dennis: "The VP match will be fun"

After fnatic took a map off SK, we sat down with Dennis "dennis" Edman to talk about their results so far at EPICENTER, the event overall and their upcoming match with

After two days of play in Moscow, fnatic are sitting at a 2-2 record following exchanging maps with HellRaisers on day one and SK on day two.

dennis is looking forward to fnatic's last match

We interviewed Dennis "⁠dennis⁠" Edman to get his thoughts on the Swedes' results so far at EPICENTER, their upcoming battle with and more:

You have a couple of matches behind you, splitting both against HellRaisers and now SK. The former is probably the more surprising result, how did that game go from your point of view?

The game against HellRaisers was kinda bad from our side, because we felt like we threw away the first map, Cache. We knew how they played, but we still go caught off-guard and made some mistakes. But we managed to get 1-1 and that's fine for us, they're getting better every week.

At that point you had the two best teams in the world, SK and VP, ahead of you, did the HellRaisers result affect you in any way, put additional pressure on your shoulders?

Not really. Every time we play we do close games. We played well online against them, they beat us in New York but we won 2-0 in the leagues. And we always like playing SK, because they take the duels, which we like, so we do the same. Both teams are good fits for us.

How do you feel about the format, especially now after we can see the dangers of it, looking at results in Group A especially...?

I think it's a fun format, but best-of-three in groups is better I believe, so you can get a better chance to show who's the best. But still, I like it.

EPICENTER is receiving a lot of praise from the players, are you on board with that? How are you liking the event?

It's one of the best events, because they take care of us, it's a good hotel, they have good rooms we can practise in, the tournament PCs are really good, the food is good, so I can't complain at all.

What about the length of the event, since you need to be here for nine days?

I don't really like that it's so long, eight-nine days is too much. They told us they tried to make it shorter, but they didn't have time to fix the arena, so we had to be here for two extra days.

pasha made some remarks about fnatic in his interview with us, do you have any response to that?

I saw the interview, yeah, I mean he's right in a way, they like to play us and we like to play them. We don't fear them either, it's gonna be fun.

Sweden Dennis 'dennis' Edman
Dennis 'dennis' Edman
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lmao dennis top1
2016-10-19 00:28
1 reply
fun? life is brutal hahhahaa
2016-10-19 00:29
2016-10-19 00:28
SK.dennis good times) keep it up dennis u can do it
2016-10-19 00:28
2016-10-19 00:28
2016-10-19 00:28
2016-10-19 00:28
great post
2016-10-19 00:28
2016-10-19 00:28
prepare for penetration
2016-10-19 00:28
Sweden lagcats
nice, i hope dennis steps up.
2016-10-19 00:28
2016-10-19 00:28
Ez godsent
2016-10-19 00:28
Japan Th3Koala
Fun? We will see xd
2016-10-19 00:28
for vp
2016-10-19 00:29
China arbalestcn
I think whenever hltv does some interview things will go the opposite way... so tomorrow fnatic will get plowed?
2016-10-19 00:30
4 replies
Germany bartooo
Pasha said that VP will rekt Fnatic. Both teams can not lose the game playing each other. What now? :(
2016-10-19 00:33
3 replies
they can :D 1-1 or fnatic 2-0 because Dennismeister Olofmeister GODlekr0 Twist GOD GODton
2016-10-19 00:40
2 replies
Oh men, you're veeeeryyyy funny 'cause VP is the best team in world in this moment. PapaBajceps SnaxDzik NeoGOD TazDan ByaliMeister We will see
2016-10-19 06:37
1 reply
TazDan XD +1
2016-10-19 09:09
Classy response dennis, respect
2016-10-19 00:30
love this ghuy <3
2016-10-19 00:31
Germany bartooo
VP tie with Fnatic, HR 1-1 vs SK and the brazilians are out. Seems to be very realistic i think.
2016-10-19 00:31
2 replies
"Groups of EPICENTER: Moscow will be played in a best-of-two, round-robin format, with all four teams going through to best-of-three, single-elimination playoffs."
2016-10-19 01:32
1 reply
1st of the groups will advance to semifinals, when the 2nd and 3rd of the groups will play the quarterfinals. 4th position will be eliminated
2016-10-19 05:04
dennis, easily among the top 5 best players in the world
2016-10-19 00:36
1 reply
2016-10-19 02:12
I saw the interview, yeah, I mean he's right in a way, they like to play us and we like to play them. We don't fear them either, it's gonna be fun. you should take notes TaZ, thats how you reply appropriately. GL guys
2016-10-19 00:38
6 replies
Thats how you reply to show that you are a pussy.
2016-10-19 00:46
4 replies
Croatia mds818
I disagree,taking agressive interviews are good,but I dont really know what exatcly is dennis supposted to say...yes we will destroy vp they dont have a chance we are fnatic we are cs gods,while on the other hand their current lineup is bad..
2016-10-19 01:14
3 replies
How is their current lineup bad? You guys give teams like 1 week and if they don't win a major in the first week they play they're bad? Been together such a short time and already improved a fuck ton this team will be top 5 in 2017 with no roster changes and if they remove wenton for another good player they will be top 1.
2016-10-19 04:24
1 reply
2016-10-19 05:06
I agree. I said that cause this guy pissed me off. Taz is a great person and bringing some 'fire' and banter to the scene is a good thing, otherwise it would be boring. Of course you mustnt over do it.
2016-10-19 08:30
+1 dennis best <3
2016-10-19 09:16
Vp 2-0 sk 2-0 Hr out
2016-10-19 00:51
who came here thinking that pasha will be mentioned in this interview? :D
2016-10-19 02:50
Still think Fnatic have the slight edge here, VP are incredibly over rated.
2016-10-19 04:22
dennis it is such a nice guy
2016-10-19 04:55
1 reply
It? U probably meant she!
2016-10-19 06:01
it will be fun? 1:1 16:7 13:16
2016-10-19 07:26
"Every time we play we do close games. We played well online against them, they beat us in New York but we won 2-0 in the leagues." dennis should look at where fnatic is in the rankings, he should look at where fnatic is at the tournaments and he should pour a huge bucket of cold water over his head.
2016-10-19 08:23
If VP already advanced(im not sure) fnatic got a chance otherwise its not going to be fun for them
2016-10-19 09:11
1 reply
VP is basically guaranteed so I think they wont play 100%. I mean olof is best buds with pasha
2016-10-19 09:18
Wenton Lulkro Twist vs Entrydecoy Pasha ,,But this lineup is like... I can't say they're nonames, but this lineup, olof, dennis and then Lekr0, twist and wenton, you can't think they can play against us and win the match. We will go into the match and crush them,, not suprise if this players rekt and remove pasha from server
2016-10-19 09:27
Taz: what did u say dennis? Fun? dennis should concentrate on fnatics ranking instead
2016-10-19 09:41
olof vs pasha lets go
2016-10-19 11:22
NiKo | 
Brazil wnttl
ez fnatic
2016-10-19 14:17
kk m8..
2016-10-20 12:09
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