CLG Red add klaudia, dabears to coach

August 25th, 2016 05:34

CLG Red have signed Klaudia 'klaudia' Beczkiewicz​ as their fifth and have also brought veteran CS 1.6 player Erik 'da bears' Stromberg on as coach of the team.

CLG Red have been without a permanent fifth member since the team parted ways with Canadian player Catherine "CAth" Leroux back in late May, with the team having achieved second place finishes at Copenhagen Games and Intel Challenge Katowice this year (and with their biggest result to date likely winning ESWC 2015).

CLG Red went through an application process while searching for their fifth player, similar to the way CLG Blue did so, with one of the requirements being living at the team's gaming house in Los Angeles.

missharvey's CLG Red have found a new fifth and new coach

The CLG organisation have now announced that a new fifth player has been found in Klaudia "klaudia" Beczkiewicz, who most notably played for eLevate's female team in 2015 (previously Team Karma) and will thus reunite with former teammate Benita "bENITA" Novshadian, and who has already played official matches with the team for the past month.

"I'm so excited to have the opportunity to play with CLG Red. We all share the same goals and have a similar mindset when it comes to CS. With great passion and determination, I only expect to get better results with the girls!" Beczkiewicz said on joining the team.

In addition, CLG have announced that they have added Erik 'da bears' Stromberg, who has an illustrious history in North American Counter-Strike, to help coach the team.

"I have more than just casting passion. I want to indulge myself in Counter Strike coaching. Over the years of winning championships, tournaments, and matches, I feel like CLG Red can benefit from my knowledge and wisdom. The goal for this team is to dominate all the female circuits, international tournaments, whatever there is that you want to throw at us - we want to be number one and the best," Stromberg had to say.

Stromberg played for the likes of Team 3D, TEC, u5, and JMC in CS 1.6 in addition to working as production at more recent events such as IEM San Jose and has even more recently begun appearing on the analysis desk for North American ESL Pro League Season 4 matches.

CLG Red are now:

United States Benita "bENITA" Novshadian
Canada Stephanie "missharvey" Harvey
United States Christine "potter" Chi
United States Diane "di^" Tran
United States Klaudia "klaudia" Beczkiewicz

United States Erik "da_bears" Stromberg (coach)

CLG Red will next attend Fragadelphia 9 in early September and are also competing in ESEA Main for this current season.

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United States Benita 'bENITA' Novshadian
Benita 'bENITA' Novshadian
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Maps played:
Canada Catherine 'CAth' Leroux
Catherine 'CAth' Leroux
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Diane 'di^' Tran
Diane 'di^' Tran
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Canada Stephanie 'missharvey' Harvey
Stephanie 'missharvey' Harvey
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Erik 'da_bears' Stromberg
Erik 'da_bears' Stromberg
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Christine 'potter' Chi
Christine 'potter' Chi
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2016-08-25 05:34
Brazil NaScene 
O really?
2016-08-25 05:35
stormberg strikes again?
2016-08-25 07:20
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2016-08-25 13:05
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2016-08-25 14:47
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2016-08-26 02:55
Poland bot_taz 
her name and surname sounds Polish :d
2016-08-25 15:18
she speak polish btw <3
2016-08-25 21:04
Poland bot_taz 
glad to hear that :)
2016-08-25 22:52
2016-08-25 05:34
Shoutout to ED_2342 <3
2016-08-25 05:35
2016-08-25 05:34
Italy cubiq 
2016-08-25 05:35
France Lelib 
2016-08-25 05:34
fml bro
2016-08-25 05:34
sXe | 
Russia Duzzle 
2016-08-25 05:34
Korea Quigley 
She is okay i guess
2016-08-25 05:34
United States Drifter808 
lol ok
2016-08-25 05:34
grill gamerz xD
2016-08-25 05:34
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2016-08-25 05:34
dabears PogChamp
2016-08-25 05:35
<3 u5 da bears
2016-08-25 05:35
Didn't he also play for EG later on? What I do remember is da bears was def one of the better NA pros way back.
2016-08-25 05:51
I remember him playing/slutting for a lot of teams after his stint in 3D. Officially i think he joined u5 and EG but i have a feeling he was in a lot of teams in between the main ones. TEC and DiE come to mind. JMC also in the later years
2016-08-25 08:04
2016-08-25 05:35
I still have an email from October 3rd, 2012, when da_bears sent me "aim_map.rar" and proceeded to crush me in the MLG 1 vs. 1 CS:GO tournaments that were running back then. What a gentleman. Sends me the map of my own execution.
2016-08-25 05:36
lel nice
2016-08-25 05:58
2016-08-25 07:23
2016-08-25 10:22
polish name and surname lol
2016-08-25 05:36
cuz she is polish exdi
2016-08-25 13:00
Portugal dracø 
omg finally decent news today 4head . . .
2016-08-25 05:36
Da bears gonna coach while taking some hits
2016-08-25 05:36
ez 420 strats always work. Bong rips, then write tactics = best imagination
2016-08-25 05:43
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
Who cares?
2016-08-25 05:36
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2016-08-25 05:38
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2016-08-25 05:44
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2016-08-25 08:12
XDDDD So because he's married to a woman he can't hate on the preferential treatment women get in CS just for being women, even though they're nowhere near the level male teams are? You're just trying to provoke people for no reason, probably because you're a fat autism aspergers having fuck.
2016-08-25 11:50
ding ding ding We have a winner. Bad troll is bad. The fact he doesnt know how to use vernacular in a correct sentence is quite telling of his age.
2016-08-25 17:38
"Is it "appalling" that most ads for Lexus and BMW cars feature women even though 0.01% of Formula 1, Grand Prix, and NASCAR drivers are female?" How have ads something to do with this ? xD Yeah 0.01% drivers are female, do you see millions of $ on female races of Formula 1, etc... ? There are these things you put into your ears to listen to music. You realize that 50% of people that buy headphones are female, right? So when Logitech wants to find people to sponsor... Once again, how are you talking about economy and advertisement we're talking about competition x)
2016-08-25 12:19
These competitions ARE advertisements for these sponsors. They could just as easily hire female gamers directly as showmodels to try to market to female buyers, but then they're getting minimal market exposure, and paying a fixed salary to relatively anonymous female gamers. By sponsoring competition, they get more air time for their products, get to appear more 'progressive' for their female audience, and also allow their showmodels to accumulate a small fanbase. It's smart marketing, and you're a sucker.
2016-08-25 14:15
What a cynical point of view about esports. Players don't give their time and dedication just for sponsors. Yon only see the game economically and this is why the system is fucked up.
2016-08-25 14:42
You're a romantic and thus naive. It's not "cynical", it's reality. Let's VAC ban all players and see how many go to banking like lurppis, university like nex, family business like RPK, etc. And how many continue to play for the sport. How many IBuyPower players still play the game? Stop being so romantic. It's all about $$$
2016-08-25 18:28
The worst part is female pros wonder why theyre so bad, yet we see NO female pros in Rank-S or FPL. How do they get better? By playing ESEA pugs all day? Is that what pros do now?
2016-08-25 08:00
Do you just like making up stories in your brain? Who "wonders"? No woman "wonders" why they can't beat LeBron so there's a WNBA. No woman "wonders" why they can't out-run Usain Bolt so there's a woman's 100-meter. No woman "wonders" why the can't be a chess grandmaster so there's a female world title. What's with this strawman argument? The smartest people are men. The stupidiest people are men (see: prison). Men have more variance in intelligence. Literally no one argues this.
2016-08-25 08:21
Your age shines through your posts. No one believes the bullshit you continue to spew in attempts to make yourself a little bit bigger online. Go finish school. Or anything in your life. Then come back.
2016-08-25 17:29
Real sports and esports are two entirely different beasts. I'm not sure why youre comparing them. Esports hardly has the same limitations as real sports. People say women have a higher reaction time. Yeah, cause every male pro has a 0.0001 ms reaction time right? /s Thats no excuse. You adapt. Its not like every female pro HAS to take GuardiaN esque shots with nutty reaction time. Play smart, position yourself and your team to your/each others strengths. Pros ADAPT, not get their own league because they cant play with the best. You got teams like FlipSid3, Alternate Attax, Team Kinguin, Team AGG, Team Liquid, OpTic, TSM trying their hardest to be the best. They are severely outclassed by the best. Why dont they get their own league? NO. They work long hours so they can close the gap.
2016-08-26 06:00
France p2l 
i hope u have an ass too
2016-08-25 10:51
Poland Kamfeth 
Lools like she was born in Poland
2016-08-25 05:38
Poland Fasterinio 
yup, she is polish
2016-08-25 06:36
Germany RandiStreamt 
Pedo xD
2016-08-25 05:42
Costa Rica Gomezio 
The guy who looks basically permastoned during Pro League broadcasts? Love that guy.
2016-08-25 05:46
de_bears the 1.6 legend new kids wont even know, good to see..... I know he plays/plaied esea pugs occasionally, or at least did last year....
2016-08-25 05:46
legend? He was tier 2 of american CS. Didnt make 3D until cs died. And he never won a decent tournament. Not sure why he said "championships through the years". Maybe he forgets some of us 1g are still around. And he can pass that bullshit off to you new fegs.
2016-08-25 05:48
He wasn't really a t1 NA player but in terms of t2 NA he was definitely one of the better players.
2016-08-25 05:52
2016-08-25 06:05
India RrOuTe_FoRcE 
He is coming to be a coach... of CLG red. You do not need to be a tier 1 legend to be that anyways.
2016-08-25 06:58
Pretty sure he was in 3D around 2002, CS hadn't even hit its prime yet. No idea why you think it was dead. International i think his best result was a 3rd placing with JMC or he may have had some success before that with u5 (cant remember their clickarena result). Within NA though he was one of their top players most definitely.
2016-08-25 08:09
No.... no he wasnt. 3D didnt even get formed until 2002 lol. And he was on one of the LATE rosters. After CGS I believe. Dont argue with an old feg who was playing leagues with him. Thanks though :) Also....
2016-08-25 17:34
lol bro he was in 3D in 2002. They attended CPL summer 2002 with the lineup Ksharp, Bullseye, Jaden, da_bears, Rambo where they got famously knocked out by the Australian team fzer0. Its cool though, burgers being burgers. I started playing CS mid 2001, I would like to think I know what im talking about since I was following the scene since then :)
2016-08-26 04:08
hes a caster now lol
2016-08-25 05:48
No.... no he wasnt. 3D didnt even get formed until 2002 lol. And he was on one of the LATE rosters. After CGS I believe. Dont argue with an old feg who was playing leagues with him. Thanks though :)
2016-08-25 17:31
wtf are you talking about
2016-08-25 18:36
If you took the time to look above your post. You would see the mistake. Why are kids so dumb? Open your eyes child.
2016-08-26 01:46
i think youre fucking retarded. i replied to op because he said he occasionally plays pugs. so i added hes also a caster now just in case he didnt know.
2016-08-26 02:14
he is noname
2016-08-25 10:28
most important roster change of 2016 imo
2016-08-25 05:54
2016-08-25 06:00
no need to show us girl cs because its on lem level
2016-08-25 06:02
would fuck klaudia
2016-08-25 06:14
Europe Spoonman20 
Grills LUL.
2016-08-25 06:24
2016-08-25 06:37
Polish hottie PogChamp Polish name PogChamp Polish grill PogChamp pedo DansGame "coach" DansGame mixed feelings here
2016-08-25 06:48
when you get to see hot na grills play csgo
2016-08-25 06:59
How bad they are make them unattractive.
2016-08-25 07:30
United States Jamila 
potter is pretty good
2016-08-25 13:12
No lie. She is pretty good.
2016-08-25 17:44
She hot?
2016-08-25 07:32
Russia xtkjdtr01 
2016-08-25 08:55
impressive! tell us more! just played against property female a few days ago (kitty-kat and so on former esl katowice player) and we just rekt them.. female top cs is NA global / europe LEM
2016-08-25 09:27
Israel Kryst1 
xD lems supremes and globals are garbadge lmao dont even compare them with fe pros
2016-08-25 09:37
good milf ps. ladies PM me, it's my photo (link below)
2016-08-25 09:56
Another polish player will carry NA :)
2016-08-25 10:15
Kinda like how Pimp got carried by NA. :)
2016-08-26 06:05
Tier 4 news on hltv just because they are girls n1
2016-08-25 10:33
Brazil oskadopLis 
2016-08-25 12:06
Where are you now braindead feminists.
2016-08-25 10:39
Snax | 
Poland Mval 
LoL Klaudia
2016-08-25 11:55
United States StewieOnLAN 
Da bears looks ironically like a happy happy. Like a really stoned happy. Anyway id smash di
2016-08-25 11:59
In a meanwhile, Team X doesn't have a decent organization. Female scene is such an absurd privilege. Don't talk about sexism ever.
2016-08-25 12:23
and these girls have a fucking gaming house as well
2016-08-25 13:08
United States Jamila 
0/8 CLG is the glaring irregularity in the female pro scene, most of these orgs that have female teams are either pretty small or don't allocate much toward CS
2016-08-25 13:13
Are you kidding me ? They have a fucking gaming house in LA.
2016-08-25 14:43
its for whole clg org not only them
2016-08-25 17:29
ohhh dabears, i remember old school fragmovies, he was all over those, what a legend
2016-08-25 15:13
Chile Cristoff 
omg da_bears welcome back !!
2016-08-25 15:42
i remember Da bears from geek boys
2016-08-25 16:25
Poland kRAMERO 
da_bears - i missed this man so much!!
2016-08-25 16:47
For everyone saying he was tier 1 NA.... Being Tier 2 NA; like myself. I played in plenty of pugs and scrims with him. He was not Tier 1 until everyone left for CGS and then CS died. Im an old feg. Dont question me.
2016-08-25 17:43
gj grills
2016-08-25 17:51
yellow glasses lol. biggest virgin alert.
2016-08-25 18:14
Oh god, someone with enough self-confidence to not be hyper-concerned with their fashion. Maybe when you get laid a bit more you will chill out and realize girls don't always care about your clothes, especially not the more interesting ones. If you are using virgin as an insult you are probably still in highschool though so there is still time for you.
2016-08-25 23:15
I dont really know much about american 1.6 history and stuff but i do like dabears' casting and wish him all the best
2016-08-25 18:58
female cs is the best comedy
2016-08-26 01:22
female cs still exists? wtf lol
2016-08-26 03:14
Jax Money Crew BABY!
2016-08-26 03:19
nice memories but thats the most short lived and over hyped NA team ever, in typical NA fashion the favorite team from the US lost to the heavy underdog and then they went out themselves and that was it
2016-08-27 09:37
That's a supper confusing statement. Not sure what you meant. JMC was never over hyped, as they got 3rd as a huge underdog at cpl. Nobody thought they were going ot be anything great. They just happened to play one good tournament. Sure, they upset complexity, but complexity wasn't this high and mighty team. They were good by NA standards, but THEY are the most over hyped NA team of all time. They won what, 2 events maybe? SK, who ended up winning, were the best CS team to have ever been. They dominated 2002-2004 and had a bad year in 2005, but then ended up winning CPL winter after that and everyone was like "Complexity blew it, blah blah blah." THEY were your over hyped NA team. Nobody every said JMC was going to be great, or even hyped them up to be so. They just did amazing at that tournament. Credit is deserved. This video still gets me pumped.
2016-08-27 16:01
2016-08-26 04:10
from l4d to csgo :S
2016-08-26 15:33
Let them play in real leagues instead. Splitting the genders in a videogame is just stupid.
2016-08-27 09:30
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