WESG Americas LAN Finals set to start

Following the Middle Eastern, European and Chinese qualifiers, the WESG Americas Finals are set to start in São Paulo, Brazil. Ten teams from North and South America will attend the event to compete for their share of a $75,000 prize pool and spots in the WESG Global Finals.

The tournament will be played in the São Paulo Mega Arena, that can fit more than 1000 people, from October 21-23.

A round-robin group stage followed by best-of-three playoffs, in a format similar to the one we saw in the European finals in Kiev, will be employed at this event as well.

WESG Americas Finals was supposed to be a 12 team competition, but due to visa issues for Broken tag's Canada mix and the American Broken tag only 10 teams will feature at the LAN in the end.

The Argentina line-up from TWC will have another chance to prove themselves at WESG

The event will have two groups of five teams, with the first team from each group advancing directly to the semi-finals, while the second and third team will have to work their way through the quarter-finals.

The groups at WESG Americas Finals are as follows:

Group A Group B
Broken tag Broken tag
Broken tag Broken tag
Broken tag  Broken tag
Broken tag Broken tag
Broken tag Broken tag

Aside from the $75,000 prize pool, this event will award six spots at the $1.5 million WESG Global Finals in China - meaning just making it out of the group in São Paulo will secure another big LAN competition to more than half of the teams at the event.

The prize distribution is as follows:

1. $30,000 + Spot at the WESG Global Finals
2. $18,000 + Spot at the WESG Global Finals
3. $9,000 + Spot at the WESG Global Finals
4. $6,000 + Spot at the WESG Global Finals
5-6. $3,000 + Spot at the WESG Global Finals
7-8. $3,000 

Professeur writes for HLTV.org and can be found on Twitter.

gl selfless
2016-10-20 17:24
9 replies
lul wtf Argentina? Nocturns Franco 'Amsterdam' Mohamed
2016-10-20 17:27
4 replies
2016-10-20 17:29
Tunisia Powneddd
dude they will give spots to tier 3 team and they don't give astralis / k1ck with fox / to many teams
2016-10-20 18:01
Argentina has approximately 3,5 million Arab descendants mostly from the Lebanon and Syria that came in the XX century, in fact, the other guy called Nabil Aleua is Arab descendant too.
2016-10-20 19:06
1 reply
damn habibi
2016-10-20 19:11
dumb tourney rules + visa issues has made the americas section a joke lol g3x only sorta decent team
2016-10-20 17:28
3 replies
+1 They want to be like the olympics of csgo so they only let single country teams compete but only 16 of the top 30 teams are single country and most of those are the lower teams. In NA because of the same language canadians and americans play on the same team so it makes it extra hard. I like the format of WESG but the single country rule is so dumb.
2016-10-20 17:34
1 reply
dumb tourney rules
2016-10-20 18:09
Not at all. The one to blame are dumb players in NA and in WESA core who sign idiotic contracts who dont allow them to take part in events hosted by "outsiders". Read more here: www.hltv.org/blog/12580-wesa-vs-wesg-vs-esforce
2016-10-20 18:29
2016-10-20 17:24
2016-10-20 17:25
2016-10-20 17:24
2016-10-20 17:24
2016-10-20 17:24
Germany ST0R3Z
2016-10-20 17:24
United States donaldjae
2016-10-20 17:24
cu | 
Brazil mibrzera
ez g3x
2016-10-20 17:24
2016-10-20 17:25
It's so dumb that SIX of these teams make it to the finals. Even 2 would be too much
2016-10-20 17:25
2 replies
2016-10-20 17:25
1 is far too many
2016-10-20 21:51
t5 4Head
2016-10-20 17:24
Iraq omar^
ez 4 new logo selfless
2016-10-20 17:25
1 reply
Other kimbadim
2016-10-20 17:25
Mexico macwo
Gl QuetzaL
2016-10-20 17:25
ez MarkE
2016-10-20 17:26
Go Argentina and Nocturns!!
2016-10-20 17:26
1 reply
2016-10-20 18:42
China angle409
SK, liquid are not going to wesg?
2016-10-20 17:27
15 replies
Apparently 1.5 million is not enough money to lure them into registering to the qualifiers
2016-10-20 17:33
13 replies
Liquid would have had to play with an american standin instead of Pimp as well. Dumb rules.
2016-10-20 17:35
12 replies
SK, C9, IMT etc would be fine. But yeah, the rules are retarded to the max nvm about c9 im autistic but shrouds kinda bad anyway
2016-10-20 17:37
11 replies
Yea, I guess that the online qualifier + event in brazil to qualify was just too much to be worth it. Worth it to note though that CLG and Echo Fox both played the qualifier and lost. Also SK and IMT would have had to either fly to brazil to play the brazilian qualifier or play with high ping.
2016-10-20 17:49
8 replies
SK playing on Epicenter, domestic tournament of organization staying behind SK, Immortals in Group A of Eleague, playing parallely to finals. Cloud9 the same, they were planning to make an roster swap for this tournament, but was placed in Group A of Eleague.
2016-10-20 18:22
7 replies
What is wrong with you? WESG is not sancioned by WESA so SK (and G2, NIP, fnatic) are not allowed to play there as they are owned by WESA board and WESG is an competition of ESL/WESA. Mouz had no chance so dont even try and NAvi too much internal problems to make Ukrainian team with flipside and HR and Zeus. About TL and NA they have also some union similar to WESA so it is similar case. Both WESA and American Union do everything what they can to sabotage WESG. Open your eyes. Even more respect to VP, NV and dignitas who looks like the smartest teams not only in game but also outside. Read more here: www.hltv.org/blog/12580-wesa-vs-wesg-vs-esforce
2016-10-20 18:41
6 replies
Stop with that shit already. Nor cloud9 Nor Immortals as org's wouldn't waste chance to participate on US television and same prize pool in purpose of other tournament. SK is guaranteed to play in half of the prize pool in Moscow, on ESForce tournament, who is owners of organization.
2016-10-20 18:43
1 reply
You stop with your shit. EL (not same prizepol but 400k lower!) did groups manually and AFTER WESG schedule so they did it on purpose. About EPICENTER the same. EPICENTER (not half but 1/3 prizepol!!!) organizer is connected to WESA and they invited SK after WESG schedule. Soon you will say cheating on LANs is impossible :D Dude, take off your tinfoil hat.
2016-10-20 18:53
owner of VP owns Navi as well and controlling stake in SK (i think). How was VP allowed to participate ? VP is a MEMBER of WESA. wesa.gg/
2016-10-20 19:41
3 replies
Read his blog. Navi media rights are owned. VP is not WESA board member like SK, G2, fnatic, NIP. There are different levels of being part of some org. SK is in the core. VP is as outside as possible.
2016-10-20 21:15
2 replies
his blog is speculation. No where has all this been confirmed.
2016-10-20 23:47
1 reply
Troll? All info is public. Just learn to use search function.
2016-10-24 01:36
c9 wouldnt be fine with shroud, i can understand that they would skip it. but id like insight on why SK and IMT arent going. i mean SK is busy rn, but why have the qualifiers when SK are busy? and why doesnt IMT go at least?
2016-10-20 18:17
1 reply
Omg. C9 has skipped it because they were told/forced by owners (NA union) to skip. Read #56
2016-10-20 18:49
Yes. Favelas slaved themselves to SK which is owned by WESA board member so they are not allowed to play in non sanctioned by WESA events. Same for other EU WESA core related EU teams. WESG is not santioned by WESA. About TL and NA they have also some union similar to WESA so it is probably similar case. Read more here: www.hltv.org/blog/12580-wesa-vs-wesg-vs-esforce
2016-10-20 18:31
2016-10-20 17:28
6 spots = Selfless SubtLe Argentina g3x +2
2016-10-20 17:28
2 replies
2016-10-20 19:13
Quetzal and team ONE
2016-10-20 19:49
Turkey Tormund1
Lets goo argentina
2016-10-20 17:28
g3x got this.
2016-10-20 17:28
Don't Cry For Me Argentina youtube.com/watch?v=1PWO11ilSYc
2016-10-20 17:30
ez Arg
2016-10-20 17:37
G3x + Argentina or Selfless
2016-10-20 17:42
Brazil aleszev
g3x or argentina. GL ppl
2016-10-20 17:53
Brazil abused1
nice camp
2016-10-20 17:59
Mega arena... 1000 people... o_0
2016-10-20 18:02
1 reply
lol I thought the same thing...
2016-10-20 23:56
g3x ez!
2016-10-20 18:03
ez T6 teams
2016-10-20 18:12
go jony boy go
2016-10-20 18:13
c9 , sk ?
2016-10-20 18:16
1 reply
WESG is not sancioned by WESA so SK (and G2, NIP, fnatic) are not allowed to play there as they are owned by WESA board and WESG is an competition of ESL/WESA. Mouz had no chance so dont even try and NAvi too much internal problems to make Ukrainian team with flipside and HR and Zeus. About TL and NA they have also some union similar to WESA so it is probably similar case. Read more here: www.hltv.org/blog/12580-wesa-vs-wesg-vs-esforce
2016-10-20 18:34
2016-10-20 18:18
ez for jony boy again...
2016-10-20 18:23
Those teams haha The biggest waste of money of all times is this tournament...
2016-10-20 18:32
7 replies
Not at all. It is a great thing. It punishes all idiotic players who sell out themselves to European Union (WESA) and NA union (dont remember the name). Anyway top 1 VP and smart top players like NV and dignitas are there so we have the top. The level is high as Astralis and EchoFox have failed to qualify. It is going to be great event. Btw. It is by far the biggest cs event ever. Valves events (1mln) are DWARFED by WESG(1,5mln) :D
2016-10-20 18:37
6 replies
That's what I'm saying - the biggest waste of money. Why to even apply such a stupid rule about nationality? Why does it even matter? It's dumb, they want it to become one of the olympic games, but it won't be the case anyway, and they just are giving away the biggest prizepool to the bots. Pretty much we have only 1 tier1 team which is VP, and 1 tier2 team which is dignitas, all the rest are tier3 and worse.
2016-10-20 18:44
5 replies
This is an asian thing. Yes, olympic related. The only problem are tier 2 teams... Imo this rule is also wrong. It should be at least regional, divided to cultural regions like e.g. slavs, western europe, NA, SA, Australia and Oceania etc. Anyway it is not a big problem. In 1.6 most of majors (ESWC, WCG) was like that and these were majors. We can make it work in CS:GO if it was working in 1.6. The problem are WESA and NA union and dumb players tho :/
2016-10-20 18:52
3 replies
Making it regional will mean no Na`Vi (GuardiaN), mousesports (NiKo, ChrisJ, loWel), Liquid (Pimp). Western Europe? I'd say it's a dangerous idea, why to divide united Europe? I bet they'd rather have the whole EU as a region...
2016-10-20 18:59
2 replies
navi is all western and eastern slavic so the same culture. im against NA importing eu players so it would be ok to not allow pimp to play in na team to get easy qualifiers.
2016-10-20 19:01
1 reply
I'm feeling sad for NiKo anyway... He should get a German citizenship or something...
2016-10-20 19:04
Once that money is more important than the event itself, thats where "eSports" go to hell. If the prizepool is the only thing motivating a team to participate, we should just stop right there.
2016-10-22 06:25
jony boy HYPE
2016-10-20 18:32
ez for jonyboy!
2016-10-20 18:34
g3x vs selfless or argentina, grand final ty me later of later
2016-10-20 18:37
Group A: -g3x -selfless -FoN Group B: -Argentina -Team One -Subtle
2016-10-20 19:10
Slovenia umadbrah
This WESG will be ez katka for VP
2016-10-20 19:25
JD | 
Poland PSZ
yyyy, where is immortals and SK?
2016-10-20 19:29
6 spots at the world finals to these teams ? really ? looks like ez money for the EU qualified teams
2016-10-20 19:37
3 replies
nt India Allahu akbar
2016-10-21 00:16
2 replies
Argentina team is good,but 6 slots ? The other teams are pretty bad
2016-10-21 14:55
1 reply
So True though..
2016-10-22 06:28
Europe KappaKaako
like wot the fock are these teams fockin gahhhhhbage
2016-10-20 19:46
i hope elite wolves do something good there, i really want to see a peruvian csgo team doing well in an international tournament
2016-10-20 21:51
1 reply
-Argentina -Team One -subtle Peru who practice this year? does not play vs brazil ..
2016-10-21 00:15
atlest selflees gets gud tranin
2016-10-20 23:29
ez g3x
2016-10-21 01:19
JonY BoY >>>>>>>>> ALL
2016-10-21 03:47
Argentina V4TS3L
Go JonY BoY!!
2016-10-21 03:48
2016-10-21 06:26
North America eschato
nice tier9 teams
2016-10-21 06:30
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