ELEAGUE Season 2 schedule released

ELEAGUE has unveiled the first details about its second season, including a provisional schedule.

For its second $1.4 million season, ELEAGUE has trimmed down the number of teams competing in the main tournament from 24 to 16, with the top eight sides from the opening season getting direct entry into the group stage.

In both Europe and North America, preliminary qualifiers will be hosted to determine the final eight teams making it to ELEAGUE. All the teams who finished outside the top eight in Season 1 have been invited to the preliminary round, in which they will be joined by the leading teams from open qualifiers.

Virtus.pro won the first ELEAGUE season 

There are also changes to the format of the main competition, which will feature a double-elimination group stage instead of a two-step group stage with a round robin system that determined the seeding in a bracket.  

The top two teams from each group will then progress to the single-elimination playoffs, which will conclude with the grand final, on December 3.

TBS will provide live coverage of ELEAGUE, televising a weekly Friday night showcase throughout the group stage, along with one semi-final match and the title decider.

"We’ve been very pleased with the performance of ELEAGUE and the significant levels of engagement with our content across all platforms in our first season," said Christina Alejandre, ELEAGUE general manager and vice-president of esports for Turner Sports.

"In our second season, we’ve enhanced the schedule to make the stakes even higher from a competitive standpoint, while also creating an opportunity for a more open field.

"We believe this new format will keep our audience engaged with our content from the opening week through the grand finals and be more accommodating to team and player schedules."

Below you can find a provisional schedule for season two:

Open Qualifiers

  • Europe: September 3-5
  • North America: September 10-12

Preliminary Rounds

  • Europe: September 7-8
  • North America: September 14-15
  • Format: 16 teams per region / single elimination / four teams per region advance to group stage

Group Stages

  • Group A: October 21-22
  • Group B: November 4-5
  • Group C: November 11-12
  • Group D: November 18-19
  • Format: four teams per group / double elimination / top two teams per group advance to playoffs


  • Quarterfinals: November 29-30
  • Semifinals: December 2
  • Grand Finals: December 3
  • Format: eight teams / single elimination

The teams from Season 1 will be distributed between the group stage and the preliminary rounds as follows: 

Group Stage Preliminary Round Europe Preliminary Round NA
Poland Virtus.pro Europe FaZe Australia Renegades
Sweden fnatic Ukraine FlipSid3 United States CLG
Europe mousesports Russia Gambit North America OpTic
CIS Natus Vincere France G2 United States Liquid
France Envy Denmark Dignitas United States Selfless
United States Cloud9
Europe NRG
Denmark Astralis Canada TSM
Sweden NiP United States Echo Fox

North America Complexity
Brazil SK
Brazil Luminosity
go nip.
2016-08-25 17:37
Sweden TutsiGOD 
wtf is this shit i was first and then they deleted my comment?
2016-08-25 18:03
u mad?
2016-08-25 18:03
Sweden TutsiGOD 
all of my hard work gets wasted after long training then some stupid 3rd worlder gets the first comment undeserved.
2016-08-25 18:05
2016-08-25 18:05
Well your country is doing shit right now and you're talking about 3rd worlder hahah gj.
2016-08-26 09:44
Brexit LUL
2016-08-26 10:05
mad cuz bad
2016-08-25 18:10
bad cuz mad
2016-08-26 14:46
thomas why did u change ur nickname and ur flag? LOL.
2016-08-29 20:54
Give clown9 the free spot instead of SK loooool Also, they're completely taking tyloo's spot because they couldn't go to EL S1 for visa issues? That's pretty fucking bull. I hope they get a chance somehow to make it. Pretty happy with the rest of the changes though. ELEAGUE seems to be getting a graps of what the community wants. Still a little tired of this spots owned by org bullshit, but it's happening with every league now it seems.
2016-08-25 17:47
Sweden guybrush232 
does it really matter? SK will win anyway
2016-08-25 17:44
But cloud9 might not have. It's really unfair for the teams in the qualifier that could've beaten cloud9 but won't beat SK.
2016-08-25 17:45
+1 There are 3 teams on the NA side alone that are distinctly better than C9. Even more on the European.
2016-08-25 17:56
And who is that exactly? Optic is tied, games go back and forth between the two, liquid are ass right now, tsm is ass now they lost there fifth, and clg with there new roster are just disgusting
2016-08-25 18:12
2016-08-25 18:27
Other wholelottared 
c9 is actually showing great form maybe liquid will be better once they pratice more but what other 2 teams are better than c9?
2016-08-25 18:28
LOL I'd love to hear those THREE teams.
2016-08-25 19:22
United States Dyabolic 
Please list these 3 teams that are "distinctly better" than C9. We're all waiting.
2016-08-25 20:12
You are 100% right m8... Selfless, CLG, etc they all have legit chances of beating C9 to take a spot in the League, but because of Org BS now all those teams will lose to SK... gg... C9 org strikes once again !!
2016-08-25 18:29
Youre actually retarded if you think either of those team have any chance of beating c9
2016-08-25 19:24
Immortals 16x1 on Selfless, and now they aare without RELYKS, and selfless is on eleague again hahahha
2016-08-25 21:10
Porra, selfless sem RELYKS? Kkkkk tá foda, selfless q leva surda de pau mole da immortals
2016-08-25 21:09
Let's be real, they would have taken one of the four spots, if you think they wouldn't then you're a fool/blind ass hater.
2016-08-25 19:24
Liquid, OpTic, TSM, and Echo Fox are all teams that can reasonably beat cloud9 without it being a major surprise to anyone, especially if this is on LAN (is it on LAN? doesn't seem clear in the post). Multiple other teams (RNG, NRG) would also have semi-decent odds against them and could upset.
2016-08-25 19:35
RNG/NRG wouldn't have any, EF might be able to take a map if they're lucky....I COULD see TL/OG/even TSM beat them, but I don't think they will. OG barely beat them even when OG had lucky ass timings on Cache/Cobble that won them a few extra rounds/fucked C9 over.
2016-08-25 19:39
Immortals would be in the qualifier too which I forgot. I feel like you're overrating c9 a lot. Optic, TSM, and Liquid and Immortals have all beaten cloud9 in the past. It seems like it's online which would secure it more for cloud9 though I guess.
2016-08-25 19:50
But I'm not, and that was in the past. C9 also almost 2-0'd SK, doesn't mean it can or can't happen again....doesn't matter if it was on LAN or online tbh, I'd still see them getting at least fourth if not higher. To me it seems like you're overrating IMT/OG/TSM/TL, but to each his own.
2016-08-25 19:57
2016-08-25 21:08
United States Scrub_Disney 
There are open qualifiers for them to get into the preliminary rounds
2016-08-26 23:33
thanks, but in a qualifier anything can happen and they can lose their spot, a spot they should have won been invited instead of skilless(selfless)
2016-09-02 20:02
United States Scrub_Disney 
They weren't invited they were part of last season so they don't need to qualify through prelims. Although I think immortals should have been there last season, but unfortunately that didn't happen
2016-09-02 20:06
thanks for the information* :D
2016-09-02 20:03
cloud9 dont cheat to get places...
2016-08-25 18:03
I don't see what the big deal is, there would only be an issue if sk didnt make it to lan, which they clearly are, they only have to play a couple extra games, and they should be used to playing games rn with the team that currently has the biggest map pool and all so pls stfu if you are gonna be stupid
2016-08-25 20:12
sk will be playing with shoowtime instead of fer and it will probably be online, therefore they could actually lose
2016-08-25 20:26
To be fair, SK did shitty in ELEAGUE, it does not matter if you did well on majors or in some other tournament. But if you fuck up in the previous season made by some specific company, you will need to make your stand again. It's not personal, it's just the way competitive sports work.
2016-08-25 21:07
I stopped reading after SK did shitty in ELEAGUE. They topped their group ez pz and then got disqualified because of that org owning the spot BS.
2016-08-26 13:40
Haha, my bad. That's what you get when you post drunk.
2016-08-26 14:42
2016-08-25 17:37
2016-08-25 17:37
Fr shouldn't they be qualified and cloud9 should have to go through qualifiers
2016-08-25 17:39
2016-08-25 17:40
rip faze
2016-08-25 17:37
no godsent :(
2016-08-25 17:37
That's not true There is a Open qualifier for both regions primarilys In EU there are still 10 Spots to fill I think Godsent will make it in
2016-08-25 17:43
2016-08-25 17:49
I also think that 16 Teams is Great The Next Step would be premier Online Leagues With one in Asia, Europe, America, Africa where the Top 2 Of each Advance to 1 Lan where then the Top 4 Replaces the Bottom 4 of the League
2016-08-26 10:36
2016-08-25 17:38
good thing season 2 will be with 16 teams
2016-08-25 17:39
Spain Alser 
ez qualify for OpTic tbh
2016-08-25 17:39
Argentina tpainarg 
2016-08-25 17:40
nukkye | 
United States yvr 
aww less teams :/
2016-08-25 17:42
barce | 
Macedonia GOAIITE 
TyLoo where?????????
2016-08-25 17:43
yeah that's a disappointment.
2016-08-25 17:59
they should really rename it if they're not going to make a league
2016-08-25 17:45
This is only showing where teams who participated in S1 will be; stop freaking out about who isn't here.
2016-08-25 17:45
Godsent? Immortals?
2016-08-25 17:48
Mate there are open qualifiers,there are no invites.
2016-08-25 18:22
Brazil wAc 
immortals once again left behind
2016-08-25 17:49
Mate,none of the teams have been invited randomly,all teams have to play qualifiers including immortals.
2016-08-25 18:24
SK will give Immortals the spot since the SK guys has this big fkin hate against the E-League guys.
2016-08-25 17:51
Nahh m8, thats a lot of money to throw away, SK org will definitely want their spot in the league...
2016-08-25 18:32
Im not sure but go to SK manager twitter and check what he wrote after the DQ last time. I think it was something by that they wont play anymore in this tournament. BUT IM NOT SURE BRO
2016-08-25 18:33
You're really worrying about them bitching because they got DQ'd after breaking the rules they knew about? they thought they'd be able to get away with it because they were #1-2 in the world, well they didn't cave to them and they bitched. They lost their spot fair and square thanks to their stupid actions. Don't worry, they WILL earn a spot and be in the next season, there's no doubt in my mind. GL explaining to SK why you skipped out on a possible 500k or whatever first place is now.
2016-08-25 19:27
I know that they lost their spot because of the rules. I really dont care what they do tho Im not a SK supporter :)
2016-08-25 19:28
Idk if they hate EL that much, that might not be a great decision from them if they do. Regardless, you can't 'give' a spot to a team.
2016-08-26 15:28
No Space Soldiers no FUN
2016-08-25 17:52
- Selfless - compLexity PLS
2016-08-25 17:53
Needs more TyLoo + GODSENT
2016-08-25 17:55
Great news!
2016-08-25 17:56
Ez For Nip
2016-08-25 17:58
Paraguay HighAIching 
NRG - na with eu flag kek
2016-08-25 18:13
CS GO organizers are so determined to keep their events NA and EU only sad that ELEAGUE lied to TyLoo about helping them with visas and now straight spitting at the Asian scene by not even having qualifiers for Asia
2016-08-25 18:14
Where is Immortals?
2016-08-25 18:15
Brazil houghzinhu 
2016-08-25 18:17
No TEAMS have been INVITED Why are kids typing godsent and immortals ignore again. There are open qualfiers MATE
2016-08-25 18:23
Brazil wAc 
becausa nobody reads the whole page, just jump straight to the confirmed teams huehuehueh
2016-08-25 21:24
Still, they should see the teams confirmed are the last season participants
2016-08-26 13:42
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
C9 got the spot over SK ayyyyy EL rigged
2016-08-25 18:28
Oh look, another dumb Brazilian. Color me surprised.....not. SK broke the rules and thought they could've skated by thanks to them being #1-2 in the world, well they didn't so they lost their spot fair and square.
2016-08-25 19:29
What good did the petition did you NA orgs? Now you'll have to compete for less slots.
2016-08-25 19:29
The petition, which had no weight on the decision, was for them to stay true to their rules and not bend them because the best team in the world thought they could skate by thanks to their standing/fanbase/etc.
2016-08-25 19:30
Europe bueR 
I love the changes. This should now be the best league by far.
2016-08-25 21:09
Argentina Emlit 
EchoFox > c9, liquid
2016-08-25 21:14
Other ToRu 
no Immortals again
2016-08-25 22:45
Can you read?
2016-08-25 23:14
2016-08-26 00:28
Wow tyloo left behind... #supportAsians
2016-08-26 00:38
World MarxRampage 
Where is godsent?
2016-08-26 05:08
All the teams that are directly invited is because they were at playoffs The rest need to qualify and there is open qualifiers so teams like IMT and GODsent have full possibility to attend EL.
2016-08-26 10:17
Poland mamba99999 
Ez for VP again.
2016-09-02 13:07
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