eSports Festival with $24,000 tourney

eSports Festival have revealed they will be hosting a four-team tournament at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition centre on August 21st, which will give out 180,000 HKD (~$24,000) across qualifiers and the main event.

TYLOO will be amongst the participants of the ESF 2016 playoffs as the only directly invited side. They will be joined by two teams coming from two rounds of qualifiers open to all Asian teams, and one coming from a Hong Kong qualifier.

TyLoo invited to another local event

The Asian qualifier will start off with an open stage, played in a single-elimination, best-of-one format, for which teams can still register here. Top two sides will then join five invited teams and the winner of a ~$2,500 Taiwan offline qualifier in the closed stage.

Teams invited to the closed qualifier are following:

China VG.CyberZen  Thailand Signature
China EDG Korea MVP Project
Mongolia TheMongolz Taiwan Taiwan offline qualifier
Other Asian open qualifier  Other Asian open qualifier

From July 26th to August 13th teams from Hong Kong will fight in their own single-elimination, best-of-one qualifier, which will give out one spot for the main event and a total of 35,000 HKD (~$4,500).

The ESF 2016 playoffs, played on August 21st, will have 150,000 HKD on offer (~$19,500), with a lion's share of 100,000 HKD (~$13,000) going to the champion. The slot distribution looks as follows:

China TYLOO Hong Kong Hong Kong qualifier
Other Asian closed qualifier  Other Asian closed qualifier
2016-07-22 14:11
2016-07-22 14:12
Germany L4Ndo 
lul ence not even invited you're so bad lul
2016-07-22 14:57
mason | 
Tunisia mason~ 
2016-07-22 14:11
RegnaM | 
Luxembourg momokmks 
2016-07-22 14:11
Brazil BonezMC 
2016-07-22 14:11
2016-07-22 14:11
Russia cuba_libre10 
2016-07-22 14:11
suelo | 
Germany siN1337 
2016-07-22 14:11
World fox>Kennys 
2016-07-22 14:11
zehN | 
Finland Pietzu10 
2016-07-22 14:11
2016-07-22 14:11
2016-07-22 14:11
2016-07-22 14:11
Asia hisimonyang 
2016-07-22 14:11
Slovakia TatKo 
Asian scene PogChamp
2016-07-22 14:11
2016-07-22 14:12
ez inchking Kappa
2016-07-22 14:13
Ireland deluxe^ 
dank af
2016-07-22 14:14
as always they say "Asia" you enter the site and they mean "south-east asia" not even a small tournament for West-Asia.
2016-07-22 14:14
Ping problem I think?
2016-07-22 14:31
West Asian Qualifier for West Asian countries only then the winner Qualifies for the tournament instead of playing on 400 ping for the South-east Asian teams.
2016-07-22 15:04
Turkey Mustafa- 
you guys so bad at csgo don't talk
2016-07-22 15:28
Did your country host any tournament for the region to test how "bad" we are?
2016-07-22 16:41
Turkey Mustafa- 
2016-07-22 16:41
Tournaments" not players use ur mind please, i know it's HLTV but make a good use of it , it's for free
2016-07-22 16:42
Turkey Mustafa- 
you are god of cringe
2016-07-22 16:43
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
Even if you are on Asian continent, you are different region CSGO since we do not play same, SEA play with East Asia, tournament only for this range. Make your own tournament =)
2016-07-24 05:57
then they have to consider saying "a tournament for SEA" , not a tournament for Asia since they abandon more than half of the continent right away
2016-07-24 08:48
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
It's not for SEA, it's for East Asia too, which is not part of SEA. It's not even hosted in SEA.
2016-07-24 11:31
wtf to reverse 1 out of 4 slots for your relatively unknown region? except risky?
2016-07-24 12:42
why not to add the slot without deleting any other ones and btw : you only know risky because the biggest chance given to the region was for 1 team , and risky got that one, you'll notice more talents if a bigger chance was given
2016-07-24 13:35
Because they need time for other games as well, CSGO is the main game but there are other games have to be played during the weekend at the centre
2016-07-26 00:35
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
China isn't SEA
2016-07-24 05:55
2016-07-22 14:16
is MVP PK in the open qualifier?
2016-07-22 14:24
Sweden DEFENSE! 
no, in the closed.
2016-07-22 14:27
no MVP PK, the team with solo, MVP Project is under the same org but its a different roster
2016-07-22 14:52
Xyp9x | 
Other GunnerL 
I rather see MVP PK invited over MVP Project too :(
2016-07-23 02:05
Europe Scottxaxa 
Ence should ezily win this.
2016-07-22 14:38
mvp pk?
2016-07-22 16:37
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Americas and european qualifier? Where?
2016-07-22 16:49
Hong Kong eldoodaks 
shit tourney
2016-07-22 19:21
2016-07-22 20:03
oh shit 1nchking comeback? LUL
2016-07-23 05:11
ez TaiwanZ
2016-07-30 04:27
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