SL i-League StarSeries S2 in Nanjing

New information has been revealed about the SL i-League StarSeries Season 2 finals that will take place in Nanjing, China and Stage One of the China qualifiers for the event has gotten underway.

Back in March, StarLadder announced that the second season of their StarSeries SL i-League would have its finals in China (in conjunction with an expansion plan involving ImbaTV, one of China's biggest game content producers).

Slated for September 7-11, the StarSeries SL i-League Season 2 finals have now been announced to take place in Nanjing, China, a city known as East China's second largest and which sits on the Yangtze River Delta.

Additionally, Stage 1 of the SL i-League China qualifier has kicked off, as of a few hours ago. This first stage features 16 teams (groups can be found here) and will have the format of best-of-three matches with the winner and runner-up of each group advancing to the second stage of the Qualifier.

The SL i-League StarSeries Season 2 finals will take place in Nanjing

The second stage will then take place offline from August 4-7, and the eight Stage 1 qualifier teams will be joined by four other teams which can be found in the first row below:

China TYLOO China VG.CyberZen Korea MVP Project Australia Athletico
China Stage 1 Group A winner China Stage 1 Group B winner China Stage 1 Group C winner China Stage 1 Group D winner
China Stage 1 Group A runner-up China Stage 1 Group B runner-up China Stage 1 Group C runner-up China Stage 1 Group D runner-up

TYLOO qualified for Stage 2 of the China qualifier as winners of the H-Cups Seasons 1 and 2, VG.CyberZen and MVP Project through their runner-up statuses in the H-Cup, and Australian team Athletico won the SL i-League Australian qualifiers.

Three teams from this qualifier and five others from as yet unannounced European and Americas qualifiers will then converge on Nanjing from September 7-11 alongside four invited teams.

Specific information about the prize pool distribution, European & Americas qualifiers, and  more for the StarSeries SL i-League Season 2 finals is forthcoming.

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Jordan LBJ 
Good news
2016-07-19 16:53
yes very good
2016-07-19 16:59
How many teams? 8 invited + 10 qualified (5-Na/5-EU) + 8(Tyloo, VG, MVP, Athletico BH + 4x stage 1 group) ??? i'm SO CONFUSED! hahahaha
2016-07-19 17:35
Brazil MIBR_Top_One 
8 invited +8 qualified (3 EU 2 NA 3 China&Oceania)
2016-07-19 18:04
Aaaaahhh thanksman, só from that 8 Asia and Oceania teams mentioned Only three will qualify, OK. 3eu 2na(fair) and 8 invited teams. I think its gonna be one of the best tournaments of the year, i'm feeling it hahah because there are less teams from Eu and NA,so Only the best teams will qualify(at least from EU and NA)
2016-07-19 18:10
2016-07-19 16:53
mason | 
Tunisia mason~ 
2016-07-19 16:53
Europe SteffeM 
GG WP TyLoo won.
2016-07-19 16:53
2016-07-19 16:53
2016-07-19 16:53
kaboose | 
Finland fe11owH 
2016-07-19 16:53
2016-07-19 16:53
2016-07-19 16:53
looking forward
2016-07-19 16:53
Nice, i love Asia getting some attention. Maybe there will be more gamers interested in cs:go which would make the scene much bigger :)
2016-07-19 16:53
+1 it'd be very interesting if there was a top team from Asia who could compete on the level of SK/fnatic/Na`Vi/NiP/G2/Liquid etc.
2016-07-19 17:35
Take Liquid out of it, at the momment they have to prove they are good, without s1mple and that big hype they had on the Major. Liquid is a great org but their LEVEL as u mentioned is really different from SK, Navi, G2,NIP, and VP i guess. But i agree when u say that would be interesting if there was a top team from Asia and I pray for it. They just need more opportunitues as happened with SK(ex-LG (ex-Keyd(ex-kabum)))when Flusha donated a lot of money to give kabum a chance to play their first qualify for the Major and because of that they now are top1 hahahaha ! :) #makeitglobal
2016-07-19 17:49
100% agreed
2016-07-19 17:49
2016-07-19 16:53
2016-07-19 16:53
NiKo | 
CIS swikzie 
2016-07-19 16:53
2016-07-19 16:53
2016-07-19 16:53
Sellout.. oh wait
2016-07-19 16:54
AZR | 
Australia Mortein 
ez AU
2016-07-19 16:54
ez atletico mineiro
2016-07-19 16:54
Indonesia fafeluke 
2016-07-19 16:55
no EU?
2016-07-19 16:58
3 from china, 3 from EU, 2 from NA. EU qualifier will held on end of this month
2016-07-19 17:08
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
2016-07-19 17:04
season 2? or season 15?
2016-07-19 17:04
StarLadder SL i-League Season 2
2016-07-19 17:25
we started new numeration for StarSeries events, when we partnered with SL i-League, manually first season was Minsk one StarSeries tournament :)
2016-07-19 17:35
ez tyloo
2016-07-19 17:05
2016-07-19 17:12
Romania Pooknezeu 
Hope there will be maybe tier 1-2 teams participating at the EU qual
2016-07-19 17:15
Nanjing's nice but the smog is awful.
2016-07-19 17:29
will the final offline event have 16 teams at it? would be nice to have a tournament that has a decent format for the playoffs imo
2016-07-19 17:36
Athletico BH next best AU team ?
2016-07-19 17:43
Nanjing is not the second biggest Eastern Chinese city. What about SZ, SH, Guangzhou, BJ, Suzhou, Hangzhou, etc?
2016-07-20 14:09
Where is MVP PK??
2016-07-20 17:11
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