CLG edge out SK

CLG have joined Astralis in ELEAGUE's Group C final after defeating SK Gaming 2-1 (6-16 on Train, 16-10 on Cobblestone and 16-14 on Overpass).

The second semi-final match in Atlanta pitted an in-form SK Gaming, riding the wave after some great results during the first two days, against CLG, who had failed to impress during the round-robin stage, in which they picked up just two points.

Train kicked off the series, and here SK got off to a fantastic start on the CT side as they secured a quick 5-0 lead. CLG then picked up two rounds in a row, but SK continued in the driving seat and stormed to a 12-3 half-time lead.

SK piled more misery on CLG by winning the opening two rounds on the Terrorist side, but their winning streak came to an end after that as Faruk "pita" Pita put CLG in control with a trio of Famas kills. The North American team would be able to reduce the deficit to 6-14, but that was as far as they would go on this map.

Next up was Cobblestone, which had an extremely close first half. After both teams put together strings of three rounds, SK took control of the game and brought the scoreline to 7-4 in their favor. CLG would not allow the Danish team to run away with the lead, however, winning three of the last four rounds of the half to keep the deficit to a minimum.

CLG advance to the final 

When the sides swapped, CLG's offense flourished, with the North American side dropping just two rounds in total before taking the map at 16-10.

It all came down to Overpass, where CLG won the pistol round and the following anti-eco rounds to start off the game with a 3-0 lead. SK then put their put their foot down to hold back back the Americans, reducing the deficit to just one round, but Tarik "tarik" Celik's side responded by going on a massive run to close out the half with a 12-3 lead.

CLG looked to have found their comfort zone, and things went from bad to worse for SK as they dropped the first two rounds on the CT side. The Americans eventually reached match point at 15-5, but surprisingly it took them way too long to close this one out, only doing so in the very last round, when the prospect of overtime loomed on the horizon.

9th June 2016
United States

 CLG K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
United States Tarik 'tarik' Celiktarik 57 - 57 0 83.2 1.09
United States Josh 'jdm64' Marzanojdm64 54 - 54 0 73.8 1.06
United States James 'hazed' Cobbhazed 46 - 57 -11 77.2 0.95
United States Stephen 'reltuC' CutlerreltuC 48 - 50 -2 65.6 0.95
Bosnia and Herzegovina Faruk 'pita' Pitapita 41 - 55 -14 51.9 0.81
 SK K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
Denmark Jacob 'Pimp' WinnechePimp 58 - 47 +11 90.4 1.30
Denmark Emil 'Magisk' ReifMagisk 68 - 45 +23 84.1 1.27
Sweden Andreas 'MODDII' FridhMODDII 62 - 50 +12 83.5 1.21
Denmark Michael 'Friis' JørgensenFriis 44 - 50 -6 58.6 0.87
Denmark Asger 'AcilioN' LarsenAcilioN 41 - 54 -13 63.0 0.85

Bosnia and Herzegovina Faruk 'pita' Pita
Faruk 'pita' Pita
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Tarik 'tarik' Celik
Tarik 'tarik' Celik
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2016-06-10 02:24
United Kingdom jimbob926 
i lose :<
2016-06-10 02:24
go usa EDIT: FACK
2016-06-10 02:24
Norway undret 
2016-06-10 02:24
ez jdm
2016-06-10 02:24
2016-06-10 02:24
Norway LolUFailed 
2016-06-10 02:24
2016-06-10 02:24
2016-06-10 02:24
United States Drifter808 
2016-06-10 02:24
nice job
2016-06-10 02:24
2016-06-10 02:24
2016-06-10 02:24
Don't worry bro, I have 1 gbps internet, still 6 seconds slow
2016-06-10 02:25
DUDE, MY INTERNET IS 10MBPS NOKAPPA AND YET EXPENSIVE god i hate it, pls lemme be your friend and live with you in finland, there's metal and pretty grills :D
2016-06-10 02:27
i dont think pretty finnish girls like favelas
2016-06-10 03:14
although the racism, i'm gonna reply... my skin is probably more white than yours, i'm descendant from italians and germans, and i think i'm good looking :P
2016-06-11 03:13
World Max_Eason 
i started to dream
2016-06-10 02:24
2016-06-10 02:25
Rip fucking 190$$$$
2016-06-10 02:25
so sad for SK 2 ez finals for Astralis
2016-06-10 02:25
CSGL admins marked CLG as the winner even before the 3rd map started
2016-06-10 02:26
the stats lol
2016-06-10 02:28
BOT pita and they still won lol
2016-06-10 02:28
Ukraine AndriyK 
pita played pretty good since he was igl
2016-06-10 09:03
This is the current ranking of the 3rd place finishers. SK 4P = rd +33 Renegades 3P = rd -32 OpTic 2P = rd -18
2016-06-10 02:30
Bulgaria AboveYall 
im looking at the stats and im asking myself... how is this possible LOL! clearly the better team lost i guess ROFL
2016-06-10 02:29
Nope, stats are deceptive and NEVER show the whole picture.
2016-06-10 03:06
2016-06-10 03:13
there is no such thing as an undeserved victory
2016-06-10 03:17
2016-06-10 08:17
the stats... lmao
2016-06-10 02:51
bench pita already ffs. cant belive it, he should go back to fnatic
2016-06-10 03:32
Pita the coach = Acillion the young player.
2016-06-10 05:42
The stats happen when you blow out a team on one map and lose the other 2 very closely. The better team won.
2016-06-10 03:57
When Tarik top frags, that's when CLG usually wins.
2016-06-10 03:59
they cut Fugly for.... ?????? If you don't have a fifth secured, you don't cut your players
2016-06-10 04:03
pita = Fugly tbh Fugly seemed decent in Liquid (but inconsistent), but he was terrible in CLG. pita probably has better fit in the team even if his fragging power is lesser due to being a coach, so I'd honestly rather have him.
2016-06-10 04:22
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
The role turn him impossible to play, the CLG team is unstable, the frags are proof here, today they have luck and smart to win. Unfortunely its the truth, this team is a pan...
2016-06-10 05:19
Rumor says it was Freakazoid, but it didn't happen.
2016-06-10 04:27
their planned fifth fell through. it was unfortunate.
2016-06-10 05:17
Argentina Reymon 
I don't know how SK lost this Game
2016-06-10 04:39
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Goood job CLG!
2016-06-10 05:13
SK what a bunch of idiots
2016-06-10 06:56
16-5 and 16-2 for Astralis thank me later
2016-06-10 09:43
Provide more show than I expected for tier 3 teams.
2016-06-10 10:32
Easy skins
2016-06-10 10:54
Poland B4rtek 
look at the match stats, how CLG could win this lol
2016-06-10 11:07
I love you Friis, but I really feel that you consistently have b0een under-performing for a long time :(
2016-06-10 11:55
i agree with you, friis was a very good awper but today he is very inconsistent
2016-06-10 18:12
Don't get how Acilion is in SK, such a bad player -.-
2016-06-10 14:17
+1. Should bring in Gla1ve.
2016-06-11 03:17
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