mixwell: "I like seeing loWel succeed"

Our next interview from ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals is with Óscar "mixwell" Cañellas, who talked about OpTic's result at ESL One New York, changes in the team and facing ex-teammate Christian "loWel" Garcia Antoran in Brazil.

OpTic began their journey in São Paulo with two dominating wins, 16-2 on Train versus Liquid and 16-4 on Cobblestone against Immortals

Their third match out of four didn't go as planned, as they fell short to mousesports on Cache 10-16. After their latest match, we talked to Oscar "mixwell" Cañellas to find out what the result in New York meant for the team and get his thoughts on OpTic's matches so far.

In New York you showed some good results against top-tier competition, what did it mean for the team?

Well the first day in New York was really bad, I played my worst game since I joined OpTic. SK is really good on Train, we won both pistols but we only got nine rounds. And on the second map fnatic destroyed us, but we did a mental reset and the next day we played really well. I can see the improvement with the addition of tarik.

mixwell's OpTic are at two wins and one loss

What about the bigger picture, how much did that mean for the team's future?

Well, it boosted our confidence, you can see that you can play against anyone if you do your homework and if you play well as a team. That is super important in my opinion.

After that event you said you were going to step back in the AWPing duties, take the secondary AWPing role, why was it necessary for you to give it up?

In this team we don't have a primary AWPer, I've never been a primary AWPer, when I played in gBots Kairi was the AWPer and I was the secondary one. So when I joined OpTic, the change for ShahZaM required me to AWP, but after tarik joined I think I can play like I did before. I play better like this.

Before you went to Pro League, what were the team's goals?

Go to semi-finals at least.

The group is very even on paper, but the first two games were very one-sided. Was that a result of the role changes or did it come down to preparation?

Preparation. It had nothing to do with the roles, we prepared a lot for this event, much more than the previous ones, and we knew everything about the teams we played.

Then you faced mousesports, how did it feel to play against your former gBots teammate loWel?

I don't like losing against him, I think this is the first time I lost to him on LAN. But I like seeing him succeed as well, it's really good for the Spanish scene.

Your last match will be with EnVy, what do you expect from that match-up?

I expect to play them on Cobble, I know they're really good on it, but hopefully we're gonna win against them. We'll see how they play and win.

Spain Oscar 'mixwell' Cañellas
Oscar 'mixwell' Cañellas
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Finland neksu 
nice words from mixwell
2016-10-27 20:22
2016-10-27 20:21
It would be funny if a bunch of spanish players ended up all succeeding on different teams even though they couldn't together. ez for optic to pass groups, possibly even to get #1 still
2016-10-27 20:22
No chance mouz gonna top group a
2016-10-27 20:27
nv beats mouz optic beats nv is still totally possible
2016-10-27 20:35
nV>mouz Mouz overrated onliners.
2016-10-27 21:37
Lool nv will get crushed by mouz
2016-10-27 21:46
2016-10-27 21:57
Although they are still onliners too an extent, they did get out of the groups in first place at eleague, and they are expected to do the same here
2016-10-27 21:51
It's actually a good metaphore of all Spanish talent. We get to keep the shitty ones.
2016-10-28 03:15
Finland lulxd1337 
2016-10-27 20:21
sick performance so far
2016-10-27 20:22
2016-10-27 20:21
2016-10-27 20:21
me to
2016-10-27 20:22
2016-10-27 20:21
2016-10-27 20:21
so do i
2016-10-27 20:21
2016-10-27 20:21
United States Snapn 
2016-10-27 20:21
2016-10-27 20:21
hes envy
2016-10-27 20:21
2016-10-27 20:21
Canada ST2K 
sure dude
2016-10-27 20:21
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
at least mixwell isnt salty
2016-10-27 20:21
Spain Ayrr 
he is friends with lowel, wouldn't expect a different reaction
2016-10-27 23:04
Spain akproxx 
I don't like losing against him, I think this is the first time I lost to him on LAN. Not really friendly I think xD
2016-10-27 23:08
Spain Ayrr 
That's called competitivness. You can be competitive at your craft but still friends with people around you.
2016-10-27 23:10
Spain akproxx 
I don't like losing against him that is ok after all but the second commentary is unnecessary Maybe he said this for joking with lowel but maybe he is a bit salty, Dunno
2016-10-27 23:14
Spain Ayrr 
He might be salty, and what?, my answer still pretty much the same... that's called being competitive.
2016-10-27 23:16
Spain akproxx 
being competitive = I don't like losing against him, I will rekt him next time! salt =/= be competitive
2016-10-27 23:20
Spain Ayrr 
You wouldn't be competitive if you wouldn't get salty about it. He might be just joking about it, who knows.
2016-10-27 23:37
ur sad
2016-10-28 12:29
Canada ed0t 
or maybe its true and its the first time he actually did lose to lowel on lan.
2016-10-28 16:27
2016-10-27 20:21
Estonia MorsAlbum 
so do i :(
2016-10-27 20:21
2016-10-27 20:22
nice but don;t care for german haxorz
2016-10-27 20:22
2016-10-27 20:22
throw confirmed
2016-10-27 20:22
es3tag | 
Germany vipitis 
lowel new 1. spanish player?
2016-10-27 20:22
North America Oakz 
mixwell is more well-rounded.
2016-10-27 20:25
Portugal dracø 
Spanish master plan: >Get 1 player in every team >Carry said team >Make the team totally dependent on them >Leave and form a super Spanish team >Spanish team dominates because every other team will be weak
2016-10-27 20:23
>Get 1 player in every team >Carry said team >Make the team totally dependent on them >Leave and form a super Spanish team >Spanish team dominates because every other team will be weak >??? >profit
2016-10-27 20:46
Spain Ayrr 
Ayrr coach, ez top 1
2016-10-27 23:11
Portugal dracø 
+1, but keep it a secret for now :D
2016-10-27 23:11
Spain Ayrr 
Draco manager, we need that Portu blood helping bra :D
2016-10-28 00:10
Europe Predatorino 
lol you definitely pushed that statement to the limit with that title
2016-10-27 20:24
Throwell and ThroWel
2016-10-27 20:25
Spain Alser 
good interview mixwell
2016-10-27 20:25
mixwell seems to be a nice guy
2016-10-27 20:26
He is
2016-10-27 20:39
throw confirmed
2016-10-27 20:41
United States Darkinsision 
countryman lose against countryman ===throw
2016-10-27 20:47
north america
2016-10-27 21:32
United States Darkinsision 
fugggg ;dddddddddddddddddddd
2016-10-27 21:35
2016-10-27 20:50
mixwell is such nice guy! RESPECT! go go Spain :)
2016-10-27 20:50
Frankie | 
United States lybrel 
What a leading quote. Makes it sound like a throw out of context.
2016-10-27 20:58
United States Darkinsision 
Maybe if you're retarded it might seem like that also what is a leading quote r u okay?? :DDDDDDDDDD
2016-10-27 21:36
Frankie | 
United States lybrel 
Misleading Totally takes it out of the context. Like a losing basketball player happy for the other team's player winning. In context, it makes sense.
2016-10-27 21:48
"We'll see how they play and win"
2016-10-27 21:26
He's right
2016-10-27 21:52
No one cares what said one noname about another. They are soo boring. Give me botceps or another Taz.
2016-10-27 21:59
Spain ROMAN226 
good interview
2016-10-27 22:27
Tunisia exmpL 
Spanish people are so nice. i rly like dem
2016-10-28 13:40
lol spaninsh csgo more like Paella csgo. Now go to the kitchen and cook me some Paella NOW! spanish
2016-10-29 05:38
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