ESF 2016 team list complete

The teams that will compete at the eSports Festival playoffs taking place in Hong Kong have been determined.

A long qualifying process began after the tournament organizers handed out the only invitation to TYLOO and announced that two of the remaining three spots would be given out in the Asian qualifier while one would be going to the winner of the Hong Kong qualifier.

The Asian slots went to EDG and VG.CyberZen—two Chinese squads—as the former beat Signature 2-1 in a close series while the latter eased past MVP Project.

Savage's VG.CyberZen qualified for the LAN finals 

3 NEW 2 OLD faced EMC at the ROG CS:GO Hong Kong Tournament grand final for the last spot and 3 NEW 2 OLD managed to clinch the victory with a 2-0 scoreline.

Therefore, the four teams that will compete at the ESF 2016 playoffs are:

China TYLOO China VG.CyberZen
China EDG Hong Kong 3 NEW 2 OLD

The eSports Festival 2016 will take place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on August 21 and will offer 150,000 HKD (~19,500) in cash prizes.

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United States Tryx[M] 
2016-08-13 17:52
!!!! 4 Teams !!!! good tournament lol
2016-08-15 13:25
2016-08-13 17:52
ez tyloo
2016-08-13 17:52
ropz | 
Sweden fearl3ss2 
ez 4 tylow
2016-08-13 17:52
Spain Miki2K 
Chinese scene? WHAT? WHO?
2016-08-13 17:52
Ur best players are NA now. Spain has no scene anymore
2016-08-13 17:54
Spain Miki2K 
im not from Spain but anyways more people from Spain were on majors then from China so what r u trying to say?
2016-08-13 17:55
ZywOo | 
France AraShir0 
mixwell was in one Tyloo was in one Team = 5 Player = 1 So we have mixwell = player = 1 Tylo = team = 5 5>1 So China > Spain Maths are hard :(
2016-08-13 17:59
Spain Miki2K 
if tyloo was on major, where are their stickers? Cant see any. ROFL
2016-08-13 18:00
ZywOo | 
France AraShir0 
u right but they won against LG in a 250k tournement what did mixwell ?
2016-08-13 18:01
Spain Miki2K 
Who cares who did they beat, did they win the tournament? No, were they second? No, what r u trying to say lol. And what did mixwell? He was on major :)
2016-08-13 18:03
nice baits but mixwell overated shit and kairi and lowel are in peacefull Penta..Spanish scene LUL China>Spanish trash
2016-08-13 18:09
Mixwell carried OpTic lol. OpTic has done more than Tyloo has in CS lmao.
2016-08-13 18:24
Another no scener talking LUL
2016-08-13 18:27
nice 2-3 semi relevant players lul
2016-08-13 18:45
dont talk NA pls Slovakia>all NA trash Zero Styko Questone Guardian would shit on u
2016-08-13 18:48
Only guy on that list who is good is Guardian. A full Slovak team couldn't even beat coL LUL
2016-08-13 18:56
LUL u will see, soon full Slovakian team win major, still better than English scene LUL
2016-08-13 19:04
It isn't tho lol. Only 1 guy on your team. Also nice bait, I would be surprised if a full Slovak team even qualified for the qualifier for the major.
2016-08-13 19:08
Guardian want to play in full Slovakian team before retire so soon he will join zero and styko(hiden tallents) and questone and froze(14yo guy playin and rekting veterans playin for extatus) ez major
2016-08-13 19:13
Guardian isn't going to go to play with them lool.
2016-08-14 12:14
He will man...I told u he want to play in full Slovakian team before retire, its not will be in year or two but it will be
2016-08-14 13:09
Won't happen
2016-08-14 13:23
bookmark this threat, in 2-3 years u will see, Im family with Guardian second cousin
2016-08-14 13:25
Was going to actually bookmark the thread until I saw the bait at the end of the sentence
2016-08-14 13:27
man our father are cousins, we come from hungary, I donr need you to trust me so bye, gl in your life
2016-08-14 13:30
1 guy? You forgot styko who is always top fragging in HR and zero who is only 17 and is already playing for HR. What had your scene done?
2016-08-14 00:07
Where is your scene? At least we got complexity with two of our players and rattlesnk's team and we own the fnatic org. You have nothing.
2016-08-13 18:55
comple-who? and who the fuck is rattkesnk? and I dont care who is owner of Fnatic, still Slovakia>Englando
2016-08-13 19:07
You have 1 relevant player only lol. Your country is even worse than uk at cs lol.
2016-08-13 19:14
hahahah, your best team is uselles then our worst, I can beat your best team solo
2016-08-13 19:18
That last is like saying germany is the best country since they have the sk org... lol
2016-08-13 19:10
English is hard to apparently
2016-08-13 18:10
English is hard to indeed.
2016-08-13 18:21
ZywOo | 
France AraShir0 
Imo mixwell is good but you cant argue that Chinese scene > Spain scene. 1 player in a NA team =/= a scene
2016-08-13 18:35
Belgium Zw00p 
2016-08-13 17:52
mixwell | 
Dominican Republic modery 
2016-08-13 17:52
2016-08-13 17:52
2016-08-13 17:52
too late
2016-08-13 17:52
2016-08-13 17:52
2016-08-13 17:52
Sweden gigal 
2016-08-13 17:52
Finland Tekh 
Very nice
2016-08-13 17:52
2016-08-13 17:52
2016-08-13 17:52
Croatia MgK1nG 
2016-08-13 17:52
2016-08-13 17:52
2016-08-13 17:52
ez for ching chong
2016-08-13 17:52
China n1
2016-08-13 17:52
Europe Predatorino 
"3 new 2 old" rly?
2016-08-13 17:53
ez for 3 NEW 2 OLD
2016-08-13 17:54
ZywOo | 
France AraShir0 
ez 4 3NEW2OLD
2016-08-13 18:00
ez for HUI Wu
2016-08-13 18:07
I miss the finals Tyloo vs VG , it was already an hour from the last time
2016-08-13 19:42
19.500 what? apples?
2016-08-13 21:00
Finland Lehtori 
Tyloo vs VG happens all the time: just like csgl (kinguin) vs godsent and atn vs mk
2016-08-13 23:17
wo za nouneymi ya ebu (c.) s1mple
2016-08-14 02:20
HONG KONG sucks tho who are they?
2016-08-14 04:18
you sucks tho who are you?
2016-08-14 05:35
Then must be your mom tho
2016-08-14 12:56
hong kong are actually suck tho, nothing good 2 contribute the world im your dad who are you then?
2016-08-15 04:02
don't tell me if you're from suck kong
2016-08-15 04:03
Hong Kong herry0277 
nothing good 2 contribute the world rofl just google Charles K. Kao
2016-08-18 20:00
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