juho leaves ENCE

Juho "juho" Lampinen has announced on Twitter that he has stepped down from ENCE's active lineup with immediate effect.

The move comes in the aftermath of ENCE's shocking group stage exit at ESWC 2016 following defeats against paiN and fnatic Academy.

After their last match, Juho "⁠juho⁠" Lampinen posted a cryptic message on Twitter saying that "events like this" made him wonder "why he [still] bothered" to play the game.

juho exits ENCE after disappointing ESWC run

The Finnish player, 21, had been part of ENCE since the creation of the team, at the start of the year. During his ten-month tenure, ENCE's biggest achievement was the victory at the IeSF World Championship, in Jakarta, earlier this month.

This leaves ENCE in a hurry to find a new fifth member, with the team due to attend the PGL European Minor Championship, in Bucharest, next week.

The Finnish team currently have:

Finland Miikka "⁠suNny⁠" Kemppi
Finland Aleksi "⁠Aleksib⁠" Virolainen
Finland Niko "⁠naSu⁠" Kovanen
Finland Tony "⁠arvid⁠" Niemelä 

Finland Niko 'naSu' Kovanen
Niko 'naSu' Kovanen
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Finland Miikka 'suNny' Kemppi
Miikka 'suNny' Kemppi
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Finland Aleksi 'Aleksib' Virolainen
Aleksi 'Aleksib' Virolainen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Finland Tony 'arvid' Niemelä
Tony 'arvid' Niemelä
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Finland Juho 'juho' Lampinen
Juho 'juho' Lampinen
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
LUL +allu Kappa
2016-10-30 01:50
not ez
2016-10-30 01:50
Germany GODsuNny
2016-10-30 01:51
African Union master kek
very ez for ence. Less players for ence, less communication. Less communication = steps louder. Ez
2016-10-30 01:52
Finland Smoonah
rip ence
2016-10-30 02:47
-juho +ZOREE
2016-10-30 02:07
Lithuania Woozylul
So he leaves the team just because he had trouble with his team excluding obviously Sunny even tho They won a tourney recently and they have a spot in European qualifier for The major What A loser
2016-11-03 01:48
2016-10-30 01:50
EZ for ence. Gonna get someone much better
2016-10-30 01:50
how is it easy when the top 2 fraggers have left
2016-10-30 08:30
2016-10-30 01:50
2016-10-30 01:50
2016-10-30 01:50
not so easy for ence
2016-10-30 01:50
perkele xd
2016-11-01 17:13
Portugal dracø
Once you go joelz there is no turning back. [*] juho, gl finding a team like you had with joelz. Pro tip: You won't
2016-10-30 01:50
2016-10-30 01:50
2016-10-30 01:50
2016-10-30 01:50
2016-10-30 01:50
2016-10-30 01:50
2016-10-30 01:50
2016-10-30 02:30
damn that sucls
2016-10-30 01:50
gas | 
Korea ka1ske
2016-10-30 01:50
2016-10-30 01:50
Russia Kamunist
Only sunny and nasu left NO MORE EZ
2016-10-30 01:51
Finland OnlyTonza
Only Sunny**, Nasu is in place of Stonde
2016-10-30 20:58
Estonia MorsAlbum
2016-10-30 01:50
Sweden lagcats
rip ence
2016-10-30 01:50
LUL gl in future
2016-10-30 01:50
2016-10-30 01:50
Germany MrMaxiKing
sad :(
2016-10-30 01:50
xarte hype????
2016-10-30 01:50
ez for ence
2016-10-30 01:50
wow simply a downfall for top finnish squad
2016-10-30 01:50
Sweden TutsiGOD
2016-10-30 01:50
steel | 
Belarus Ruble
Not a suprise ence disband inc
2016-10-30 01:51
it's time for some joelz
2016-10-30 01:51
2016-10-30 01:51
2016-10-30 01:55
nah, he could come to play liquid bro. he is 10x better than pimp.
2016-10-30 01:58
Nah +joelz -arvid +Stonde -aleskib +disturbed/saw/saggerton/anyone on igame
2016-10-30 02:04
Why the fuck would you pick up Stonde, who has quit playing like twice now. he clearly has dedication problems. Keep nasu as IGL, his experience is all he's good for. Keep Aleksi because he's their second best player Keep Arvid unless a better alternative comes up Recruit Zehn, or pay sick money to Joelz so he can stop saying "I make more money with fpl" It's clear nobody on igame is gonna join ence. That would have happened already if that were the case.
2016-10-30 02:10
Can a man dream?
2016-10-30 02:11
I think ENCE has a chance to come back from this. Really it's not a large setback. Juho was online as fuck. Was their second best player online, but second worst player at LAN. They get anyone remotely good and they'll be at the same level, if not higher (at LAN).
2016-10-30 02:25
I just want them to be good enough to make it to the major
2016-10-30 02:27
On this I agree with you. I feel like Juho's been expecting the growth too much and gets easily frustrated when it's not about to go his way. Not sure tho obviously, just seems to me that way. I think they might be much better off if they pick the right replacement.
2016-10-30 12:06
they shouldnt even. sunny should leave this crap team and go to play NA team. just start next year with arvid, aleksib and 3 young talents. see where that goes.
2016-10-30 16:39
aleksi are igl
2016-10-30 09:36
Oh, didn't know that
2016-10-30 11:04
not sure if fakeflag but -stonde has studies and does not play anymore -distu sucks and he retired long time ago. -igame wont break up. zoree (their awp) was asked to join when allu left but declined.
2016-10-30 02:11
Not fake flag, Ence is my favorite team but good points I just hope they find someone good I just wonder who
2016-10-30 02:14
well sunny should leave ence and finnish scene for a while. he is t1 rifler easily. could compete in any team. welp somethin like +zeHn +xSeven replace juho nsub
2016-10-30 02:41
I doubt xSeven would join but if sunny was to leave it would kill the fi scene
2016-10-30 02:43
No it would not. aleksib is alright and arvid is decent. Add some young guys like aerial and two others. It would be good stepping board for bigger teams. Soon there is 10k asus rog tournament with only finnish teams participating. Maybe theres some young guys who will step up against igame in the finals. sunny can be the next finnish t1 player along with allu.
2016-10-30 11:39
young guys, Aerial has been on the scene more than 10 years, seems like you know very much fin scene when im reading your comments =)DDD
2016-10-30 11:54
tell me more better names u dumfuck. i know better and the fact that there isnt any good players left. maybe tomsku but thats it.
2016-10-30 11:56
Actually, there's a shitload of current nonamers that are good but need a place to prove themselves, the finnish CSGO community is only now little by little starting to take proper form I think. (One that can support rising talent in finding likewise skilled and motivated people and even a team for themselves.)
2016-10-30 12:12
who u think will join ence? they should replace nsub aswell. i think tomsku joins
2016-10-30 12:21
For one I don't think naSu should be replaced. What the Finnish teams especially are lacking is experience and "coldheadedness", the things that take a team thru tough spots. naSu brings some of that to the table imho. I would like to see Aerial or zehN skill-wise been tried out here, tomsku as u said would be a nice pick also to try out. To be honest, if Joelz would grow up as a person, he'd be the right one to choose. There's a few nonamers I know skillwise could possibly do it but there's so much to prove in events and so-on that I really doubt they'll get a chance to do so here and don't even know if they wish to play themselves.
2016-10-30 13:12
Thats a common misconseption that age would bring something good for the team. Fact is that everybody knows that nasu isnt a leading kinda guy. Also he isnt IGL either. He is only in ence because for the money. He is a joke. Sunny is the captain of the team. and he has 4 years of competive experience. Sunny is the true leader. We dont need 27 year old there who cant frag for shit. joelz wont group up as a person. he is already what he is. he wants to keep the shady 100% lan winrate for a long as he plays cs:go. he likes being a meme. nothing more. im just waiting for the asus rog tournament to see if any young talent pops up. anyway sunny should leave this shit team and join NA team.
2016-10-30 14:53
Actually, I think you know shit about the issue here. naSu doesn't have to be a leading person to have experience and bring calmness of mind to his fellow players. Respect might even be enough to put players in check on the right moments, there's no argument to that. If they're gonna construct a team of young talents, they're gonna need someone to keep them in check and show them the ropes in general. Imagine going to a LAN event where you go to compete and feel completely outweighed by not maybe the personal skill of your opponents but by their experience and confidence in such a environment? Just give it a thought. And I do not think joelz likes to be a meme but he for sure has commitment issues. I think he doesn't like to put effort in something that isn't a surefire thing - and what in this world is?
2016-10-30 16:21
Thats why sunny is there. He is experienced as fuck. And he is the leader. He is the team captain. IF we talk about old players and their experience i can relate to player like zeus. now he is a LEADER. Nsub is nothing but waste of MONEY. Absolute garbage as player. previous ence had 3 good players, juho, aleksi, sunny. team cant have 2 bots like arvid and nsub. öne of them has to go and its nsub cause hes old fuck and not getting any better. nsub is horribad player who struggels to get 1 rating in any match.
2016-10-30 16:29
Juho was not a good player I don't understand where you're getting this from.
2016-10-30 16:41
yes he is. he has insane raw skill. back when he wasnt forced to play awp he was usually better than sunny. sunny and juho actually carried this shit team after allu left. sure juho isnt good as lan but first point getting to lan is to PLAY GOOD online. aleksib isnt good enough and sunny cant carry this team anymore alone. this is huge loss to ence. no reason to drag sunny anymore.
2016-10-30 16:55
a player who can't take advantage of his huge raw skill is not a good player. LAN is all that matters for ENCE at this point. If you can succeed at LAN, you can succeed online. Success Online is irrelevant if you can't do well at LAN. ENCE isn't some bottom tier team that considers _making to LAN_ a success. No. If a player isn't performing at LAN then he needs to go. Especially when the whole team composition relies on the player performing well. Maybe Juho can develop to a good player in the future, but that doesn't mean he's good _now_. Relying on "potential" for too long is just irresponsible team management.
2016-10-30 17:43
Sunny experienced as fuck? Maybe compared to the others but no, he's not been on a high level for enough, he's a beast tho so he can sure as heck take care of himself but I think he alone won't be enough to take control or it'd hurt his individual performance.
2016-10-30 17:39
", he's not been on a high level for enough" no one has expect allu. no one cares about 1.6 either. nsub does not give a FUCK about the team. he is just in for the money and he was always consired a temporary replacement. he wont continue in ence next year either. THANK GOD. after juho left its time for sunny to finally leave. he is next international star after allu if he just takes the next step.
2016-10-30 17:45
Actually, for example the iGame members have experience but they've only just gotten their game to work like they wish it to. It's now little by little when they just really start to shine imho so they won't and shouldn't break. ENCE on the other hand deserves someone else with a better attitude then Juho I believe. We shall see.
2016-10-30 18:52
that team wont achieve anything i tell you. they should replace twista with some young guy. igame is a joke. what fucked up juhos attitude was the fact that he had to play awp. he is much better rifler than nsub, aleksib and arvid. so thats why it never worked out. i knew that eventually this would happen. they had to get awp, not riflers in the roster. god, i just wish that sunny leaves.
2016-10-30 20:55
United States burz3u5
yes Disturbed Stonde Joelz EZ top 10
2016-10-30 02:42
Finland wrathh
rather just suNny to iGame in lieu of twista and shatter the rest of ENCE
2016-10-30 02:04
2016-10-30 09:50
Norway zyxsaje
2016-10-30 01:51
If allu isn't going to comeback, they should try and convince jOELZ to return to professional play assuming he will actually attend lans.
2016-10-30 01:51
Argentina EnvyJ
Joelz on lan? I aren't think that
2016-10-30 01:53
Fat chance. Maybe with some shrooms and a few years of therapy. Problem is, the Finnish scene is full of aimers who can't play in a team.
2016-10-30 01:57
i miss players like driim and jiggetus, at least they had teams than were able to communicate and stick together to give great games. unbelievable how you guys cant even have a solid tier2 team no offence, its really sad
2016-10-30 17:40
Yeah it's pretty weird. Jigetus didn't have the interest to play and pracc after 2012 or so, same with driim. aslak never started with go properly, basic changed to poker etc.
2016-10-30 18:17
joelz dont want to play with ence cuz he earns more by playing fpl
2016-10-30 10:20
fer | 
Brazil maiazin
jOELZ, ur time has come
2016-10-30 01:52
no. his mom wont let him attending lan
2016-10-30 03:16
2016-10-30 01:54
not so ez4ence esports
2016-10-30 01:56
wtf rip ence
2016-10-30 01:59
-pimp +SuNny liquid top1 again
2016-10-30 02:03
Finland jayss
people are stupid if they think that jOELZ will go to ence, he could've joined the team anytime, he just doesn't give a fuck
2016-10-30 02:03
He is just making bank of fpl so he dosent care to join a team
2016-10-30 02:05
thats just his excuse. he could make ence top20 team which would grant him more money than winning fpl.
2016-10-30 02:17
Yeah imagine if allu didn't leave and they replaced xarte with joelz they could've been a top 10 team even
2016-10-30 02:19
should replace nsub aswell zehn joelz allu sunny juho easy top15.
2016-10-30 02:37
Is zehn igl?
2016-10-30 02:39
not 100% sure. he is one sick mofo tho. also handsome af lul twitter.com/zehncsgo
2016-10-30 02:43
That is some jaw lol and is he playing with encore right now?
2016-10-30 02:45
no he isnt. hes not part of any team right now. tomsku from encore would be good awp for ence. they probably get him if he wants to join.
2016-10-30 11:42
hi zehn
2016-10-30 05:44
no one of those 4 players dont want to play with zehn. he is toxic af
2016-10-30 11:56
no he isnt. sunny is good friend of him btw. and aleksib gets along aswell. so yeah get rekt fag :>
2016-10-30 11:57
Yes he is. Stop, just stop.
2016-10-30 18:22
cause natu said so? LOL natu is ignorant fat fuck and nobody likes him. fucking kids. you dont know him. i do.
2016-10-30 20:49
Everyone from finnish "proscene" have said the same thing that natu, he is =) yeye very good friends with sunny KaPpa:D
2016-10-30 21:06
I've played with sunny and zehn once or twice. My friends play with zehn a lot and everyone says he's an awesome player, but an impossible personality.
2016-10-30 21:51
maybe because hes alpha af. and cant stand beta nerd cucks. :>
2016-10-30 23:34
I noticed you speaking about his handsome looks before and now his alpha personality. I get it that you really like the guy. Good for you, buddy :) Thing is, being a whiny cunt isn't being an alpha or good for a team atmosphere.
2016-10-30 23:45
its because zehn has always played with shit players. i would get mad also when ur getting 30 kills each round and boosting ur teams but still not winning games. maybe if he could play with actual decent players (sunny, aleksib) ppl would get along. i think he is misunderstoond.
2016-10-31 00:33
He is really talented player thats true. He just should fix little bit his attidute. Well nice to see tomsku join helping ence, finally they have "fulltime" awp player
2016-10-31 05:47
Finland jayss
but he's basically making a living of playing the game casually, I would rather take that choice as well
2016-10-30 02:30
he lives with his parents and also he wont win fpl every month. in a team he could travel the world for free and getting montly check.
2016-10-30 11:45
2016-10-30 05:15
Finland kAlluYT
Natu to step in, jOELZ to be permanent replacement?
2016-10-30 02:08
Not ez for ence
2016-10-30 02:09
2016-10-30 02:10
2016-10-30 02:13
xarte hype :D
2016-10-30 02:13
I would rather see the team disband before that
2016-10-30 02:15
jOELZ on LAN? I are think that
2016-10-30 02:14
2016-10-30 02:16
2016-10-30 02:18
FaZe inc
2016-10-30 02:22
Good for them lol, he's overrated and they can find sommeone better
2016-10-30 02:29
Finland drinn
rage quit
2016-10-30 02:39
2016-10-30 02:44
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
Thank god... he was absolute garbage as both a fragger and a team-player. Arrogant, would only power-frag and fail to give information, is only obsessed with score, has terrible gamesense and the lastly is a rager. Good riddance. Terrible arrogant player. Even jOELZ does a better job than Juho...
2016-10-30 02:53
How do you know all that lol
2016-10-30 02:56
Watching him play, knowing him from DM games and DM'ing against him. He doesn't like me... I called him out for raging to which he called me a bad word and left. Guy is a tool.
2016-10-30 03:34
AZR | 
Oceania cwns
what bad word mr jonty?
2016-10-30 06:05
Lets hear the bad word!
2016-10-30 09:45
he he xd
2016-10-30 10:25
You know he's arrogant and a rager just from playing dm against him? Wow
2016-10-30 11:21
jOELZ inc?
2016-10-30 02:53
2016-10-30 02:54
Joelz inc
2016-10-30 02:54
2016-10-30 02:01
Win the ieSF and qualify for the Minor, and he leave? Really?
2016-10-30 02:02
Getting knocked out of Tier 3 Eswc and leave.
2016-10-30 09:46
Finland Keetahi
jOELZ in ence? i arent think that
2016-10-30 02:14
2016-10-30 02:14
2016-10-30 02:18
not that ez anymore 4 ence
2016-10-30 02:25
Finland eMBeJaana
Rip ence
2016-10-30 02:25
Finland juhob
2016-10-30 02:27
2016-10-30 02:31
Finland juhob
2016-10-30 02:32
2016-10-30 02:29
2016-10-30 02:45
not so ez for ence anymore
2016-10-30 02:49
2016-10-30 02:55
Syria Gonezxzx
Losing to fnatic academy was the problem.
2016-10-30 02:57
lurppis conte ruuit plaste natu oh w8 sunny aleksib nasu arvid joelz rip finland scene
2016-10-30 03:05
ez joelz
2016-10-30 03:10
+ jigetus plz
2016-10-30 03:10
+1 :DD but he's not interested.
2016-10-30 05:17
not ez ence
2016-10-30 03:15
Poland kiero
2016-10-30 03:25
as long as there is Kovaset running the team the Finnish gather team culture wont disappear... well... shit happens
2016-10-30 03:43
2016-10-30 09:01
because of this ence top 2 instead of top 1 :( hardforence
2016-10-30 03:53
2016-10-30 04:09
Finland Al_Aziz
2016-10-30 06:52
gl shaker
2016-10-30 06:59
Now Juho Kioshima aka the problem Xarte Timothee demolon Karhu88 as igl. Ez for Karhu & Co.
2016-10-30 04:13
2016-10-30 12:57
aleksib and sunny should just find another team tbh
2016-10-30 05:28
+1 sunny especially. he would be the next finnish t1 player along with allu if he just would leave this sinking shit ship already. could join any NA team. NRG most likely.
2016-10-30 11:48
Sunny has been very stronk in ENCE after allu's departure and aleksib looks promising too. Too good talents to throw away :(. Juho was promising and had some sick plays, but after following this year of him, I would say he really needs to find more tactical mindset and not always play for mad kills, but for the best of the team. Pulling 15hp 1v4 pistol+no armor ace clutch against rifles is not going to happen all the time.
2016-10-30 13:46
makes me ponder upon why majority of hltv gold novas bother playing this game
2016-10-30 05:40
Only globals in hltv, idiot
2016-10-30 09:57
shaddup bitch
2016-10-30 11:36
Natu said in Moscow he want to play again
2016-10-30 05:44
+jOELZ oh wait....
2016-10-30 06:05
jOELZ On lan?... I do not think so good sir.
2016-10-30 07:05
more lans won than you i are think :o
2016-10-30 10:29
Wait can you link me his lan wins? I legit donno.
2016-10-30 20:19
rip juh0
2016-10-30 06:59
Switzerland ImpalaPUA
2016-10-30 07:00
reminds me of s1mple after f3 lost vs navi at eswc 2015 :D EZENCEEZENCE-------ENCEENCEENCEENCEENCE EZENCEEZENCE-------ENCEENCEENCEENCEENCE EZENCE-------------------------------------------ENCEENCE EZENCEEZENCE-------------------------ENCEENCE EZENCEEZENCE------------------ENCEENCE EZENCE---------------------ENCEENCE EZENCEEZENCE-------ENCEENCEENCEENCEENCE EZENCEEZENCE—----ENCEENCEENCEENCEENCE
2016-10-30 07:01
ENCE falling apart after the tragic loss of god xarte.
2016-10-30 07:05
what about his contract? he can just leave without consequences?
2016-10-30 07:52
jOELZ | 
Finland jleh
as far as i know players can stop playing whenever they want but they are still "owned" by the org until the contract ends or other org buys them. i think he's still getting salary too.
2016-10-30 12:03
well that would be absurd to just stop playing cause he feels like it, and still get salary.
2016-10-30 17:02
ez for ence
2016-10-30 08:40
2016-10-30 08:50
ence most failed team in history even get owned on a tier 4 lan by noname tier 4 teams xD
2016-10-30 08:51
ever thought that those tier4 teams had a massive advantage?
2016-10-30 09:03
How so? Out of interest...
2016-10-30 09:58
They had access to ence playbook if they studied even a bit.
2016-10-30 14:16
Romania Tise
you've spelled Godsent wrong :>
2016-10-30 09:05
IDK, new godsent tries heavily outmatch that. I guess swedes always have to be better than finns.. even in being bad.
2016-10-30 13:48
rip ence
2016-10-30 08:54
+joelZ and ez lan 100% winratess
2016-10-30 09:03
2016-10-30 09:04
-sunny is next. FeelsBatMan
2016-10-30 09:23
2016-10-30 09:23
Well, kinda understandable. He is a decent player tough!:)
2016-10-30 09:46
No logner so ez for ENCE.
2016-10-30 09:48
Serbia ZAG0R
+allu inc ...
2016-10-30 10:37
2016-10-30 10:57
hard 4 ence
2016-10-30 10:59
Finland EdiEz
2016-10-30 10:59
Finland Jonzu95
2016-10-31 13:31
ENCE you have 63 days to reach top 10...
2016-10-30 11:30
reach major*
2016-10-30 11:35
That too but I think it originally was that "Ence top 10 this year"
2016-10-30 12:26
yeah it was
2016-10-30 13:38
rips in piis
2016-10-30 11:41
2016-10-30 11:49
hurri to stand in for minor? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDdd
2016-10-30 11:51
expected after ragequits >D
2016-10-30 11:51
+aslak pls
2016-10-30 11:57
2016-10-30 12:04
jOELZ | 
Finland jleh
aleksib was a great pickup for this team. i think they need to try more of these upcoming talents instead of cycling the same old people which has not worked during the whole existence of csgo. work ethics & communication can be more valuable for succes than pure skill! especially after certain point.
2016-10-30 12:16
few stick
2016-10-30 12:36
still EZ4ENCE
2016-10-30 12:58
typical finnish scene form a 5-man line up , qualify for events , bomb lans and then people quit .
2016-10-30 13:43
2016-10-30 13:50
toxic juho 4Head
2016-10-30 14:02
2016-10-30 15:50
GL tomsku!
2016-10-30 17:18
-juho +tomsku
2016-10-30 17:26
Croatia mds818
You is somewhat of a good player,I mean he's like..he wont win you a game but he wont win it either.Perhaps its just stupid to waste time in team like ez4ence.
2016-10-30 20:43
2016-10-31 12:07
Waylander to ence
2016-10-31 13:43
not a huge loss tho, juho can't do much at LAN. pure onliner :D
2016-10-31 13:44
Legend retires :(
2016-10-31 14:20
To be honest I don't see this a big deal. ENCE was lacking an AWPer after allu left. Juho was an ok AWPer, but not a primary awper quality. ENCE needs a proper primary awper, and the team is better. I suspect Nasu is going to be replaced once his contract ends, at the end of the year. If they manage to replace him with some proper fragger, and get a decent primary awper, the team has a solid lineup.
2016-10-31 15:59
2016-11-01 13:30
2016-11-01 15:19
i want to see the juho and jOELZ combo again
2016-11-01 17:18
+jOELZ -> ez top 1
2016-11-01 18:33
jOELZ joins MINCE?
2016-11-02 16:59
Sweden lagcats
joelz shud def get a chance
2016-11-02 17:00
ez 4 ence
2016-11-02 17:02
even ezier 4 ence
2016-11-03 10:41
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