iBUYPOWER Masters viewer's guide

iBUYPOWER Masters is set to start Saturday, so we present a overview of the schedule for this expanded qualifier for Intel Extreme Masters Oakland.

The event will play out over two days as the teams will do battle over a $100,000 prizepool to share besides the four spots available for the prestigious tournament in Oakland next week.

The group stage itself for iBUYPOWER Masters is straightforward GSL format, double elimination, as the initial matches along with the winners' matches will be BO1, while the elimination and decider matches will be BO3.

Notably then, the deciders will not determine semi-finals, as this tournament forgoes that stage altogether, but solely deciding who qualifies for Intel Extreme Masters Oakland, set to start November 16th. The two group winners will face each other in a BO3 final.

A reminder of how the group draw turned out below:

Group A Group B
United States Cloud9 Australia Renegades
China TYLOO Europe FaZe
United States Echo Fox Brazil Immortals
CIS FlipSid3 Canada TSM

 And here is the full schedule for the two-day event:

Saturday, November 12th  
18:00 United States Cloud9 vs. CIS FlipSid3 BO1
19:10 United States Echo Fox vs. China TYLOO BO1
20:20 Brazil Immortals vs. Europe FaZe BO1
21:30 Canada TSM vs. Australia Renegades BO1
22:40 Group A elimination match     BO3
02:10 Group A winners' match     BO1
03:20 Group B elimination match
Sunday, November 13th
18:00 Group B winners' match     BO1
19:10 Group A decider match     BO3
22:40 Group B decider match     BO3
02:10 Grand final     BO3

The prize pool distribution is as follows:

1. $20,000, IEM Oakland qualification
2. $15,000
, IEM Oakland qualification
3-4. $12,500
, IEM Oakland qualification
5-8. $10,000

Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
gl smooya
2016-11-11 22:36
2016-11-11 22:36
Sweden z1mon 
2016-11-11 22:36
2016-11-11 22:36
Sweden compan 
2016-11-11 22:36
valde | 
Finland Juvi 
2016-11-11 22:36
2016-11-11 22:36
FalleN | 
Poland ProJumz 
2016-11-11 22:36
Russia Windcast 
11 I wanna say hello to my mom, my friends and everyone from Team Trump. <3 em
2016-11-11 22:37
ez c9 win
2016-11-11 22:36
Netherlands TsunamiCow 
ez tyloo
2016-11-11 22:36
Poland cGev 
2016-11-11 22:37
I'm calling FaZe to win it 1. FaZe 2. C9 3. TyLoo 4. Renegades/Immortals (Gonna be a 50/50 game if they play each other in the decider.)
2016-11-11 22:41
2016-11-11 23:00
nt c9 will r4p3 faze
2016-11-11 23:38
just like at eleaugue? luL Now with k1o in the lineup they are ez better.
2016-11-12 00:21
ikr but remember they have autimatic he is on fire and have stewie and nothing always present and shroud if he play lie he plays in RankS gonna be ez 4 c9
2016-11-12 00:24
Rain < autimatic aizy < Stewie2k allu >> Skadoodle k1o = shroud karrigan < n0thing even teams, ez for tyloo maybe as well
2016-11-12 00:27
agree with u its been a while that i don't watch tyloo games idk how they are playing...
2016-11-12 00:30
Rain > autimatic? I aren't think that But even if they are better off on 1 player comparisons, they have no strats and peek 1 by 1
2016-11-12 01:08
lol not with karrigan, like many casters, pros, and analysts say, faze plays a wayy better tactical and team base game than what they use to and c9? they have tactics? luL
2016-11-12 01:42
C9 has good teamwork. Their strats are Puggy but karrigan was kicked for a reason. He's slowly becoming a Pronax with how bot he is Faze is getting better though. -Jkaem will help
2016-11-12 05:56
inb4 echo fox wins thanks to new anticheat
2016-11-11 22:41
Denmark regnant 
2016-11-11 23:29
20k for winners ELEGIGGLE
2016-11-11 22:49
fucking hen1 screaming again probably. hope faze rapes them. i bet faze will lose this tournament tho lol bo1 can go either way. lose both pistols so thats 6 rounds.
2016-11-11 22:57
World nakTriceps 
hen1 is surprising everyone, included me. Nice job for him at this tournment. If he keeps on in this form, IMT will have chances to be at 3/4th in Oakland.
2016-11-14 20:07
United States Styles_ez4c9 
Looks like a free qual for C9 and Faze, maybe even Tyloo.
2016-11-11 23:02
2016-11-11 23:03
5-8 get 10k 1st get 20k wtf
2016-11-11 23:07
its basically just a qualifier soo..
2016-11-11 23:20
United States BanU 
he's right though, the distribution is off usually 2nd place gets 50% of 1st place and so on
2016-11-11 23:25
Denmark regnant 
FaZe is good at BO1 and immortals might have fucked themselves by picking up steel. I'll give steel a little more time to prove that he deserves to be on IMT. So far, he doesn't look too promising. He frags awful vs t2 and t3 NA teams, even when IMT wins. IMT picked recognition over a new talent, so we have nothing but to see how this story unfolds.
2016-11-11 23:33
I can't understand, how we go from decider match straightly to grand final?
2016-11-11 23:49
NiKo | 
Europe C1rkoCF 
C9 easy 20 000$
2016-11-11 23:58
5-8. Renegades , TSM , Flipside and EF 3-4. TyLoo and IMT 2. FaZe 1. C9
2016-11-12 00:01
ez clown9
2016-11-12 00:33
no semifinals :( interesting teams here but we get less matches
2016-11-12 02:43
so ez for flipside with smooya, ez 30 bombs per game
2016-11-12 10:49
Gl c9
2016-11-12 11:54
byali | 
Poland vezz. 
So the winners of each group go to the Grand Final? Pretty weird.
2016-11-12 18:06
Lets see if i can bait anyone
2017-01-31 23:33
Ez FaZe win
2017-01-31 23:36
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