SK Gaming win DHW 08 WGT!

November 30th, 2008 01:34
SK Gaming can go home tonight with a taste of revenge and can go home with over 9,000 € and hardware worth 15,500 €.

After three hours of playing the WGT final is finally over. SK Gaming and mTw were the two teams who went head to head. An emotional match for SK Gaming after losing 1-2 in the grand finals at WCG 2008. Revenge was sweet in this tight match.

The first map was de_dust2 where mTw shocked us all by winning the CT side 12-3. SK Gaming did not give up but didn’t have enough rounds to fall back on from the first half, ending the match 16-10 in mTw’s favor.

The second chosen map was de_inferno. SK Gaming brought their momentum from the previous match with them and won round after round. After 10-5 at halftime they ended the match 16-5.

1-1 was the score and a third map was in place. De_nuke. SK Gaming carried their momentum with them yet again, but towards the end of the second half mTw managed to get four round. mTw won the second gun round and after that they managed to turn things around to tied 15-15. Two over times were played. On the third round of the second overtime zet managed to win a 1on4 situation giving SK Gaming the upper hand. There after SK Gaming continued on to win two more rounds making them the winners by 22-20.

29th November 2008
Best of 3

Dreamhack 2008 Winter WGT Final Standings:

1. Sweden SK Gaming - 9,800€ & hardware for 15,500€
2. Denmark mTw - 5,800€ & hardware for 3,500€
3. Poland Meet Your Makers - 2,450€ & hardware for 2,450€
4. Sweden fnatic - 1,470€ & hardware for 1,470 €
5-8. Brazil Made in Brazil
5-8. Sweden Giants
5-8. Germany mousesports
5-8. Sweden Blank

All demos and results along with a bunch of pictures can be found under the DreamHack 2008 winter cover right here.

Sweden smeKd 
soo nice!
2008-11-30 01:34
congratz sk, walle!!!
2008-11-30 01:35
GG - just amazing final, nothing can top it
2008-11-30 01:35
Oooooooooooooooooo yesssssssss =)))
2008-11-30 01:36
Lithuania Evah 
gratz SK ! You deserve it.
2008-11-30 01:37
Nr1 allen
2008-11-30 01:37
CIS sui~ 
2008-11-30 01:37
It was about time someone defeated mTw. Good job.
2008-11-30 01:38
gg ul mibr lost to mym though; only thing wrong in my top3 :(
2008-11-30 01:40
yeah super finall =)
2008-11-30 01:40
2008-11-30 01:44
Bosnia and Herzegovina neo. 
ofc 1vs4 FTW
2008-11-30 12:38
France klwN 
So sad... mTw had a much harder way to the finals, SK just started to play well at the end. And nuke was so close... Unlucky :l
2008-11-30 01:44
much harder?? i dont think so...but who cares who has the hardest way to the final hahHAa its the 1 who win thats counts
2008-11-30 02:10
France klwN 
Yeah you're right, fnatic and mouz are at the same level as Blank or Giants... omg
2008-11-30 06:58
Who Cares? SK just showed us that They were better then mTw dont care if they had the "HARD WAY" or the "EASY WAY"<-- Fail.. They were simply the best.
2008-11-30 15:57
haha because they win 1 match against mTw you think they are better?. thats funny.. They won after 3 overtimes. Come on, mTw showed that they was the best tame in 2009, and SK aren't better because they won against mTw 1 time. if we should go for your logic then XLBet.ATS is the best team in the world cuz they have won 1 times vs MYM, 1 time vs SK and 1 time vs mTw.
2008-12-01 20:42
SK won, deal with it, atm they're better than mTw
2008-12-06 16:16
Hahaha, if they would play maybe 10 maps i bet mTw would win over 50% of the maps... and mTw have beaten them not so long ago at WCG and other events..
2008-12-06 17:16
Son... can't you see that they won? they proved everyone, that they can beat mTw if they really try it. It's a fact... SK won over mTw, A winner is a winner doesn't matter if the fight was hard. .
2008-12-06 17:28
first of all, i ain't your son. Second, Just because you win 1 match against the best team in the world doesn't mean you become the best team in the world. CS is just to random to determine who is best from 1 match. Like when random teams in soccer win against a big team. doesn't mean they are better then that team, they just had a good day and luck where on their side. I'm not saying that SK ain't a good team, but i think many agree with me when i say that mTw is the best team, and 100% no doubt that they where the best team in 2008.
2008-12-07 11:30
They still lost to SK : )
2008-12-07 12:58
"Who Cares? SK just showed us that They were better then mTw don't care" thats YOUR comment... I AM NOT DENYING THAT mTw LOST TO SK, BUT WHAT I AM SAYING IS: BECAUSE SK WON 1 TIME AGAINST mTw DOESN'T MEAN THAT THEY ARE BETTER. UNZIP BRAIN.ZIP NOW! plz.
2008-12-07 15:46
´well i think giants are so good... but who cares :)
2008-11-30 18:06
You're sad for the world, go to bed
2008-11-30 03:12
France klwN 
Well, we had Polish fanboys, now it's starting to look like we are gonna be pleased by the presence of the Swedish ones xD
2008-11-30 06:58
If you're not a fan for any team so why do you give a fuc* what people say! In case you don't know the whole point is to support and cheer for those people who would be no one without their fans.
2008-11-30 12:06
You can cheer for a team and still be able to be objective about things, don't react if you don't get what I'm saying, there is a huge difference between a fanboy and somebody supporting a team. Plus I support two teams (fnatic and mTw), I'm not some narrow minded ass only carrying about teams from his country or whatever.
2008-11-30 15:11
Hmmm, I understand that you support those teams because in France you've got none. Sorry few but poorly skilled. Of course some people are too SPONTANEOUS but why do you min?!. Just let them be. You want to fight windmills like don Kochote?! Good luck with that!
2008-11-30 20:18
HAHA Yeah, you are really objective. LOL! Mousesports and fnatic are so much better than MYM and Giants. The bracket was not easier for SK. However, the group was slightly easier. And this is an objective view of it.
2008-11-30 21:09
Giants have the potential to be better than MYM, for example. I hope they prove me right :)
2008-12-01 08:41
Indeed they do. And they are not far from them skill-wise. Too bad they had to fight SK-gaming though :/ If they would've fought mTw/mouz/MYM/mibr I think they would have had a better chance. Because SK and fnatic already know Giant's playing style.
2008-12-01 11:32
mTw could had the harder way to the finals but the hardest enemy of all was waiting SK in the finals so it doesent really matter.
2008-11-30 13:09
Dude, fnatic has been AWFUL last 4 tournaments. + MYM got 3rd place above fnatic, if you're gonna say mTw had a harder group, you also talk bs because the only good one was MYM in that group, besides Giants can beat mouz on any given day as well, so maybe you should rethink your funny image. :) BESIDES it doesn't matter HOW they got in the final, its about HOW they win it. :)
2008-11-30 17:25
yeah thats right ! :D
2008-12-01 06:08
Glad you agree! :P
2008-12-01 07:12
If mTw didnt fail on the last round at 15-14!
2008-11-30 01:47
gratz sk! <3
2008-11-30 01:48
gratz guys, nice job!
2008-11-30 01:53
Poland bkx 
GG SK :)
2008-11-30 01:59
Romania OAI3 
2008-11-30 02:03
Really nice ! Go SK! Zet back !!!
2008-11-30 02:04
nice sk nice mTw ! no noobz plz( fnatic )
2008-11-30 02:07
i think they are very happy with their hardware
2008-11-30 02:07
Next big event Giants will come out on top! :D Giants owns
2008-11-30 02:12
ye ye GIANTS is very strong team! but unlucky with SK :S
2008-11-30 02:18
ye your right
2008-11-30 02:39
Sweden Vilseledd 
Great game :) And btw ssilleN, you start to make me worried that there is swedes who have the same urge as the polish to tell everyone that they are the best. Just keep your comments in one reply and just say it once.
2008-11-30 12:18
haha i look up to polish fanboys they rule :)! and are funny!
2008-11-30 18:53
NEO | 
Germany BackY 
Greate one :D Congratz SK
2008-11-30 02:28
Nice SK!
2008-11-30 02:31
Russia DWAN 
were the ppl who said "No SpawN, no SK" now? -.-
2008-11-30 02:32
Portugal UkRa 
true :|
2008-11-30 03:32
So sick play by SK I never thought they would win the whole event! They must be jumping for joy ;))
2008-11-30 02:43
well, iam sad ,but congratz sk,gl mtw.
2008-11-30 02:45
I were there and saw the whole match, so maaaasing ;D <33
2008-11-30 03:13
a match doesnt get better than this; grand final, best of three, overtime on third map and a lot of clutching and close rounds, well played .. both team deserved the victory here, nice to see that mTw isnt unstoppable tho, even they seem really, really close to unstoppable cuz i mean SK had to pull out everything they had in their pockets to claim the long wanted revenge here.
2008-11-30 03:42
yeah, mtw really showed how good they are since SK played their absolute best gaming and still was close to beat them
2008-11-30 11:02
yes, and they were under a big pressure, because the SK fans really shouted SK SK SK after every round
2008-11-30 11:21
Sucks to be fanless eh? ;)
2008-11-30 12:31
heeh, well they aren't fanless :D, but yes I know what you mean.. well the event was in sweden, so there wasn't many foreign people that came, nothing that look like the swedish crowd :D
2008-12-06 12:54
Yeah well, mTw have Swedish fans too, but mTws fans could be described as none at this event if you compare it with SK's fans :)
2008-12-06 13:12
yes that is my meaning :D, big pressure.
2008-12-06 13:19
haah that aint true... didnt you see all shit rounds from SK they didnt play on top
2008-11-30 14:36
what do you mean? imo mTw was making all the big fails.
2008-12-06 12:55
maby your right... mTw fails alot...they should change nick to FAIL
2008-12-08 11:27
someone laugh at his comment!
2008-12-09 15:21
2008-11-30 16:57
totally agree man!
2008-12-01 14:55
good job SK :>
2008-11-30 03:49
Epic Final
2008-11-30 03:55
Brazil fzZ 
congratz SK
2008-11-30 03:59
Portugal sdlt 
Grantz SK.Zet is becomin what he was,a monster :>
2008-11-30 04:09
good news,good job. <3sk
2008-11-30 05:39
so how much value is the cash converted to US dollars ?
2008-11-30 06:18
Google is your friend. X €=?$ X being the number of euros you want to convert into dollars.
2008-11-30 11:05
ahh it's euro sign, I didn't know that. Now I know how much it is. not bad. Thanks
2008-12-01 17:08
Good game SK but i miss u SpawN =(
2008-11-30 06:46
SK's in my heart ;D GRATZ!!! <3
2008-11-30 07:16
and i went to sleep after dust coz it seemed veryvery one sided and coz the 2nd map was inf,one of strongest for mtw and the worst for sk- rofl.. and yeah zet played reallyreally well.
2008-11-30 07:39
good job.. i'm glad...
2008-11-30 07:59
Lithuania Gumy 
nice SK but fnatic bad results all time
2008-11-30 09:05
OMG! SK is back ? Allen is player of championat ofc !!!!
2008-11-30 09:21
Back? mTw could have won the overtime to, but zet just used his awesome skill to win a 1on4. Well done zet :)
2008-11-30 09:25
yeap. Back. SK dont win many championats, when they losses SpawN.
2008-11-30 09:34
Lol, are you kidding? They've won like 3 championships in a few months, which they didn't with SpawN so stop being a fanboy of him and realize that zet is better.
2008-11-30 12:33
I had in view of SK dont win a serious championats (ESWC, WCG or KODE5), mTw better in this plan.
2008-12-02 14:00
I would say that WGT and EM are serious championships, besides. SK is #1 on the G7 Ranking.
2008-12-03 11:15
zet so lucky :/
2008-11-30 09:30
I think you mean, SKILLED
2008-12-06 16:18
2008-11-30 09:51
2008-11-30 10:06
yeah :)
2008-11-30 10:32
GJGJGJG SK!!!! <3333
2008-11-30 10:15
<3 mTw!
2008-11-30 10:26
SK - nice
2008-11-30 10:31
zet did tk in nuke =)) and take lots of rounds,thats why best was zet...but i wished to mTw win...
2008-11-30 10:41
SpawN <-- old wolf :D:D zet is great=)he has experience from usa,and nip gaming with heaton and potti
2008-11-30 10:44
Actually he didn't play with potti. But I'm sure SpawN has pretty much the same experience, though zet talks a lot more which helps the players to play better, he kind of boost them.
2008-11-30 12:34
yes he did. Just watch cpl 2005 demos :)
2008-11-30 15:31
Oh okay, my bad.
2008-12-01 19:02
A Final as it should be.
2008-11-30 10:44
zet was incredible with that 1 v 4 clutch!
2008-11-30 10:51
Albania yg29 
zet 2:1 mtw :D :) gJ SK
2008-11-30 10:54
2008-11-30 10:54
gg SK :(
2008-11-30 11:00
Zet won 1 vs 4? Oo Could someone explain of how it was? Relativly said, in details.
2008-11-30 11:03
it was like.. PEW PEW PEW !
2008-11-30 11:08
2008-11-30 13:06
2008-11-30 12:29
Russia DWAN 
2008-11-30 12:35
gj SK!
2008-11-30 11:47
It was a tough game but SK was the best at the end and zet was the king.
2008-11-30 11:57
Frod- "things will change"
2008-11-30 12:03
France Jiga 
haha col would have never made it to the grand final :D
2008-11-30 12:24
United Kingdom sWc 
fRoD is a fat tardo. :D
2008-11-30 20:15
incredible final! anyway <3mTw top3:mTw,SK,MYM
2008-11-30 12:12
Denmark Nix0z 
Congratz SK But mTw is still the best team in the world in year 2008 nothing can change that.
2008-11-30 12:21
+1, because final was so close! It lacked only one round for mtw at the good moment!
2008-11-30 12:30
not the best couse they lost... SK > mTw
2008-11-30 12:31
wrong. mTw is the best team. See #148
2008-12-01 13:14
I don't care.
2008-12-01 15:11
LoL they been the best team 2008...but SK beat them and are better right now...but if you look at this entire year so yes mTw have been the best...
2008-12-01 23:44
I would say they are on the same level, + - = 0
2008-11-30 17:40
they're not :) Look at the G7-ranking. SK's the best team this year :)
2008-12-03 18:07
Dont get me wrong because SK played better than i've ever seen them before. They were really amazing. But I still believe mTw deserved it more, and no im not saying that because im danish im saying that because winning 2 major tournaments and actually to come so close to a "3 in a row" you have to be that much stronger and better to keep it up and keep making new tacs etc. Its almost impossible! But even though they lost this final I still believe they are the best team in the world right now :) Congrats 2 both teams they should both be proud ;)
2008-11-30 12:27
no, no, no SK > mTw... SK was better team !!!
2008-11-30 12:32
hahaha LOL its the same thing 4 every team grow up danish noob....
2008-11-30 15:00
danish noob ? lol is that a title u can earn now?
2008-12-02 20:32
SpawN Was a great player for SK everyone has to see that. Only he wasn't as good anymore as he used to be , So SK needed refresh. So they picked zet. Who is doing very good for sk. But you can't say SpawN> zet or zet > spawn. They are both top players and did / are doing very much for the team SK
2008-11-30 12:49
If SpawN comes back, who will leave SK to replace him?
2008-11-30 13:41
he wont
2008-11-30 14:37
GJ guys, GL mym in future :D
2008-11-30 13:43
yes, they will.
2008-12-01 22:24
imo SpawN > zet
2008-11-30 14:03
I told my mates that zet was a beast, but they wouldn't believe me. Now they do :) Kom igen drenge, man kan jo ikke vinde hver gang.
2008-11-30 14:18
YeaH !! GG SK 7 EveeeeeeR !!!
2008-11-30 14:25
Giants>SK soon
2008-11-30 15:01
lol i guessed top 3 correct :D
2008-11-30 15:13
Nice :))
2008-11-30 18:04
2008-11-30 21:50
NiP-Zet is back
2008-11-30 15:42
GG SK!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D
2008-11-30 16:41
Hell yeah nice SK! If mTw had won I would have guessed the right top 3 for the roccat goodies :P But I still hoped SK will win!
2008-11-30 17:31
nice MYM!
2008-11-30 18:51
2008-11-30 19:09
Nice SK 1 fan more to your clan :P
2008-11-30 19:21
i don't like valde111 !!111
2008-11-30 19:52
no need to express that like you did.
2008-12-02 20:28
where did dreamhack take place..?! *sorry for the dumb question* :P
2008-11-30 19:53
Jonkoeping, Sweden.
2008-11-30 20:20
thanks :)
2008-11-30 20:42
How much is a startmoney in the overtime?
2008-12-01 00:11
2008-12-02 00:07
nice SK at least I get the winner right : "1. SK 2. fnatic 3. mouz"
2008-12-01 00:15
Taz is better player tournament not zet not Sunde
2008-12-01 00:22
2008-12-01 22:42
mTw suddenly became unbeatable this year just when I thought they were only among one of the 4,5 top teams who beat each other randomly. Then I started thinking that mTw may start a new era, like the old SK. However, they somehow managed to lose one or two quite vital rounds by making one or two careless mistakes. I guess maybe this is the real way counter strike world should be like.
2008-12-01 01:35
seriously stfu,2008 was run by mTw,Mousesports and SK since zet came(fall),thats the real top 3 tbh - if you want to argue that your prolly a fanboy or your clueless. Oh and i seriously doubt one final proves anything ,mtw won like 4 tournaments this year,mouz got atleast 3 aswell,sk got two and these 3 teams can beat eachother depending on maps,day,momentum wich shows how competetive the top is, for example momentum was the reason why sk came ontop at wgt .. Atleast 2009 will be something to look forward to,will we see the rise of "new" teams to the very top? or will the main titles be divided between same teams as this year?
2008-12-01 09:33
Yeah exactly, it will be interesting to see if fnatic can comeback in 2009 in their old shape and start and actually win some tournaments, not just finishing top4. And if maybe attax can be a top5 team in the world again etc...It will be interesting and only time can tell!
2008-12-01 16:07
2008: mTw 4 gold SK 2 gold Mouse 2 gold MYM 1 gold What is the question? SK was better on this match, But mTw like a team won much better! This mach has won Zet for SK! But SK playing very good in this year and they diserve the 2nd Gold medal! Diserved much better like Mouse! SK players and MYM players much simpatik for my like mouse players! My Favourite is mTw and they will collecting more Gold in the future! It was a very good year for every Front team!
2008-12-01 09:59
sry Only fnatic was unlucky on this year
2008-12-01 10:03
only fNatic and mTw. :)
2008-12-01 10:36
congratulations sk, good job guys :)
2008-12-01 11:44
zet owned mTw in the very final ;)
2008-12-01 13:30
well done, SK, congratulations!
2008-12-01 13:50
gz sk
2008-12-01 14:12
I just want to highlight one thing about robban.the player doesnt come to mind first when speaking about sk.ok he can not aim like other members of sk but he never does mistakes. especialy the silly ones(that overconfident and more skilled players do).furthermore he gets better and better every day.he keeps getting better every day for 2-3 years now in a row and that is because he is focused on that(i think).He seems to be working to much.And most importantly he is there and steps up when the rest of the team is down. this is just to make a diference to all the post like forest wowowowow , walle da best , sunde insane awp etc. p.s sorry for the bad English.
2008-12-01 14:52
I'm with you 100% on that. Robert Dahlmström is an amazing player =) He helped rebuild SK Gaming and I know he helps a lot with strats, ideas, thoughts etc. He is like Ahl, Ins, MJE, Gore etc. The melancholic of the team that no one really focuses on but is still one of the best =)
2008-12-01 15:12
Agreed to both of you, RobbaN have really evolved over the year to a great and important teamplayer. Ok he was good previously in NiP & Begrip as well but he've gotten so much better since then and I dont think anyone who have followed the last 3 events can disagree on that.
2008-12-01 16:10
True...true man, but I think that Tentpole deserves congrats too, he played amazingly allmost every match!
2008-12-01 22:40
Yeah, I think everyone in SK, except for walle perhaps, were really awesome and played great the whole event
2008-12-02 16:57
gg SK
2008-12-01 17:39
Nice Job SK and GL MTW !! it s time for ave to shave lol
2008-12-01 18:07
2008-12-01 19:00
gl hf - kids :D
2008-12-01 23:04
YUHUUUUUUUU Finnaly...GRATZ :):):) SK RuleZ
2008-12-02 00:37
Congratulations SK
2008-12-02 05:11
tentpole and zet :) make a difference
2008-12-02 21:00
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