GA E05: Mirage Catwalk

Luminosity's Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo has released his fifth GamesAcademy video guide for Mirage, focusing on the catwalk area.

In this video, Gabriel "⁠FalleN⁠" Toledo teaches several different techniques on how a player can effectively cover Catwalk, a key position on Mirage that is sometimes overlooked.

With this being a map with many angles to cover, a good setup is of the essence, and FalleN breaks down some of the most effective ways to defend this area, either alone or with the help of a teammate.

"There are many different ways to play on catwalk," he told "You can help to cover middle, from inside the ladder room, you can stay back inside B, you can play with an AWP or with rifles...

"A good player in this position knows which option to choose from and adapts to the way the opposing team plays.

"Right now, players like coldzera, Edward and Neo shine in this position. In this video, you will know what professional players think when they are covering this position." 

You can watch all of GamesAcademy's video lessons by heading over to their YouTube channel.

Brazil Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
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2016-06-08 00:51
16 replies
stop it already hltv
2016-06-08 01:06
12 replies
how long is the video ? 7,1 minutes ? :^)
2016-06-08 13:14
11 replies
2016-06-08 13:18
maybe 5 world football championship or 1 csgo major ? oooh maybe lose 2 world war or 6kk kills innocent peoples
2016-06-08 15:44
8 replies
or yeah gang rape a 16y/o girl & film it. #brazilinanutshell. You are talking about the past, I am talking about your shit country right now
2016-06-08 16:23
2 replies
Say the no flagger
2016-06-08 17:14
1 reply
germany here.
2016-06-08 17:43
you compare sport with wars holy shit logic on a new level
2016-06-08 17:24
1 reply
Then you are losing either way. Huurr durr
2016-06-08 19:17
jews arent innocent
2016-06-08 19:08
there were never 6million killed but nice try and losing 2 wars ???? You know nothing about how Germany had to took all the blame for WW1 right even though they werent responsible ?? fucking uneducated favela shithead. Oh i guess i dont even start with ww2
2016-06-08 19:20
1 reply
Portugal Plopii
you guys are all fucking retards omg.. fucking talking about shit that is not even related to cs go fucking grow up
2016-06-08 21:40
Hahahahah +100000 Mein Freund
2016-06-09 22:04
No one gives a fuck about this shit guides by favela boi
2016-06-08 11:44
favela strats op
2016-06-08 13:13
This does not belong on the News section on HLTV, we should make a poll
2016-06-08 15:51
Portugal mrsc
hoping to see a great video
2016-06-08 00:53
2016-06-08 00:51
RpK | 
Brazil bskkr
shiet almost #1
2016-06-08 00:51
1 reply
2016-06-08 18:29
2016-06-08 00:51
2016-06-08 00:51
thank mr fallen
2016-06-08 00:51
2016-06-08 00:51
2016-06-08 00:51
2016-06-08 00:51
Fallen <3
2016-06-08 00:51
Thanks fallen. Keep up!
2016-06-08 00:52
So there will be a news about fallen's ga new video, every single time they upload it? Or is it just for commercials? (some time)
2016-06-08 00:55
28 replies
2016-06-08 00:56
He wants to look good in front of audience, because of the shit he told and lied about SK.. gl
2016-06-08 01:05
25 replies
Brazil markkrj
You realize that it is not Fallen posting it, right?
2016-06-08 01:12
24 replies
Go suck his d more. Most likely news writters were asked to advertise his videos anyways.
2016-06-08 01:14
22 replies
Albania streetfame
2016-06-08 01:18
21 replies
we all know that luminosity players are twats. first taco with his bs on s1mple, then fallen trying to lie about SK stuff and now trying to buy out his guilt and look better in front of community(right after news came out on espn, surprisingly "GA decided to expand globally")
2016-06-08 01:28
20 replies
nex | 
Germany TiwaZ
2016-06-08 01:26
what did he say about SK?? sorry but not rly following cs go scene like before :<
2016-06-08 01:28
5 replies
We're not google. This story is worth like 30 pages of reading. So have fun. Im not going to write you the 30 pages tho :P
2016-06-08 11:15
4 replies
Austria DR!FT
LG players had eyes open for new Org since LG owner sucks a$$ and made shitty contracts for them, like that he can keep the price money > LG players got scared that they dont get their money > LG players said NO to SK > SK said BUT YOU SAID YES and we have a contract. LG org vs SK org now. conclusion: LG sucks, SK should get them, LG players only looking for money, SK players are fucked.
2016-06-08 13:50
3 replies
hahha, ye, no one seems to mention the fact that the current SK lineup is getting buttraped without commenting on it xdd
2016-06-08 14:23
1 reply
Austria DR!FT
that was the first thing i thought, why is everyone talking about the LG players, the SK players are the ones who knows that their own org doesnt want them anymore :D
2016-06-08 14:40
wow thanks xd
2016-06-09 13:34
Feelsbadman but its true. They act as if they were teenagers.
2016-06-08 01:29
Actually no, he planned this prior to the whole SK scandal leak, to the best of my knowledge.
2016-06-08 01:43
9 replies
well, then i might be wrong. i checked dates on hltv and espn and sk scandal came out at end may and his GA plan was published(well at least on hltv) on jun. if im wrong sorry.
2016-06-08 01:45
8 replies here's an early tweet, this was tweeted 6 days earlier than espn's article. Doesn't matter though since the videos are very good anyway.
2016-06-08 01:56
6 replies
still, the timings looks weird to me. everything is few days difference. won't change my opinion on that
2016-06-08 01:58
5 replies
Fair enough. While I agree it's very close it still doesn't change the fact that these are pretty good videos. Still stupid of HLTV to be advertising them like this though.
2016-06-08 02:02
Looking back further, FalleN first announced this idea back at Dreamhack Austin.
2016-06-08 02:18
1 reply
yeah sorry. my bad about publish dates.
2016-06-08 02:58
He's been doing this for years in portuguese, but expressed the idea of doing videos in english a month or two ago. There's no "timing" adjusted with the SK dispute, he only started now because it's right moment, because now he have enough exposition to make it reach the entire community, 6 months ago he hadn't.
2016-06-08 02:38
1 reply
Yugoslavia NaMNaMNaM
He expressed his ideas to expand globally back in DH Austin.
2016-06-08 02:51
UK Scene EleGiggle
2016-06-08 07:43
Finland Smoonah
yeah just strange why HLTV would post videos about his own videos though? how is this news of any sort...? It's tutorials....which you can find anywhere online.
2016-06-08 05:01
1 reply
indeed. HLTV should have just posted one news article stating that these tutorial videos exist and a link to the youtube channel that you can follow.
2016-06-08 08:43
plus, hltvorg consists of 90% of teenager crying fanboys, who will do anything for stickers and sign of pro player on their steam profile so it's pretty easy to manipulate them. last thing he left to do is to donate some skins to his fanboys and he will easily get his sympathies back. ez katka
2016-06-08 01:36
Brazil Matheus56
you can actually drink them
2016-06-08 03:09
Good job. FalleN, we appreciate that! We smart, we loyal,cwe friendly, we are from BRAZIL!
2016-06-08 00:58
3 replies
*we don't understand what a contract is
2016-06-08 07:22
2 replies
Its pretty funny how you can see, that Fallen has close to perfect english, yet Luminosity guys claim that they did not understand what "binding", "letter of intent" means and he couldn't translate it to them ;)
2016-06-08 08:53
Luxembourg alex24
2016-06-08 10:11
2016-06-08 01:02
2016-06-08 01:04
Brazil romp
2016-06-08 01:04
Denmark MQllerhjul
Hmm the videos are Nice.. But is this some sort of advertising/sponsor? Its cool enough, just curious why this is posted instead of all the others videos all ready about the same topics
2016-06-08 01:06
3 replies
oh well its not doing any harm and its better than all the gambling sites. and probably posting it because fallen is a very well known person
2016-06-08 01:15
That someone in his bedroom makes a guide, or if one of the absolute best players in the world does, makes a difference.
2016-06-08 11:00
1 reply
so? why is it posted here?
2016-06-08 19:10
high quality sell out by hltv
2016-06-08 01:08
11 replies
World RA71M
better then low quality sellout(skins,gambling)
2016-06-08 11:21
10 replies
promoting gambling and skins sites is actually okey if it's in esport and specialy in csgo since with out gambling and skins cs go would have been just another abandoned game with 50k viewers max
2016-06-08 13:37
9 replies
dude what, fallen wants to teach young players how to improve and help them for free, gambling is always bad
2016-06-08 14:04
World RA71M
well im ok with skins there is nothing wrong with ppl paying extra money to make their game more enjoyable but gambling ?? hell no ,its an addiction especially for under-age gamers , promoting for that crap is like promoting for drugs so no !
2016-06-08 14:05
7 replies
gambling is made to boost the viewership of each games
2016-06-08 14:36
6 replies
World RA71M
that doesnt justify the promotion for it im sure there a lot of ways to boost viewership other than gambling
2016-06-08 14:39
5 replies
what ways?
2016-06-08 14:40
4 replies
World RA71M
drops during games using social media and youtube channels to promote i dont knw man ppl can be more creative
2016-06-08 14:43
3 replies
people nowadays don't want to waste time watching something they wont gain things from , for example what a 5$ drop will do to you while you can make more then 200 by betting? lol
2016-06-08 14:45
2 replies
World RA71M
u can loose 200 aswell and even more
2016-06-08 14:50
1 reply
it still exciting to watch the game and you have something on the risk lol that's what attracts people to bet
2016-06-08 14:57
Brazil dixtu
2016-06-08 01:13
Serbia Belgrade
2016-06-08 01:36
really good stuff there, nice!
2016-06-08 01:37
nice follen
2016-06-08 01:41
so much fallen hate ty 4 the helpful videos !!! i dindt know about that selfboost on b site till now lmfao
2016-06-08 01:42
ty my friend
2016-06-08 01:44
Nice, keep going!
2016-06-08 01:47
this is just blatant now...
2016-06-08 01:53
2016-06-08 02:08
fallen, the best
2016-06-08 02:08
Portugal dracø
OH NOES, how dare fallen make this videos.. LOL srsly this community is behond retard. Thx for sharing hltv. Quality stuff from fallen
2016-06-08 02:09
2016-06-08 02:29
Why does this warrant its own news post? You might as well give Netcode, Winout, etc their own posts.
2016-06-08 02:38
1 reply
Fallen TOP1 IGL > netcode, winout nonamers
2016-06-08 10:41
nice fallen god
2016-06-08 02:40
Nice guide for silvers. Too bad theres only globals on hltv
2016-06-08 02:42
1 reply
2016-06-08 13:57
Yugoslavia NaMNaMNaM
We need an IQ test to people get on HLTV 'cause seriously, the amount of stupidity is unreal.
2016-06-08 02:47
Thanks mr fallen
2016-06-08 02:50
I don't care if you think it's better than gambling site ads or whatever the fuck reason you will make up to justify this, but yeah...speaking of sell out. Isn't this a CSGO news website? If you accept payments for FP ads in this manner, create a different area on the page for it. And you know what, I would still be pissed off even if it were someone else in this post, but the fact that it's Fallen makes me more pissed off. I don't like hypocritical dbags. Put ads on the ad section, not in the news section. ps: And dont give me that "if you dont like it, dont click on it" bullshit. If I want to see his videos, ill go to youtube
2016-06-08 03:12
15 replies
i have no idea what you're talking about.
2016-06-08 04:53
Funny thing is you think your raging teenager opinion has any relevance to any1 ayyyy lmao
2016-06-08 06:08
This is not an ad. We receive no money. We post this because it is high quality content that is relevant for CS players.
2016-06-08 10:41
12 replies
Thank you for your reply. I will not go into discussion on why this is considered high quality content and other similar types of guides are not.
2016-06-08 10:48
Brazil ScudCS
omg +10000!!! get rekt baguete... high quality cuz its made by one of the best players in the world, and considered one of the best ingame leaders in the world too... which has been doing this guides for years which helped many players to improve their gameplay and helped some of them reach international scene, an easy example is Tempo Storm (now immortals). So stop being a child hater.
2016-06-08 13:46
10 replies
sup asslicker.
2016-06-08 13:55
9 replies
Brazil ScudCS
sup banned! =)
2016-06-08 13:57
8 replies
ban for calling u asslicker? I swear the god taht brazil community is biggest cancer lmao.
2016-06-08 15:34
7 replies
Brazil ScudCS
nt no scene! bye!
2016-06-08 20:18
6 replies
nt favela.
2016-06-08 20:35
5 replies
Brazil ScudCS
cry me a river no scene! Once you have a UK player that have build half of what Fallen build in terms of growing a entire country community, once there is a uk player that pulls up UK´s CS scene from nothing to major champions.... then ur aloud to talk... until then just keep ur noob and racist comments to yourself. Grab a cup of tea, sit back, and quietly watch brazilian CS scene grow, and ur UK scene shrink (if, by any means, it could get smaller).
2016-06-08 20:48
4 replies
Brazil flag = brainded asslickers. They should be a button to ignore everyone with brazil flagerino.
2016-06-08 21:23
3 replies
Brazil ScudCS
Hahaha very cool... speechless UK no scene... starts to curse! Grow up!
2016-06-08 21:36
2 replies
u should grow up. U are asslicking liars asshole.
2016-06-08 21:42
1 reply
Brazil ScudCS
curse more plz kid!
2016-06-08 21:43
2016-06-08 03:32
2016-06-08 05:02
Taiwan SCVready
nice video!! looking forward to seeing more and more guides like this!!
2016-06-08 05:51
CIS NaVi_Boss
who watches this shit
2016-06-08 07:31
haha hltv pls , fucking disrespect.
2016-06-08 08:09
Dafaq is this gay video
2016-06-08 08:19
i haven't watched any of these videos yet, but i'm sure they are good. but why is HLTV posting a news article after every single one? a news stating that "Fallen creating tutorial videos" with a link to the youtube channel would have been enough
2016-06-08 08:47
2 replies
World RA71M
u guys hav to complain about everything ??
2016-06-08 11:30
Yeah its weird, and they didn't make a news for each one of them. When another pro publishes a tutorial you don't have a news on hltv lol.. there should be a partnership in all that
2016-06-08 19:23
Sweden gammeldorf
ez for ence
2016-06-08 08:52
So much hate ?? Not entirely sure if I agree with the people here, but one HLTV Admin replying properly to the reason for posting this content here should clarify the situation and lessen these hateful comments. By not replying to the questions, this hate is just being fueled further. Fallen is trying to do a decent thing; whatever his motives might be (and the motives of HLTV), but this outright disrespect is not helping anyone. The only reply (was it meant to sufficiently answer all questions?) I could find was here: PS : Its your site people and u guys know how to run it. I am just giving a humble suggestion to adequately clarify things. I hope I won't be banned for this. PPS : If I am being banned at all, do provide a clear reason for the same, not the usual default message.
2016-06-08 09:40
how the fuck is this news?
2016-06-08 10:15
Who the fuck CARES ?
2016-06-08 11:15
2016-06-08 11:27
2016-06-08 11:42
why news?
2016-06-08 12:32
Good Job Gabriel! really nice
2016-06-08 12:57
with wall hacks is always easy WALLEN !!!! ahahahaah
2016-06-08 13:35
ppl are stupid geezzz... look at the comments, thats ridiculous lmao
2016-06-08 14:20
Kreygasm We smart, we loyal,cwe friendly, we are from BRAZIL!
2016-06-08 14:53
I love fallen guides, good to see
2016-06-08 14:57
too long didnt watch Actual guide = press mouse 5 on lan and become world champions. ez for monkey
2016-06-08 14:59
Chile Cristoff
high level strats
2016-06-08 15:44
It's nice cause we can identify the haters, silvers and bettors around here. Gj fallen :]
2016-06-08 16:19
so every new episode of this retarded "games academy (LMAO)" will be published as a news, nice one venal hltv niggers
2016-06-08 16:31
2 replies
retarded? yeah i know u guys... u all say they cheat and at the same time you all dont want to learn how to play cs in the right way :> #FanLogic
2016-06-08 16:52
2016-06-08 17:16
god father of cs )))
2016-06-08 18:59
2016-06-08 22:10
thx bro
2016-06-09 00:36
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