TuGuX: "Our default didn't work"

After their first victory in the PGL EU Minor, we talked to Space Soldiers' Tugay "TuGuX" Keskin to find out his thoughts on the recent roster shuffles, ESWC and the Major qualification format.

After finishing 3-4th in Paris, the Turkish side travelled to the PGL studios in Bucharest, Romania to compete for a spot at the Offline Qualifier for the 2017 ELEAGUE Major.

In their opening match Space Soldiers defeated ALTERNATE aTTaX 16-14 after coming back on the CT side of the map. Tugay "⁠TuGuX⁠" Keskin talked about the match, their map pool and their opposition at the event.

You are coming here from ESWC where you finished 3-4th, going out with a 2-0 loss to LDLC. What are your thoughts on the tournament and what do you think went wrong?

We had a good feeling going into the game, but during the game we did too many mistakes. In my opinion, it wasn't the case that LDLC did something really, really good, we actually beat ourselves. We need to work on that and we need to be more focused in the next games and here as well.

One of the maps you played over there was Overpass, a map you don't play that much - it feels like you have five strong maps and Overpass and Nuke trailing behind a bit - which could be a problem in best-of-threes...?

We can actually play any map, but for sure you have stronger and weaker maps. We worked on Nuke and Overpass but with weaker maps you need more "practical" practice - we have a lot of things ready in theory but we need to play many many hours which is maybe missing. But it's fine, it's not like we don't know anything on the maps.

You are one of the four teams here that didn't have roster change coming in, but what are your thoughts on all the shuffles going on at the moment?

With all these changes, teams need to focus on simple stuff to be successful in my opinion  - if they do too complicated stuff it won't work. The scene right now really is like anyone can beat anyone somehow. I'm not sure if it is because of CS:GO, because many teams are practicing so hard. And with so many talent, it's normal that the better teams want to buy out the other players. It's really normal in my opinion, and we will probably see it even more often in the future because CS:GO is still growing so maybe it can get to the level of football somehow, where there are transfers all the time and it's crazy.

TuGuX feels that they need to show their A game to go far in Bucharest 

What are your expectations for the tournament? With all the roster shuffles, do you think your stability gives you a stronger chance to go all the way?

We played with this lineup for about 10 months, but we still need to work on things. We are a pretty young team, I'm actually the oldest one in the team. Our aim for now is to get out of the group and then we will just see what we can do. If we focus on our game and we are able to play our A game we will be fine, but we need to make it happen, otherwise it will be pretty hard.

You just beat ALTERNATE aTTaX, but it was a close game - you were down 8-3, having a slow start on the Terrorist side. What was going on then and how did you come back and close it out in the end?

We won the knife and started as T because I had a gameplay in my mind, but our default didn't work out. We started the rounds 3v5 almost all the time and then we had eco's so we had to change something. So we concentrated on the drop room and it worked out almost every time. On the CT side we just focused on refrags and communication. We had one communication problem, that was my fault, but almost everything went well as CT.

Lastly, I want to hear your general thoughts on the Minor system. This time you got an invite to the LAN, but you've struggled to get through the online qualifiers for events in the past. Adding to that, there has been a bit of talk about the CIS Minor and that it is a lot weaker than this one. Do you think anything needs to change in that regard?

The Minor system - it's hard because for example you're playing against a team that is cheating - you lose, and they get disqualified in the next match - what can you do? Nothing, it's stupid. About the CIS Minor, the problem is - in the last offline qualifier none of the CIS qualifier teams beat any of the stronger teams. If it goes on like this, it's wrong to give them two spots because there are other teams from Europe who could compete. I don't know which system would be better, but something should change.

Professeur writes for HLTV.org and can be found on Twitter.

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It didn't work, yes.
2016-11-04 12:05
2016-11-04 12:05
ence work and win minor
2016-11-04 12:05
you mean win major?
2016-11-04 12:07
yes but minor first
2016-11-04 12:22
yeah, than 3 majors in a row
2016-11-04 12:23
There goes my #1 comment, rip
2016-11-04 12:06
2016-11-04 12:05
2016-11-04 12:05
Going to be ez for superhero LANtares
2016-11-04 12:05
"WE ARE TOP IN OUR GROUP" - Tugux 2016
2016-11-04 12:06
and so dont turks in germany
2016-11-04 12:05
Canada Ayton
good london
2016-11-04 12:39
we are the favorittes
2016-11-04 12:05
Singapore cxzleslie
Why did xantares turn off his hacks?
2016-11-04 12:07
2016-11-04 12:11
Turkey Kuyt11
Tugux <3
2016-11-04 12:13
Space Soldiers gonna play major if they keep going like that
2016-11-04 12:38
2016-11-04 13:03
you wish biased kardes
2016-11-04 15:15
is this that fun ? they have built this team from nothing in 1 an a half year . and they re still learning,still growing . they just need more exprience
2016-11-18 01:08
Turkey mrsocta
tugux +1
2016-11-04 13:05
2016-11-04 13:06
We are the favorites.... never forget :-D maybe u should work on your igl skills and not focus about 'beating urself' boootux gl
2016-11-04 13:20
nt alternate chokeax
2016-11-04 14:59
Lan sus ezik
2016-11-04 16:00
dude he has good igl skills but no aim talent like wtf i play better with my feet
2016-11-04 16:22
2016-11-04 16:24
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