Northern Arena group draw

The draw for the group stage of Northern Arena has been made, with the 16 competing sides having been placed into four groups.

From September 1-4, the Metro Toronto Convention will stage the first of two Northern Arena events that will take place until the end of the year, each one featuring an international Counter-Strike tournament with $100,000 on offer.

The competition will kick off with a double-elimination group stage, featuring a best-of-three format in the losers' and the decider matches, followed by the single-elimination, best-of-three playoffs with the remaining eight sides.

Immortals to face Synthetik in the opening match in Toronto 

Of the 16 competing teams, 14 were invited by the event's organisers, while the other two came from online qualifiers that gave regional up-and-coming teams the chance to fight for spots at the showpiece event.

Below you can find the group draw in full:

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Brazil Immortals Canada TSM United States Cloud9 Denmark X
United States CLG North America OpTic Denmark Rogue Other Splyce
Europe NRG United States Echo Fox North America Complexity United States Selfless
Canada Synthetik Brazil Luminosity Canada ACE Australia Winterfox
Germany GeoRg___J 
ez 4 ence
2016-08-24 00:07
2016-08-24 00:08
simple 4 s1mple
2016-08-24 00:19
Canada LongBaguette 
Hello HLTV I may go to this event so tell me what I should bring (kappa poster, dildos) whatever and I will bring to show on stream
2016-08-24 02:45
Get a harambe costume and hold a sign that says dicks out
2016-08-24 03:35
ez 4 allu
2016-08-24 00:46
United States ImFat 
2016-08-24 02:14
Spain Miki2K 
Lets go Cloud9!!
2016-08-24 00:08
pronax | 
Russia ShaDyTH 
2016-08-24 00:08
United States GeT_ReiCh 
tfw C9 gets an ez group in another NA tourny
2016-08-24 01:14
Not to present myself like a triggered 12 year old baby but I'm just wondering when and how many times c9 has have an ez group in a a tourny cause when I first saw the groups my reactions were "finally c9 get a very ez group in the US with no treats"
2016-08-24 04:53
Lol they get shit groups at majors tho
2016-08-25 20:58
blameF | 
Denmark s0MATiC 
2016-08-24 00:07
2016-08-24 00:07
Brazil zlkz1 
2016-08-24 00:08
Canada Danielskow 
always top 10...
2016-08-24 00:08
2016-08-24 00:08
2016-08-24 00:07
nylon | 
Greenland Kaizy 
ez for X
2016-08-24 00:08
2016-08-24 00:07
United States Drifter808 
rip Sean
2016-08-24 00:08
Poland Spanksss 
c9 will win
2016-08-24 00:08
rip group b
2016-08-24 00:08
2016-08-24 00:08
Canada pokerchip 
2016-08-24 00:08
France StickyRice 
Group B is clearly the toughest.
2016-08-24 00:08
easy for optic
2016-08-24 00:09
Argentina ZaraLarsson 
group B stacked asf. imo A: IMT, NRG B: OpTic, TSM C: c9, CoL D: X, Splyce (?)
2016-08-24 00:09
compLexity doesn't win shit, Rogue & c9 are gonna win ez group C
2016-08-24 10:49
Poland miedzianek 
Immo/NRG Optic/Lumino C9/Rogue X/Selfless Thats the way
2016-08-24 18:10
Lets go IMT
2016-08-24 00:09
Why is Liquid not playing in any tournament? Are they afraid to show pimp's face to the world?
2016-08-24 00:10
I guess its to have more time to practice with the new roster. I dont agree with the way they're doing it because I think it might be better to get some LAN experience with the team before they just jump into ESL NY
2016-08-24 00:52
Argentina W0LFy[RushB] 
Ez for X
2016-08-24 00:10
easy group for C9, hard group for Optic, hope optic can make it out as its a tricky group, also wanna see splyce in business
2016-08-24 00:11
France StickyRice 
I hope Rogue will take the second spot on Group C. Sorry for coL but i would like to see more than group stage play from Rogue. I also hope Splyce will get out of groups.
2016-08-24 00:12
2016-08-24 00:13
Spain Alser 
Tarik won't attend btw, OpTic are using desi
2016-08-24 00:15
North America Oakz 
2016-08-24 00:17
North America Oakz 
just saw it, rip us
2016-08-24 00:18
Am I supposed to know even 1 player from Winterfox?! lol.
2016-08-24 00:16
No but you can always do research
2016-08-24 00:29
2016-08-24 00:19
group c is a joke
2016-08-24 00:21
They gave C9 an easy group. It both excites and upsets me as a C9 fan.
2016-08-24 00:48
No matter what group C9 got, If they didnt make it out it would have been an embarrassment.
2016-08-24 00:58
Yea but what I meant is that I'm going to love watching them destroy those teams, but I'd rather see them play some tougher opponents off the bat instead of well, the teams in their group.
2016-08-24 00:58
Yah that is true but this just means that they will face the better teams in Best of Threes later in the tournament which should give a better representation of where C9 currently is as a team (In NA at least)
2016-08-24 01:00
We need more North American LANs like these. Hopefully its a success. FeelsHopefulMan Edit: Feels like groups C and D are much easier than groups A and B* though. But that's just my shitty subjective opinion.
2016-08-24 00:25
yeah group C is gonna be a snore fest... too ez for C9.
2016-08-24 00:28
I would've broken the teams into the following four pools and randomly drawn one from each. [Immortals, C9, OpTic, X] [TSM, EchoFox, Luminosity, NRG] [Selfless, Splyce, Rogue, CLG] [coL, Winterfox, Syntheik, Ace] I think each pool has its own story line. But this is just me after 30 seconds of squinting my eyes at it.
2016-08-24 00:45
United Kingdom Jabzilla 
Complexity out of groups please
2016-08-24 00:30
Meh c9 and rogue propably
2016-08-24 00:52
Go winterfox!
2016-08-24 00:37
United Kingdom tr4c 
watch c9 go out in groups still
2016-08-24 00:47
inb4 LG makes out of groups beating TSM ayyy
2016-08-24 01:07
Croatia mds818 
2016-08-24 01:25
Brazil hugoooo 
I'm very excited for this tournament, by far the most random lan of CS:GO, everything can happen.
2016-08-24 01:28
2016-08-24 15:10
Brazil Brazilian Wax 
Rip LG.
2016-08-24 01:41
2016-08-24 01:48
Brazil 1kuNg 
LG is so fucked
2016-08-24 01:50
Spain akproxx 
Rip group b
2016-08-24 02:39
An Australian team has a chance of getting out of groups.
2016-08-24 03:10
group of death B
2016-08-24 03:11
finaly clowns9 on LAN with same skill lvl teams leedit probably die with this amount shrud sick actins
2016-08-24 04:28
Kazakhstan Juandro 
go Machinegun, keep it up
2016-08-24 07:24
ez for TEAM X
2016-08-24 07:48
Estonia jossd 
ez 4 HS and Rogue
2016-08-24 09:48
Finland coswell 
Immortals, C9 and X should be in the top 4. A complete failure for every one of them, if they wont succeed in that.
2016-08-24 10:58
shox | 
Canada dB- 
2016-08-24 10:59
Tier 2 LAN? Cute...
2016-08-24 12:05
trippy | 
Australia zurk^ 
so easy for winterfox...
2016-08-24 13:32
A and B so much stronger than C and D...
2016-08-24 15:04
Will the group stages also be played on the big screen? Or will they just stream them and then have only the last two days actually casted as a tournament? Does anyone know? I ask cause I'm going.
2016-08-25 02:39
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