twist: "I will be calling at next events"

October 14th, 2016 21:35

In another one of our interviews prior to EPICENTER: Moscow, we caught up with Simon "twist" Eliasson to find out what changes fnatic have made in the past two weeks, what he thinks about their group and how far the Swedes can go.

fnatic are coming into EPICENTER: Moscow with two-week break from LAN events, as their first and latest showing was at ESL One New York, where the team finished in 5th-6th place.

twist took over leadership in fnatic

We've caught up with Simon "twist" Eliasson to find out whether more in-game leading changes have been made in the last few weeks, how he feels about Group B and whether he considers fnatic a title contender:

dennis was calling instead of wenton at ESL One New York, what led you to that decision? What is the difference between wenton's and dennis' style of leading?

First of all, wenton has never been the in-game leader, it was Jumpy at first, and two weeks before New York dennis took over because of the coaching rule. With Jumpy it was more slow play, while with dennis everything went a lot faster. We are a relatively new team and we are still trying things out - dennis recently stepped down from in-game leading and I will be calling at the upcoming events.

Have you ever led before?

No, not in a professional team.

What do you think your style will look like? dennis saying fnatic is made of five stars sounds like the team has quite a free style…

I think our style won't change that much, I really liked how dennis approached the game and I will continue to do that.

Why did he step down in the first place? Did he feel like it was affecting him individually?

I don't think it affected his individual play, he just didn't like being the IGL.

Up to now you've only played with friends and this is your first truly professional team, like you said in one of your interviews in New York. How are you adapting to the schedule, seeing as there are so many events nowadays?

I wouldn't say that this is my first professional team, but this is the first time I want to compete with the best teams out there. So far we have only been to one event, ESL New York, but I will be away for three weeks going to EPICENTER, Sao Paulo (Pro League Finals) and the Minor. Then we have a one week break, then it's ELEAGUE and then ECS if we qualify. Travelling a lot is tough, but this is what I want to do, I love competing at events.

You had about two weeks between New York and Moscow, what did you focus on in practice? Has anything changed in terms of roles in general, outside of the leading?

No we have only changed the IGL, other than that we're just trying to fix our mistakes from ESL One New York.

You'll be facing SK, and HellRaisers in your group. Can you give us your thoughts on each match-up?

I like our group, I have never played against SK and have wanted to play against them for a long time and since they are ranked the number #1 team, I really want to win against them. Virtus pro, we played them in new york and lost kinda hard, so im happy we get the chance to play them again. HellRaisers are the underdogs in this tournament, but they are a strong team, so I'm sure they can upset, but if we play our A game I'm sure we can beat any team at the event.

After the debut in New York, where do you see your team? Do you consider yourselves a title contender now or is it still work in progress?

I see ourselves as a contender. ESL New York was our debut, so we didn't have any expectations, but still it felt like we could have won the event and we should have made it to the semifinals. We still have work to do of course, but I think we are contenders for the title.

Make sure to keep your eye on, as we'll bring more coverage prior to the $500,000 event kicking off on Monday, October 17th.

Sweden Simon 'twist' Eliasson
Simon 'twist' Eliasson
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tabseN | 
Denmark RealDon 
nice twist
2016-10-14 21:35
Now dennis can focus on the rekting.
2016-10-14 22:09
2016-10-14 22:33
What he's good at. Twist is EU's Yung Stew or Stewie is the NA Twist. Both are versatile players with sick aim can awp well and call
2016-10-15 02:38
yup deagle one taps and tec9 multikills incoming
2016-10-15 09:05
2016-10-14 21:35
Russia Cilet 
2016-10-14 21:35
2016-10-14 21:35
Interesting - perhaps fnatic's best player will be placed in the IGL position.... I hope this was twist's decision and not forced onto him as his 'mad fragging' ability may be diminished as a result.
2016-10-14 21:36
Sweden wyv0 
Dennis is by far fnatics best player lol
2016-10-14 21:40
Slovenia TOPKEKiksde 
2016-10-14 21:43
Brazil TonimSan 
Olof is the best player in Fnatic, but he is not in his better form.
2016-10-14 21:50
Sweden wyv0 
jesus christ, are you dumb?
2016-10-14 22:04
Brazil TonimSan 
Dennis may be better atm, but Olof is better overall and is much more consistent.
2016-10-15 01:25
Sweden wyv0 
Dennis has been better for about 6 months
2016-10-15 01:26
"I'm better than Olof" - Dennis.
2016-10-15 03:54
LOL, log out from HLTV in 2015 mate.
2016-10-15 02:01
Europe Pl4yed 
Olofmeister is overall the best fnatic player for 2016, it appears it is you who has a wrong consideration of time and only care about the recent months...
2016-10-15 13:01
United States lybrel 
Congrats on recovering from your one year coma. :)
2016-10-15 04:31
Europe Pl4yed 
2016 - olofmeister by far the best player of fnatic in the lans they won, and was top2 in eleague where they finished second. Despite some struggles online he is overall the best fnatic player on lan. Welcome to reality.
2016-10-15 12:50
Yeah and has been for a long time now
2016-10-14 22:03
'by far fnatics best player' Just like Brazil is the best country in the world and FALLEN is the most admirable role model in Counter-strike? Yes, Dennis is extremely good, and can be argued as the best player on the team in different aspects, but to construe it as him being 'by FAR' the best on the team is lunacy at its finest. Twist is STATISTICALLY better in almost EVERY aspect when compared on a 'head to head' analysis between himself and dennis. See: Twist averages an astounding '86.4 ADR' which is over 7 points ahead of DENNIS meaning he has more impact per round. Twist averages a slightly higher KPR of 0.77 compared to dennis, standing at 0.74. Twist has slightly better clutch potential, as his average clutch per round ratio is at 0.013, compared to dennis' 0.010. Twist has a better ENTRY KILL ratio compared to Dennis (creating more openings for his team, thus being a key factor in determining round wins for his team.) at 0.13, compared to dennis at 0.11. Anyways, I am not going to spell it out for you, as you can simply click the link and view how Twist beats dennis 9:2 on all HLTV stats. [The only two stats that dennis beats twist in are headshots/round (meainingless, lol) and headshot % (again useless)] While your statement was conveyed as fact, mine was an opinionated statement (note the adverb; perhaps). I suppose this is a battle of statistics and data vs an inane HLTV user with a 'dennis fan' handle.
2016-10-14 22:07
Sweden wyv0 
and can be argued as fnatics best player? LMAO it's inarguable that he is Dennis is entrying the most on Fnatic, ADR is way harder to stack up as that, you can use logical thinking for that if you have a brain. Wtf is this Fallen thing? that was 6 years ago, people change rofl, you probably still think JW hates NiP FailFish
2016-10-14 22:15
You don't understand what inarguable means. Guy literally just laid out a very good argument for why Twist is the best player on Fnatic and you're counter argument is basically "LMAO you're wrong" and then a weak argument about ADR. The fact that Twist has better stats means it is in no way inarguable that Dennis is the best on Fnatic. Whether or not you agree with the argument doesn't matter. I personally think Dennis is the better player and that stats don't tell the whole story but that doesn't mean I'm right and it certainly isn't unreasonable to argue for Twist or to make the argument that the best player on Fnatic is Olof but the player currently performing best on the team is Dennis or Twist. These are all valid and reasonable arguments, unlike your own. The only thing laughable here is your skill at debating.
2016-10-15 01:58
I seriously hope you're not serious? Dennis mostly played against T1 opponents, tw1st against t5 opponents. There goes your statistical analysis. Doesn't mean shit tbh
2016-10-15 02:03
Canada reizel 
Those stats are pretty useless tho. Most of twist's stats are from when he played with friends against bad players...
2016-10-15 02:11
k0nfig | 
Denmark strogie 
Dennis stats is versus tier1 players, twist is versus tier 2-3 so its pointless to make that comparison
2016-10-15 19:04
Russia cuba_libre10 
twist is second worst (after lekr0) in fnatic
2016-10-15 10:48
twits is a beast
2016-10-14 21:37
2016-10-14 21:37
2016-10-14 21:35
BnTeT | 
Other TEEZY 
did he IGL in the past? or 1st time this one?
2016-10-14 21:37
Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
Have you ever led before? No, not in a professional team.
2016-10-14 21:38
BnTeT | 
Other TEEZY 
cry more
2016-10-14 23:44
Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
How am I crying? You ask, I answer
2016-10-14 23:52
BnTeT | 
Other TEEZY 
its okay
2016-10-14 23:53
These kids...
2016-10-14 23:53
BnTeT | 
Other TEEZY 
blär halt
2016-10-15 00:28
he answered your question. interviewer: "Have you ever led a team before?" Twist "No. Not in a professional team" If you aren't even going to bother to read more than 5 lines in to the article and instead ask a question that is answered simply by reading the article, at least have the decency to thank the person who answers your question. Instead you thought he was insulting you and completely missed the fucking point.
2016-10-15 02:02
BnTeT | 
Other TEEZY 
2016-10-15 03:36
2016-10-15 03:42
BnTeT | 
Other TEEZY 
2016-10-15 03:44
Latvia varna 
Not really, you're the reason why there's dumb people in this world.
2016-10-15 09:05
BnTeT | 
Other TEEZY 
i wasn't talking to you, you not important person
2016-10-15 10:26
2016-10-14 21:35
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
2016-10-14 21:35
cuz it gets cold like minessota
2016-10-14 21:36
2016-10-14 21:36
2016-10-14 21:35
2016-10-14 21:35
2016-10-14 21:35
United Kingdom v0XH1 
2016-10-14 21:35
Ireland skend 
2016-10-14 21:35
nice twist
2016-10-14 21:36
2016-10-14 21:35
Austria P0w3RfuL 
2016-10-14 21:35
but twist is not a smart player...
2016-10-14 21:36
If he can igl/awp like fallen that would be sick. :)
2016-10-14 21:36
wut? wenton never was igl? why the fck not?
2016-10-14 21:36
twist | 
Sweden kysak 
ez for Simon "twist" Eliasson
2016-10-14 21:37
[*] fnatic
2016-10-14 21:37
2016-10-14 21:38
Hmm I wonder how this will work out, if at all.
2016-10-14 21:39
Sheesh might aswell drop Wenton and pickup jumpy
2016-10-14 21:41
2016-10-14 21:44
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
what a twist! k im out
2016-10-14 21:48
2016-10-14 21:53
France Pr0pheTh 
LOL RIP Fnatic
2016-10-14 21:56
flusha | 
Germany sanos 
when ur team is changing IGL every week u know the team doesnt really know wtf theyre doing
2016-10-14 21:57
Sweden hudgun 
2016-10-14 21:59
United States EZestest4me 
ez for olof's son
2016-10-14 22:02
2016-10-14 22:17
Brazil mth^ 
FalleN to outplay him on skill and strats easy SK
2016-10-14 22:25
then why the fuck is wenton in the team? buy rain ffs!
2016-10-14 22:34
Spain SR4 
Yeah cuz paying a million is a good idea right? GTFO
2016-10-14 22:57
loool you actually think it's 1 million, gj
2016-10-14 23:09
Spain SR4 
Maybe it's not a million but you cant actually deny it neither
2016-10-14 23:23
FaZe bought the entire fucking roster for 700k. Rain alone won't be worth 1mil lmao
2016-10-15 03:38
gl twist you'll need it :)
2016-10-14 22:51
Spain SR4 
olofmeister picking it up slowly, in a month he will be nearly as good as he was in 2015.
2016-10-14 22:56
Brazil spaark1 
2016-10-15 06:20
Spain SR4 
Watch and see
2016-10-15 11:42
If this goes well will be no use for Wenton and then they can replace him.
2016-10-14 23:46
yet again: +f0rest +dennis +twist +olof +GTR/Xizt/friberg
2016-10-14 23:54
f0rest dennis twist olof GTR swedish dreamteam ;)
2016-10-15 03:21
fnatic <3
2016-10-15 02:42
What's the fucking point of wenton if he can't even igl? He's trash, can't call and I have to say it 1 more time, he's overall DOGSHIT.
2016-10-15 03:58
ofc u will be callin by using your aimlock u shit ass!!!
2016-10-15 09:23
whatever, watching fnatic is like watching some tier2 swedish tryhard team olof = legends dennis = gay friend twist = aimer that will TL lekro,wenton, noobs
2016-10-15 11:09
Serbia ZAG0R 
2016-10-15 14:43
nukkye | 
United States yvr 
gl twist and fnatic
2016-10-15 11:46
Greenland duedue 
and we see efects now :D
2016-10-17 19:39
Brazil mth^ 
nice ban/pick twist.. nice try
2016-10-18 20:09
Lithuania Woozylul 
I think Olofmeister should do the ingame leading just because he has Insane Experience and he is the main guy in Fnatic and his level has dropped of so he's not that impactful anymore and it would make him more impactful until his level comes back and Wenton takes over that would be the best i think just let Twist focus on his game&#65279;
2016-10-19 02:32
Sweden lagcats 
he just did a "flusha" xd
2016-10-19 02:36
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