FalleN: "Having internal problems"

Following SK's dominating win over HellRaisers, which placed the Brazilians into quarter-finals, Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo talked to HLTV.org about Group B at EPICENTER and SK's level after their long break.

Losing to Virtus.pro, exchanging maps with fnatic and crushing HellRaisers, SK survived Group B and advanced to the quarter-finals at EPICENTER: Moscow.

FalleN shared his thoughts on SK's issues

After SK's last match took place Gabriel "⁠FalleN⁠" Toledo talked to HLTV.org about their results in the group stage and issues they faced following the three-month long break from LAN events.

First you met Virtus.pro and suffered a fairly crushing loss, why was the start of the event so disappointing from you?

Yeah, we had a very tough match against VP, as it always is. Both matches we started pretty badly, losing 0-7 or something, so both of them were very difficult to come back from. We're playing a high level competition and every team can win, so what makes the difference is how you react in-game and to what's happening. For us, at least in the first match, we didn't play as well as we could. We were making stupid mistakes, not playing as a unit and not playing for the strategy. So, we were doing a lot of mistakes and we're trying to fix it, I think today we showed that we can play better than in the first match.

Next you faced fnatic on the second day, Train was quite straight-forward but then you crumbled on Mirage, what happened there?

On Mirage we lost the first pistol round and had three good rounds, so it was 3-3. But then we were just hunting in situations where we shouldn't, lost two guys in a 4v1 situation where the guy had an AWP but we had the bomb. So there was no reason to chase, maybe you'll think this didn't change too much, but that actually forced us on an eco afterwards and we missed the chance to break fnatic's economy. Because of the mistakes, we couldn't get back in the economy game to be able to get a better T side. Despite that there were some other mistakes that we weren't able to fix, some reactions that we weren't doing properly that made us lose the game. But fnatic played super well, I have to say. 

I'd like to talk about your level of play after the three-month break from LANs. Here you've made mistakes you usually rarely make, losing advantageous situations etc., how do you feel about the team's performance now? 

I think it's not a break problem. We're having internal problems, mainly some relationship problems that should not be happening. And this kind of breaks the team spirit. When you lose the team spirit, then you can't proceed. Right now we're trying to fix it, we're trying to get our motivation back. I mean, this is totally our fault, this should not be happening, but sometimes it's really difficult. When you're living together, you have to spend all day with each other, sometimes it's just too much, you know. There's also the fact that when you reach the top, it's a whole other game to stay there. And we weren't mature enough to understand our mistakes, just because you're the best in the world it doesn't mean you don't need to perform better. That's the kind of mentality that we had, but hopefully we'll be able to fix it in the next games.

That's what I wanted to ask about as well - when I interviewed pasha, he said you might not know how to take the losses considering you have such expectations now, being the best team in the world for the past several months. Is it the inexperience with this type of a situation that maybe affects the young guys?

To be honest, this team is totally the opposite. We just got to the top level, because we knew how to lose. Every single time we lost, we were like "okay, we have to improve on this, this was bad, this was good, let's fix this for the next games." This kind of mentality, this kind of an approach, led us to becoming the best team in the world. But the problem is, you have to keep it, otherwise you crumble, and that's what's happening. Right now we're missing that [mentality], but we're working to get it back. If you don't work hard, someone will pass you, the competition is too high to just think you're going to stay at the top forever. 

Group B wasn't that affected by the format's issues, but in Group A every single game was tied up until now. What do you think about the best-of-two's in round-robin groups?

For us getting out of the group was the most important, of course we wanted to place first to go into semi-finals, but second or third really doesn't make a difference. We don't know who we're gonna play yet, but I'm hoping to get pasha again. pasha, I'm waiting for you my friend, the biceps here is ready for you. 

What about the event overall, EPICENTER have received a lot of praise for their approach to players. What are they doing better than other organizers?

The part outside of the game is awesome, they're taking care of all the meals, so that's very important. You don't have easy access to go out and get food, so this is making our life much easier. And the fact that we have computers that we can use is something we've never had, and it's something we've been asking for for a long time. This is something very special, because you can watch the other games, watch demos, play whenever you want. Most people don't know this, but most of the time you have at tournaments as a player is spare time. You can go out around the city, watch something, but it's kinda boring. Of course you can go out and visit some place, but you can only do that one day or two days maximum, so having a room like this makes our life so much easier and more joyful to be in the tournament. Besides that, the hotel is awesome, we had some problems with the server, some lag, but I think they're trying to work it out. It's their first time in CS:GO, so it's completely understandable they might have some fixing to do, but right now I think it's the top tournament I've ever played. 

What do you make of the two off-days that you have between groups and playoffs, is that a problem considering the packed schedule CS:GO has nowadays?

No, you can use those two days to relax, maybe go visit Moscow or just practise, if teams want to do that. 

Any final words, shoutouts to your Brazilian fans? 

Yeah, thanks for the interview, thanks to SK for the support and our sponsors. Even to all you guys who are saying we're cheating, so even to you guys who like to criticise us, thanks to you guys as well, you're part of the community too.

Brazil Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Slovakia Jarci
excuses problems.exe
2016-10-19 16:25
1 reply
auhsuahsuahsuahs rofl +1
2016-10-19 19:45
OMG FALLEN youtu.be/3rL-TWfEJzI
2016-10-19 16:28
"Even to all you guys who are saying we're cheating" simply explain these clips and i will stop gfycat.com/JoyousCanineAtlanticsharpnose.. clips.twitch.tv/esl_csgo/StrangeGullRule.. clips.twitch.tv/esl_csgo/BusyGuanacoPRCh..
2016-10-19 16:29
4 replies
Brazil Yung_Leann
lmao, in two of those clips fer was clearly clearing an angle, if you want to imply that they're cheating at least find better clips.
2016-10-19 16:48
None of these clips require any special explanation come on that's really weak
2016-10-19 16:58
So players should keep aiming the floor or the sky? You can't EVER pass your aim where the player is. That's such a bull...
2016-10-19 17:33
cheats. -explained :)
2016-10-19 18:02
FalleN ¿CHEAT o CAUSALITY? youtu.be/3rL-TWfEJzI
2016-10-19 16:30
4 replies
Brazil erfur
Nothing anormal... there is a staff man behind them looking... how they will cheat? cmon you are smarter than this
2016-10-19 16:33
what is causality? casualty?
2016-10-19 17:25
Silver or nova?
2016-10-19 18:17
1 reply
maybe iron or bronze
2016-10-21 19:34
nt toxic & not fair player how much for hr to throw game for u to not stuck in groups? LMAO
2016-10-19 16:30
7 replies
2016-10-19 17:16
nobody cares about vp man, get over it >won a single major in 2014 >best team in the world pick one 4Head
2016-10-19 17:18
5 replies
yeah nobody cares about some of the biggest legends and most popular players in the game lol, no they care for monkey cs instead
2016-10-19 19:56
4 replies
triggered hard, huh?
2016-10-19 21:40
3 replies
2016-10-19 21:41
2 replies
c'mon... they have neo and taz, it was obviously a b8 to trigger some newfags
2016-10-19 21:43
1 reply
2016-10-19 21:43
Brazil igorlnog
why so much hate on Fallen and SK?
2016-10-19 16:32
12 replies
Brazil sprk1
because sk top 1
2016-10-19 16:35
10 replies
Brazil igorlnog
because fanbase but they have nothing to do with it
2016-10-19 16:36
3 replies
yep. but fanbase is enough
2016-10-19 19:58
I don't think is just because the fanbase, the whole move LG to SK was very shaddy and lies. Coldzera throwing some teammate under the bus (was a stand-in don't remember who) saying he is shit and that he doesn't understand the basics of CS and that they lost because of him. They are not a perfect humble team like you guys want to see it. There's more but can't really remember.
2016-10-19 20:11
1 reply
North America Foxaika
Showtime was the guy.
2016-10-21 15:48
VP top 1 noob
2016-10-19 16:47
4 replies
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a joke...the tournament is not even over and they change rank alredy!!! What to expect...russian tournament...VP CEO is from Russia...HLTV is a retardelelele from EU...anything to try to dethrone SK...You guys are worms!!!
2016-10-19 17:29
1 reply
vp was ranked #1 before this tournament. BRain
2016-10-19 18:12
It's just because VP CEO is from Russia m8! Don't be such toxic, SK still top 1
2016-10-19 17:55
1 reply
VP were ranked top 1 before Epicenter started as ESL One Cologne went out of the recent LAN group
2016-10-20 13:34
dont go full retard
2016-10-19 17:10
2016-10-19 18:03
thank you, we appreciate that!
2016-10-19 16:37
internal problems? just kick whoever disagrees with using cheats and easy fix
2016-10-19 16:37
"Even to all you guys who are saying we're cheating, so even to you guys who like to criticise us, thanks to you guys as well, you're part of the community too." LUL
2016-10-19 16:37
internal problems = taco, obviously... coldzera must have been angry with rounds he loses and die like a bot.
2016-10-19 16:38
8 replies
without knowing anything about it, i actually thought this exact thing xD
2016-10-19 16:49
1 reply
Brazil TonimSan
Taco and Cold are bff, like Shox and Smithzzz.
2016-10-19 17:40
aren't TACO and Cold really close?
2016-10-19 16:54
5 replies
doesnt matter, 90% of the rounds that sk lose is taco fault...someone would have patience? there will come a time that even fallen will be angry with taco...
2016-10-19 17:12
2 replies
Time for -Taco +felps
2016-10-19 18:43
1 reply
I mean the thing about Felps is that he is inconsistent but at least he brings some good firepower. The thing though is that Taco does perform well at majors as a support player.
2016-10-20 01:37
yeah but cold is the most childish player around there
2016-10-19 17:15
Yes they are, when TACO joins everyone here said that's invited (or suggestioned) by Cold. But now make a kinda time that I don't see a photo or another media interaction of them.
2016-10-19 17:39
this comment section is sad af, gl fallen
2016-10-19 16:39
7 replies
2016-10-19 16:41
It makes me think everyone here is under 18. So much retarded comments
2016-10-19 16:46
3 replies
So many*
2016-10-19 16:56
1 reply
you're a bad human being
2016-10-19 16:59
I am 30. I think exactly the same. All teenagers will realize how stupid they were when they are my age, me included.
2016-10-19 17:29
2016-10-19 16:59
2016-10-19 17:28
Faroe Islands _shubaN
roster change incoming
2016-10-19 16:40
Finland Madd!z
Roster change before major? PogChamp
2016-10-19 16:42
Internal Problems = Some1 bang cold gf. he got mad and dump the girl and start to get toxic af.
2016-10-19 16:45
cu | 
Brazil mibrzera
"I'm hoping to get pasha again. pasha, I'm waiting for you my friend, the biceps here is ready for you."
2016-10-19 16:47
Sf | 
Turkmenistan Autista
as usual nobody is proofreading... team spiri ftw
2016-10-19 16:49
Pasha got it right on his interview, except for fallen and maybe fnx the rest of the team is still so young. To stay at the top you need to suck up your ego and stay humble, like VP.
2016-10-19 16:49
2 replies
yeah i dont think fallen necessarily adressed what exactly pasha meant. read like pasha meant: they are on top now and they dont know how to handle losses anymore after winning two majors in a row and thinking they are unbeatable. and what fallen is saying is pretty much exactly that. they knew how to lose when they werent on top and when they lost against like tyloo or whatever bcs those were flukes, but VPs wins over them were actually legit.
2016-10-19 16:51
1 reply
Exactly, on top of that, this line up hit it from the start with success, surprising everyone. Facing hardships after reaching the top is much harder than when you are still climbing, since in the latter case you take every loss as a lesson and a motivational boost.
2016-10-19 16:55
internal issues = cheats not working
2016-10-19 16:50
2 replies
at least he still appreciates u as part of the community xD
2016-10-19 16:52
1 reply
Brazil Deodato
2016-10-19 19:34
African Union Nors3
nice intervw bro
2016-10-19 16:51
coldzera is eating all the cheeseburgers and leaving the rest none
2016-10-19 16:52
1 reply
too much time in USA made him a burgerzera
2016-10-19 17:20
fallen always honest and accurate when describing the problems shows how intelligent he is at both personal and gameplay levels
2016-10-19 16:54
1 reply
true +1
2016-10-19 17:56
When taz and neo said this hltv retards said "excuses",when fallen says " ofcourse,that is why they play bad" Also I'm hoping to get pasha again. pasha, I'm waiting for you my friend, the biceps here is ready for you. triggered and toggled.
2016-10-19 16:59
1 reply
yeah pasha was smart af, he consider the possibility of SK getting back strong and maybe facing them later, so he got into their mind successfully
2016-10-19 17:19
Brazil KinngPiN
"Even to all you guys who are saying we're cheating, so even to you guys who like to criticise us, thanks to you guys as well, you're part of the community too" GJ WALLEN
2016-10-19 16:58
How is non working cheats an internal problem? please FalleN be honest FailFish
2016-10-19 17:02
Brazil aleszev
"Yeah, thanks for the interview, thanks to SK for the support and our sponsors. Even to all you guys who are saying we're cheating, so even to you guys who like to criticise us, thanks to you guys as well, you're part of the community too" FalleN God!
2016-10-19 17:03
FalleN always trying to be the "good guy"
2016-10-19 17:05
2 replies
Because he is a good guy, simply.
2016-10-19 17:44
1 reply
Brazil Deodato
2016-10-19 19:35
2016-10-19 17:07
NA 0 Major. LUL
2016-10-19 17:07
1 reply
2016-10-19 17:21
"Even to all you guys who are saying we're cheating" Awwww. Love you too!
2016-10-19 17:09
sk era lul
2016-10-19 17:10
FalleN is a god lol
2016-10-19 17:11
NEO | 
Poland camarpl
I doubt anyone actually thinks you are cheating, they are just trolls
2016-10-19 17:12
9 replies
I do. Well maybe not necessarily Fallen, more like cold and fer for sure, not confident about the others.
2016-10-19 17:22
8 replies
There's no cheating in this level of LAN games anymore. Online I can't say about the others but on LAN absolute not. If someone gets found go back here and put it on my face. For sure you will never come back.
2016-10-19 17:47
1 reply
Flag checks out.
2016-10-19 18:17
fer is legit af... just watch his streams
2016-10-19 17:48
2 replies
KQLY also streamed, how is that a relevant fuckin point? The fact he's good doesn't mean he's not cheating. Magisk is also good and he's also cheating, flusha was also good and he was also cheating, coldzera might also be good (who the fuck knows, dude came out of the ass).
2016-10-19 18:18
1 reply
stop saying everyone cheats man, that's sad
2016-10-19 21:22
wtf?cold is insanelly skilled,why would he cheat?
2016-10-19 17:52
2 replies
To ensure victory obviously? People make the same mistake, they assume that the fact pros cheat means they're bad players, on the contrary usually, they're good, but the cheats give them the small edge they need.
2016-10-19 18:19
Flusha was also insanely skilled yet people always said he hacks
2016-10-20 13:38
lack of killings in the favelas recently, I guess people stopped cheating on one another.
2016-10-19 17:15
why delete first comments down syndrome admins
2016-10-19 17:23
For a sec i thought this is a NBK interview
2016-10-19 17:32
Taco is a good player...He needs just change more often his spots... He is being studied by the other teams to dont make the entryfragg and so on... I think
2016-10-19 17:40
1 reply
he should be flexible and stop to try highlights on CT-side. his role is just kill one and wait alive for coldzera´s retake he havent done it
2016-10-19 17:58
2016-10-19 17:41
Felps appreciate
2016-10-19 17:47
its probably egos getting in the way. I would guess cold or fer making negative comments
2016-10-19 18:25
3 replies
Most likely cold.. Plus taco's performance is not helping them
2016-10-19 18:48
prolly cold. If he said that about showtime on twitter, imagine what he'd say "off the cameras" after losing a game
2016-10-19 19:17
1 reply
I don't know man, Fallen can be very hot headed too, actually I think it can be any of them, only fnx strikes me as cool but still not that much
2016-10-19 19:35
"Even to all you guys who are saying we're cheating, so even to you guys who like to criticise us, thanks to you guys as well, you're part of the community too." top kek he is laughing in our faces
2016-10-19 18:55
2 replies
yes cuz u r just saying they are fucking good
2016-10-19 18:58
1 reply
Thats the point, just take MM as an example, and some1 calls you a cheater after playing well, you feel good about yourself, unless you're cheating, in this case, you're just lying to yourself.... lul
2016-10-19 19:03
TACO is not the problem people.... COLD is the "issue" here, he had a relationship problem (broke up a 9yo relationship with his childhood gf) now he doesn't give a shit anymore, Fallen is trying to "bring" him back together, but he doesn't care, they'll need time tho....
2016-10-19 19:01
8 replies
-.- two different things :> "When you're living together, you have to spend all day with each other, sometimes it's just too much, you know." it's between the players :>
2016-10-19 19:19
5 replies
yeah... cold is probably mad about it, and Fallen is trying to talk to him, but he doesn't want that, so, it probably creates this weird situation, where you are seeing that person all the time, but you don't wanna look in his face !!
2016-10-19 21:33
2 replies
No idea about whats happening
2016-10-19 21:37
vsm | 
Brazil pajuno
espero que essa mulher volte com o cold na pro league aqui no br, pq nessa discrença q ele ta, vai +1k maço de cigarro ate ele melhorar.
2016-10-20 03:44
So maybe Cold broke up with his gf because of living in US in gaming house all the time?
2016-10-21 01:59
1 reply
2016-10-21 02:34
did they really break up? source?
2016-10-20 00:07
1 reply
Cold's facebook page, he said that (on a big ass text), but i think he deleted already.
2016-10-20 01:50
Hacks are not working and they can't get in touch with the guy who provided them with the hacks.
2016-10-19 19:30
1 reply
2016-10-19 21:47
I wanna know who is the problem
2016-10-19 19:36
1 reply
2016-10-20 03:01
at least 40 post in this news article have enough reasons to give ban
2016-10-19 19:42
2016-10-19 19:50
5 replies
Lol they are.
2016-10-19 21:46
4 replies
USA talking about cheats LUL pbs.twimg.com/media/CdijiLyXIAAiTYe.jpg
2016-10-20 00:32
2 replies
nice, how is that relevant to the 'pro' scene?
2016-10-20 00:48
1 reply
nothing, only a statistic
2016-10-20 00:50
2016-10-20 03:47
they never were number 1 at all, first major all good teams were in a bad situation, gifted major.
2016-10-19 20:39
1 reply
They were number 1 as they beat everyone (apart from Fnatic) but only cos everyone else choked and played bad in Colombus, same in cologne
2016-10-20 13:42
so he says that they werent mature enough to understand their mistakes, but then says that they know how to lose bc after matches they recognize all their mistakes...............also rip taco
2016-10-19 21:34
pasha had right. They need some experience on losing games. Like pasha who is losing to pashabot on every map
2016-10-19 21:56
1 reply
2016-10-20 09:43
they just need a lil updating on their cheats and they're fine... No worries.
2016-10-19 22:32
Portugal dascouves
Im fairly certain from what i saw yesterday against fnatic, someone, maybe more than one person is getting pissed of at those sprays TACO makes, i mean, he honestly cant hold shit. Lets be real for a moment, he needs to be cut, seems like teams have figured out that he is a week link, and they are just trying to push wherever site he is holding, look at the VOD of train against FNATIC he lost like 5 rounds on ct side just by himself not getting any kills holding that site, sometimes not even damaging them, simply just missing the bullets. I guess players on the level of coldzera, fnx, fer, even FalleN they start to think "wtf is he doing", "why have we not kicked him yet", "what a BOT" etc... I guess they need Boltz again, or Felps. PS: When i said "even Fallen" im not syaing like hes worse than the others, i was saying that since is the "humble" guy so to say, maybe even him is getting mad at TACO. I actually think FalleN is their best player.
2016-10-19 22:49
"When you're living together, you have to spend all day with each other, sometimes it's just too much, you know. There's also the fact that when you reach the top, it's a whole other game to stay there. And we weren't mature enough to understand our mistakes, just because you're the best in the world it doesn't mean you don't need to perform better. That's the kind of mentality that we had, but hopefully we'll be able to fix it in the next games." Well said, FalleN :)
2016-10-20 01:56
It's really simple: Fallen, fer and fnx want to kick TACO and bring Felps in, Coldzera won't let this happen, because friendship > professionalism for him :>
2016-10-20 05:25
favela fighting
2016-10-20 06:06
Brazil VAC0
Internal problems: fer and fnx: even being quiet put a lot of pressure. cold: explosive and put pressure. TACO: pressured by general. fallen: trying to appease the group... and added felps in whatsapp.
2016-10-20 06:40
2016-10-20 09:42
2016-10-20 13:38
They are having the same problem fnatic had. Internal problems. Between players. fnatic ended up splitting up because of it. Even tho they were the best its hard to play and move on with problems between them.
2016-10-20 13:52
Let's be honest, nobody on the team are playing like a god, everybody are doing a lot of mistakes, we have to say, the performance of TACO BELL, is not so well, but him brings a lot of rounds, we have just watch him on B defese on train. I think coldzera have to consider your arguments because him are just judging other players and not seeing your own performance. I think the Fer have to change your kind of game, him are just being the first frag. That's it!
2016-10-20 14:52
Ever since 2 of your team were accused of hacking your team has.... well, dropped. so sure..
2016-10-21 06:20
my gosh FALLEN the king, you are so humble welcome to ITARARE PARANA BRAZIL many majors and others tourna, even so peoople say to to kick taco Off why you didn't sad that at the time they won a 2 major in a roll? Do me a favor, learne the game, its quit different to play the game instead of understand the game. wich team won 2 major in a roll? After fnatic lineup changing, what they won? nothing at all. also don t forget they are adding new maps with a lot o changings. I agreed , there at least 10 players better than Tacco, But i rather won 2 majors with taco, ijnstead of have a Fucked crack head that never won NOTHING. I hope that 'internal problem doesn't mean $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$POWERGRRED
2016-10-21 10:33
Australia SUNSPY
I think a big factor noone is talking about is how the pressure compounds and stirs shit up. FalleN is level headed enough to sort it out, they just need to chill and avoid the ego battles. You don't work well as a team without supporting each other despite mistakes. The best team possible will never put another team member down, instead they will try to understand what that member is going through and help them. Adding more pressure is the last thing you should do, but it's hard to control that ego.. really this is a great opportunity for them to become better people. FIX the problem? better off just accept things and stay focused on the here and now. Accept that everyone makes mistakes, tell each other its ok, we win together we lose together, get back to the focus being about each other. Ride it out, we all have ups and downs it's just part of being human, trying to CONTROL everything is the wrong way to live and interact with each other. Making changes doesn't necessarily fix anything anyway ! like he says, it has to do with mindset. Good interview
2016-10-21 18:27
2016-10-21 18:59
2016-10-23 17:14
Loads of teams have internal issues but they overcome them to be a better team
2016-12-06 20:38
Brazil romp
2016-12-06 20:39
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