Renegades choose Minor over ESL PL

ESL has put out an announcement regarding Renegades' decision to prioritize the Asia Minor over the Pro League LAN finals and added new information regarding the visa situation for players from USA and Canada.

Renegades are currently sixth in the ESL Pro League standings, with 24 maps played and 15 wins - one more than the seventh-placed Liquid, and with only two maps against Winterfox to play before the end of the season.

Even though the Australians had a strong chance to remain in the top six of the NA division and secure a spot for the LAN in Sao Paolo, the team informed ESL that they would rather go to the Asia Minor that overlaps with ESL's tournament.

ESL clarified that if Renegades actually place 6th or higher in the end, they are going to be treated as they reached the 7th place, earning $18,000, while the 7th placed team will move up to 6th and participate in the LAN finals.

Renegades are forced to skip ESL Pro League in favor of qualifying for the Major 

Adding to that, ESL revealed that the problematic visa situation for North American players - affecting teams such as Cloud9, NRG and OpTic, is being additionally prolonged due to a recent strike at major consulates, but should be resolved in time to get all the teams to the LAN finals.

Teams from the European division of ESL Pro League are not affected by the visa issues, as Brazil does not require a visa for visitors from most of the European countries.

The final list of teams from both the EU and NA regions of ESL Pro League Season 4 will be found out today after the online part of the competition is brought to an end.

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So nice!
2016-10-13 20:34
Excellent point, I have to add how unfortunate it is that stuff like this over laps. As much as I hate big oversight it would be beneficial if there was a big league conference where they could plan stuff out.
2016-10-13 20:37
Yeah, I think part of it is also there are so many tournaments that some of this stuff is inevitably going to overlap. I think CS:GO has to start expanding in terms of quality now instead of quantity. Instead of having 30-40 some odd tournaments and Leauges, we need 25 that offer bigger prize pools. The only way I could see that happening though is if Valve starts to basically control the competitive scene kinda like Riot does with LoL (although obviously Valve should do it in a much more intelligent manner). If they went to ELeague, Dreamhack, ESL/IEM, and Starladder and basically said you guys get 4 tournaments each, and then went and dished out the last 9 tournaments to smaller events like EPICENTER (whoever runs that), CEVO, Counterpit, Northern Arena, etc. then we could hopefully have a decent schedule without conflicts but knowing Valve that will never happen.
2016-10-13 20:49
2016-10-14 10:38
2016-10-13 23:13
Was obvious they'd choose Minor...
2016-10-13 20:44
Liquid so lucky ...
2016-10-13 21:59
2016-10-13 20:35
Lol,really very easy
2016-10-13 21:00
I was don't know this details
2016-10-13 20:35
why though
2016-10-13 20:35
Lithuania Eddie_Black 
they want to play in the major where you would get more money
2016-10-13 20:39
Ant1ka | 
United States MDDDDDD 
2016-10-13 20:34
Brazil FalKsCS 
ex pected
2016-10-13 20:35
LOL Renegades dont stand a chance at either place,should have gone to ESL. Even if they make it to the actual major qualifiers,they cant get a spot at the major,especially with teams like NIP,G2,Envy,dignitas etc waiting for them rofl.
2016-10-13 20:36
They have looked a lot better online, I think they have a chance.
2016-10-13 20:37
Mate they are playing online,and against NA teams. They cant beat the 6 EU teams attending the event and the next 3 EU teams not attending the event,even if they wanted to.
2016-10-13 20:38
NA teams aren't that bad anymore. I also think OpTic, Cloud9, and Immortals should make it.
2016-10-13 20:39
Im talking about na teams apart from the obvious top ones. NRG qualifying is the biggest joke in cs history.
2016-10-13 20:39
I thought the same bout optic, in the end of the day they were very solid in the Lan event
2016-10-13 20:50
Tabsen looks like olof 2015 in NA... he was tier 3 in eu
2016-10-13 21:09
xeta | 
Korea minixeta 
maybe you're overlooking to him I don't hear about tabsen has a long time, i also look at his stats and he's looking like an average player.
2016-10-13 21:15 Hella avg one of the best players in epl, he's a random raper tho once he plays vs a half decent team he sucks
2016-10-15 09:59
No he doesn't, what? tabseN has been good, but EU saying the same bullshit about him as they did with pyth, lol. tabseN was on fire before he joined NRG in EU, too. Hes been below average at LANs in EU and in NA. Cut the crap, seriously.
2016-10-13 21:32
Nrg isn't great, but neither are Ms, Faze, and Nv. The Eu scene is slipping tbh. Half of the actually good Eu teams aren't qualified for the major though. Na'Vi, VP, fnatic, and Nip are the only eu teams better than top Na teams.
2016-10-13 21:36
Idk mate, there's always a possibility for an upset, worse teams qualified on major before like vexed, immunity and probably few more i can't recall right now. And major = sticker skrilla so definately worth it
2016-10-13 21:48
Australia Dubzayy 
16 - 0 never forget
2016-10-13 22:15
you mean sk gettin 16-0'ed? :D
2016-10-13 22:16
Australia Dubzayy 
yeah hahaha
2016-10-13 22:18
You forgot the biggest one. Splyce :P
2016-10-14 01:41
I realised that few minutes later but i was to lazy to edit :D
2016-10-14 14:33
They have a chance if they meet some of the lower tier teams (Different lineup now)
2016-10-14 07:55
Australia yourwombat 
Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.
2016-10-14 11:42
World aagii247 
Theyr boss want major sticker money
2016-10-14 22:06
f0rest | 
Germany Gloin 
2016-10-13 20:34
Korea 2814 
2016-10-13 20:34
2016-10-13 20:35
2016-10-13 20:35
good one
2016-10-13 20:35
2016-10-13 20:35
so sad that it comes to this...
2016-10-13 20:35
kNgV- | 
Brazil codezera 
<3 Liquid
2016-10-13 20:35
Muricans have Visa issues.... pretty funny.
2016-10-13 20:36
unfortunate situation.. shouldn't happen
2016-10-13 20:36
sad times...
2016-10-13 20:36
They think they'll make the major lmaoooo bahahaha idiots
2016-10-13 20:36
Ez for liquid baby
2016-10-13 20:36
gAuLeS | 
Brazil Rapha23 
all of that for Liquid play in Brazil?
2016-10-13 20:36
Finland coswell 
"Professional" tournament organizing. Championship league playoffs and World Cup in the same week. Lul.
2016-10-13 20:38
Brazil Kohzito 
EPL Renegades are NA Major are Asian... Different schedules
2016-10-13 20:47
Australia c0meatm3_Bro 
thats not the point, its how the tournaments are orginized that is the problem. ESL Pro League final date has been out for ages now the minor should have been scheduled assuming 1 or more teams in it made the finals of ESL. its the most basic thing you learn when you study Event Management at University. it was really unprofessional
2016-10-13 22:43
Brazil Kohzito 
Same in WESG, best Brazilians teams in USA and BR qualify in same date of last week on EPL
2016-10-13 22:55
EPL finals have no asian teams, so why would the minor organisers be bothered? Its not organised by esl.
2016-10-14 12:15
Australia c0meatm3_Bro 
Renegades (direct invite and placed 5th in the NA EPL) and Winterfox (AU team who would be favorite to qualify from the AU slot if they chose to) are both AU teams and qualify through the Asian region so they should be bothered. if it was some no name $10000 tournament sure schedule for the same date but under no circumstances should a minor be scheduled on the same day as one of the biggest tournaments outside a major. you learn this stuff at university.....
2016-10-16 15:02
hippien | 
New Zealand TEEZY 
Minor* , not major
2016-10-14 03:28
Brazil Kohzito 
Major qualify region... We both are right, i just used other words
2016-10-14 03:33
hippien | 
New Zealand TEEZY 
2016-10-14 04:49
who cares
2016-10-13 20:38
Europe Predatorino 
lol visa issues back at you americans
2016-10-13 20:38
fuck yeah, liquid so much better on lan
2016-10-13 20:40
Yeaaahhh Liquid!!!
2016-10-13 20:42
Nice choise
2016-10-13 20:43
wont qualify anyways doesnt matter
2016-10-13 20:44
Note: the city's name is São Paulo, not Sao Paolo.
2016-10-13 20:50
I think it's cause that's how it is called in english, isn't it? I mean, in Portuguese we call "Nova Iorque" instead of New York.
2016-10-13 21:02
2016-10-13 20:55
Counter strike is dead
2016-10-13 20:57
major > dying in Favela.
2016-10-13 21:00
This is really dumb cause they won't qualify for either of them regardless might as well just disband.
2016-10-13 21:04
2016-10-13 21:11
They had a good chance at qualifing for ESL they only had to win as many matches as liquid does and they would make it
2016-10-14 02:19
Shit decision to have to make... I think they made the right choice - need to show they're at least top 2 in Asia. Can't see them doing well at ESL finals anyway.
2016-10-13 21:06
They won't make the major either lmao
2016-10-13 21:10
RNG is not going to get spot in Asia Minor, will only be Chinese hutch TYLOO and VG beat
2016-10-14 04:03
Syria Gonezxzx 
nt China
2016-10-14 05:31
last Asia minor,tyloo 2-1 Renegades. extremes LAN,VG 2-1 Renegades. come on AU
2016-10-14 05:46
And every other one? Renegades 16-0's SK once but that doesn't mean they're the best team in the world
2016-10-14 05:48
Let's wait and see. This Asia Minor,China team tyloo&vg will get the spots. Rng should choose EPL,maybe they could get some prize.^_^
2016-10-14 06:02
World aagii247 
Even Mongolz can beat all
2016-10-14 22:10
Syria Gonezxzx 
Extreme LAN doesn't mean jack, also RNG won with the spunj roster again TyLoo in a BO3, which was worse. They'll be more prepared than Extreme lan for the minor.
2016-10-14 05:49
Sf | 
Turkmenistan Autista 
2016-10-13 21:07
everybody is afraid of zika virus... and the brazilianos ofc they ruined the olympics imagine sk or imortals out in groups... riots and stabing...
2016-10-13 21:14
2016-10-13 21:24
2016-10-13 21:48
shoutout to whichever morons scheduled the Asian Minor for the same time as Proleague
2016-10-13 21:57
Germany ToxlC 
They won't qualify for the major anyway
2016-10-13 22:00
Portugal dracø 
2 many leagues going on. renegades made the right choice, major chance > all.
2016-10-13 22:52
ez money rng
2016-10-13 23:26
last Asia minor,tyloo 2-1 Renegades. extremes LAN,VG 2-1 Renegades.
2016-10-14 05:47
bait accepted u welcome fishy xD
2016-10-14 22:54
Australia yeb123 
No way.....
2016-10-14 01:31
brazil keeping americans out, lulz
2016-10-14 01:34
vintage JKS smile
2016-10-14 01:54
Does anyone know which LAN scheduled their dates first?
2016-10-14 03:40
Pro League
2016-10-14 03:41
Cheers, I can't believe how stupid the people running the Asia Minor could be to schedule a conflicting date with one of their two headlining teams. They invited Renegades directly for fucks sake. Its a pity too, I reckon this was the Renegades best chance yet to make a deep run in a big LAN.
2016-10-14 03:45
Can't expect much from the asian scene, I'd say it was likely they did this to get a better chance for chinese/korean teams considering how corrupt their eSports scene is.
2016-10-14 03:47
China angle409 
You are dumb. PGL is a romanian company and they decided event is held in Malaysia not CHINA. china cs don't need better chance against Australian teams. It's the other way around. Renegades cant even win over VG, CHINAS #2 team.
2016-10-14 04:38
Australia jobione 
Why are they better? They lost one 1bo3. last pgl vg couldn't even beat immunity
2016-10-14 05:06
China angle409 
Vg just beat rng a few weeks ago at zowie extremesland Asian championship. Rng hasnot won any international LAN period.
2016-10-14 05:21
2016-10-14 05:31
last Asia minor,tyloo 2-1 Renegades. extremes LAN,VG 2-1 Renegades. come on AU
2016-10-14 05:49
Wow you are very good at Ctrl+V for an asian at least... And every other one? Renegades 16-0's SK once but that doesn't mean they're the best team in the world
2016-10-14 05:50
Let's wait and see
2016-10-14 06:05
New Zealand tyfnz 
Tyloo lost to Ence in a BO3 kek.
2016-10-14 13:50
in the end of the day its china>au lol
2016-10-14 22:56
New Zealand tyfnz 
How many teams have China had at a major though? Au had Vox/Renegades and Team Immunity...
2016-10-15 05:36
and still come nowhere m9 xD
2016-10-15 06:22
This is actually so fucking bullshit, they can't change asia minor a week earlier or something? ugh, feel bad for you aussie supporters, been a fan of them since vox.
2016-10-14 04:32
nukkye | 
Australia riotbz 
what a waste of time then lol
2016-10-14 05:26
Syria Gonezxzx 
2016-10-14 05:30
2016-10-14 05:32
New Zealand Glyphiss 
Hopefully the American teams can't get their VISA's and have the reschedule lol
2016-10-14 05:32
rather see liquid either way
2016-10-14 05:48
Rather see a team from Syria ... oh wait
2016-10-14 05:52
thank 4 country))):)
2016-10-14 05:54
LIQUID so undeserved!!!!!
2016-10-14 07:13
Brazil mth^ 
2016-12-17 20:01
Australia arbiter6784 
2016-12-17 20:03
Brazil mth^ 
sorry, but they are dumb
2016-12-17 20:04
Australia arbiter6784 
16-0 (Dont worry, I agree with you)
2016-12-17 20:04
Brazil mth^ 
2016-12-17 20:05
2016-12-17 20:02
Mexico macwo 
rip AU dream
2016-12-17 20:06
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