PGL eGG Asia Minor viewer's guide*

The Asia Minor Championship hosted by PGL and eGG Network, will kick off tomorrow from October 28th-30th showcasing the eight best teams from the Asia-Pacific region. We have compiled all the information you need to know to keep up with the event.

*Update: Organisers have made a change in the schedule, fast-forwarding some of the matches to start earlier with the others. Please have a look at the new schedule below. There will be other streams for Group B matches not covered by PGL. No news on an english stream for Group B yet. Been told that there will be open GOTV IPs for the Group B matches.

Located at the Pinewood Iskandar studio complex in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, the Asia Minor will have $50,000 in cash prizes and two spots up for grabs for the ELEAGUE Major 2017 Main Qualifier.

After finishing top two at the previous Minor in Korea, TYLOO and Renegades have both been invited to attend the Minor. 

Renegades were put in a tough situation a few weeks ago, deciding on whether to attend this event or compete at ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals currently in action. With both events overlapping each other, the Australians were forced to pick the Minor instead. 

Will TyLoo be the first team to win another Asia Minor? 

Accompanying the two invited teams at the Minor will be their fellow countrymen who won their respective qualifiers, VG.CyberZen from China and Athletico from Australia.

Formerly known as MVP Karnal, the malaysian team recently changed organisation, getting picked up by Fire Dragoon. The squad will also be attending the tournament as home favourites under their new banner.

The remaining three spots were obtained by MVP Project from Korea, nxl from Indonesia and BOT from United Arab Emirates.

Notable teams that were present in the previous two Minors will not be attendence, including the likes of TheMongolz and RiskyTheMongolz failed to qualify as they were defeated by the Koreans in the Grand final of the East Asia Qualifier. In the India & Middle-East Qualifier, Risky fell short in the quarter-finals against Chosen5.

Here are the groups:

Group A Group B
China TYLOO Australia Renegades
Korea MVP Project China VG.CyberZen
Australia Athletico Malaysia Fire Dragoon
Indonesia nxl United Arab Emirates BOT

The first day will start off with the group opening matches and the winners' matches, all being played using the best-of-one format. Meanwhile, the group elimination matches and deciders will be done in best-of-threes. Two teams from each group will then advance to double-elimination, best-of-three playoffs for the final two days of the weekend.

The schedule can be found below:

Friday, October 28th
04:00 China VG.CyberZen vs. Malaysia Fire Dragoon BO1 B1*
04:00 China TYLOO vs. Indonesia nxl BO1 A1
05:15 Australia Renegades vs. United Arab Emirates BOT BO1 B2*
05:15 Korea MVP Project vs. Australia Athletico BO1 A2
06:30 Winner B1 vs. Winner B2 BO1 B3*
06:30 Winner A1 vs. Winner A2 BO1 A3
07:45 Loser B1 vs. Loser B2 BO3 B4*
07:45 Loser A1 vs. Loser A2 BO3 A4
11:15 Loser B3 vs. Winner B4 BO3 B5*
11:15 Loser A3 vs. Winner A4 BO3 A5
* Group B matches will be played off-stream.
Saturday, October 29th
04:30 Semi-final #1     BO3  
08:00 Semi-final #2     BO3  
11:30 Upper bracket final     BO3  
Sunday, October 30th
04:30 Elimination match     BO3  
08:00 Decider match     BO3  
11:30 Grand Final     BO3
Friday – October 28 – Group A*
Stream start – 9:45
Pre-show start – 10:00
TyLoo vs Fire Dragoon eSports Bo1 – 10:30
MVP Project vs Athletico Bo1 – 11:45
Upper Bracket Final Bo1 – 13:30
Elimination Match Bo3 – 14:45
Decider Match Bo3 – 18:15
*Group B will be played off stream.
Saturday – October 29
Stream start – 9:45
Pre-show start – 10:00
Semifinal #1 Bo3 – 10:30
Semifinal #2 Bo3 – 14:00
Upper Bracket Final B03 – 17:30
Sunday – October 30
Stream start – 9:45
Pre-show start – 10:00
Elimination Match Bo3 – 10:30
Decider Match Bo3 – 14:00
Grand Final Bo3 – 17:30

And here is the full talent line-up:

United States Scott "SirScoots" Smith - Host

Finland Joona "natu" Leppänen - Analyst
Norway Halvor "vENdetta" Gulestøl - Analyst

United Kingdom James "JZFB" Bardolph - Caster
United Kingdom Daniel "ddk" Kapadia - Caster

The $50,000 prize distribution looks as follows:

1. $30,000 + spot for ELEAGUE Major 2017 Main Qualifier
2. $15,000 + spot for ELEAGUE Major 2017 Main Qualifier
3. $5,000 

For more information, you can visit our event page. You can catch all the matches live on stream (excluding Group B) on PGL's twitch channel

United Kingdom James 'JZFB' Bardolph
James 'JZFB' Bardolph
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United Kingdom Daniel 'ddk' Kapadia
Daniel 'ddk' Kapadia
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Finland Joona 'natu' Leppänen
Joona 'natu' Leppänen
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Norway Halvor 'vENdetta' Gulestøl
Halvor 'vENdetta' Gulestøl
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Nice one china
2016-10-27 06:19
2016-10-27 06:30
Immunity was kicked out by Athletico LUL
2016-10-27 07:58
Korea 2814 
They lost to Athletico in the qual. final
2016-10-27 08:14
Sad that this only gets two spots, someone out of RNG, VG, and Tyloo won't be seeing the minor while some rando CIS team will.
2016-10-27 06:20
This is the Minor?
2016-10-27 06:36
major qualifier* posts are uneditable after 10min :(
2016-10-27 06:46
CIS region has 3 major teams at the moment...and asia despite being given chances dont make it to the major... Also... vg cant beat splyce?
2016-10-27 09:01
i dont see how it matters how many teams cis already has in the major circuit when the teams not in the major circuit suck like spirit and tengri are just bad teams, idk what your point is
2016-10-27 16:08
the point is that vg are not particularly better than whatever cis team we get
2016-10-27 16:19
sXe | 
Russia Duzzle 
u bore me! cis minor is better than asia minor. close your dirty mouth.
2016-10-27 08:48
the best teams in cis minor are like spirit and tengri dude just let it go
2016-10-27 16:07
VG ain't even that good. Can't win a single match against Tyloo and they even lost a Tier4 lan tournament final against Splyce last week.
2016-10-27 14:06
Japan zekrom 
2016-10-27 06:19
2016-10-27 06:19
2016-10-27 06:19
pronax | 
Russia ShaDyTH 
2016-10-27 06:19
United States Cheezyshooter 
4 No name teams, we all know how this is gonna end.
2016-10-27 06:20
Other kimbadim 
And who are the no name teams?
2016-10-27 06:31
u sure man ? asian scene quite competitive
2016-10-27 06:52
Kaze | 
Malaysia Swattax 
there is only 1 i guess you could call no name team which is BOT but the rest of the teams are well known and really good in Asian/OCE scene
2016-10-27 14:12
2016-10-27 06:29
If RNG fail to qualify - they should disband and uninstall CSGO for good.
2016-10-27 06:31
Syria Gonezxzx 
2016-10-27 07:06
My review : this gonna be tyloo, vg, or renegades But i think tyloo or vg probably gonna win this minor. Why not renegades? They look pretty bad atm. They lost to vg 2 0. But tyloo and vg looks pretty bad atm. Tyloo lost to ence and vg lost to splyce. Then if in final, tyloo meets vg, tyloo have bigger chance to win bcs everytime they meet, tyloo won 75% of their matchup against vg
2016-10-27 06:47
Australia jobione 
Renegades lost 2-1 to vg
2016-10-27 07:16
How do they look bad after finishing 4th in esl pro league ..
2016-10-27 08:15
Germany grabke 
??? They played pretty well in ESL Pro League coming in 4th/5th i am sure they are going to qualifiyfor the major offline qualifier.
2016-10-27 09:05
2016-10-27 06:52
2016-10-27 06:57
tyloo&VG get spots. rip au
2016-10-27 07:03
ez BOT
2016-10-27 07:07
Faroe Islands _shubaN 
ez for tyloo and renegades
2016-10-27 07:07
China 322_csgo 
ez 4 China only
2016-10-27 08:01
nukkye | 
United States yvr 
gl cyberzen
2016-10-27 08:12
Australia Zer0_Gravity 
wait, so we can't watch any of the Renegades group games? What a joke
2016-10-27 08:16
China angle409 
Chinese stream huomao tv will broadcast group b
2016-10-27 08:48
Australia Zer0_Gravity 
ok ty. still not english tho...
2016-10-27 10:05
Australia Flyntos 
Well i have faith rng will beat bot and cyber. So we'll see them in semis Interesting to see athletico competing against international teams on their first chance to get to a major qual
2016-10-27 15:23
Asian scene > NA scene
2016-10-27 08:16
1.Tyloo 2.Renegades 3.CyberZen rest get no $
2016-10-27 08:16
TyLoo VG gogogogo to Major qualifier
2016-10-27 09:00
5 tier teams. care box [________]
2016-10-27 10:38
Ez for kaze
2016-10-27 11:19
mvp project will surprise..
2016-10-27 13:01
Malaysia valkom 
ez for Fire Dragoon, and only Malaysian hope for a Major ;-;
2016-10-27 13:40
Kaze | 
Malaysia Swattax 
only hope in the entire malaysian scene lmao
2016-10-27 14:13
Rng plz
2016-10-27 14:33
UAE team took a break from oil and moved onto csgo
2016-10-27 15:38
rain | 
United States Ablert 
mvp project and czen will make it out
2016-10-27 16:19
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