OpTic win Northern Arena Montreal

OpTic win Northern Arena 2016 Montreal after defeating G2 2-1 (14-16 on Cobblestone, 16-12 on Dust2, and 16-7 on Train) in the grand final.

The grand final of the eight team, $100,000 Northern Arena 2016 Montreal event took place in a concurrent time slot to the iBUYPOWER Masters final, albeit on separate sides of the North American continent. Northern Arena's grand final was a showdown between G2 and OpTic, with the latter team having most recently triumphed in a best-of-one over the Frenchmen at ESL One New York.

OpTic's map pick of Cobblestone originally seemed to have backfired as a vintage Richard "shox" Papillon performance in the first half saw the French team completely shut down OpTic across the map and finish at a 12-3 first half.

However, OpTic redeemed their choice of pick with a CT-side that began to narrow the scoreline after Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz put the American-Canadian-Spanish team back in the game with a triple kill on the second pistolround.

However, shox's aggression and his 36 kills on Cobblestone combined with his teammates' support to ultimately see G2 prevail with a narrow 16-14 victory on the first map.

mixwell was a constant force for his team in the Northern Arena Montreal grand final

Dust2 was a reversal of fortune for G2's hitman shox as both the 24-year old fragger and his longtime compatriot Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux struggled to make an impact as OpTic claimed a 9-6 first half on G2's map pick.

The second half narrowed down in terms of economy and momentum for both teams but a continuing strong performance from Oscar "mixwell" Cañellas of OpTic brought the second map around 16-12 for the North American team.

With Train being the decider map, mixwell, in addition to Tarik "tarik" Celik, continued to defend well for OpTic and the first half ended with a 9-6 lead after stanislaw's team finished their CT-side.

SmithZz breathed some life into G2 with a triple USP kill on the second pistolround that helped the French team win the round but Keith "NAF" Markovic quickly initiated two Deagle kills on his team's pistolbuy in the next round to quickly reverse that momentum. OpTic picked up off of this reversal to continue their aggression and in the end G2 were unable to win another CT-side round as OpTic closed out the map 16-7 and won Northern Arena Montreal.

14th November 2016

 OpTic K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
Spain Oscar 'mixwell' Cañellasmixwell 71 - 47 +24 86.6 1.31
United States Tarik 'tarik' Celiktarik 67 - 56 +11 86.8 1.28
Canada Keith 'NAF' MarkovicNAF 61 - 56 +5 85.9 1.16
United States William 'RUSH' WierzbaRUSH 51 - 50 +1 75.6 1.13
Canada Peter 'stanislaw' Jarguzstanislaw 53 - 50 +3 72.4 1.09
 G2 K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
France Richard 'shox' Papillonshox 65 - 59 +6 84.0 1.20
France Alexandre 'bodyy' Pianarobodyy 55 - 64 -9 71.7 0.97
Belgium Adil 'ScreaM' BenrlitomScreaM 48 - 57 -9 70.0 0.91
France Cédric 'RpK' GuipouyRpK 49 - 61 -12 67.5 0.85
France Edouard 'SmithZz' DubourdeauxSmithZz 42 - 62 -20 62.9 0.83

Northern Arena 2016 - Montreal final standings:

1. North America OpTic - $50,000
2. France G2 - $25,000
3-4. France Envy - $10,000
3-4. Denmark Heroic - $10,000
5-6. United States Liquid - $1,250
5-6. Europe NRG - $1,250
7-8. Canada Complexity - $1,250
7-8. United States CLG - $1,250

France Edouard 'SmithZz' Dubourdeaux
Edouard 'SmithZz' Dubourdeaux
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Canada Keith 'NAF' Markovic
Keith 'NAF' Markovic
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
France Richard 'shox' Papillon
Richard 'shox' Papillon
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Tarik 'tarik' Celik
Tarik 'tarik' Celik
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Spain Oscar 'mixwell' Cañellas
Oscar 'mixwell' Cañellas
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Canada Peter 'stanislaw' Jarguz
Peter 'stanislaw' Jarguz
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
ez for my boys stan and naf wow this is great news!
2016-11-14 06:12
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2016-11-14 06:10
Isnt it time to kick smithz? we has bottom fragging like crazy
2016-11-14 06:26
Frankie | 
United States lybrel 
"we has" stroke?
2016-11-14 15:10
North America Krulcifer 
Happy to see another semphis fan here <3 i thought i was the only one left :(
2016-11-14 15:13
Frankie | 
United States lybrel 
Who wouldn't be a fan of someone who's greatest CS achievement is coaching a girls team? Got to put your fingers to some good use and if isn't on the keyboard, might as well be down there. No sarcasm at all
2016-11-14 15:33
Great job by optic gaming! NA really good now
2016-11-14 06:10
The eu player carried them so hard lol But congratulations :)
2016-11-14 07:25
Europeans gotta hang on to whatever thread they can :)
2016-11-14 11:52
Spain Skolt 
I'm so proud of my fellow countryman, NA got a beast from Spain ^^
2016-11-14 13:27
Glad mixwell got out of that going nowhere Spain team. Hopefully mouz gets some issues sorted out so lowel can taste some victory too
2016-11-14 13:28
Spain Skolt 
The Spanish scene is a place where you won't be allowed grow if you don't suck some d*cks, luckily gBots made an awesome performance in that DH and lowel,mixwell and kairi caught the attention of some promising and big teams. To be honest we're indebted to Penta/Mouz/Optic for bringing some hope to spanish players ^^
2016-11-14 13:33
Brazil NaScene 
OpTic finally won something? WOAH DOOD
2016-11-14 06:10
ez for you :)
2016-11-14 06:11
ez for na scene
2016-11-14 06:10
lol g2 was never a great team, their rankings are inflated by a miracle run - ez for optic
2016-11-14 06:10
g2 disband pls
2016-11-15 17:24
Portugal dracø 
Yo les noobs, if this doesn't tell shox that it's time to get rid of the trash I don't think there is way to save G2.
2016-11-14 06:10
Shox Apex Kenny Happy Nbk
2016-11-14 07:58
All that needs to happen is this: Shox KennyS Apex ScreaM bodyy Top 3-5 team ez
2016-11-14 09:26
pls pls pls
2016-11-14 17:40
Poland Astoner55 
+1 exactly
2016-11-14 18:03
Xyp9x | 
Romania Old_Guy 
Maybe -bodyy +NBK? boddy is good too, don't get me wrong, but NBK seems to be better (as of right now, at least).
2016-11-14 18:12
NBK hasn't really seemed as consistent as bodyy has been the last few months, nor had as much impact. Plus, a 2-player move is more in the realm of possibility as opposed to a 3-player move.
2016-11-14 20:50
2016-11-14 21:50
-scream +nbk u need someone to play a support role
2016-11-16 03:20
2016-11-16 22:18
Portugal dracø 
I dislike happy's playstyle 2 much to agree. Bodyy is solid enough imo.
2016-11-14 16:38
Shox isnt that great as an igl. Happy is a better igl than shox.
2016-11-14 18:46
shox | 
Canada dB- 
2016-11-14 17:05
Mexico JM2 
GOD Mixwell
2016-11-14 06:10
2016-11-14 06:10
2016-11-14 06:10
2016-11-14 06:10
ez for deported
2016-11-14 06:10
NA starting to look good!
2016-11-14 06:10
The eu player carried them like a boss :)
2016-11-14 07:26
No our fault EU doesn't recognize talent. Any team could have poached mixwell.
2016-11-14 13:19
Not to mention mixwell didn't carry. It's just the typical EU shortsightedness and tunnel vision when an NA team wins. They'll make a shit excuse or if there's a player not from NA on the team, they'll drop all of the credit onto them.
2016-11-14 13:54
Spain mar1no 
Lul, said the fan of the team that got carried to top 4 by an Ukranian raging kid
2016-11-14 15:34
2016-11-14 15:19
get rid of smithzz
2016-11-14 06:10
Keith 'NAF' Markovic ? Why not NAF-FLY?
2016-11-14 06:10
Canada lame^ 
The "-FLY" suffix that NAF often uses behind his alias is a reference to Joshua "BRUNDLE-FLY" Switzer, a Source-era teammate of his that perished in hit-and-run accident on May 20, 2012 Taken from NAF's liquipedia page
2016-11-14 06:21
Oh damn, thats sad. Thats amazing that naf carries his legacy.
2016-11-14 22:00
Óscar 'mixwell' Cañellas71-47+2486.61.29 PogChamp
2016-11-14 06:11
kNgV- | 
Brazil brzcsgo 
2016-11-14 06:11
World smash143 
People were saying that mixwell was an onliner HAHAHAHA
2016-11-14 06:11
It was mainly salty Brazilians, they kept saying it whenever immortals would play against OpTic.
2016-11-14 16:11
thx Mr SmissZz 4Head
2016-11-14 06:11
yo le noob
2016-11-14 06:12
ez for smithzz
2016-11-14 06:12
nt smithz
2016-11-14 06:12
BR Cs >>>>> NA Cs >>>>>> EU Cs Ez 4 Optic
2016-11-14 06:13
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
yeah godwell! congratz tarik!
2016-11-14 06:14
Denmark regnant 
Lol Smithzz looks like a wreck.
2016-11-14 06:15
fer | 
Brazil lukitantc 
Optic can win, c9 doesnt
2016-11-14 06:15
NAF | 
Canada cStrilly 
finally optic won something!!!!
2016-11-14 06:17
France t3r4byt3 
A French shuffle has to absolutely happen now, this is ridiculous
2016-11-14 06:17
2016-11-14 06:23
Shox KennyS Apex ScreaM bodyy PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN. NBK and Happy no longer deserve to be on a top French team, in my opinon.
2016-11-14 09:29
United States Pbor 
i knew optic had potential since the start of 2016, but i never imagined they would come this far so fast! <3 you guys on optic
2016-11-14 06:17
Quit smithzz
2016-11-14 06:21
2016-11-14 06:22
United States KpleeZy 
so ez for GODwell
2016-11-14 06:23
Sick! Optic deserves this win. Such talent, much victory, so win
2016-11-14 06:23
Sweden godname 
nt smithzz
2016-11-14 06:24
That's my boys
2016-11-14 06:25
could've been cool with fxy0 instead of smithzz, too bad hes banned though. g2 could definitely be a top team
2016-11-14 06:29
G2 players are individually strong including smithz. But the lack of timigs in every round cost them their lost usually. Even with great players and good strat, they are not consistent. 1st, maybe its time for smithz to step down to sub and watch if how will the team perform wihout him. 2nd, they need a better coach. i love Niak but he is keeping the mistakes of his players happen again and again. losing to individual battles in early rounds, etc. i love french CS since CSS but my faith on them(especially on G2) slow gone. its like their playing matchmaking. So, its shox scream boddy rpk +1 (even a youngster) and new coach.
2016-11-14 06:46
"G2 players are individually strong including smithz." Yeah, I don't think anyone can take that statement seriously. He's not "useless" as many people say, since he is taking the trash role for the team and also mid-round calling, and he seems like a tactical player anyway... but praising WHIFFZZ for individual skill is going a bit far.
2016-11-14 09:33
Luxembourg alex24 
god smithzzzz
2016-11-14 07:49
Time for shox apex kennys happy nbk.
2016-11-14 07:57
nbk sucks bro kio should participate instead of nbk
2016-11-14 10:24
Frankie | 
United States lybrel 
1 FaZe player buyout > 3 players elsewhere
2016-11-14 15:18
Told ya G2 would completely suck it dry. And bottomfragging RpK and SmithZz wasn't surprising at all. OK, if nV refuses to shuffle, RpK might be irreplaceable, but SmithZz as an AWPer can be replaced by to1nou just to make shox focus on rifling. It may not work out at all since shox doesn't do midround calls, but well, even with SmithZz' midround calls G2 suck, so does it even matter that much?..
2016-11-14 07:58
RPK had more kills than Scream tho ^^ Scream is definetily a problem in G2 these days, veeeery up-and-dowb. He's supposed to be top fragging with Shox every game - delivering those cool huan taps. Smithzz is just a lost cause.
2016-11-14 10:16
just -sixer +shox is enough
2016-11-14 13:13
no one can be consistently good, they're people, not robots
2016-11-14 14:30
beep boop. but no seriously, scream is unconsistent more than others :D that's what i was getting into.
2016-11-14 16:12
ScreaM's aiming style makes him inconsistent, because it's simply impossible to be consistently hitting those 1 taps, especially on moving targets, he limits himself by that, plus they force him to AWP sometimes, I think he practises with an AWP so he has less time to practise his stupid 1 taps.
2016-11-14 16:36
could be :)
2016-11-14 17:35
Brazil ilovemywife 
optic mahh boyss finaly
2016-11-14 08:15
Finland coswell 
Congrats Optic. Really disappointing result for G2. I wonder when the #FrenchShuffle will happen.
2016-11-14 08:16
Spain Alser 
2016-11-14 08:25
naf played so good!
2016-11-14 08:27
ZywOo | 
Asia 7RU7H 
Yo les noob
2016-11-14 09:15
Yo les noobs
2016-11-14 10:00
Spain rezpekfull 
wp trash2
2016-11-14 10:01
m1xwell will get deported if he sets foot in the US
2016-11-14 10:19
Frankie | 
United States lybrel 
Nah, he's the good type of brown. The kind your high-school love of your life will bang in her freshmen year study abroad trip Kek
2016-11-14 15:27
2016-11-14 15:40
im just saying cause of trump my hs love didnt know I existed so IT'S ok
2016-11-15 09:03
C9 kick Optic's ass and G2 can't win the tournament. What a shame
2016-11-14 10:45
Frankie | 
United States lybrel 
Optic was caring about this 50000 and not that scrim a few hours before?
2016-11-14 15:29
+1 who cares about an online match when your playing in a final... Maybe if C9 done that they would be able to beat immortals.
2016-11-14 16:13
Maybe C9 threw to get the harder group and thus easier semis. Tin foil hat
2016-11-14 17:16
Norway v3nz 
pls g2 kick SmithZz
2016-11-14 11:54
Latvia cr00ked 
what a surprise smithzz bottom fragging.
2016-11-14 12:36
great play optic
2016-11-14 12:49
nice one optic, oh smithzz -20 lmao like always :) shox ScreaM kennyS NBK- apEX
2016-11-14 13:06
SmithZz plz retire
2016-11-14 13:10
mixwell > Smithzz Spanish CSGO > French CSGO :D
2016-11-14 13:13
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
yo les noobs
2016-11-14 14:29
December with Oxycondone powder, ecstasy,xtc,MDMA, jwh-018, ketamine hcl, mdpv, a-pvp, 2c-i, 2c-e, 2c-p, 2c-b, crystal meth, 4mmc, 3mmc and others (( skype: james_carol))
2016-11-14 14:29
2016-11-14 14:56
2016-11-14 15:11
Poland mamba99999 
Well, I was wrong - G2 can't win anything.
2016-11-14 15:22
nice for them! godwell! also +kennys
2016-11-14 15:38
Canada ssau 
Optic on fire right now
2016-11-14 15:53
s1mple | 
Sweden DiTzZ 
Damn, I wish I could find the comment on here where someone trash talked the shit out of mixwell after first half on first map. Said that he was the biggest onliner and choking in a grand final, "what a surprise". mixwell MVP of this grand final and also of the whole event, to be honest <3
2016-11-14 16:56
North America s1mpliquid 
I still remember when it got announced that mixwell joined optic everyone started trashtalking him because they didnt know him, he was amazing already before joining optic hltv.org/match/2300887-fnatic-gbots-esl-.. what a coincidence lowel is in mousesports and mixwell in optic, all spain has to offer to tier 1-2 cs tho
2016-11-14 18:20
Lanwell :o
2016-11-14 17:27
Smithzz is fucking useless get rid of this huge massive faggot He really need to take shox's dick out his fucking dickgarage mouth
2016-11-14 17:59
esea lan ac 4Head
2016-11-14 20:52
Brazil mexicowss 
deserved, i was waiting for optic to win for so long, good job. much love from a monkey
2016-11-15 00:38
ty godwell <3
2016-11-15 03:07
Please bench smithz
2016-11-15 05:56
Everyone is blaming smithzz, but people do forget xarte from Ezenxee meme-joketeam? He went 0-16 against some tier4 guys in de train and encxe wasnt ready to admit that karhu88 analyst was right all the time. So stop blaming smithzz, he is way more impactful than xarte016
2016-11-15 06:57
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
All the immature users accusing mixwell for cheating and blaming smithzz as the reason G2 lost. No, OpTic played outstanding CS and mixwell was by far the MVP of the entire tournament. Amazing fragger with huge potential. Smithzz performed just as bad as rpk and ScreaM did. The only people performing for G2 right now is Shox and bodyy. Don't put all the blame on smithzz when RPK and ScreaM performed just as poorly. GG OpTic. Deserved.
2016-11-15 09:26
2016-11-16 11:51
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