StarLadder with $10k female tourney

Starladder has announced that it will host a female Counter-Strike tournament with offline finals and $10,000 in prize money.

Just two weeks after the end of the SL i-League Invitational, Starladder has announced its latest Counter-Strike project, a tournament featuring the best female players in Europe, called Female Stars Championship.

The online portion of the tournament will see 16 teams split into two double-elimination brackets - one for CIS teams only and one for teams from other European countries.

juliano's Team Secret will compete in the European bracket 

The top two teams from both brackets will then attend the offline finals, taking place from July 16-17 at the Park Of The 300th Anniversary Of St. Petersburg as part of a festival called VK FEST.

Travel and accommodation expenses will be entirely covered by Starladder, which will provide stream broadcast on Twitch and VK.

Below you can find the list of teams who will be competing in the online stages of the Female Stars Championship:

European Bracket CIS Bracket
Europe Secret fe Russia Team Censored
France Millenium fe Russia EYESPORTS
France LDLC fe Russia Different but equal
Europe doyoueven fe Russia Binary Dragons
Germany Team HEAVEN Null element STARRYGAME.female
Norway LGB fe Null element mystic
Europe Outsiders Russia MiX
Poland ALSEN fe Russia Attack
Grills ?
2016-06-05 01:13
10 replies
Canada jalexf
"Different but equal"
2016-06-05 01:40
3 replies
"bad but cute"
2016-06-05 01:52
Yes Juliano can get a boobjob and brazillian buttlift with the prize money
2016-06-05 03:18
1 reply
this I wouldn't mind seeing
2016-06-05 03:41
2016-06-05 02:02
1 reply
To get views its gonna be naked CSGO
2016-06-05 02:40
What's a grill ?
2016-06-05 14:42
3 replies
They call girls like this. Girl>gril>grill
2016-06-05 19:46
2 replies
What's a girl ???
2016-06-05 20:45
1 reply
nobody knows
2016-06-05 23:37
2016-06-05 01:13
2016-06-05 01:13
I'm in jk im bad
2016-06-05 01:13
2016-06-05 01:13
2016-06-05 01:13
ez alsen
2016-06-05 01:13
Poland M-Jay
2016-06-05 01:13
Sweden godname
2016-06-05 01:13
France StickyRice
EZ for Team Secret. GL to my girls from Millenium and LDLC.
2016-06-05 01:14
2 replies
Go back to being perma banned on twitch
2016-06-05 01:42
1 reply
I'm not StickyRice LMAO.
2016-06-05 12:30
2016-06-05 01:14
Secret will probably destroy everyone, but I hope it's more competitive than that. GL LGB especially
2016-06-05 01:15
Team Censored? hahaha
2016-06-05 01:15
Guess which team is going to win? :D
2016-06-05 01:16
1 reply
teir 6 european male team?
2016-06-05 01:39
ez for lgb
2016-06-05 01:16
France StickyRice
"The top two teams from both brackets will then attend the offline finals, " Only unknown teams and players on CIS bracket LMAO It's like ESL/ESEA leagues giving as many slots to NA as to EU LMAO.
2016-06-05 01:17
2016-06-05 01:19
Russia band1
juliano u rekted cadiano <3
2016-06-05 01:19
1 reply
Europe Instabait
Who is cadiaN?
2016-06-05 14:42
2016-06-05 01:20
2016-06-05 01:24
Why does csgo have female and male tournaments? Why separate them? Csgo has nothing that would make men or women more better than the other.
2016-06-05 01:25
19 replies
They do have them but they usually get eliminated in the qualifiers for the qualifiers for the qualifiers. But this is a female invite tournament to give females the light so they don't get too lost by getting eliminated so fast.
2016-06-05 01:28
Denmark MakarovHAX
Actually is good for female scene, because its a lot easier than competing against male teams, but the main issue is that male tournaments should allow mixed teams, or both teams, thats how female scene would be equal, i'm sure a "good" team would pick Juliano.
2016-06-05 01:42
14 replies
it's already the case mate. any female team can enlist in any qualifier/tournament. there are literally zero male only restricted tournaments.
2016-06-05 02:00
but then again those "good" teams probably earn less than for example Juliano at the moment in team secret.
2016-06-05 02:31
2 replies
Denmark MakarovHAX
I'm pretty sure tier 3,4 male teams can beat Team Secret
2016-06-05 03:26
1 reply
skillwise maybe they can, maybe they can't. moneywise they probably won't.
2016-06-05 10:20
what good team would pick up juliano? don't tell me you think her beating someone in a 1v1 makes her good
2016-06-05 02:40
9 replies
Denmark MakarovHAX
She has a good amount of experience, i can't judge her as a player, since we can't compare with male players because they have better team, but if she would be in a strong team she could show better work.
2016-06-05 03:28
8 replies
See that's the thing when team secret fought Titan a while back they got rekt, I highly doubt that putting her on a male team would make her a better player
2016-06-05 14:51
7 replies
Do you believe in progress?
2016-06-06 12:41
6 replies
they can't beat a male team nt doe, i've seen them play they have some aim but terrible game sense and strats.
2016-06-06 22:08
5 replies
ehm, this is a part of the entire learning process, isn't it :F and it is also valid for male teams.
2016-06-07 13:01
4 replies
but any tier nobody male team can beat any female team. Just because juliano beat cadian in a 1v1 does not mean she is a better player
2016-06-07 22:06
3 replies
This is such a wrong perception. "Any tier" is a very broad concept and if you think about it you will understand what you said wrong. Because as long as there are male teams that are not able to win against women, there is always an existing potential that needs to be explored. "Any tier" male team cannot become a top team either, do you have arguments about this? Been in this scene for too long to know how progress of players work, and what is essential in the learning process to become good.
2016-06-08 12:41
2 replies
These female teams don't have the desire to win really. They're fine with their exclusive tournaments, team secret just fought against game agents and a few other low tier teams and they got destroyed. They prefer fighting against other female teams. I also highly doubt a male team would take a female team, cause of synergy man.
2016-06-08 19:42
1 reply
TS is one of the teams which is focused on growing exactly among male teams. And they will keep playing in female tournaments, as long as there are any, and as long as this is a way for them to attend tournaments.
2016-06-09 16:44
>Csgo has nothing that would make men or women more better than the other. "nothing"... except for their whole biology ofc. Take a look at some studies on hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, reaction time, visual spatial intelligence, competitive drive etc.
2016-06-05 01:59
1 reply
Denmark MakarovHAX
But in other hand, women have peripheral vision and other things i can't remember because i don't have any degree in this area. I saw a guy being global by his own without hands, we only will be able to compare them when we have simillar conditions, it's not simple as that, looking at biological conditions.
2016-06-05 03:33
Portugal dracø
there are no male tournaments, female teams are free to play the qualifiers. They just can't win them so they get this free pass
2016-06-05 02:04
Thank you for not including NA female teams. I'm not even being sarcastic. They were complaining earlier why Eu teams were allowed into NA tournaments. This I'll show them and their wannabe female pro scene.
2016-06-05 01:26
7 replies
Germany Flachzange
At least they should have invite CLG.
2016-06-05 01:31
4 replies
its part of ruskie politics they not invited anny NA teams for supporting ukraine banderas humantrash bravo again greates leader since jesus christ sun of all sun rising star on sky dear leader Kim Dzong Putin #embargo NA teams#santcions NA scene#kim dong putin
2016-06-05 01:50
They were the ones complaining. They complained the competition was too tough if female pros came to NA and competed in their tourneys.
2016-06-05 02:57
2 replies
Germany Flachzange
NA ever had female tournaments?
2016-06-05 03:03
1 reply
I think they were complaining about both male and female tournaments.
2016-06-05 03:19
Who was complaining? Like the best NA female teams (CLG Red, Karma) or the bottom tier shit teams?
2016-06-05 03:06
1 reply
CLG was, and Secret is the best team.
2016-06-05 03:17
Female CS EleGiggle
2016-06-05 01:26
So what happens if a transgender wanted to play this would they be allowed I wonder
2016-06-05 01:34
ez 4 pasia
2016-06-05 01:39
2016-06-05 01:47
Good luck LGB! <3 mattye lks hedje
2016-06-05 01:48
Secret fe vs Team Censored! final)
2016-06-05 01:49
Russia Kamunist
Team Youporn fe = Team Censored? Anyway ez for Smithzz
2016-06-05 01:52
WE WANT TO BE EQUAL TO MEN WHY ARE YOU TREATING US LIKE WE ARE IN THE 14th CENTURY > demands separated tournaments in a game that men have no physical advantage over them.
2016-06-05 01:54
4 replies
>demands separated tournaments in a game that men have no physical advantage over them. can we stop claiming this bullshit? men absolutely do have a physical advantage in videogames. It's not as pronounced as it is in traditional sports but it's still sufficient enough to create a massive gap.
2016-06-05 02:02
3 replies
I'm sorry, in what aspect do men have an advantage over women in cs? I don't see anything in cs that requires any physical ability, unless you consider moving the mouse hard?
2016-06-05 02:17
2 replies
hand-eye coordination and reflexes...?
2016-06-05 02:32
anybody can move a mouse like a fucking retard but it takes skill to move it with accuracy and precision of a pro player. It just happens that men are better at those specific skills. Also have faster reaction time, better cognitive skills, better hand eye coordination, men are inherently more competitive, men work better in a team environment etc. These are all things you can look up on google in 2 seconds and verify as facts. And yes aiming is a physical ability you idiot
2016-06-05 02:33
wasting money...
2016-06-05 01:58
Why do male and female have diffrent scenes in csgo? its like there is no physical requirement.
2016-06-05 02:18
1 reply
There is no male tournaments here, there are normal tourneys everyone can qualify for and there are female tournaments. Just like with paraolympics etc. Men have physical advantage over women, I'm not talking about the strength only though. Let's bring something like chess for example, we don't have good females at that and it's not even about reflexes. Which men are still better at.
2016-06-05 09:16
10k hahah i'd rather steal a bar
2016-06-05 02:31
Nobody cares,go back to kitchen!
2016-06-05 02:41
RIP 10k
2016-06-05 03:06
Mexico izuku
2016-06-05 03:10
2016-06-05 03:28
show me your boobies and i tell your team role
2016-06-05 03:43
Man and Woman should compete in E-sports in same league. Mixed in teams together. There is no advantage to being a man or a woman in e-sports. Take for example starcraft 2 Scarlett, she competed vs males! And it was okay. I don't see reason why they can't compete together MAN AND WOMAN, instead of having these two totally different leagues.... Where woman are badly badly underrated.
2016-06-05 04:06
2 replies
Scarlet is Transgender She's a woman born with male body. Plus women are allowed compete in male csgo events men just aren't allowed to compete in female events
2016-06-05 07:44
There are no male tournaments here, there are normal tourneys everyone can qualify for and there are female tournaments. Just like with paraolympics etc. Men have physical advantage over women, I'm not talking about the strength only though. Let's bring something like chess for example, we don't have good females at that and it's not even about reflexes. Which men are still better at.
2016-06-05 09:19
Female cs is even worse than female football
2016-06-05 04:23
live tournament with sports bra only fapfapfap
2016-06-05 05:11
I'm surprised there are so many teams, I wonder how many would be there if it was a regular event with real T3/4 teams.
2016-06-05 05:33
ez for julie
2016-06-05 06:00
Singapore Trisha
2016-06-05 06:05
Better spend that money on strippers for male Lan final
2016-06-05 07:06
2016-06-05 07:25
I'm all for women in esports but most of these teams are like tier 12. there are mens UK teams better than these.
2016-06-05 08:03
2016-06-05 08:28
ez secret <3 jULIANO
2016-06-05 08:37
Grill tournament - 10k Man tournament - 250k Still much sexism FeelsGoodMan
2016-06-05 08:39
3 replies
1 mil in majors actually FeelsGoodMan
2016-06-05 09:52
maybe cause of the lack of action and thinking? in tennis women make more money than men. that comes from skirts. so figure it out.
2016-06-05 12:03
Brazil adre221
genderless tournament*** - 250k women are free to compete in ''man'' tournaments, but they are so bad they can't qualify for it.
2016-06-05 14:33
didnt yp had their female team in past?
2016-06-05 09:08
Go go alsen
2016-06-05 09:47
gl team secret
2016-06-05 10:01
2016-06-05 10:02
nhmm if they play naked they whould get so rich hihihihih
2016-06-05 10:34
who would watch that shit? silvers running around trying to make make-up to eachother... no thanks, rather show boobs
2016-06-05 10:42
2016-06-05 11:02
ez 4 grill-ence (soon to be formed)
2016-06-05 11:49
go Secret!
2016-06-05 12:07
Austria db42
inb4 CLG cries for being excluded top kek
2016-06-05 12:14
ez for smithz
2016-06-05 12:45
dmg cs inc
2016-06-05 12:59
Faroe Islands _shubaN
Cooking tournament?
2016-06-05 13:07
this gonna be ez for mimi
2016-06-05 13:16
2016-06-05 13:27
lick balls
2016-06-05 13:42
Grill cs > NA cs NoKappa
2016-06-05 13:57
Female Gaming.... The Paralympics of eSport
2016-06-05 18:27
juliano Kreygasm
2016-06-05 19:49
Ez for secREKT
2016-06-05 20:07
Can people stop calling tournaments 'male tournaments' There are only two types of tournaments : 1. Ones open for both genders and 2. Female ONLY tournaments. Male only ones would be classified as sexist.
2016-06-05 22:10
The funny thing here is that we could gather 5 five random people from here and kick the shit out of all of those teams right away! Female csgo? like why would you even!
2016-06-05 23:47
Netherlands offmana
Awesome move by StarLadder. The more women who play CSGO the better.
2016-06-06 01:15
wow, nice !!!! fighting my girls!!!
2016-06-06 06:27
Starladder's Charity League!
2016-06-06 07:14
It really is pretty sad CLG Red and Karma aren't in this. They are the only teams that could even put up a fight against Secret.
2016-06-06 07:20
go fap harder instead of whining about why genders are not competeting together...
2016-06-06 10:58
zAAz win
2016-06-07 13:03
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