuypower
2016-05-27 08:43
NA SCENE. but shroudie got this .
2016-05-27 09:11
Romanian scene???
2016-05-30 04:44
2016-05-27 09:15
they forgot Kappa at the end of article name
2016-05-27 10:24
Firepower of shroud is our strenght
2016-05-27 11:42
2016-05-27 11:43
Finland teco 
2016-05-27 11:47
Lol no
2016-05-27 13:50
If all 4 frags sensationly, slemmy get good calls. And LG misses shots and makes a lot of mistakes (almost never happens to them in a bo3) c9 can take it close like 16-14, but if it ever goes to ot, i think c9 will have struggles competing against these experienced favelas
2016-05-27 15:31
sorry fire what?
2016-05-27 16:24
you know... fire power! they got a great arsenal apparently :O
2016-05-27 17:34
They are American. They have the government funding their buys. :^)
2016-05-27 20:06
Says the country with socialized medicine
2016-05-30 03:28
2016-05-27 17:34
so many people with so many opinions... they dont realize how worthless they actually are.
2016-05-27 21:35
C9 barely tier 2 team. That means best in NA though 4Head
2016-05-27 21:57
firepower = updated cheats? it's working
2016-05-28 06:20
ez Pansy
2016-05-28 10:21
2016-05-28 15:08
"firepower is our strength" bla bla STFU skanooble, retire, give up and gtfo
2016-05-28 15:13
shaGuar | 
United States brieN 
i like how they ask stewie questions. It's almost like they consider him a good player
2016-05-29 06:28
Firepower our strength? Summit1G to Cloud9 roster confirm
2016-05-30 05:53
gas | 
Austria Phil_1337 
Expected from Clown 9
2016-05-30 13:21
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