autimatic: "MVP award means a lot"

For the winning interview we brought back Timothy "autimatic" Ta to present him with the HLTV MVP by ZOWIE medal and get his thoughts on Cloud9's triumph at ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals.

After defeating mousesports in comfortable fashion, Cloud9 faced SK in the grand final. There they began with a dominant CT side but ended up dropping the map following a big comeback from the Brazilians.

Cloud9 shook off the disappointing loss and went on to grab Mirage and Dust2 in a confident manner for the trophy and the $200,000 first place prize. After their triumph, we got a hold of Timothy "autimatic" Ta to present him with the HLTV MVP by ZOWIE medal and ask him about the grand final:

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United States Timothy 'autimatic' Ta
Timothy 'autimatic' Ta
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MOM I MADE IT AUTIMATIC <3 Cloud9 Finally made it :D
2016-10-31 03:37
Autimatic: From zero to hero.
2016-10-31 03:44
From bot to god.
2016-10-31 05:05
Afghanistan crywolf1337 
autimatic the problematic
2016-10-31 05:47
I disagree, he was good even in TSM before, that's why they took him.
2016-10-31 11:46
Sweden X-rAy 
good to god
2016-10-31 12:21
He's so consistent it's amazing.
2016-10-31 13:26
+1 god
2016-10-31 08:10
USA! Go c9'
2016-10-31 06:29
U did nothing but watching
2016-10-31 09:14
Germany LxyU 
The 'mom i made it' is because it's first comment
2016-10-31 09:29
Automatic, Beginners luck Keepo, Newest person to the team
2016-10-31 15:38
WTF where is the Arabian nicknamed Faster Guy in HLTV? did you DDoS him?
2016-10-31 16:07
2016-10-31 03:35
Ant1ka | 
United States MDDDDDD 
2016-10-31 03:35
2016-10-31 03:36
2016-10-31 03:36
2016-10-31 03:43
Frankie | 
United States lybrel 
How much?
2016-10-31 04:04
LMAO salty brazilian eat a cock.. outplayed by a tier 3 team in front of 1000 monkeys
2016-10-31 05:37
they were tier 3 with slemmy
2016-10-31 16:44
only 1 true MVP was coldzera /close
2016-10-31 19:49
Auti should've had the ESL MVP..
2016-10-31 03:36
Hong Kong korean 
it was by vote tho
2016-10-31 03:43
Brazilian vote obviously. Shows brazilians are too biased to have that kind of power.
2016-10-31 04:11
Hong Kong korean 
remember that last season scream was voted the mvp when coldzera was supposed ;)
2016-10-31 05:01
Canada RNJESUS^ 
Fallen literally said he doesn't not deserve it
2016-10-31 05:41
He does not not deserve it? uwutm8?
2016-10-31 06:42
Canada RNJESUS^ 
acting like you don't know what i mean, when English isn't my first language...
2016-10-31 07:42
You understand English well enough to use contractions, so I would assume you understand it well enough to not use a double negative.
2016-10-31 17:02
who gives a shit what you would assume
2016-11-01 12:14
I'm implying he should be smart enough to know the difference, you fucking idiot.
2016-11-01 19:53
i know what youre impliyng, but who gives a shit what youre impliyng rly
2016-11-01 22:17
Apparently you do.
2016-11-02 00:49
do not insult me with your low level NA reasoning skills. i just enjoy pointing out to you that youre a loser.
2016-11-02 00:51
I'll remember to write down that shizocs from thinks I'm a loser, so that I'll always have that knowledge to keep by my side. I'm fucking kidding. It's obvious.
2016-11-02 00:57
2016-11-02 00:59
Brazil DileBani 
Are you dumb
2016-10-31 08:27
CeRq | 
Canada Timings 
He's speaking Canadian obviosly! Kappa LUL XD
2016-10-31 09:39
no but you are
2016-10-31 16:45
Clearly not.
2016-10-31 17:03
Proof? Couldnt find where he says this
2016-10-31 10:22
He did on stage after receiving it. And hes right, he didnt derserve it.
2016-10-31 10:27
he donated the money so RESPECT for FalleN
2016-10-31 13:27
Sweden lagcats 
congratz to the MVP award auti.
2016-10-31 03:36
2016-10-31 03:36
2016-10-31 03:36
Portugal tuwie 
Deseverd, what a sick tournament by him!
2016-10-31 03:37
You deserved dude... Like from zero (not that known-top-player-for some) To HERO. But he grew alot in some months, and show how good he is. Autimatic & stewie2k new stars in c9! RESPECT, keep it up. Dont stop here.
2016-10-31 03:38
Wasnt really zero. People knew he was good in TSM. Pre TSM though he was a nobody.
2016-10-31 04:28
I didnt want to say 'zero' in that way. He was good, i meant pre-TSM lineup he was not known for some people. But he showed now in c9, how much potentional he got^^
2016-10-31 04:29
United States terd 
Nah he was pretty known when he was on Nihilum and was pretty good until Hiko came.
2016-10-31 05:44
Other wholelottared 
Hiko destroyed all the talent on that team, I remember seeing professor chaos wreck c9 in that lineup smh
2016-10-31 11:34
JaCkz | 
Japan DokiZ 
2016-10-31 03:39
Singapore Vexasoe 
Congrats! He deserved it!
2016-10-31 03:40
China angle409 
First Asian MVP since wnv's alex won a MVP at ESWC 2005?
2016-10-31 03:41
1. Pretty sure Solo or someone should have won one in 2011 when they won a big title I think 2. Autimatic is NA It might be the first international win for NA in any major esport in like 10 years...
2016-10-31 04:04
solo and co. won wem 2010 :D
2016-10-31 04:16
EG won TI5 in Dota
2016-10-31 05:43
good call
2016-10-31 05:46
If you count COD NA hasn't lost an international event ever. Dota 2 EG won the international in 2015? or 2014? I'm sure there is more in Hearthstone and other games.
2016-10-31 06:04
China KingFishQiu 
2015. All even number year the TI championships go to Chinese team LOL
2016-10-31 07:03
I know literally nothing about the COD pro scene. If other countries actually play it, I guess it counts...
2016-10-31 07:48
well, you can't really consider COD or hearthstone competitional esports ^^
2016-11-01 12:16
Autimatic is NA "i've lived in a garage for my whole life so im a car"
2016-10-31 10:26
damn bro the comment of the year
2016-10-31 10:41
Wow, that's some pretty weak logic
2016-10-31 11:24
kys green faggot
2016-10-31 13:56
Russia npo_Nrpok 
reported for racism and homophobia
2016-10-31 15:20
He's as American as Shroud is Canadian. Do consider Shroud Polish cause of his last name?
2016-10-31 15:27
not because his last name, but if he was 100% polish instead of 50% polish i would call him an ethnic pole
2016-10-31 19:05
ok so Autimatic is 50/50 Chinese/Viet ancestry. Shroud is 50/50 Polish (and something else Euro) ancestry. If you consider Autimatic Asian, you have to consider Shroud European.
2016-10-31 19:15
so then hes ethnic european but canadian national
2016-10-31 19:15
right, but that's the entire USA/Canada paradigm - our families were all immigrants from other parts of the world (except Native Americans). Might as well just call them American/Canadian as they are.
2016-10-31 19:20
or call them what they are, ie: african american/canadian asian american/canadian etc. as it means that they originate from somewhere else, but are american/canadian nationals
2016-10-31 19:21
Ok but those are all still under the umbrella of American... there's no need to always be that specific. So in your system, the only people you call just "American" are Native Americans I presume.
2016-10-31 19:26
North America Foxaika 
Eh, there gets to be a point where that is dubious. Many of those people you want to umbrella under those terms don't identify like that at all, if they are distant enough. I mean, how many "African Americans" do you think really relate to Africa much? It's not even a distant memory for all but recent immigrants.
2016-11-01 09:04
it may be several generations ago, but they still originate from another continent. usually this is noticable because of the skin color and facial geometry
2016-11-01 09:37
North America Foxaika 
That's literally everyone save Native Americans. And the majority of the nation isn't that(at least not enough to matter). Not to mention that the nation's(or nations', if you include Canada) general image has nothing to do with that. As I said, it's quite dubious at this point. Facial features and skin color are truly meaningless. Your distinctions are more misleading than anything. It implies closer ties to Europe, Africa, etc than what really exists.
2016-11-01 09:48
That's literally everyone save Native Americans. thats right. i wouldnt call a european american an ethnic american, i wouldnt call an african american an ethnic american, etc. because they come from somewhere other than north america. of course all of them are equal as american citizens and can all be refered to as americans. the point is that beeing an american citizen like autimatic doesnt make you an ethnic american. just because he is an american citizen it doesnt mean hes an ethnic asian anymore Facial features and skin color are truly meaningless. that was just an example of indicators on the origin of a person if you dont know anything about them, other than that, i agree, its meaningless
2016-11-01 09:54
North America Foxaika 
That's not really how it's seen by much of the populace, because "American" doesn't mean the same thing as "Native American". They are distinct terms for a reason. And if your cultural background is the same, that means you are an ethnic_____. "of or relating to a population subgroup (within a larger or dominant national or cultural group) with a common national or cultural tradition." That's why I was saying appearance is meaningless, it's more about the shared common national traditions than a specific "look" or whatever. Many Americans share a common cultural tradition at this point, despite differences in appearance. You can disagree with it, fine, but what you're arguing certainly isn't the consensus.
2016-11-01 10:00
That's why I was saying appearance is meaningless, it's more about the shared common national traditions than a specific "look" or whatever. but thats not what ethnicity is. an african immigrant to germany will always never be an ethnic german, no matter how well he assimilates
2016-11-01 10:02
North America Foxaika 
But these people are not immigrants anymore, really. I put the exact definition of the word in my post. Now if they were immigrants, with different cultural traditions, sure, I would agree. But they aren't anymore. Several generations removed and shared cultural similarities makes them not ethnically different.
2016-11-01 10:10
and how are they not immigrants anymore if they or their ancestors came from somewhere else?
2016-11-01 10:11
North America Foxaika 
Are you an immigrant if you were born in the United States? Do you never stop being an immigrant in your view if a member of your family immigrated centuries ago? That hardly seems to be the case to me. No one considers themselves an immigrant here, save if they are the children of those who migrated recently(first generation, sometimes second). They were born here, raised in this cultural environment. That's quite a bit different than simply being an immigrant who just came off the boat.
2016-11-01 10:17
i'd say if youre say 75% native, then i'd consider you a native (everyones definition differs anyways) -> if youre asian/european/african/anything but north american ethnicity, id say you are not an ethnic native of that continent until your ancestors are mostly natives Do you never stop being an immigrant in your view if a member of your family immigrated centuries ago? see above, noone would notice if a single ancestor of yours who came over several centuries ago was an immigrant. if all the other ancestors of yours all were natives, you would almost be a 100% native so if your ancestors beep it only to themselves, i wont consider you a native of that nation, even if your ancestors are there for 10 generations already, even if you yourself assimilate perfectly They were born here, raised in this cultural environment. That's quite a bit different than simply being an immigrant who just came off the boat. sure it is, but just living somewhere doesnt make you a native in any way imo
2016-11-01 10:31
North America Foxaika 
As I noted, ethnicity has to do with shared cultural background. And there's a clear distinction between American as in "person from the United States" and Native Americans who are people native to the land. It's an important distinction here. I think that's where the biggest disconnect here is. You aren't considering ethnic groups as I am. But really,that is how it is here. You're an ethnic American by proxy of being part of that shared culture. And to clarify terms, I'm not saying that makes them "native", in the sense of Native Americans. I don't want to confuse the terms. Though even then, it's not as if Native Americans were natives here, they too migrated here long ago. Many peoples of the world migrated to what is considered their native lands. So that makes it even less clear.
2016-11-01 10:49
Two old women squabbling on HLTV about nothing. I've seen it all now.
2016-11-01 18:20
North America Foxaika 
Squabbling? I was honestly having one of the best discussions I've ever had on HLTV. No insults or putdowns, etc. I wouldn't call that a squabble. I don't know about him but I was enjoying the conversation, and there was no hostility.
2016-11-01 18:25
Indonesia de_insertion 
Autimatic is from USA so he is not an asian.
2016-10-31 05:43
United States terd 
Asian American?
2016-10-31 05:44
Indonesia de_insertion 
Yes but he is American.
2016-10-31 05:52
United States terd 
So hes not asian?
2016-10-31 06:44
he wasn't born in asia so no. he's an american.
2016-10-31 07:11
Finland kappaboi 
so.. he's white?
2016-10-31 07:20
colour of your skin doesn't have anything to do with what nationality you are.
2016-10-31 11:25
true to some extent
2016-10-31 13:28
native americans are not white
2016-10-31 12:20
2016-11-02 09:15
s1mple | 
Sweden DiTzZ 
2016-10-31 07:52
but hes asian
2016-10-31 09:05
Australia Raychippy 
Wtf. Nah he's Asian
2016-10-31 09:11
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
when they lose you type fucking asians if c9 wins they are american that's how it goes m8
2016-10-31 09:44
Nope. He's Asian American.
2016-10-31 11:27
which means hes asian, but an american citizen
2016-10-31 19:22
No, which means he is American but his ancestors were Asian.
2016-11-01 00:12
no. it means he is an ethnic asian, but he is an american citizen. just because you dont live where you originate from it doesnt mean your ethnicity magically changes
2016-11-01 09:39
yes, his ethnicity is asian, but we are not talking of ethnicity. we are talking of nationality. and his nationality is american.
2016-11-01 13:57
but we are talking about ethnicity. the guy who raychippy replied to denied that autimatic is asian, but instead said he is american because he was born there. the fact that autimatic is an american citizen is undeniable, but he could very well be an ethnic asian
2016-11-01 17:56
my whole remark was about the fact that it is wrong to call an american citizen "an asian" even if he has asian roots, just like it's weird to call a black citizen "an african" in the US. that's why the words "african american" and "asian american" exist. asian = a person who is a citizen in an asian country and has asian roots. asian american = a person who is an american citizen and has asian roots. i don't think you disagree with this, right?
2016-11-01 21:53
i do, but denying that for example autimatic is asian is retarded, because its probably his ethnicity
2016-11-01 23:10
Brazil mth^ 
The thing is He was the real MVP, lets be real :D congratz NA,c9
2016-10-31 03:45
2016-10-31 19:08
method | 
United States f0xes` 
Great job c9 and auti/stewie combo. Humble and dignified, keep improving dude!
2016-10-31 03:46
he is so handsome
2016-10-31 03:53
China angle409 
Well deserved. This kid is playing highest level of csgo.
2016-10-31 04:09
Autimatic > FalleN
2016-10-31 04:10
France rsi_rise 
2016-10-31 04:32
United States grundhoog 
I thought that C9 would win the series 2-0 if they won Overpass and would lose 2-1 if they lost Overpass. I am super wowed that they smashed SK on Mirage and Dust2 and almost smashed them on Overpass. GW C9!
2016-10-31 04:36
C9 winning Mirage wasn't a shock, SK have been getting demolished on it lately and C9 are really good on it. D2 was a pretty big surprise, because C9 are good on it but tend to have weak T-sides. I definitely didn't expect them to do as well on Overpass as they did, SK have been relatively dominant on it domestically, but it was also pretty impressive that SK actually won given the deficit they had.
2016-10-31 06:47
Can we like NOT have the audience CHOOSE who the MVP is???? like the favelas are too biased and stupid to know who was the real MVP in the event
2016-10-31 04:47
Favelas are stupid. Theyre booing other team and choose fallen instead of auti. This is enough to proves that favelas is stupid
2016-10-31 04:51
At least FALLEN admitted he didn't deserve it and he'll donate the extra cash to Movember.
2016-10-31 10:16
If there's a stupid guy here it is you. Some people do not represent all the people from that place. And yeah, auti deserved it.
2016-10-31 12:41
I mean if the game was held in USA, and it was C9 vs SK and SK won, we would probably get a NA mvp from crowd too
2016-10-31 13:29
The majority in the audience are favela plebs you fucking moron, all the flags they were waving around in the stream was favela you retarded waste of space
2016-10-31 16:46
Brazil wAc 
They released the vote right after SK won the first map of the final, so who would know autimatic would carry so hard after that
2016-10-31 14:59
2016-10-31 04:53
Cute but the real MVP was FALLEN.
2016-10-31 05:43
Fallen worst in team... U stupid or what
2016-10-31 06:15
retarded or retarded?
2016-10-31 08:02
Brazil DileBani 
Sorry but No. FalleN was not the mvp by a long shot.
2016-10-31 08:30
Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
show your brazilian flag
2016-10-31 13:04
goodjob editing title of post "MVP means a lot, but.." to just "MVP means a lot". great marketing for your silly medals. but hey, atleast theres a mvp named off pure impact, since ESL still allows fans to vote (?)
2016-10-31 06:25
United States TruthEmbargo 
best pickup by cloud9 in a long time
2016-10-31 08:19
United States doge1000 
yeah, since stewie2k...
2016-11-01 04:25
Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
Great pickup by c9, well deserved Rekt cold
2016-10-31 09:16
United Kingdom m0o 
Well deserved, nice interview, nice guy Great for NA CS! Next major could be interesting!
2016-10-31 09:27
2016-10-31 10:01
C9 played amazingly. Simply amazingly. Yes, NA CS LUL but seriously. If they can keep this up they'll deserve a spot amongst the best.
2016-10-31 10:07
deserve it <3
2016-10-31 10:27
Next season either splyce or mou will win
2016-10-31 10:29
autimatic still the problem #hltvlogic
2016-10-31 10:33
Poland n1u 
2016-10-31 11:07
2016-10-31 11:26
Spain SR4 
U wot m8? FalleN MVP
2016-10-31 11:49
FalleN or TACO mvp.. #runSKG
2016-10-31 12:28
Zews MVP
2016-10-31 12:31
roses are red violets are blue there is always an asian who`s better than you
2016-10-31 13:10
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
s1mple was mvp
2016-10-31 13:33
Important victory for NA CS. NiP is improving at a far better rate with Michael instead of Pyth. Fnatic is going to settle in well now that Krimz is back. FaZe might pull a rabbit out of the hat now that Karrigan is with them. Optic have shown some growth. NRG is still a disappointment. Dignitas have to become more consistent. SK and VP are both going to come in hard after they fix their mistakes. Next major is going to be epic.
2016-10-31 13:43
Russia npo_Nrpok 
Tabsen Legija GobB Nex Troubley Top2 NA Aber wenn einer lieber snickers im kiosk verkäuft, dann ist das ja halt seine eigene entscheidung.
2016-10-31 15:40
that team is online central
2016-10-31 18:14
Troubley is toxic af. I doubt that line-up will work.
2016-11-01 04:05
remember that Maikelele is still a stand in, although I hope that he stays in NiP. and I agree with you overall that CS:GO is probably as exciting as ever atm, any team can win and Cloud9 have proven they're a top 5 team for sure, really impressive from them.
2016-10-31 16:55
What I like most about Autimatic and Stewie. They show absolutely no fear. I'm also kinda surprised how extremely well Shroud played on Mirage and Dust2. He was looking so weak on Overpass. He played Mirage and Dust2 like Overpass never happened.
2016-10-31 14:59
flusha | 
Germany sanos 
shroud should actually perform now as he has no real pressure in this team with stewie & autimatic being the star players. he doesnt have to get really nervous or tilted as he can just put the fault on stewie & autimatic not performing and that not necessarily a bad thing.
2016-10-31 15:23
I feel like FalleN was the MVP
2016-10-31 15:00
Deserved. Sick performances during all tournament.
2016-10-31 15:01
Nice Timmy Ta but I must go.
2016-10-31 15:15
tim played great the whole tournament, came out of nowhere and suprised everyone with awesome consistency. He really deserves this MVP award. The whole Cloud9 played brilliant, showing some awesome shutdown defenses and brilliant executes provided by Stew.
2016-10-31 15:17
he was great in nihilum and tsm so not from nowhere
2016-10-31 17:50
Brazil sprk1 
congratz. well deserved
2016-10-31 15:21
2016-10-31 15:28
roses are blue violets are red there is no asian better than you
2016-10-31 15:37
congrats Tim and C9. NA CS has arrived!
2016-10-31 15:50
New Zealand tyteg 
2016-10-31 16:26
only took 4, almost 5 years :D
2016-10-31 18:00
deserved, autimatic was amazing at this tournament.
2016-10-31 16:53
Sweden godname 
the real MVP player not fallen
2016-10-31 17:44
It say's autimatic won, but they are filming stewie lol
2016-10-31 17:59
i aren't think that
2016-10-31 19:54
Brazil Luiz664 
2016-10-31 21:27
He sounds so humble, such an amazing guy and player. Love him tbh.
2016-10-31 21:30
Taiwan SCVready 
+1 great humble guy
2016-11-01 14:26
2016-10-31 23:51
moxie Most rounds with contribution 82.1%
2016-11-01 02:56
i'm very happy for him. came out of nowhere (NA TSM), no one believe he could change C9 and he did - him and Stewie, specially. so GG, enjoy. :) asian duo FTW.
2016-11-01 06:11
How come mexiasian knows much inglis?
2016-11-01 08:41
2016-11-01 11:11
autimatic mvp in our hearts <3 <3 <3
2016-11-01 12:15
United States SILHOUTTE 
SK needs more Cogu, Fallens first love.
2016-11-01 12:33
Takashi !!!!!!!!!
2016-11-01 15:43
Belgium Symbi 
autimatic cs level = asian
2016-11-01 17:29
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