Qualifiers for ESL One NY revealed

ESL revealed that the two remaining spots at ESL One New York will be handed out via two closed qualifiers, one in Europe and one in North America.

The event taking place in New York, USA from September 30th to October 2nd will feature a $250,000 prize pool and will play host to eight teams.

Six of these teams have already been announced as ESL invited SK, Virtus.pro, Natus Vincere, Liquid, G2, and fnatic directly to the Barclays Center which was chosen as the venue for the tournament.

pronax' GODSENT will be taking part in the EU qualifier 

ESL have now invited sixteen teams to the closed qualifiers which will feature teams such as mousesports, GODSENT, and Astralis in Europe and the likes of Cloud9, and Immortals in North America.

The squads who manage to win their regional qualifier will book their tickets to $250,000 event. The European competition will take place on September 4th while the date for the North American one has not been set yet.

The bracket for the European qualifier can be found below:

Sweden GODSENT vs. Europe FaZe
Russia Gambit vs. Europe mousesports
France Envy vs. Ukraine FlipSid3
Denmark Dignitas vs. Denmark Astralis

The bracket for the North American qualifier is:

United States Cloud9 vs. United States CLG
United States Echo Fox vs. Canada TSM
North America OpTic vs. Europe NRG
North America Complexity vs. Brazil Immortals

BenjaCS is a staff writer at HLTV.org and can be found on Twitter.

hones | 
Czech Republic Zmetekcze 
ez 4 GODnax
2016-08-31 18:51
pronax | 
Russia ShaDyTH 
2016-08-31 18:51
If they're holding "North American" qualifiers then only North American teams should be able to play. Look at the LCS for example, max 2 Koreans per team. Should be the same in cs and there should be a Brazilian qualifier as well
2016-08-31 18:56
United States verminkt 
well america basically owns the world so
2016-08-31 19:01
tell that to chinese investors who buy all your shit, LuL
2016-08-31 19:43
2016-08-31 20:54
And should be a Oceanian, African, Asian and South-America qualifier,,, but obviously it's not possible bro. If you had just a little xp on LAN games you would know the qualifier spots are not related to the players/teams which are from that place, the spots are to those who are able to play offline in that place. Imagine you have the best team from UK and there's a qualifier in Ireland... and you can't play cauze you're British not Irish.
2016-08-31 19:49
Poland hadziun 
But it should just be called an american qualifier not a north american one
2016-08-31 20:53
The qualifier will be placed in North America bro, doesn't matter what teams will play on it. If Virtus.Pro had done just like SK/Immortals, went living in NA to play the national leagues/campionships, and then they paid/received a spot to play this qualifier... they org of the event would change the name of the qualifier just cauze VP would play on it? Ofcourse nottttt WTF this isn't complicated bro, hope you got it :D
2016-08-31 22:15
Sad day for your when the braziliano is knows more than you
2016-08-31 22:47
France LeLoup 
ez 4 ence
2016-08-31 18:51
Netherlands [Np]KNz 
ez 5 godskar niko and lannerJ
2016-08-31 18:51
Sweden gigal 
2016-08-31 18:50
2016-08-31 18:50
ez for GODSENT
2016-08-31 18:51
2016-08-31 18:50
Lebanon iR1VE 
2016-08-31 18:50
2016-08-31 18:50
2016-08-31 18:51
Poland marco555 
2016-08-31 18:50
2016-08-31 18:50
2016-08-31 18:50
NA toooooo many slots, shitty teams.... WHY ESL WHY
2016-08-31 18:51
United States Scrub_Disney 
2 slots in a North American tournament is fine calm your tits
2016-08-31 19:34
+1, idk why he so mad
2016-08-31 19:57
Finland cockcheek33 
2016-08-31 18:50
hippien | 
New Zealand TEEZY 
I am really excited!
2016-08-31 18:50
2016-08-31 18:50
sergej | 
United States t0xic93 
2016-08-31 18:50
2016-08-31 18:50
2016-08-31 18:50
2016-08-31 18:51
Mexico Moxw 
2016-08-31 18:50
Hungary lemusz 
i dont go sry
2016-08-31 18:51
2016-08-31 18:51
ez 4 complexity
2016-08-31 18:51
Russia Reph 
astralis and c9
2016-08-31 18:51
Turkey Taylannnnn 
no nip?
2016-08-31 18:51
Turkey Librasa 
2016-08-31 18:51
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Let's go Immortals! We can do it! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2016-08-31 18:51
Nice, happy that immortals get a chance do qualify for the tournament, although I think Cloud9 is the clear favorite on an online qualifier. EDIT: Typo
2016-08-31 18:52
Key word, "online" qualifier..
2016-09-01 01:19
Other VladimirLucas 
fnatic invite godsent qualifiers HHAHHAAHHAH
2016-08-31 18:52
2016-08-31 19:01
2016-08-31 18:53
Lithuania Tomekas85 
2016-08-31 18:55
Brazil Mentecapto 
it's amazing how complexity gets to be invited with such a shitty roster
2016-08-31 18:55
They didn't get invited???
2016-08-31 18:57
"ESL have now invited sixteen teams to the closed qualifiers"
2016-08-31 19:01
Other VladimirLucas 
no man, godsent is in qualifiers
2016-08-31 19:04
United States MAY0 
Jason Lake and his org have been involved in this community for so long so its probably really easy to pull strings or to get invited because of the org
2016-08-31 19:18
Brazil Mentecapto 
Yea that's what I thought. Still it's a shame seeing such a "legendary" org like coL with horrible lineups, losing to t4 teams
2016-08-31 19:23
Spain Alser 
Go GODSENT and OpTic
2016-08-31 18:58
2016-08-31 18:59
Why no NIP tho??
2016-08-31 19:02
Xantares has to be there
2016-08-31 19:07
France t3r4byt3 
for people wondering why no NiP they were invited to the qualifier but they declined
2016-08-31 19:13
India RrOuTe_FoRcE 
Nip wasn't invited?? liquid invited but nip asked to qualify :O
2016-09-06 09:46
France t3r4byt3 
Liquid Major finalists NiP group stage exiters
2016-09-06 10:03
India RrOuTe_FoRcE 
No s1mple now. Infact I am pretty sure that even C9 is now much better than the pimp-liquid. And dude, don't doubt on the abilities of the ninjas from one or two tournament's outcome. That's just funny xD Friberg will 16-0 1v5 knife all of them starting on 1 hp. They wont even see the banana coming.
2016-09-06 10:44
United States Styles_ez4c9 
2016-08-31 19:13
Argentina AmRv 
Flipsid3 is so shitty why not Heroic
2016-08-31 19:16
Spain Alser 
ESL uses their own shit rankings for invites: eslgaming.com/worldranking/csgo#/
2016-08-31 19:22
Sweden pontus767 
LOLOLOLOL, LDLC is number 33 and HR is number 34...
2016-08-31 20:30
i guess nip didnt want to play qualifies,take so much time,so they declined
2016-08-31 19:18
FaZe Up
2016-08-31 19:19
2016-08-31 19:20
Russia invizyy 
2016-08-31 19:35
These tier1 qualies are stupid. First EPICENTER and now ESL. I want to see top quality CS on LAN, not tier1s throwing online qualies due to too many tournaments & leagues going on. Top 15 so even that either invite less (like top4) and give more spots in qualies or just invite the fucking teams based on their schedule (not everyone is gonna participate on every event nevertheless).
2016-08-31 19:39
Hiko | 
Germany ebp 
North American qualifier: NRG sporting European flag.
2016-08-31 19:46
the case of NRG is really intriguing. I mean, at least Immortals is in the same continent and there is no such thing as BR qualifier so... bu NRG is EU and there is an EU qualifier
2016-08-31 19:53
NRG's org is based in the United States, all of the players are currently living in the US, and they were previously a NA team before bringing on an extra EU player. This is what most teams will use to qualify what country they're from, so they get into a North American qualifier, but HLTV and Valve both consider them an EU team. Which means they'll have to go through the EU qualifier to get into a major, but for other tournaments they're deemed NA.
2016-08-31 21:11
United States Vox_Lunae 
inb4 dignitas beats astralis
2016-08-31 20:41
Godsent - Faze - 50/50 Gambit - Mouse - Mouse EnVy - F3 - EnVy Dig - Astralis - Astralis C9 - CLG - C9 Echo Fox - TSM - 50/50 Optic - NRG - Optic Complexity - Immortals - Immortals Ez
2016-08-31 20:45
Agreed, except I think F3 will win against Envy, TSM will easily win against EF, and NRG-Optic is 50/50 Envy hasn't been on form, TSM is looking good with Relyks, and Optic haven't been playing too hot recently.
2016-08-31 21:14
godsent vs astralis in the eu finale gonna be interesting
2016-08-31 20:45
-godsent +fnatic
2016-08-31 22:52
CLG wasting a spot as usual.
2016-08-31 23:11
like 90% of NA teams actually...
2016-08-31 23:23
ez 4 FaZe
2016-08-31 23:19
Thorin | 
Netherlands Clossd 
eZ for GODSENT, mousesports, EnvyUs, dignitas, Cloud9, TSM, OpTic and Immortals
2016-08-31 23:55
rip no RNG or winterfox in NA qual
2016-09-01 02:48
ez 4 c9
2016-09-01 06:14
Wheres nip xD?
2016-09-01 18:04
Godsent and c9
2016-09-04 09:13
So how many teams are going to qualify from europe? 4? Fuck if its that way, then faze and godsent cant both be part of major. thats fucking bullshit imo
2016-09-04 14:03
Australia jobione 
crappy NA teams wasting renegades spots
2016-09-04 14:05
EU will be either Astralis, Faze, or GODSENT (if they get their act together). NA will likely either be Immortals or Cloud9. Toss-up.
2016-09-14 01:07
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