World Cyber Games without wNv

The Chinese team wNv is currently attending the World e-Sports Masters in Hangzhou, China – In the mean time the team has been denied visa for the upcoming World Cyber Games in Cologne, Germany.

Visa issues strikes again. Over and over we see teams not getting visa for various events around the globe. It’s a returning problem for Eastern European and Asian teams wanting to attend major tournaments. This time it hits the Chinese team of wNv. The team won the national qualifier and hereby qualified for the World Cyber Games grand finals in Cologne. The team will however not be able to enter Germany without a visa, a visa that got rejected just eight days prior to tournament start. This means that World Cyber Games 2008 is one team short. The Chinese team had been drawn into group with SK Gaming, TeG, Mamut, No Pression and XIungiz.

World Cyber Games is to take place in Cologne, Germany from the 4th till the 9th, the tournament will start on the 6th.

should i be happy or sad for wnv...? i dont know....maybe they dont know either....
2008-10-29 01:30
Romania xtS. 
:( Too bad for wnv ...China sucks at this sort of things,cuz the politics there sucks big time :( A good thing, oportunity is now for TeG who has more chances to pass the groups xD
2008-10-29 01:44
for sure their now sad why be happy?
2008-10-29 01:45
China ybwOw 
china cs will over
2008-10-29 06:00
I hope there is HLTV for this event..o.O
2008-10-29 06:51
There will, don't worry.
2008-10-29 10:03
This team has no chance :(
2008-10-29 07:08
People are talking about how profressional is gaming, contracts e.t.c. but in real professional sports visa is not a problem.
2008-10-29 07:49
so true :(
2008-10-29 09:38
NEO | 
Germany BackY 
yep... smth should be done for this... I never heard gamers from macedonia had this visa problem...
2008-10-29 09:59
Shouldn't they get their visa several months before events? This always seem to happen right before an event...
2008-10-29 09:51
Brazil fzZ 
bad news |:
2008-10-29 10:56
thats the retribution for not allowing HLTV on the WEM in china :s
2008-10-29 10:57
omfg that sucks for wnv :(
2008-10-29 14:38
i think it is used as an excuse not to show up at the event! everybody saw how bad they went on WEM.
2008-10-29 21:41
Who wouldn't die to attend the World Cyber Games. Just look at how many small nations will attend, and get their ass' wooped.
2008-10-29 21:42
alex and kingZ wanted retired before WEM and they had just trained six days when they got ckx .so they were felling terrible.anyway wnv's death may be a good thing .
2008-11-01 01:41
wNv, i dont know how to say - -#
2008-10-30 14:26
wNv used to be a very great team.But now,wNv is not as powerful as it,wNv!
2008-10-30 15:27
another news. after sakula, alex and K|ingz also retired. i think bigun should do too...
2008-10-30 19:40
OMG OMG.... what a hell in 1 group mibr MYM e-stro ;\ i guess mibr and mym go forward ! sync sad for you.. ;D~
2008-11-01 01:58
donnot sad they all got mym :p
2008-11-01 10:46
2008-11-05 20:18
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