vuggo: "Won't coach fnatic for long"

In Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen's podcast, fnatic's Viktor "vuggo" Jendeby shared he wouldn't stay on as main coach for much longer, as the team are looking into new options.

The fourth episode of Tomi "⁠lurppis⁠" Kovanen's podcast featured fnatic's main coach, Viktor "⁠vuggo⁠" Jendeby, who talked about various subjects, most importantly the roster swap between them and GODSENT.

Towards the end of the episode, the conversation turned to the recently announced coach limitation at Valve-sponsored events as well as ESL's and Valve's approach to CS:GO.

After one-and-a-half years, vuggo plans to move to a managing and analyzing role

While on the subject, vuggo shared he wouldn't keep his position on the team, as he plans to move to a managing and analyzing role in the organization while fnatic are looking into hiring a new main coach.

You can listen to the entire podcast below, timestamps are following:

0:00:27 The story of fnatic's changes
0:05:13 What if the off-season started a few weeks earlier?
0:07:15 Assessment of JW as a player
0:09:35 The status of olofmeister's injury
0:10:22 Assessment of GODSENT as a team
0:12:48 Why is NiP not making changes?
0:14:28 Thoughts on disco doplan, draken, other upcoming players
0:16:15 How it worked out with PlesseN
0:18:09 New fnatic roster
0:21:00 Why didn't twist join the tier one teams sooner?
0:22:15 AWPing in new fnatic
0:22:52 Thoughts on major and qualifier format
0:26:40 Was SK robbed by the next major taking place in 2017?
0:28:26 Why is SK so good?
0:30:18 Assessment of and fnatic changes' affect on their ELEAGUE win
0:32:40 Valve's new rule on coaching
0:36:32 What about allowing coaches to speak during freezetime?
0:40:03 Why does Valve value matchmaking players over the spectator sport?
0:45:48 The potential long-term effects of uncertainty Valve isn't dissolving over CS:GO's future
0:48:44 vuggo will not be new fnatic's coach
0:50:02 How much staff do top teams employ?
0:52:22 Potential developments in CS:GO
0:57:01 Major group stage format: BO3 vs. BO1
0:59:05 Preparation for games in the future
1:01:47 Heatmap-style analytics vs. demo viewing - replacement or complementary?
1:02:34 "Watching tape" in CS:GO as a way of preparation


Finland Tomi 'lurppis' Kovanen
Tomi 'lurppis' Kovanen
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rip vuggo
2016-08-20 11:42
11 replies
2016-08-20 11:42
Why vuggo not coach like his coach LGB 2 years ago? Its twist dennis and olof same like LGB
2016-08-20 11:58
Valve basically killed cs and themselves with most recent updates
2016-08-20 12:16
7 replies
2016-08-20 12:33
5 replies
yeah, first they annoy the viewers when they shut down betting, and now they annoy the players too... lets hope making every gun sound twice as loud makes it all go away
2016-08-20 13:17
4 replies
quite accurate comment
2016-08-20 13:50
2016-08-20 14:29
I agree but they got sued for promoting betting so it wasnt much they could do about it.
2016-08-20 18:48
haha basically this
2016-08-20 19:00
Cry me a river
2016-08-20 14:49
Hiko | 
Germany ebp
RIP fnatic
2016-08-20 14:18
2016-08-20 11:42
Latvia ploxyS
2016-08-20 11:42
Finland San1_
2016-08-20 11:42
2016-08-20 11:42
2016-08-20 11:44
haha nub
2016-08-20 11:42
Yugoslavia BotLarry
2016-08-20 11:42
2016-08-20 11:42
Greece Swishh_
who cares LUL
2016-08-20 11:42
2016-08-20 11:42
2016-08-20 11:42
2016-08-20 11:42
2016-08-20 11:42
rip fnatic ))
2016-08-20 11:43
5 replies
Europe TEEZY
:) *
2016-08-20 17:16
4 replies
No.... I meant ruski emoji ))
2016-08-20 17:17
3 replies
Europe TEEZY
explain it, why do russians use only )) instead of :) ? i dont get it, like, dont they have eyes or what? is it because of the failures of tschernobyl?
2016-08-20 17:18
2 replies
Because : (Colon) is hard to find in a Russian keyboard (I think so).
2016-08-20 17:19
1 reply
Europe TEEZY
finally i got an answer, thanks for that.
2016-08-20 17:19
Alright, unexpected
2016-08-20 11:42
2016-08-20 11:42
Singapore BOOMZOOM
Rip fnatic
2016-08-20 11:43
Germany Naviever
Olof please come to NaVi
2016-08-20 11:43
2 replies
World JoeGBeast
That soul make literally no sense. Na'vi speak ukranian olof probably doesn't. I know guardian is Slovakian but u probably speak ukranian
2016-08-20 12:14
1 reply
they speak Russian for sure because ukrainians know russian and guardian can speak it to
2016-08-20 12:37
How valve kills the pro scene
2016-08-20 11:43
15 replies
Iraq omar^
Kill? That's how it should be. They're coaches not your 6th player - can't give them a big role like IGL. Valve also warned the players at majors - telling them they shouldn't used coaches as a 6th man but as a coach and players just ignored.
2016-08-20 11:51
14 replies
World JoeGBeast
Do you have great aim, a tactical mind, the ability read the opponent's strategies? I don't think you understand how much coaches help teams.
2016-08-20 12:17
1 reply
Iraq omar^
That's the point - Valve doesn't want coaches to have such a huge role, they don't want them to have a 6th player role and they have said that many times before but players didn't listen.
2016-08-20 12:59
Germany andoRRR
So you're basically saying that FIFA shouldn't allow coaches to be on the sidelines? Should they sit in the stands so they can't give tactical instructions during the game, except at halftime? It's the same thing if you look at it.
2016-08-20 12:26
9 replies
No not really, its very limited what the coach on the sidelines get to message out, theres a reason why theres a "captain" on the field, the game plan is laidout beforehand and they play out from that. Of course the coach will stand and yell and contribute some but not much. Point being; in cs the coach is littearly in the game, watching every1 and actually have kind of an advantage in the sense that he can spectate everyplayer, see what they have, where they are and so on. Where'as a normal igl would have to ask/be told for this information. He can also communicate this in an instant and theres no need for a "captain" on the team because of this. EDIT: as another example of a team with a coach who did say much during the games -> MANU with alex ferguson, granted i didnt/dont watch much football but everything i ever saw him do whas chew gum and chill in his chair :p
2016-08-20 13:05
7 replies
so american football should be banned. + in cs the matches are also prepared, saying what to do next round doesnt mean, that they havent prepared it. however i think midround calls should not be allowed for coaches to speak. however at every round start.
2016-08-20 13:09
6 replies
Good point, didnt think of this. But then again in AF its been like that from the start but in CS its been 5man team from the start. The last years with coaches doing all the work is a fluke that valve now is saying no more to. Of wich i kind'a agree. Cs have always been a 5man team game and one had to have atleast one smart igl type player on that team. Now we've seen teams not needing these players because of coaches and thats just silly if you ask me. Your idea there is a good one, however it would be kinda shady and you will have to have an extra guard just watching that the coach dosent say shit while in the brackets play and so on.
2016-08-20 13:14
5 replies
saying "at the start it was like that" isnt a good point. at the start we had no m4a1-s and many other things. you don't need an extra guard. put the coach in an extra 5m² room with his pc, allow him only to talk ingame, after freeze time coach will not be able to talk anymore by just cutting it.
2016-08-20 13:17
4 replies
How is that not a good point? The rules have been the same its always been a 5v5 game, like football always been a certain set amount of players. And comparing that and adding weapons is two totally different things. EDIT; of wich cs have also from "the beginning" been adding new weapons with new cs's So wheres that room gonna be on stage!? THe practical part behind it just gets silly.
2016-08-20 14:08
3 replies
roundtimes for example have been changed. with the money valve gets from the market they can easily build something. but as its not even them who do that i would say they can easily give the organizer a bit more money to make something for the coaches. pretty silly to accept coaches but dont have anything for them, at first they dont even had their own computers... like wtf. you know why this happens? because valve doesnt fucking care at all and there are more than fucking enough examples. coaches is just one of them.
2016-08-20 15:43
2 replies
Again true and whats happening is that csgo is a game in changing and it will have to stay that way in order for it to grow (to a point) Now during this process new things like coaches appears, and now valve has come to a conclusion -> same with round times, weapon buffs/nerfs etc. Perspectives changes after players learn to take adventage of things in different ways. (example how players are jumping with some weapons, i dont think valve ever planed for scout/swag 7+++ to be used like that) EDIT: and why i agree with valves decision is that some teams and underdog teams often dont have/cant afford or dont even want one so one would basicly see a 6 heads/minds vs 5 wich isnt fair. "pretty silly to accept coaches but dont have anything for them, at first they dont even had their own computers... like wtf." Well thats as im saying over here, coaches sort of came out of the blue, and at first had very little to acutally do with the ingame play and so on. But they quickly evolved and it bacame its own role. This process happend ratter quickly so i completly understand that things where not in place and i honsetly think many of these coaches didnt even think about getting their own comp and so on. I do agree with you on the valve dont care part, because it also seems to me like they never have any1 from inside the csgo community helping them make ANY decisions and what to focus on. But iguess when ur a multi billion company you can just dont give a fuck and still make millions.... :p OFTOPIC; Thank u kind sir/miss? for an actual normal discussion, this is my first encounter of that on hltv. Didnt know there where some normal humans here :D
2016-08-20 18:48
1 reply
Activision also got a lot of money (never as big as valve) and destroyed a franchise. And honestly Valve is going exactly the same way by ignoring the community/players/pros. Like wtf they needed actually a lawsuit to adress the problem about gambling!!!! In my humble opinion i would fire everyone that had something to do with CSGO and get some people that care about a game that generates them tons of money by doing exactly nothing besides paying the server costs which are almost non existent! Yeh it's pretty rare but there is always some nice discussions on hltv.
2016-08-20 19:52
Iraq omar^
Coaches have a chance to call for a timeout 4 times a game now, and they can call it anytime they want. They do not talk to their players only at half time. Plus, in football they barely talk to their players in the middle of a match - usually just calling one once or twice and telling them a few things.
2016-08-20 13:01
ofc they should ignore valve bcause they know how important is the coach instead of being 2nd IGL or main and they knew that valve was trying to kill csgo right in the time
2016-08-20 14:32
1 reply
Iraq omar^
Well they ignored, adapted to the style of coach NOT being 2nd IGL but being the main IGL and now they're mad they actually did what they warned they would.
2016-08-20 14:59
Who is Vuggo?????
2016-08-20 11:43
Something broke really hard in the fnatic team
2016-08-20 11:43
Portugal dracø
volvo helping the unemployment numbers getting higher. volvo PT company confirmed 4head
2016-08-20 11:47
Estonia Rebae
rip vuggo :( fak valve
2016-08-20 11:48
2016-08-20 11:49
-fnatic +Godsent
2016-08-20 11:50
2016-08-20 11:50
rip vuggo Welcome olof in NiP Kappa
2016-08-20 11:51
cs ripping day by day
2016-08-20 12:01
he was useless anyway xD not really a loss
2016-08-20 12:10
3 replies
how did u know that he's useless
2016-08-20 14:34
2 replies
cause fnatic no tactical team. i wouldnt say he did nothing but same results without him
2016-08-20 15:56
1 reply
Vuggo is a caller, but dennis and olof didn't respect him as a caller that's why he looks useless (according to reddit flusha AMA)
2016-08-21 05:38
2016-08-20 12:12
who cares?
2016-08-20 12:13
Krimz back to fnatic or fk ff. I want LGB back. NOW! Flusha+JW is fine, but olof+dennis-krims = nope. That makes no sense.
2016-08-20 12:14
France t3r4byt3
I heard fnatic might be getting walle as a coach
2016-08-20 12:43
vuggo, fnazze and brunk, 3 of the worst players ever in swedish counter-strike history. You should have cheated like the rest of your pals vuggo, you dumb fuck. Congrats on being equally skilled to GTS
2016-08-20 12:44
2016-08-20 12:54
Sweden crindz
bye vuggo, we'll miss you =(
2016-08-20 13:15
United States h2ger
Great interview.
2016-08-20 13:18
Turkey Mustafa-
RiP vuggo best coach so far
2016-08-20 13:24
2 replies
World Merlas_mtk
2016-08-20 13:32
Denmark beastd
srsly ? nooo
2016-08-20 13:34
Good podcast. Keep em' coming Tomi. I think Tgwr1s said it best in his tweet about the coaching ban: "The coaching role has been a result of natural evolution in the game. Messing with that should require a good reason, but I don't see one" Also the point lurppis made about taking CS to the next level and keeping the game interesting for the fans is intriguing. I have started to appreciate mid-round calls and reads almost more than individual skill while watching pro matches. Coaches help with that and it's just better CS to watch imo.
2016-08-20 13:28
1 reply
Exactly. It is so entertaining when you see a team do something unexpected strategically, because you know that this is a specific "play" the coach is making. It adds another layer to the whole game.
2016-08-20 13:46
fnatic going down the toilet real fast. olof and dennis next in line?
2016-08-20 13:48
RiP vuggo
2016-08-20 13:54
sad dayz boyz
2016-08-20 14:10
Luxembourg Hargreaves
initially jw&flusha wanted to leave then Krimz changed his mind because he knew olof would get transfered some day
2016-08-20 14:11
"Admin kick favelas" 4Head
2016-08-20 14:25
1 reply
2016-08-20 14:54
2016-08-20 14:32
rain | 
Dominican Republic LoboRD
Wait... is coaching still a thing?
2016-08-20 14:34
lurppis numba wan
2016-08-20 14:35
allah is big!
2016-08-20 14:37
1 reply
Brazil sprk1
2016-08-20 17:49
China Paracios
dennis fucked everything up
2016-08-20 15:46
rip fnatic, still best team in CSGO history though. :)
2016-08-20 17:33
LOL they kicked znajder because they had too much fun Now GODSENT have znajder, krimz, flusha and JW who share the same humor = EVEN MORE FUN This should be a great thing chemistry wise as long as they can take the game seriously lol. If fnatic get rain soon both fnatic and GODSENT could be great. However, in that case they would have 3 who like to intiate in dennis, olof and rain which was a problem in the old fnatic.
2016-08-20 17:46
rip fnatic and rip cs
2016-08-20 19:20
lol rip fnatic :d SK <3
2016-08-20 21:06
good pod
2016-08-21 04:17
really good podcast.
2016-08-21 05:44
I think with Pronax as a leader, it is not problematic for them to have too much "fun". And Znajder has learned his lesson being kicked the first time and had to fight his way back up. They are gonna be top1 in a few months.
2016-08-21 10:43
1 reply
I've just realized (yeah yeah I'm a bit slow) that basically what ex-fnatic guys did was that they kicked olof from the team & took znajder appears that you need to be more than the best player of the year to play in the best team of CS Go of last 2 years! wierd
2016-08-21 19:48
"NO FUN IN CS:GO" rule#1 xD
2016-08-21 11:09
Good podcast, i like the fact that there are quite a few topics while the whole podcast has "only" roughly an hour, therefore each part is reasonably long compared to similar "products" out there e.g. youtube stuff. I would actually prefer youtube over this still...
2016-08-21 17:03
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