GeT_RiGhT: Maikelele has grown a lot

Leading into EPICENTER: Moscow, we've managed to get in touch with Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund to hear his thoughts on Maikelele, GODSENT and fnatic, as well as to learn about how NiP is adapting to the coaching change.

NiP have been without their newest addition - Jacob "pyth" Mourujärvi for over a month now due to his injury, and have also been hit with the Valve coaching rule change that forced Björn "THREAT" Pers to pull out of the IGL role.

After using Joakim "disco doplan" Gidetun for a short period of time, the Ninjas took in Mikail "Maikelele" Bill, who was a part of the team more than a year ago, and went on to win the first event they attended - SL-iLeague StarSeries Season 2.

A week ago, NiP announced that, due to pyth still not being able to play, Maikelele will be attending three more offline events with the team: EPICENTER: Moscow, ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals and the ELEAGUE Season 2 group stage.

Maikelele had a good "second debut" for NiP, helping them win StarSeries

To get a good feel of NiP before their upcoming events, we talked to Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund about predictability, skipping WESG and his expectations for EPICENTER.

Maikelele has been standing in for your team for over a month now, can you compare this period to the original Maikelele lineup that lasted from late 2014 to early 2015? What do you feel are the biggest differences in the team and in Maikelele’s play as well?

He’s grown a lot since last time we played with him, he’s been building like 2-3 teams on his own and became “a bigger” person in real life as well. He’s been through good, but also bad times during his career and personal life... Which, sometimes can be good for a person but also bad... But looking out of different point of view (me personally) I think everything that has happened to him made him better as a player and in real life. 

He’s grown (like I said) so much that I’m impressed by him, sometimes I remember when we played with him before that he stressed a lot, which affected me when I played, and now he’s the guy actually calming people down when it’s getting stressful ingame, which makes me calmer. And and I’m happy with seeing that someone that has been getting a lot attention, for different reasons and for any team he’s been playing with - how much a person that never gives up rises from the ashes bigger and better than before. It amazes me. 

Adding on to that, how did you adapt to Maikelele - an explosive playmaker, replacing pyth - a more passive and stable player? How much did you work on adjusting roles and position to accommodate Maikelele in the team?

It wasn’t hard at first, since we ‘kinda’ knew what we would get from Maikel when he agreed on being a standin for us, which we are still very grateful for, that he’s still helping us out. Since we had like 5-7 days before the Starladder & I-league finals with him... It was “fast and easy” tactics and we, the rest, adapting to him and trying to give him as much space as possible, since that’s the best way to go instead of trying to get him to be “What we want him to be”. Even though, he said like 100x times that he can do what we want to do instead of him saying what he wants to do... But I believe we found some sort of middle ground on that area. 

Going to present, we have now had longer time to play with him since pyth still isn’t ready to be playing with. So, we're going through a lot things for him and us personally. THREAT has also been giving us some new things ingame so it’s a lot better then it was before SL-iLeague StarSeries Season 2 Finals!

Talking about roles, due to the Valve coaching rule you’ve had to move away from THREAT being the IGL for your team. First of all, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the ruling, and then I’d like to expand on how the calling and coaching works for you at the moment. What does THREAT do for you and will we be seeing him on future events, starting with EPICENTER?

Xizt took back the ingame leading role after they ruled that we can’t use our coach as a ingame leader anymore. I do think we felt it would be a lot worse for us since we had “created” this team for 2016 with having THREAT as a ingame leader full time. But, after the swap I believe we have found something that’s nice for everyone and people have a more “free” role in the team and can give input on what they believe is good for the team - while THREAT took care of everything before for us... We did give him input on what we believe was good/bad etc., but in the end of the day it was THREAT who had the call on everything when he was leading the team. 

When hearing the rule about VALVe making teams who have coaches (who are in game leading), I thought it was some sort of a “joke”. Even though, they had already been giving a lot of pro players feedback about this regards back in Columbus. Since we had the problem with pyth who couldn’t attend the major we had a long discussion with them if we could use anyone else then just THREAT for example on the competition back then... Which people already know we couldn’t use anyone else since u have 6-man lineup for a major and it’s usually a manager/coach taking the last spot for each team, not a player. 

THREAT is doing more of a “layback” coaching now, he’s helping us out with adding new things to the game, looking over what we are doing wrong/good ingame and trying to help us out as much as possible from home. I’m not sure if he’s going to attend any tournament soon enough for us, since he has a lot on his plate at school still and he’s going to finish that up before we’re going to have a new talk about if he feels that he’s doing his work and we feel the same for him. We do miss him having around on tournaments since he’s a super positive guy and someone who has an incredibly deep understanding on how CS:GO is supposed to be played (at least in my opinion).

NiP expected that the coaching rule would affect them more than it did

One of the criticism of the THREAT era of NiP has been the predictability that came with the tactical style. Do you believe that predictability was the cause of somewhat underwhelming results after winning Malmö, and if so, what are you currently doing to avoid being predictable?

I think we have always been one of those teams that people are saying “NiP is always doing this” / “Or NiP is always doing that” - I believe it’s always been like that for any teams I’ve been playing for. So, it’s not something “new” in my ears if you ask me personally... Even though, I believe sometimes we haven’t been that predictable... But apparently we have! However, since then we have mixed up a lot of things with having everyone being more into the tactical side and how they think the game is supposed to be played, with THREAT saying small things and looking around if it works with that nade/flash/smoke etc. - I believe we have found something that’s working for us for the moment.

We need to be alert of adapting faster ingame, something that we had as our strongest card before and having that small “NiPMagic” that shows through sometimes.  

I just hope we can continue to do what we want to do and that’s playing cool/amazing CSGO and “#MakeNiPGreatAgain” :-D

You’ve recently decided not to participate in WESG, even though the final tournament has a massive $1,5 million prize pool and the qualification process is a lot shorter than for leagues such as ESL Pro League or ECS. Can you share your thoughts on the decision?

We had just came back from Kiev from SL-iLeague finals and we didn’t really talk about it before. Xizt said something about that tournament, we had a small voting inside the team and we felt we didn’t want to attend the qualifiers, since we had too much on our plates when we discussed the whole thing... We have that, if we want to play anything in NiP - everyone has to agree on it, or at least 3 out 5 people in the team, and this time it wasn’t enough people saying yes to it.

We are closing in on two months since GODSENT and fnatic shuffled players to create their current lineups. While GODSENT have been struggling, fnatic topped the ESL Pro League standings - but failed to impress at ESL One NY. Both teams have dropped in rankings, leaving you as the most prominent Swedish team at the moment. What are your thoughts on the shuffle and the teams that resulted from them? 

Hmm, I have no idea what I want to say about it. I believe it was a weird decision of them to break up like they did. But, then it comes in. I have no idea what happened in that team, since I wasn’t a member of that team so I can’t really say anything regarding it. That’s their business and nothing more to that. Regarding the results, I’m not surprised at least on how it went. Even, though a lot of people felt (I probably did as well) GODSENT was the “winner” of the trade, looking at it afterwards I’m not sure. I just had a weird feeling it would take time for both of the teams to get to “their” standard and I believe it’ll take a little more time than they thought it would. 

Even as I’m a Professional Player - I do enjoy watching a lot of tournaments on my spare time and seeing both of them attending tournaments here and there. It’s been fun as a “fan” to see what they can do and are trying to achieve with both of their lineups. 

Finishing off with your thoughts on EPICENTER: Moscow - the tournament itself is pretty stacked, with Na’Vi, G2, SK and all in attandance, but, you’re a team that always expects themselves to win. Does playing with a (long term) stand-in lower your expectations for this tournament?

We’re always going into a tournament to give our 110% best to do what we want to do (To win, just like everyone else who are attending). Now we have had a longer time with Maikelele then we had with him for the SL-iLeague StarSeries Season 2 Finals since he jumped in like pretty much last minute for us. I do believe we have a good chance to play well, but I will not go and say like “Hey, we’re going to win it since we are the best!!!” since it’s so stacked with great teams and if X or Y team is on their best day, they usually win... I just hope and going in with the mindset to do our best and take one step at a time and that’s the best we can do.

You have to also remember that most of the teams attending this (at least us) are going to be traveling for like, around 3ish weeks now with EPICENTER to be the first tournament, ESL Pro League in Brazil second and last but not least ELEAGUE Season 2 Groupstage. So it’ll be a hard task to win all of them, but we’re are going to do our best and hope we can do our own fans proud.

Before EPICENTER: Moscow starts on Monday we will be bringing a detailed preview of the event, so stay tuned to for more content regarding the upcoming $500,000 tournament.

Professeur writes for and can be found on Twitter.

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Slovenia UnFab 
2016-10-15 13:30
I'm interested to see what happens to him after the 3 LANs end and he will be replaced by pyth in NiP. If he keeps perfoming well I feel like he might be a tempting pickup for fnatic.
2016-10-15 14:16
Canada Timings 
Well Maikelele wanna be an awper. And fnatic have Dennis, Olof and Twist. So idk.
2016-10-15 14:58
"when it's getsting" lul
2016-10-15 15:07
Well it's not like they all wanna play it... more like twist loses confidence in his awping so they have to pick it up. Both dennis and olof can only rifle with no problem, I mean even maikel can rifle so I don't feel like that would be a problem at all, it might even make things easier for them.
2016-10-15 15:19
Maikelele grows , nip falls :P:P:P
2016-10-15 17:04
Canada Timings 
Yeah that's for sure and you're maybe right, it maybe wouldn't be a problem
2016-10-16 10:27
neither dennis, olof or twist are main awpers. put maikelele in main awp, and put olof/twist on second awp. plus i really doubt that maikel would join fnatic. Swedish teams need more teamwork, personality connection. and i feel that maikelele (and the whole nip) are the artists, and fnatic are the tough kids.
2016-10-16 11:36
Canada Timings 
Exactly, they aren't cause they can awp very well and rifle very well. All of them wanna pick up the awp when they feel to but it wouldn't work if you put in maikelele. I doubt maikelele joining aswell
2016-10-16 13:07
He will not be replaced lol, pyths contract is out at the end of 2016... coincidence maikelelel will stand-in for that whole time?? no
2016-10-15 14:58
Source for his contract till end of 2016?
2016-10-15 15:30
they do 1 year contracts every year, like they did in 2015 also
2016-10-15 17:08
You sure? Might be a possibility then
2016-10-15 17:37
im pretty sure, as they did the same with allu atleast
2016-10-15 17:45
The only problem is that Maik is not replacing pyth till the end of a year. He is there for 3 more weeks. Conspiracy over.
2016-10-15 19:21
he could replace him, but pyth would still be in nip unless a team wanted to buy him out
2016-10-15 19:30
But Eleague will be in January of 2017
2016-10-15 21:26
Sommething tells me he was thinking of the Eleague Major thats gonna be jn Jan 2017 lol
2016-10-16 21:11
2016-10-17 07:01
He'll stay in nip, nip drops pyth fnatic pick up pyth. U really believe this pyth "injury"? He has 120 hours past 2 weeks lmao
2016-10-15 20:29
Please, don't let the fucking go away again Maikelele from Ninjas In Pyjamas! Ok pyth is good, young player. But Maikelele honestly is more consistent than pyth. I think that someone can make mistake one time, but not 2nd time. Moreover Maikelele it's good with beatbox too ahaha, no seriously, don't let him go away again!! For those who love beatbox!
2016-10-16 20:56
Slovakia Tomo1181 
2016-10-19 18:04
nip win epicent 100%
2016-10-15 13:32
Turkey powergs 
I will cut my cock if that happen no chance for nio Vp Sk Navi Fnatic Dignitas G2/Nip Hr Favourites like that no chance for ninjas in faggot
2016-10-15 14:28
There's only 3 teams on your list that I would place just above NiP in current form. But thats me. We might have different opinions =)
2016-10-15 14:46
Turkey powergs 
Wow u re nice guy sorry for swear :P Imo dignitas and fnatic better team then nip but we will see
2016-10-15 15:06
Cant agree on fnatic, they have fallen of so much since the roaster change. Twist will call aswell so i hardly think they will pass their group to be honest. Dignitas could be fun to see tho, they have really been improving alot lately. For me the only teams NiP should struggle with is VP, Navi and SK. The rest of the teams they should beat in bo3 even tho it will be close games as usual.
2016-10-15 15:29
roaster meat > roaster changes
2016-10-15 21:14
2016-10-16 01:54
goatfucker :D
2016-10-16 12:51
I would say they are pretty equal. I recon it will be alot of good games =)
2016-10-16 19:38
Turkey powergs 
Games should be great man expect hr (which angel current form and deadfox i wouldnt suprise they accomplish smth) all teams very strong,elite teams but for me dignitas and fnatic will be better than Nip in moscow but we will see :)
2016-10-16 20:37
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
2016-10-15 13:32
bye pyth
2016-10-15 13:33
Pyth is scared shitless right now
2016-10-15 14:22
back to na i guess
2016-10-15 16:01
back to winterfox xd
2016-10-15 16:14
-shroud +pyth
2016-10-15 17:20
-auti +pyth EZ
2016-10-15 19:43
2016-10-15 13:33
2016-10-15 13:37
so basically -pyth rip pyth
2016-10-15 13:37
Bulgaria Pixeland 
2016-10-15 13:38
Europe bueR 
maikelelee = pyth so roll a dice.
2016-10-15 13:39
-pyth FeelsBadMan
2016-10-15 13:41
Russia houpps 
2016-10-15 13:42
2016-10-15 14:36
That is good
2016-10-15 15:45
Ripper00ni pyther00ni
2016-10-15 13:42
Rest in Pyth
2016-10-15 13:43
btw what is pyth doing?
2016-10-15 13:44
recovering he might need a surgery as well: eventually if pyth takes too long to recover, its possible that he steps down and Maikelele is signed full time
2016-10-15 13:47
hand is too important in life. not worth to waste on gaming. i hope pyth has a good mother lol.
2016-10-15 15:31
Hungary adzeii 
how much does nip pay to this kiddo to fake an injury? rofl
2016-10-15 19:38
He is injuried on his hand, but he also is insane playin CS
2016-10-15 13:48
so will he end up like Olof? :(
2016-10-15 13:54
out of the team fake injury
2016-10-15 13:54
keep him please
2016-10-15 13:46
bye pyth
2016-10-15 13:51
Poland Greku 
maikelele plz
2016-10-15 13:54
Poland mamba99999 
That long interview and not a single word about pyth ??
2016-10-15 13:56
Poland nycton 
His D is bigger now?
2016-10-15 13:56
United Kingdom peaks 
Pyth to BOTsent
2016-10-15 14:00
Denmark slacking 
was that a KappaPride moment
2016-10-15 14:00
Spain all_in 
I love gtr's mind, the way he thinks feels to me very "correct" and logical ^^
2016-10-15 14:02
stfu fag
2016-10-15 20:16
GTR about WESG: "since we had too much on our plates" Wow, such a bs "excuse". Somehow they have time for a few times smaller ESL PL, EPICENTRE and IEM. The fact NIP plays only WESA related events has nothing to do with the fact NIP is a board member of WESA and they are not allowed to play non WESA events :D 0 respect for sellouts NIP. More on my blog.
2016-10-15 14:06
United States 7hai 
nobody gives a shit about your blog mate :P
2016-10-15 14:23
You are aware that pro's are humans as well. This is their work, in the end you cant work nonstop.
2016-10-15 14:48
shox | 
Sweden okaynoyes 
fuck your stupid blog
2016-10-15 14:56
"0 respect for sellouts NIP." wow makor finally we agree on something
2016-10-16 16:06
He’s grown a lot Sure, he doesn't try to give you a hug after every round you won anymore: Pls pick him and give pyth to GODSENT in place of znajder, then znajder goes to fnatic instead of wenton (since wenton doesn't call strats, he's useless).
2016-10-15 14:11
I agree. I think wenton is the most useless player in a tier 1 team I have ever seen
2016-10-15 14:25
fnatic aren't tier one though
2016-10-15 16:02
They are "kind of", just because they play against tier 1 teams and just because "fnatic" logo on their T-shirts. If they were disabanding and forming another team I'm sure we wouldn't even see them play unless they qualify from 0
2016-10-15 16:04
m8, if the logos decided what tier a team is, then LG would be tier 1 fnatic aint tier 1, at least not right now
2016-10-15 21:05
I think you didn't get what I really meant
2016-10-15 21:44
"They are "kind of", just because they play against tier 1 teams and just because "fnatic" logo on their T-shirts."
2016-10-16 05:02
If they would have another team rather than FNATIC they wouldn't have the same spots. Is it hard to understand?
2016-10-16 15:27
I dont think you know what you're saying tbh From your original post, you said current fnatic are 'kind of' tier 1, because they play against tier 1 teams and represent the fnatic logo. From what you're saying, fnatic are tier 1 because of the name and the legacy behind it, not the actual current roster And about the second part of your post, fnatic basically did disband and form as another team because the majority of the old roster is gone. And they do have to qualify from zero, at least for the Majors.
2016-10-16 15:50
What are you talking about? fnatic should've had qualified through online qualifier but NO. PGL just invited to the minor already so they can go through playoffs already. Dirty move, fnatic pays PGL to do that for sure cause it has never happened before
2016-10-16 15:57
thats what I mean by 'qualifying from zero', unless the invites are going to stay
2016-10-16 15:58
Pyth is rip in nip ?
2016-10-15 14:13
ofc thats obvious..
2016-10-15 16:29
do standin get salary too??
2016-10-15 14:14
Australia yourwombat 
he would defs be getting $
2016-10-15 14:21
no he play for charity
2016-10-15 17:50
gtr just gave us a hint that they no longer need pyth on their active lineup lmfao
2016-10-15 14:16
sell pyth to godsent or fnatic keep maikelele everyone wins
2016-10-15 14:19
2016-10-15 15:32
Germany andoRRR 
Hard to read. You should let anyone read over the final thing. Lots of formating errors, sometimes a word is missing or too much, e.g. "And and I’m happy"... otherwise interesting interview.
2016-10-15 14:32
Finland AbbeJ 
maikelele is big boy now
2016-10-15 14:35
Serbia ZAG0R 
bye pyth ...
2016-10-15 14:36
Serbia ZAG0R 
-friberg -pyth +olof +maikelelelele Make NiP great again ?
2016-10-15 14:38
Brazil beaviz1 
-friberg +JW
2016-10-15 14:46
Still not ganna stay in nip LUL
2016-10-15 14:47
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
grown a lot KappaPride KappaPride KappaPride
2016-10-15 14:49
2016-10-15 16:50
smooya | 
Sweden BoxTV 
2016-10-15 14:51
Brazil LIPE1 
"how much a person that never gives up rises from the ashes bigger and better than before. It amazes me. " DAMN I LOVE GET RIGHT
2016-10-15 14:52
Russia goodjob 
ye hes pretty tall haHAA
2016-10-15 14:58
Serbia whoa!! 
holy fakk so many comments removed
2016-10-15 15:00
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
maikelele became older but he is still somewhere on level of smithz, rip allu
2016-10-15 15:02
Portugal dracø 
Bye pyth, hello maikelele. I had the idea that he shouldn't have left in the 1st place, but I guess it was good for him. They can't see he lacks experience anymore.
2016-10-15 15:09
I'd love to see -friberg -pyth +olof +dennismeister
2016-10-15 15:11
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
ohh big boy mikjalele
2016-10-15 15:13
Grown down stairs?
2016-10-15 15:24
rip pyth xddddddd
2016-10-15 15:52
Lithuania GTs5 
2016-10-15 16:06
Sweden aN0x- 
didnt want maikelele but now more and more i want him to stay
2016-10-15 16:07
2016-10-15 16:19
xosht | 
Georgia xosht 
-pyth +Maikel <3
2016-10-15 16:27
rip pyth
2016-10-15 16:29
Maikelele <3
2016-10-15 16:49
2016-10-15 17:16
I think makelek just naturally has that nip magic element in him.
2016-10-15 17:34
Choking in almost every final they've ever been in? Yeah I think Maikelele has that magic to.
2016-10-16 05:13
4 finals, 2 won (with Maikelele) the 2 that they lost were against the exact same team so that team was just better
2016-10-16 15:59
They been in like 20 finals in the last 2 years and won 2 tournament get back to Reality ty.
2016-10-16 23:15
Costa Rica memelelele 
rip pyth
2016-10-15 17:47
2016-10-15 19:39
nice try fatburg, maikelel did 9/11
2016-10-15 20:18
check out my indigogo btw!
2016-10-15 20:19
OR Maikelele has grown alot ( &#865;°&#9581;&#860;&#662;&#9582;&#865;° )
2016-10-15 21:07
nip terrible online , good at LAN vp terrible online , good at LAN Na'Vi terrible online , good at LAN g2 terrible online , terrible at LAN xddd
2016-10-15 21:08
nip not relevant They are god at online, slump at Lan
2016-10-16 05:31
nt kick_friberg_ffs nip won StarLadder 1 month ago called 'slump at lan'
2016-10-16 05:53
lol your idiot You were talking 1 event Im talking overall year mlg eliminated by navi, somehow can't even beat Immortal in Dh summer, explain why they became challenger 4 next major. Punch more to say man NobotBerg#30atTheeNd It'k 'allu' never watch nip games
2016-10-16 06:35
wtf were they do gonna at MLG? they had a goddamn one-year-retired coach playing as their fifth lol
2016-10-16 16:01
ya thats why i said nip are slump at LAN
2016-10-16 18:33
THREAT played who is a stand-in at MLG, the fact they made top 8 at that major was a huge success. Immortals are always a dangerous team, its not shocking that they lost to them but yes they should have beaten them. NiP have won 2 titles this year and came top 4 at ESL Pro League Finals, barely "slumping" at lan mate.
2016-10-16 23:48
they could win more tournament than we expected
2016-10-17 22:09
they certainly could
2016-10-17 22:58
f0rest | 
Argentina GZ^ 
-pyth so
2016-10-16 02:09
Hate the interview nothing changed first time he joined NiP he carried them, now he's back carrying them again and they claim all this other shit nah Maikelele > NiP once Wenton get's cut after Tw1st becomes IGL they will bring Maikelele in and it's about time.
2016-10-16 05:14
Am I the only one who thinks twist has the 2nd best movement(first I think is fallen) with the awp in CSGO?
2016-10-16 05:42
No Tw1st has always been known as a beast but he has consistency issues.
2016-10-16 23:15
United States TruthEmbargo 
maikelele in fnatic would be pretty beastly
2016-10-16 06:06
Yeah and I'm talking about letting his go back to the old Maikelele so they can have a JW type player again.
2016-10-16 23:16
Maikelele will never join fnatic as long as olofmeister, dennis and twist are there.
2016-10-16 16:04
in which direction?
2016-10-16 12:24
AKA he didn't cat like a grown up before?
2016-10-16 12:49
So Maikelele will not flame "new" players again in an important qualifier like he has done against flamie?
2016-10-16 16:10
2016-10-16 20:32
s1mple | 
Sweden DiTzZ 
".. became “a bigger” person in real life as well" KappaPride
2016-10-16 22:59
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