Gfinity schedule and format out

The schedule and format for the Gfinity CS:GO Invitational which will kick off this Friday have been revealed.

The event in Birmingham, United Kingdom will bring four teams together who will fight for their share of the $100,000 prize pool.

The National Exhibition Centre will play host to the competition which will have a single elimination, best-of-five format. The semi-finals will be played on Friday and Saturday while Sunday will feature the grand final.

kennyS & co. will face Epsilon in the semis

The semi-finals will put Envy up against Epsilon while GODSENT will be facing mousesports on the other side of the bracket.

Here is the schedule for the Gfinity CS:GO Invitational:

Friday, September 23
12:30 France Envy vs. Sweden Epsilon

Saturday, September 24
12:30 Europe mousesports vs. Sweden GODSENT

Sunday, September 25
12:30 Grand Final    

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Mousesports easy win. HOMESENT no chance my friend.
2016-09-20 14:33
Syria Gonezxzx
Mousesports vs Godsent is going to be a thriller.
2016-09-20 14:32
Sweden EMDIE
bo5 and delay 3h
2016-09-20 14:32
hahaha best teams ever
2016-09-20 14:32
tier 3 lan lmao
2016-09-20 14:34
Lithuania Tomekas85
gl NV
2016-09-20 14:35
100k for t2-3 teams ?? what is this crap
2016-09-20 14:37
NiP Fangay spotted
2016-09-20 15:32
2016-09-20 15:46
France t3r4byt3
They could have made this more interesting by having a round robin group stage for all four in one group to determine seeding and then have double bracket playoffs, bottom two to lower bracket, top two to upper bracket. Bo1 in groups, bo3 for playoffs, bo5 for grand final.
2016-09-20 14:37
That would be worse than this.
2016-09-20 14:55
France t3r4byt3
Why? It's fucking boring having one bo5 per day and it feels incomplete with only 3 matches between 4 teams. Maybe just have a double bracket, no group stage but there needs to be something more to this.
2016-09-20 14:57
Do you have a grasp of how long a bo5 is? Even if a team got 3-0'd it would still take like 3 hours. 3-5 hours of CS a day for 3 days from a 4 team tournament especially when it's actually relevant matches where the team's lifelines are on the line in each of those matches is pretty good.
2016-09-20 15:00
France t3r4byt3
I have a grasp of how long bo5s are, thank you very much. I'm not retarded like the majority of the community on this site. However, I disagree with how two teams are going to get to play only one bo5 where potentially, they could play two bo3s with a double bracket. Makes it far more exciting if a team that fucks up on the first day, potentially wins the tournament. A bo5 grand final would be great to top it all off.
2016-09-20 15:18
+1 Group would be great, more matches and adds some randomness. Set pairs suck
2016-09-20 15:14
100k for 4 tier 2 teams, top kek
2016-09-20 14:38
JW, flusha and KRiMZ vs Happy, NBK-, kennyS and apEX rematch inc
2016-09-20 14:38
You mean flusha vs kennyS and apEX
2016-09-20 15:12
Other kimbadim
You mean GOD Niko vs GOD disco_doplan
2016-09-20 17:08
one day one match, great tournament
2016-09-20 14:43
2016-09-20 14:46
yes, no sk because they suck
2016-09-20 17:33
Azerbaijan Talley
bo5? the fuck?
2016-09-20 14:58
Finland Wozzw
Why epsilon lmao. Ruins 1/3 of the tournament.
2016-09-20 14:58
gl nV
2016-09-20 15:00
godsent ll win ez noKappa
2016-09-20 15:14
A $100,000 tournament with only 4 teams in it? Not just that, but $100k with the highest-ranked team #8? 1 match a day? - yawn.
2016-09-20 15:17
Slovakia TatKo
Welp thats gfinity for ya.
2016-09-20 16:23
A lot of teams have a busy schedule this month. That's a factor.
2016-09-20 17:36
wow! this format sucks! single elimination with 4 teams??? lucky for envy..... mouz vs godsent would have been the final....
2016-09-20 15:32
lol have u seen godsent play?
2016-09-20 16:41
Such a waste this is some mediocre teams now. It was such a sick tournament last year when it was the best four teams. Imagine if this was SK VP G2 and NiP.
2016-09-20 15:34
ez for doplan
2016-09-20 15:36
France StickyRice
They should have least have had a 3rd place decider between the 2 losers of their semi final. If 2 BO5's is too much on the same day (final + 3rd place decider) make the 3rd place match a BO3. But honestly if you decide to make it a single elimination tourney, get a 3rd place decider and 20 maps (4 BO5's) in the longest case scenario isn't too much in 3 days. (they can even it might get a long day put a 3rd place match BO5 then the final BO5 the same day).
2016-09-20 15:41
Germany Bier
mouz : homesent will be a tough one
2016-09-20 15:55
Slovakia TatKo
Lets see how mouz will do on lan
2016-09-20 16:23
I've just read Gfinity. I've nothing more to say:
2016-09-20 16:30
That was a year and a half ago. Times change.
2016-09-20 17:31
Staff doesn't
2016-09-20 18:05
Germany ToxlC
Mouz vs Godsent should be the final
2016-09-20 16:31
Epsilon, ez for disco doplan
2016-09-20 16:57
BnTeT | 
Netherlands TEEZY
i expect envyus and mouz in final, and i think all 5 maps will be played
2016-09-20 17:35
2016-09-20 17:35
Germany Bennime
why are the 2 favorties playing agst each other would be way better if mouz play envy or epsilon so they can meet godsent in the finals.
2016-09-20 18:49
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