mousesports untouchable in EPS XIII

The thirteenth season of ESL Pro Series in Germany has ended as mousesports defeats n!faculty 2:0 in the grand final.

It should be either mousesports or n!faculty to win the ESL Pro Series XIII. The defending champion’s mousesports had before the final already had a fantastic year. Winning several titles setting the team high on the ranking lists, and that was the reason for mousesports taking the role as the favorites to win. The underdogs in the final, n!faculty, came to the final after a epic wall-defuse in a eco-round against Alternate.
No shine or epic show by n!faculty happened in the final, as mousesports won simple, crushing n!faculty on two maps.

Broken tag

The ESL Pro Series XIII here by goes to mousesports, along with a big fat check. Despite the loss, n!faculty had a really great season and still do, as they are sharing first place in the Extreme Masters III group with SK Gaming. Alternate claimed third place, after defeating TBH.MSI 2:0.

ESL Pro Series XIII Germany – Final Standings

1. Germany mousesports - 15.000€
2. Germany n!faculty - 8.000€
3. Germany Alternate - 5.000€
4. Germany TBH.MSI - 1.500€

This concludes the thirteenth season of ESL Pro Series in Germany. Next up will be the ESL Pro Series XIII Relegation, for those teams finish on the bottom of the season.
Sweden Erks 
Lots of money
2008-12-07 19:04
Europe olleN 
TBH.MSI - 1.5000€ -> 1.500 no ?
2008-12-07 19:06
Poland sobr 
what's the difference ? o.O
2008-12-07 19:12
Argentina brott 
The extra 0
2008-12-07 19:32
rofl.. quite noticeable
2008-12-08 22:24
nice money :)))
2008-12-07 19:07
Macedonia Veky 
1.500* Nix :) @ topic mouse did the best in this ESL i think :)) gj
2008-12-07 19:09
Belgium hima 
hahha TBH 1.5000 it must be 1.500 :D
2008-12-07 19:11
Nice difference between DEL and EPS Germany. mTw won around 1.000e and mouz won 15.000 Funny!
2008-12-07 19:13
Lithuania Gumy 
easy money for mouz
2008-12-07 19:36
now i'm wondering wich team will change the lineup. gg mouz
2008-12-07 19:40
untouchable in german
2008-12-07 19:43
I think mouz might have won WCG if they'd all been from Germany
2008-12-07 19:44
Finland coswell 
doesnt make any sense. they lost the qualifier to alternate?? :D
2008-12-08 09:50
It also doesn't matter because they wouldn't have been allowed to play @Finals with their line-up
2008-12-08 10:34
Finland nxu 
Nix0n i'd just like to point out a couple of mistakes in the aricle :) In the second piece of the article it should be hereby(not here by), and TBH.MSI's pricemoney has one too many 0's Otherwise it's very well written :D
2008-12-07 19:44
4. TBH.MSI - 1.5000€ :D
2008-12-07 19:45
wp by n!faculty hopefully we will see them to some lans in the future. Although I did expect TBH to do better.
2008-12-07 19:51
Brazil fzZ 
It was expected gg mouz
2008-12-07 19:55
2-0 I thinked that n!faculty will take at least one map
2008-12-07 20:03
Bulgaria OPJ 
to bad for n! i thought they gone win this but mouz proved that they are the best german team now
2008-12-07 20:33
its 15.000, not 1.5000 just a error
2008-12-07 21:50
Portugal sdlt 
4place and the same as the first 1?!
2008-12-07 23:27
Nah it is 1.500€, don't know where the extra 0 came from ;)
2008-12-07 23:43
You are so generous that you can give away some zeros. Gimme some, too :)
2008-12-08 00:39
Portugal sdlt 
i was replayin for the guy above me "dilix" not about u Nix0n :P
2008-12-08 10:45
my bad :)
2008-12-08 11:05
gg're the best ;D
2008-12-07 22:13
gob b is slice !
2008-12-07 23:55
zzz, I hoped faculty could do better, tt :(
2008-12-08 05:14
Well done mouz
2008-12-08 09:03
nice mouz
2008-12-08 09:23`s EPS not WCG.<3
2008-12-08 14:21
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