SL i-League EU qual. groups finished

The group stage of SL i-League Season 2 Europe qualifier has come to an end, as eight teams joined FlipSid3, EnVyUs and FaZe in the playoff bracket.

16 teams took part in the qualifier's group stage and we've already seen some surprising exits in the best-of-three, round-robin scenario.

In Group B Epsilon defeated first-placed MK, but due to losing to both ENCE and ALTERNATE aTTaX, the latter of whom secured second place, the Swedes exited the competition early.

FaZe will meet the winner of GODSENT and X

Group D saw HellRaisers grabbing first place already after won series with fruits and Spirit, as Gambit lost to both the Hungarians and the Russians following close scorelines.

Teams who advanced from the group stage will face each other in the first round of playoffs, while three invited teams have been seeded directly into the quarter-finals.

A total of three spots at SL i-League StarSeries Season 2 Finals, which is set to take place from September 7-11 in Nanjing, China, are on offer in the playoffs.

The playoff bracket is following:

Ukraine FlipSid3    
Poland Kinguin vs. Denmark Dignitas BO3
Bulgaria MK vs. Russia Spirit BO3
France Envy    
Europe FaZe    
Sweden GODSENT vs. Denmark X BO3
Europe HellRaisers  vs. Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX 

mousesports were initially among the four invites, but they decided to skip the qualifier due to personal reasons. As a result, the winner of HellRaisers and ALTERNATE aTTaX will advance directly to semi-finals.

Russia f0wlie 
First,thanks boys!
2016-08-07 23:53
2016-08-07 23:53
Other anarh1st47 
Ez4ENCE Oh wait...
2016-08-08 11:50
2016-08-07 23:54
United States J3wy 
EZ S1mple the savior of N.A
2016-08-07 23:55
ez WHY 2ND
2016-08-07 23:53
Russia f0wlie 
Cuz EU faster than NA
2016-08-07 23:54
Finland vDogx 
2016-08-09 15:28
2016-08-07 23:55
2016-08-07 23:53
2016-08-07 23:53
2016-08-07 23:53
MEZi | 
Finland Sukrami 
rip ence
2016-08-07 23:53
but where is ence
2016-08-07 23:54
2016-08-07 23:53
2016-08-07 23:53
twist | 
Sweden kysak 
never lucky
2016-08-07 23:53
ez godsent
2016-08-07 23:54
CIS chlenixon 
go HR :)
2016-08-07 23:55
Brunei ploggy 
EZ for FaZe
2016-08-07 23:55
i hope mouz will not only add oskar they need to change 2 and not only one player
2016-08-07 23:57
yep . spiidi and denis , chrisJ can play with these cod guns or ak , he's good with it anyway
2016-08-08 01:09
Germany Madra 
If you think spidii is the problem, you don't understand his role in the team
2016-08-08 05:21
spiidi is doing good tbh , when it comes to clutching only , maybe sometimes support but tbh i don't like him as support , i remember when he was in penta was really good
2016-08-08 14:12
Germany Madra 
Yeah he don't shine that often but he has not to shine. As long as niko hits his role just don't need frags. Dennis is a bad entry fragger and Nex the most inconsistent player there.
2016-08-08 14:15
nex incosistent? he has always been either 1st , 2nd or 3rd in each game , maybe he had some bad days fragging 4th or 5th but am pretty sure they won everytime he bottom fragged so it didn't matter also i really liked when denis was lurking in the qualifier , he was godlike
2016-08-08 14:24
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
ill pick spiidi over nex anyday
2016-08-08 21:53
i'll pick both over denis anyday
2016-08-08 22:27
Attax is only there because tabsen carried them vs epsilon and ence hahahahahahahaha its so fake :DD
2016-08-08 00:02
Wasn't Tabsen in NRG?
2016-08-08 00:08
TabseN was in Germany (vacation I guess) and played for ALTERNATE aTTaX in 2 matches as a standin.
2016-08-08 00:13
ok thank you
2016-08-08 00:19
I feel bad for Epsilon they really deserved to play that qualifier but ence are just a bunch of onliners struggeling vs some random finnish team on LAN
2016-08-08 02:56
Finland Acoz 
Tell me what random team?
2016-08-08 10:56
2016-08-08 14:09
Finland Acoz 
2016-08-08 21:15
rain | 
Poland HazzardRM 
Easy for FaZe.
2016-08-08 00:07
Poland Grzywinczi 
2016-08-08 00:20
wtf is that format? who plays against whom else?
2016-08-08 00:23
Poland DzonPrice 
Kinguin we believe!
2016-08-08 00:37
rain | 
United Kingdom CHarli3J 
FaZe will win. EnVy are their only threat
2016-08-08 02:15
ez 4 Dignitas
2016-08-08 07:10
Russia 0mgfarsh 
F3 go go go go go go go
2016-08-08 10:05
ez Kinguin
2016-08-08 10:11
MK and GODSENT will qualify. Proof:
2016-08-08 10:18
2016-08-08 14:16
ez for FaZe
2016-08-08 18:37
Lets fucking go Kinguin
2016-08-08 21:18
Australia SHAMALOV 
ez for dignitas
2016-08-10 12:42
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