n0thing: "make it to the finals"

September 8th, 2016 01:39

Cloud9 started their tournament run in Kiev with a win against EnVyUs. We talked to Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert after the match to hear his impressions as well as catch up on the team's latest news.

Cloud9 came straight to Kiev after their run to the final in Toronto last week, and closed the first day's matches in style, 16-8 over EnVyUs on Cobblestone, and will meet the winner of Virtus.pro vs. VG.CyberZen in Group D's winners' match.

Maintaining good form in Kiev could put C9 back on the map 

Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert goes into more detail on the team's existencial crisis at the beginning of the year, Jake "Stewie2K" Yip's calling, and Timothy "autimatic" Ta's pick-up amongst other things below:

The match against EnVyUs seemed like it went somewhat easier than expected, what do you think?

Kind of, yes and no. I feel like missing NBK- is a big issue for them and Cobblestone nowadays has a lot of different dynamics when it comes to strategy, so if you call it right you can win against any team in the world. We knew nV’s CT side was a little off, which is why we decided to start on T side and it kind of went as planned. They obviously have a lot of firepower, for instance one round they won kennyS had a triple or a four kill or something, but we just kind of abused the dynamics of the map and if we would have won that T side pistol it could have been a complete landslide, but we just kept to the points we discussed and we were actually pretty confident.

Tell me a little bit about the feeling in the team right now. It looks like you guys are the strongest you’ve been in a long time, perhaps even since seang@res left. You guys seem pretty solid, like a group again, whereas it felt the team was a bit more fragmented at times. Is something clicking now?

Well I think one thing is when we had Sean on the team we had a leader who really put everything into winning. And it may not seem like it, but he was very tenacious. He wanted to win very much and he practiced hard and brought the team together and did what he needed to do come match time.

I think for a while we were lacking that tenacity. Not only were we blown out from a long run in 2015, but when I had to become in-game leader it was kind of because I had to, so it wasn’t a choice of mine and I don’t think I brought that tenacity as a leader even though if I really sat down and spent time with our coach I could become a strat caller. I think even if you ask the guys it wasn’t necessarily strats and calling, it was just our mojo and the team wasn’t super amped up.

I think right now Stewie2k brings a lot to the table, and autimatic too giving us more confidence in our firepower. With Stewie calling it’s not necessarily his strats, I think it’s more about his energy when he calls and the energy in the team which make a difference in the team right now because I think Skadoodle, shroud, and myself can always play well and play at the top level and it comes down to whether we show up or not and if we bring that tenacity. So I think right now what you can see is a team that’s amped up.

So how did you actually come about Stewie calling, especially being such a young player?

Well it’s like Niko, right? He’s pretty young. He does it because it comes naturally. For instance, when I was calling half of the time we’d be going back and forth anyways, I’d say “let’s do this and this” and he’d say “ok, and I’ll do this and this” and it was like “ok, cool,” so after a while I thought “ok, I’m not the best in-game leader.” I mean, I have good ideas but I’m not giving the right ideas at the right time or something. I can call mid-game really well and I still do that, today I did that during a couple rounds in Cobblestone, just changed the strat mid-round.

I think Stewie was just doing it naturally playing Rank S, he just got into that mindset. He still has a ways to go, sure, but he’s super intuitive right now with the game. He knows all the nuances so he’s pretty smart compared to what one might think from an outsider’s perspective in terms of understanding rotations and so on. He’s a good fit for it as long as he’s into it.

The only issues we’ve had have been when he himself loses confidence for one reason or another or doesn’t have energy or is disheartened from a tough round we just lost or something like that.

Moving on to the autimatic pick-up, can you tell me a little bit about how that came about?

It was kind of simple to be honest. We had talked to him before he joined TSM, and he had said that if that team wasn’t as successful as he wanted it to be we would talk again later. We weren’t sure if that would even happen, or if we would have already found someone else as we were looking at other options.

What we realized with Slemmy, though, was that we just didn’t have that explosiveness in our play that it seems a lot of the top teams are finding, and unless you have insane strategies and everyone gets along really well you can’t just win with the tactical game. VIrtus.pro can kind of find that blend sometimes and other teams like Na`Vi can have great strategy and come together, but with our team it just wasn’t working even though Slemmy was a great strategist.

From Tim we just wanted firepower, so we looked at some other players but we knew Tim was playing pick-up games with Stewie and they get along really well. Also, I actually grew up in the same area as Autimatic and I brought him to one of his first CS:GO LANs so when we talked to him about being interested there was a little complication with TSM but we figured it out and gave him a shot pretty quickly. We didn’t really have time to try him out so we just accepted him right away because we had to go straight into EPL but we’re obviously doing pretty well there, so…

Northern Arena came with a rough tournament loss in the final, but here you start with a big victory. What are the goals you have set for SL i-League StarSeries Season 2 and for the near future?

Yeah, Northern Arena, as you said, was a bit disappointing. I don’t know if the issues we had came because we really wanted the title but some of our tactical problems came out in the final. It was maybe good that it happened at that LAN because we got a little tilted as a unit. If you look at the gameplay, we set ourselves up to win that best-of-three, I think. Even on Overpass at the end, we lost those two pistols and one was a 3vs2 in which we had the advantage. There was also a big 4vs2 afterplant we lost. I don’t know what was getting into us but we were winning those rounds all tournament long and we had been beating Immortals online—and we’re not online players—, so you could really see how the tilt came into our play during that final game. It was a good learning experience.

Our goal here is to make it to the finals and play a team like Na`Vi or VIrtus.pro or NIP. We can’t justifiably say we should beat them, but we know we can beat them and we have an enormous amount of confidence in beating them. You never really know.

Lastly, I’d just like to thank the unbiased support from anyone, and all the CS fans that are still sticking around with the betting gone. We appreciate the growth with integrity of the scene.

United States Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert
Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert
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Jake 'Stewie2K' Yip
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Timothy 'autimatic' Ta
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I believe in y'all. Good luck.
2016-09-08 01:40
Canada smoo 
2016-09-08 01:40
stop replying to everyone to make your shit post relevant
2016-09-08 03:19
sry c9 but you wont make it to the finals light a candle for n0thing's hopes [*] if they do i will become frustrated and scream into a pillow
2016-09-08 01:41
2016-09-08 02:08
Sorry but I hope I can hear your muffled screams clear to my house. I want them to go as far as they can. Well, they will either way, but I hope they do well.
2016-09-08 03:35
I hope you're screaming into a pillow right now.
2016-09-10 18:29
Not finals yet bub its semifinals
2016-09-10 18:54
I know but I hope you're still screaming into a pillow right now.
2016-09-10 19:29
i will be soon because c9 looks like they'll get into finals :(
2016-09-10 19:43
2016-09-08 01:40
Win a major :)
2016-09-08 01:45
How about you European scum try to get into the exclusive NA ESL pro league, never seen an EU team there.
2016-09-09 16:33
LUL I'm from the US. I hate arrogant Europeans as much as the next guy but NA people CAN NOT say NA > EU until we get on an equal footing with them. There IS a ESL Pro League EU qualifier, so what's that all about?
2016-09-09 18:07
are you stupid if eu and na players tried to play together thered be crazy high ping
2016-09-10 19:14
But where did I say that they should play together? I said there is an EU qualifier. Based on your reading comprehension, you are representing my username better than I am.
2016-09-10 19:36
so what was the point of that comment then? you said "equal footing" and you were replying to a comment that was talking about EU and NA playing together so i thought that was what you were talking about if thats not what you were talking about then your comment had no point you essentially said that people can't say NA is better than EU until NA is better than EU, then expressed that you were confused about an EU EPL closed qualifier
2016-09-10 19:42
Equal footing, as in, NA needs to win as many offline international majors and international LANs as EU. The closest teams to ever gets to this point were iBUYPOWER, Team Liquid, and Cloud9 (we're talkin CSGO). Brazil have gotten major winners. If Asia gets a major winner before us, we'll most definitely never be able to live it down.
2016-09-10 19:43
kebab | 
Turkey (''__") 
2016-09-10 19:46
2016-09-08 01:39
2016-09-08 01:39
s1mple | 
Canada gojira_ 
2016-09-08 01:39
Spain exerz 
2016-09-08 01:39
Finland joona 
2016-09-08 01:39
2016-09-08 01:39
North America Catpwnz 
2016-09-08 01:40
2016-09-08 01:41
rain | 
Chile nachooww 
2016-09-08 01:41
If they win it...
2016-09-08 01:42
Honestly, I'm fuckin praying they do. Make NA great again
2016-09-08 01:44
I mean in my opinion it will be very tough for them but they have confidence and young talent, just look at Keyd Stars and Liquid, teams that were shit and now are very good, one man can only hope though
2016-09-08 01:47
I'd be happy with a top 4 finish though tbh
2016-09-08 01:47
Aim for the stars m8.
2016-09-08 02:19
I am my friend, I believe.
2016-09-08 02:20
United States r0seCS 
>again they never were :(
2016-09-08 02:18
In 2006 when coL won a major BibleThump
2016-09-08 02:19
cmon 3D was always a top ranked team back in the day and plenty of other teams were great back then too
2016-09-08 12:23
Bangladesh Ploxzz 
Not great they just had flow and EU was in a slump
2016-09-09 18:40
EU was in a slump for most of 1.6?
2016-09-09 22:34
Bangladesh Ploxzz 
nope they won almost everything
2016-09-10 13:38
Sweden lagcats 
n0thing trying rly hard
2016-09-08 01:42
"if I really sat down and spent time with our coach I could become a strat caller. I think even if you ask the guys it wasn’t necessarily strats and calling," lmao nothing thinking he could be a good igl
2016-09-08 01:44
Yes! :)
2016-09-08 01:48
United States ZOOSK 
"we’re not online players" We'll see about that.
2016-09-08 01:53
It's been confirmed they are one of the best, if not best teams, teams.
2016-09-08 02:09
Brazil SuperAfim 
-Beat Immortals online -Losses for Immortals on lan "we're not online players" 4head 4head 4head
2016-09-08 02:11
2016-09-08 02:22
They really should have won that game easy, they lost a 3v2 pistol and a couple of post plant situation rounds. Lets not forget c9 was stomping them for like the first 11 rounds.
2016-09-08 03:30
Real talk though, immortals start toggling when money is on the line, which is why they won in that LAN. NoKappa
2016-09-08 05:57
Brazil KerimZ 
can confirm, Immortals are hardcore, they cheat on LANs but suck online, usually its the other way around but why would we use logic on HLTV right? C9 fanboys gettin worse xD
2016-09-08 07:45
coldzera | 
Belgium NoR09 
All favelas teams, please come to Europe! NA teams are already thinking they are good.
2016-09-08 02:03
Twistzz | 
United States pllihp 
YES! Take them away.
2016-09-08 05:24
It was NA vs SA in the last majors. Where was Europe? :>
2016-09-08 05:58
Europe was there?In form of s1mple carrying your pathetic asses,look at where you're now,cant even beat clown9 lul
2016-09-08 07:53
europeans always say that but s1mple didnt even carry. he was good but didn't carry.
2016-09-08 21:24
Lastly, I’d just like to thank the unbiased support from anyone, and all the CS fans that are still sticking around with the betting gone. We appreciate the growth with integrity of the scene. Thats almost as funny as him thinking that Cloud9 will reach the finals.
2016-09-08 02:24
haha nice one jordan almost thought he was serious for a sec
2016-09-08 02:25
sorry but no
2016-09-08 02:42
gl c9! gl n0thing!
2016-09-08 03:22
get out of groups first and at least get to a bo3 format where you have games to play with.
2016-09-08 03:28
Would be cool to see c9 in finals again.
2016-09-08 03:50
Keep on doing great, n0thing!
2016-09-08 04:11
Ukraine gungrave 
they find something better than adderal?
2016-09-08 04:30
2016-09-08 04:41
2016-09-08 04:42
Jordan 'nihuya' Gilbert RuKappa
2016-09-08 07:47
Ukraine ph3n0m3n 
carried by stewie
2016-09-08 07:50
in before they go out in groups
2016-09-08 08:22
2016-09-08 21:24
United States Mysix 
inb4 they do what?
2016-09-09 02:30
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom Harribo 
Might aswell change their name to Tenacious9 with the amount of times he said tenacity
2016-09-08 08:24
United States doge1000 
yah u lern how to use a new werd and u ooze it as much as u can to lern it 4 good. wen u lerned to masterbate did u knot do it 20 times in 4 days?
2016-09-08 09:39
Germany Bennime 
Still Doing it 20 times in 4 days
2016-09-08 12:11
United States doge1000 
u r my voice of ur generation bless up my homes
2016-09-08 12:15
Macedonia AstralisGoat 
Make it to the finals just to get destroyed by the Immortals.
2016-09-08 08:36
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
n0thing almost as delusional as FODDER
2016-09-08 08:36
nt fodder
2016-09-08 12:25
2016-09-08 16:13
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
n0thing is that type of guy who would probably earn 1millon in 3-4 years and still cant fix front teeth
2016-09-08 22:50
not so delusional now
2016-09-10 13:00
FalleN | 
Brazil ToRu 
2016-09-08 09:24
2016-09-08 16:04
Brazil uRKT 
C9 has a bright future with that new lineup, I will be cheering for them! StewiezeraG0D!
2016-09-09 18:30
Sweden lagcats 
lmao these quotes
2016-09-10 13:03
Nothing got out of group, time to celebrate
2016-09-10 13:06
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