TWC Asian qualifiers set to start has revealed the match-ups for the first round of the Asian qualifier for The World Championships 2016.

The 16 lowest-ranked national teams in Asia will compete from June 21-26 in a best-of-three, single-elimination bracket to determine the four sides who will advance to the second qualifying round, where they will be joined by four other teams.

At the end of this second round, the top four teams will move on to the main round, where they will be paired with the highest-ranked nations in the region in a GSL group stage.

One Asian team will be at TWC 2016 

In the end, the winning team will represent Asian Counter-Strike at TWC 2016, which will take place in Belgrade from October 12-16.

Below you can find the complete schedule for the first round of TWC 2016's Asian qualifier:

Tuesday, June 21
11:00 Japan Japan vs. Kuwait Kuwait
14:00 Nepal Nepal vs. United Arab Emirates UAE
Wednesday, June 22      
11:00 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka vs. Hong Kong Hong Kong
14:00 Taiwan Taiwan vs. Bahrain Bahrain
Thursday, June 23      
11:00 Lebanon Lebanon vs. Iran Iran
14:00 Mongolia Mongolia vs. Pakistan Pakistan
Friday, June 24      
11:00 Palestine Palestine vs. Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
14:00 Korea South Korea vs. Jordan Jordan
Saturday, June 25      
11:00 Quarter-final #1    
14:00 Quarter-final #2    
Sunday, June 26      
11:00 Quarter-final #3    
14:00 Quarter-final #4    
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Nice! Gl! Btw, why no China? Rip tyloo membs.
2016-06-20 23:01
7 replies
6 replies
why did you delete my comment? i was first for the first time in my life :(((
2016-06-20 23:02
4 replies
>#8 >First Choose 1
2016-06-20 23:13
3 replies
you actually replied to my comment when i was first
2016-06-20 23:14
2 replies
#8 /close
2016-06-20 23:15
1 reply
>btw >this aint no 4chan
2016-06-20 23:24
Oh, i see. Thanks
2016-06-20 23:02
ez 4 mongolia
2016-06-20 22:59
ez for /s
2016-06-20 22:59
I see pak in there
2016-06-20 23:01
2 replies
2016-06-21 01:03
1 reply
zaki carry u mofo
2016-06-21 16:07
gogo arabs csgo style
2016-06-20 23:00
Why delete my comment ??
2016-06-20 23:00
:( 15
2016-06-20 23:00
ez tyloo
2016-06-20 23:00
No vietnam, rip crazyguy highlights on HLTV :(
2016-06-20 23:01
8 replies
1 reply
Oh yeah thanks, I did read it but I was confused ! This is the first round, my bad. Usually you do a whole recap at the end of the article :P Thanks anyway!
2016-06-21 09:22
damn vietnamese refused to play kyrgysztan in a fair game, kyrgyz had 400 ping the wwhole time. viets shoudl be disqualified $4 btw
2016-06-20 23:19
5 replies
kyrgyszstan players was able to choose between Europe and Asia Qualifier at that time . They choosed Asia Qualifier ( obiviously no chance in EU Qualifier ) . Do all other Asian team have to play with 100+ ping just to help Kyr's players have good ping ? Nope my friends That's was their choice
2016-06-21 03:42
4 replies
kyrgysztan is in asia, why should they play against countries that arent on their continent? they couldve played on indian servers and both had ~150 ping. vietnam refused just so they could have better playing conditions for them, and they also refused to swap servers for 2nd map. they couldve played first map on viet's choice, 2nd map on, kyrgyz choice, and 3rd map on neutral ground(india). this was all on e-fag and vietcong's lack of sportsmanship.
2016-06-22 00:22
3 replies
lol Efrag let them choosed , they was not prevent them from playing for any continent . Why do you have to play with high ping and then blame the others for your lose ? Even Kyr's players didn't complain about that, so no need to be a butthurt fanboy Play a match while both team got 100+ ping ? No thanks you , you play in Asia , you have to follow the Asia rules and servers
2016-06-22 19:08
2 replies
both with 100 ping woulve been a lot fairer, and the vietnamese players were the ones bitching lmao, go to the matchpage. asia rules and servers? kyrgysztan is asian fuckwit, why should they play in europe. theyre playing in europe now since the asian teams that played them didnt want to have them play with 400 ping since they wanted to have a fair game. its only these vietnamese fuckers that had to get anyway to save their sorry asses since the kg's wouldve raped them. but karmas a bitch, and kyrgysztan played in twc while vietcong didnt xd
2016-06-23 00:33
1 reply
lol Vietnamese team is still much better than Kyrgystsztan haha dont be jealous shut up and enjoy your meal
2016-06-23 01:57
2016-06-20 23:01
3 replies
australia bestest
2016-06-20 23:09
mine too, what a coincidence. <3
2016-06-21 01:03
1 reply
I was born in Islamabad when my mum and dad were born in Lahore. :p
2016-06-21 01:07
Finland Smoonah
2016-06-20 23:02
It is so nice to see that countries such as Nepal has representatives. Good luck to all. It may look funny and impossible, but I would love to see same tournament with African countries.( Of course the ones who could afford )
2016-06-20 23:03
2 replies
Africa has 1 slot for the Global Finals as well, the qualifiers for Africa will be played out soon mate :) visit for all the info! Enjoy
2016-06-20 23:47
1 reply
Thank you! I've never heard of that website and the news they post.
2016-06-21 06:21
Kuwait ez
2016-06-20 23:07
France StickyRice
EZ for TyLoo
2016-06-20 23:08
ez for the weebs
2016-06-20 23:12
2 replies
weeb power too stronk
2016-06-20 23:19
Singapore Trisha
2016-06-22 06:22
LOL Palestine group and no Israel group. Antismistic organization.
2016-06-20 23:43
5 replies
Israel is going to play in the EU Qualifiers. No need to be offensive
2016-06-21 03:52
1 reply
Don't hate on me or something,but this omrizeev guy probably will say " All arabs should die" or some other bullshits cause some terroist is arab,I personally don't hate arabs,everyone is the same ffs, gl for every team playin' anyways :).
2016-06-21 13:54
>antimistic nice.
2016-06-21 09:03
1 reply
2016-06-21 18:06
you did 911 so don't blame goyim for that..
2016-06-22 07:53
ez iran <3
2016-06-21 00:54
Japan papa_smurf
Palestine is Asia and Israel is Europe ? wot
2016-06-21 01:13
Almost impossible to qualify but if this is to be our end, we would have them make such an end as to be worthy of remembrance :D
2016-06-21 01:24
ez 4 Nepal
2016-06-21 01:42
Jordan = 3 from c5 + 2 bots
2016-06-21 03:14
1 reply
This +1 they will win vs saudi probably
2016-06-21 04:08
Finland miknunoob
well this is going to be interesting to watch
2016-06-21 12:04
Mongolia is going down!! Believe Me ! Total REKT
2016-06-21 12:43
ez for my bros cmmon
2016-06-21 12:50
ez 4 Sri Lanka
2016-06-21 16:24
Ez For Naleykom
2016-06-21 18:06
so ez mongolia.
2016-06-21 19:19
so ez mongolia OMGGGGGGGGGGG
2016-06-21 20:43
1 reply
really? ok will see!
2016-06-22 09:26
Good Luck Iranian
2016-06-22 11:26
GOGO Iran <3
2016-06-22 21:46
rip iran
2016-06-23 21:52
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