ELEAGUE NA preliminary set to start

The North American closed qualifier for the ELEAGUE is set to start, with 16 teams battling for the four spots that lead to the televised league.

With the second season of ELEAGUE around the corner, the time has come to find out the last four team that will compete in the league.

In the following two days, 16 teams based in North America will compete in a single elimination best-of-three bracket - meaning only two victories are needed to secure a spot in the main league. 

SK will need to qualify for ELEAGUE Season 2 due to changing organizations 

The teams in the qualifier are split into Season 1 teams such as Liquid, OpTic and SK and open qualifier teams such as Immortals and Splyce.

Due to a large number of North American teams failing to get out of groups in Season 1, the NA Preliminary features only five open qualifier teams, while the EU Preliminary featured 13.

The full list of teams is as follows:

Brazil SK North America OpTic Brazil Immortals  United States Liquid
United States Muffin Lightning  Canada Complexity  United States Blight United States eUnited
United States CLG Australia Renegades Canada TSM United States Echo Fox
Europe NRG Brazil Luminosity  United States Selfless Other Splyce

The matches will take place from September 14-15, with the action being streamed on ELEAGUE's Twitch channel.

fak 1 second too late
2016-09-13 22:15
2016-09-13 22:17
2016-09-13 22:21
2016-09-14 07:17
H1ber | 
Finland Dagyhy 
2016-09-13 22:15
ez for SK
2016-09-13 22:15
2016-09-13 22:15
2016-09-13 22:15
ez for sk
2016-09-13 22:15
2016-09-13 22:15
Brazil LaicaBoss 
2016-09-13 22:15
f0rest | 
Estonia Rebae 
good luck sk
2016-09-13 22:15
France Bokorat 
2016-09-13 22:15
Norway RealSlimShady 
2016-09-13 22:15
lets go !! :D
2016-09-13 22:15
United States sotz 
ez Muffin Lightning
2016-09-13 22:15
Europe Predatorino 
sk in qualifiers lol
2016-09-13 22:15
Sweden Kasidro 
hmm it is gonna be a struggle for SK with renegades in the qualies
2016-09-13 22:16
They are in different quadrants of the bracket, and will not play each other
2016-09-13 22:17
Sweden Kasidro 
damn :( here I was hoping for another 16-0
2016-09-13 22:17
Sweden Kasidro 
2016-09-13 22:56
2016-09-14 09:16
16.0 with fer? i dont think so
2016-09-13 23:18
Sweden Kasidro 
.................. It was a fucking joke, I'm well aware that a full SK playing their normal game would demolish renegades...
2016-09-14 09:39
they just played without cheats
2016-09-14 11:53
most of the ppl here are not aware, or they r just haters.. see the comment above me /\
2016-09-14 15:21
SK can't play renegades, they'll play muffin lighting and the winner of CLG x NRG.
2016-09-13 22:18
Sweden Kasidro 
jesus it was a joke. I don't really think that SK is gonna go down against renegades again...
2016-09-13 22:18
Sorry I thought you didn't know about the brackets.
2016-09-13 22:18
Sweden Kasidro 
well I acutally didn't so thanks for that :)
2016-09-13 22:19
Hey noobs There's a difference between a sniper playing for his teammates and the teammates playing for the sniper. I'm co-leading, organizing every defaults, our "bomb site taking", nades, etc .. I'm going first when it's tough eco/buy round, and I'm throwing the nades when we do specific tactics. In the pistol round I'm buying the smokes and flashes. Anyway life is tough sometimes but I'm getting paid very well. I don't care about having 30 frags, 1.50 rating, I don't care having fragmovie about me, I want to win. And you know what? I've been winning since 10 years with all of my teams. I'm not here because I'm shox' best friend. Shox got kicked a couple of times and I've always followed him coz' I like playing with him, we see the game the same way and we have the same work ethic. No disrespect, today we have the best team ever, IG / Outgame. Still a young team but proud of what we've done so far.
2016-09-13 22:17
Brazil joaowns 
2016-09-14 00:42
Smithzz got memed
2016-09-14 01:24
Poland Astoner55 
Did he actually said/wrote this stuff or it's just a fake meme?
2016-09-14 07:41
i think he did
2016-09-14 11:33
> Due to a large number of North American teams failing to get out of groups in Season 1 :'(
2016-09-13 22:18
Spain Alser 
2016-09-13 22:18
World shakuzy 
ez sk
2016-09-13 22:19
please someone knock out sk we dont need cheaters in that league.
2016-09-13 22:19
nice nick hahahah, get a life burrito
2016-09-13 22:28
Oh grow up
2016-09-13 22:33
Puls3 | 
World bigb1rd 
Shows how much the NA scene has grown and developed in the last couple of years. There used to be 2, maybe 3 half decent NA teams at best that could compete on an international level. There are loads of really decent sides now with a lot of potential and some great players.
2016-09-13 22:26
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Let's go SK! We can do it! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! <3 Kreygasm
2016-09-13 22:34
who the fak is muffin lightning ... cheaters no doubt
2016-09-13 22:36
SileNt, aKis, sancz, ichibaNNN, ARKIMONDAY
2016-09-13 22:52
so a mixteam? thanks.. sancz and ichiban are good, definitely deserve better
2016-09-13 22:53
Not really a mix anymore - they are playing NA Premier
2016-09-13 22:54
2016-09-13 22:54
Whos is Arkimonday? never heard of him. Despite that, this team has some potential
2016-09-14 15:22
Kinda sad Asian teams won't get a chance to qualify. At least give tyloo an invite like last season.
2016-09-13 22:39
Yeah, I would like to see tyloo and vg.cyberzen playing there, they deserve more chances or spots, they can do well
2016-09-13 23:01
So,how many NA teams can qualify for the tourny?
2016-09-13 22:52
Four of these teams will progress to ELEAGUE Season 2
2016-09-13 22:53
2016-09-13 23:03
NA CS EleGiggle
2016-09-13 23:00
splyce got fucked with that group, switch with SK and make it fair
2016-09-13 23:02
Brazil hugoooo 
Where are you seeing groups!?!?!? Typical HLTV, omg.
2016-09-13 23:31
Brazil hugoooo 
Those are BRACKETS. The guy above saw the team list and thought those were 4 groups.
2016-09-13 23:42
Brazil Raftblon 
Yeah, however is the same. 1 team of each "group" or "bracket" will advance to EL finals.
2016-09-13 23:43
yeah, maybe not "groups" in the sports sense, but still a group of 4 teams from which one team will have to get out.
2016-09-13 23:46
Sweden Trojka03 
These shit teams (except for SK obv) get same amounts of spots as EU teams while China/Asia gets 0 lel.
2016-09-13 23:30
The teams that qualified through EU are G2, FaZe, Dignitas, and Alternate Attax The best four teams at this NA qualifier are SK, Immortals, Liquid, and OpTic. The teams qualified through EU are probably worse than the ones from NA.
2016-09-14 00:51
Sweden Trojka03 
G2, FaZe, Dignitas would destroy any of the American teams except for SK. Tbf SK shouldn't even have to qualify in the first place.
2016-09-14 00:52
lol no they wouldnt
2016-09-14 00:54
Sweden Trojka03 
Um yeah please show me when Optic has ever beaten one of those teams or similar EU teams? Optic have only beaten HR and F3 in BO1s, but then also lost to F3 the next time they played. Liquid has never beaten any of these teams with out s1mple in the lineup. They have lost to Dignitas tho. The only similar EU team they have beaten without s1mple would be that one time they beat VP. Then they got shit on by EU teams countless times. I guess Immortals could have a chance, since they have beat top EU teams. But them beating EU teams consistently like SK is not happening lol. Dunno if you are a delusional fanboy or what? But you are seriously overestimating the quality of the American teams.
2016-09-14 01:03
I guess never playing these teams automatically means they'd lose to them. It's simple, SK is tier one, rest of these NA are tier two G2 is tier one, Faze/Diggy are t2, attax is like t4 Liquid have barely gotten the chance to play teams like FaZe, Dignitas without s1mple. And the rosters you're comparing to are obviously lower quality teams than the one Liquid is now, (adreN/koosta, adreN/fugly vs Pimp/jdm, they've made an obvious upgrade). If you think s1mple carrying is the only reason for Liquid's success, here's s1mple carrying them really hard to winning against these teams in the past hltv.org/match/2301823-faze-liquid-mlg-c.. hltv.org/match/2303183-liquid-g2-ecs-sea.. Anyway, it's hilarious you're extrapolating results from a Liquid with two different players but refusing to extrapolate results from a Liquid with one different player. From the LAN performances we've seen from Liquid, it is safe to say they would not be "destroyed" by dignitas/faze. OpTic has beaten Astralis, IMT (on LAN), and Flipsid3. OpTic beating Astralis is obviously "similar EU teams." Other than failure in majors, Immortals is a generally much more accomplished team than FaZe/Dignitas.
2016-09-14 01:16
Sweden Trojka03 
If that's the case, how are you so certain that they wouldn't? Now I'm making my assumptions by taking Liquid and Optic past achievements and matches into consideration, and their past has shown that they can't keep up with T1 teams on a consistent basis, the ONLY exception to this (and yes there is only ONE exception) is when Liquid had S1mple, who is one of the best players in the world. The quality of Liquid's roster is nowhere near that level today. Their recent result after Cologne show that lol, the only team better then themselves that they have beaten were SK who had a horrible run of matches due to Fer being out, lol they even lost 16-0 Renegades shortly after. And you really think Liquid will go on to beat teams like FaZe, Dignitas and G2? When they can't even beat C9 without S1mple. IMO you chose some horrible cherry picked examples, one is from ECS where the whole team played like shit and bombed out in groups, one person can only do so much. The other one from MLG, how about posting the other matches the team played in? Lol. How can you say they wont be "destroyed" by those teams? There are very very few examples (read ONE) of them beating a top tier EU team on LAN without S1mple. Optic has beaten Astralis in a BO1 ONCE man, and lost to several times to EU teams, the ratio in matches won/loss to EU teams is ridiculous. The other teams you mention are not T1 teams and can't be compared to teams like G2, FaZe or heck even Dignitas. The only thing I'm buying here is your case for Immortals, they have beaten top teams but also lost to them. I would say the could compete with teams like Dignitas but FaZe and G2 is pushing it. And I strongly disagree with Immortals having accomplished more than FaZe, Immortals play in a lower skilled region and they tend to play those teams more often, and none of their achievements come close to FaZe (G2 at the time) semi final run (brink of reaching the final) at the DH Cluj major.
2016-09-14 01:48
Fuck, browser fucked my text. Anyway, burger is right, Immortals and Liquid can easily go head to head with Faze and Dignitas. Liquid is still a pretty good team even in the absence of s1mple and Faze is arguably the most overrated team to ever play CSGO. I'll tell you more, I'd bet my money on Immortals vs Faze ANY day of the week. Heck, I'd even bet on Liquid vs Faze.
2016-09-14 02:15
>Their recent result after Cologne show that lol And this is where you clearly showcase you have no idea what you're talking about Liquid was shaky online with s1mple too, their only performances considered promising were on LAN. Extrapolating practically anything from their online performance is idiotic. Starseries has shown extrapolating online performance for ANYONE to any significant extent is dumb. >where the whole team played like shit looool whole team played like shittt no outliers here LOOOOOOOOOOOL hltv.org/match/2303216-liquid-g2-ecs-sea.. i suggest name change to delusional_s1mple_fangay g2 went on to win the tournament without dropping a map from there they barely played any fucking LANs without s1mple this year lol >The other teams you mention are not T1 teams and can't be compared to teams like G2, FaZe or heck even Dignitas. faze and dignitas are not tier one teams lmao, this is what you're not understanding faze's biggest accomplishment and the one you're citing is with a 3/5ths different lineup but extrapolating results with s1mple to this liquid is dumb LOL
2016-09-14 02:13
This guy is high as fuck. Saying that Immortals beating Faze is pushing the envelope? LMAO Faze SUCK BALLS, get over that 1 year old hype ffs.
2016-09-14 02:17
Sweden Trojka03 
Pls liquid has been shaky at best always without simple. They have never shown that they are a top team without s1mple being with them. Sure they had an upset game on LAN where they beat VP but that's pretty much it. This is what you don't get. After s1mple they haven't played on lan. There is nothing else to judge them on except for their wobbly online play. There is literally no evidence out there that they could take on top EU teams and beat them. Really? Weird how NiP were dominating online in EPL and went on to win Starladder then? And that example you just posted proved my point. The team played like shit. They were outplayed on every position. Not a single player posted a positive k/d ratio. Only one player had a rating over 1 and that's barely. Out played by all G2 players collectively except for Boddyy who was new to the team. And the map they took was their own pick. Are you meaning to tell me that was a good performance by liquid? I'm actually only fan of Swedish teams and players. Not s1mple or any other none Swede. Actually I meant top teams and not T1, my bad there. No they are not t1 you are right. They are strong t2 teams and I would say immortals are also t2. Liquid and Optic are a tier below that.
2016-09-14 03:54
EZ for Muffin Lightning
2016-09-13 23:35
Ez for blight
2016-09-13 23:44
ez SK
2016-09-13 23:56
I still cant believe how dumb it is that SK got DQ'ed in the first place, just unbelievable
2016-09-14 00:27
LAN or online ?
2016-09-14 00:34
online unfortunately
2016-09-14 00:55
I dont think it would have changed the results much if it was a LAN either, each side of the bracket has a clear favorite.
2016-09-14 07:23
It could Immortals and Liquid will be less of a shoe in online than if it were LAN. While Liquid would be solidly favored on LAN vs echo fox it's more of a tossup online. With TSM vs Immortals immortals shows all their consistency on LAN and could easily fail an online qualifier as they have before. It being online makes SK's chances of losing to the winner of CLG/NRG nonzero, although it is very low still. I think OpTic would be more solidly favored against renegades on LAN.
2016-09-14 17:14
Yah liquid and immortals would certainly benefit from a LAN setting. It would Be very unfortunate if liquid and immortals didn't get through but I believe that they'll pull through.
2016-09-14 23:48
should be "SK will need to SCRIM for ELEAGUE Season 2 due to changing organizations "
2016-09-14 00:54
Slovakia TatKo 
The same way they scrimmed agaist RNG ?
2016-09-14 06:50
Brazil Desvain 
SK Immortals Liquid Renegades
2016-09-14 01:03
Just more food for SK.
2016-09-14 01:13
Hong Kong korean 
sk x subroza? ez upset
2016-09-14 02:27
Hong Kong korean 
sucks for lg coz shz doenst have a visa yet, dont know how they will perform
2016-09-14 02:38
ez renegades 16x0 against sk in final
2016-09-14 07:27
India RrOuTe_FoRcE 
SK NRG Immortals Liquid Oh wait ... Its single elimination BO3 SK Renegades Immortals Liquid then How unlucky is NRG; will have to defeat CLG, and then SK :/
2016-09-14 07:37
Singapore Trisha 
I just dont get why everyone hates SK or brazillians in general.. They seem cool to me:D
2016-09-14 08:10
did u start playing last week?
2016-09-14 09:50
They hate brazilians because they started to win and with this a wave of brazilian idiots (including me, maybe) talk shit in every single post.
2016-09-14 16:43
Singapore Trisha 
You guys seem cool to me :D but I kinda get what they mean when you guys brag about your teams winning. Try not to be one okay? :>
2016-09-15 18:02
I promise to do my best polish friend
2016-09-15 18:20
Singapore Trisha 
Its singapore omgg The colour on the flags are just flipped xD
2016-09-15 18:35
Ohh god haha, usually I know this flag because of the moon and starts, here I can't see it and make this terrible mistake hahaha
2016-09-16 12:37
Ez for hltv
2016-09-14 10:33
go go Muffin Lightnings!
2016-09-14 14:00
Kazakhstan hoodmaN 
I wait fer's game fall like olofmeister's after arm issues
2016-09-14 17:43
ez for muffin lightning
2016-09-15 18:41
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